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Chapter 1 – My old enemy seems to be rubbish at fighting

My name is Sarthis, the current Demon King of this world. Powerful as I am, I’ve been feeling very distressed recently.

The situation is like this–

Every world has a Demon King and a Hero. The Demon King represents the dark forces, while the Hero represents the army of light.  Every five hundred years, the world would have a destined night. That is, the night that the Hero would defeat the Demon King and save the world from darkness.

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This was an unspoken rule between Demon Kings of all eras.

I went on, “and this is my magic sword, there’s an interval between the flames that it emits, grasp this time gap, got it?”

After being defeated, as Demon Kings, we can retire in glory and do whatever we want. So for the past 500 years, I have been quietly looking forward to the end of my career as a Demon King.

Of course, other people do not know about this thing. It could be considered a hidden rule in the Demon King’s industry.

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All in all, as a Demon King, I have been preparing for hundreds of years in order to be able to draw a perfect finish line to being a professional Demon King. For this reason, I went to the most dangerous Demon Forest to practice, went alone to take the ferocious dragon Fafnir as a mount, and personally led my troops into battle to kidnap the princess of the kingdom into the Demon King’s Castle. All of this was in order to bring about the darkest of darkest atmosphere.

Everything went smoothly until my fated opponent stood in front of me.

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With a smile on the corner of my mouth, I stroked Fafnir’s, who was sitting on the edge of my throne. Fafnir, who had a magic sword in its mouth, sneezed and let out some of that dragon’s breath that had burned down countless cities. It moved its eyes slightly and gave a cruel stare at the Hero standing under the platform.

He turned his head and looked at me doubtfully, “you’re not sleeping? Or do you want to sleep with me?”

“I’ve waited very long for you, oh Hero.”

The Hero with blonde hair and green eyes held a sword with both hands and said with a serious expression, “sorry, Because the Demon King’s Castle is too big, so I accidentally lost my way……”

I: “……”

Why do I feel that this Hero is super unreliable……

Cough. It’s no use saying more. ”

I had been a Demon King for five hundred years and this was the most shocking day of my life.

I cleared my throat, stood up, and pulled out the sword that was burning with dragon fire in Fafnir’s mouth.

Let’s fight first, my old enemy——

“Get ready to be enlightened, Hero!”

I fell silent for a few seconds, “do you know that high-level mind reading magic?”


Logically speaking, this development should be very smooth, right?

He had already defeated so many of my subordinates that I sent out, and successfully stood before me, right?

But why even though this Hero already made a big move, he couldn’t even pass through the first layer of shield!?

Luke smiled, “thank you. And thank you for taking care of Sarthis. These are our newly harvested vegetables, we especially brought it here for you to try.”

I looked at the Hero who had been beaten by me, and my hands were trembling as they held the demonic sword.

“As expected of the Demon King, so strong……!” The Hero wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and barely supported himself with the holy sword.

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No, no, no, big bro. It’s not because I’m too strong, but because you’re too weak!

Just now, even Fafnir could receive that auto attack-level move with its tail!!

The Hero calmly sheathed his sword and said, “we will fight again tomorrow.”

Luke yawned and stretched, “well, it’s time to sleep.”

With that, he walked out of the Demon King’s Castle.

I: “……”

Fafnir: “……”

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I was so shocked that I didn’t even have the time to stop him.


As the Demon King, I have met the bottleneck of my career today.

“and this is my magic sword, there’s an interval between the flames that it emits, grasp this time gap, got it?”

This kind of rubbish Hero, what method do I need to use to lose to him?

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