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Chapter 2: There’s something wrong with my old enemy’s weapons

I couldn’t figure out why my old enemy was so weak, so after I played catch the ball with Fafnir for the fifth round, I went to find Princess Coleman who I was holding in the dungeon.

After being led by the skeleton soldiers, I saw her.

He quickly explained, “no, It’s just, I feel like sleeping after I’ve eaten……”

Even though she had been here for a month, Princess Coleman was still as holy and pure as the first time I saw her. Her beautiful face was clean, as if she extremely convinced that someone would rescue her.

Seeing her like this, I couldn’t help but feel my heart ache for her. I didn’t know if she knew that this round’s Hero really couldn’t do it.

My old enemy smiled, “okay, I understand.”

The skeleton soldier opened the dungeon door for me, and I went in and sat down in front of Princess Coleman.

Princess Coleman asked me gently, “what’s the matter, Sarthis?”

“…… Don’t call my name, call me Demon King!” I said.

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“The situation is like this……”

Originally, I wanted to directly expose the Hero, but after looking at her face, I couldn’t bear to do so anymore.

So I beat around the bush and asked, “if you have a destined enemy, but you didn’t know the reason why this enemy was so weak to the point that you couldn’t believe it, what would you do?”

All of these were to understand the basis of his food, definitely not because I’m greedy! It is impossible for my clan, the Demon Kings, to feel hunger!

Princess Coleman, “is it the type where they must stand on equal grounds?”

“Yes,” I said. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be discovered if I threw the match!

She thought for a moment, then smiled and replied, “if it was me, I would help him become stronger.”

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“……I see.”

I left the dungeon, and thought that what she said made sense. It might be because the mobs I sent out weren’t enough for him to gain experience, so he didn’t get stronger.

In that case……

Thinking about it carefully, I didn’t seem to have a clear plan. I just wanted to retire, and didn’t think much about the rest.


The second night, the Hero came again.

This time, he arrived ten minutes earlier compared to yesterday. It seems like recognises the path better now.

Today, I have arranged for a lot of goblins below the platform and they were eager to surround the Hero. Out of professionalism, I sneered, “oh, we meet again. Haven’t you given up, Hero?”

He placed the steak in front of me, “you’ve eaten the food I cooked for so long.”

“I will come back every night until I beat you, Demon King Sarthis.”

Although he had been surrounded by goblins, my old enemy seemed quite calm. This attitude was worthy of my approval.

With a wave of my hand, the goblins howled and waved their maces at him and started to attack him. My old enemy raised his holy sword and poured magic into it, then shouted, “Holy Sword, come to me!”

I was very shocked, the hell, why was he so skilled in controlling it!

The goblins were instantly blown away by his magic powers and slammed into the walls of my Demon King’s Castle.

“That’s it! This was how he could be worthy of being called the enemy of I, the Demon King Sarthis!!” I started to laugh and was very happy. It seemed like I would be able to retire tonight without any accidents! Fafnir also felt my happiness, and roared out a burst of dragon fire.

It was then that the holy sword in the hands of the Hero softened.

“After I retire, I want to be a villager!” The Hero shouted, and raised his holy sword high.

I: “……”

Fafnir: “……”

I finally managed to hold myself up using Fafnir, and pointed to his holy sword, “what’s the matter with your thing?”

Today, I must let him win!! If I fail again, I will not be called Sarthis!!

The Hero carefully and seriously examined the soft sword that was as soft as a melted jelly popsicle1 and looked at me apologetically, “I forgot to charge it before I came out.”

……What’s wrong with the weapons of the army of light?


Fafnir gave a grimace and sneezed, and was probably wondering why I would reveal its weakness to this weak Hero.

Today, the Hero failed in challenging me again.

My heart was extremely bitter, but I was serious, and was not going to give up.

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