Love thriller? Love survival and games? 'Insider', a new on-going novel will be the perfect fix for you!


Translations of BL Chinese novels by fans, for fans!

Find the list of completed and ongoing novels below!

Ongoing Novels
  1. There’s something wrong with this development!
    • Smut, Modern, Reincarnation
  2. Insider
    • Unlimited Flow, Horror, Supernatural, Modern

Completed Novels
  1. Gossip! The Prince and the Dragon, that shameless couple
    • Western Fantasy, Short, Sweet, Medieval
  2. Please Respect the Occupation ‘Evil Spirit’
    • Fantasy, Supernatural, Modern, Short, Sweet
  3. As the Demon King, I am very distressed because the Hero is too weak
    • Western Fantasy, Magic, Sweet, Heroes, Demon Kings
  4. Non-Human Sub-district Office
    • Fantasy/Supernatural, Modern, Sweet

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