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Chapter 6: My old enemy and I had a Happy End   

I stood face to face with my old enemy, and once again, our stance was like the first night.

Today, I must let him win!! If I fail again, I will not be called Sarthis!!

“Sarthis, what do you want to do after you retire?”

So I patiently taught him, “don’t just look at how hard my shield is, you can actually concentrate your magic onto this point to destroy it, understand?”

Luke nodded, “understood.”

Once again, I came to our Demon King’s meeting of the heads, and Demon King A asked me.

I went on, “and this is my magic sword, there’s an interval between the flames that it emits, grasp this time gap, got it?”

Luke nodded, “got it.”

I also pointed to Fafnir, “its weakness is about five inches below the neck, that’s the only soft spot not covered by dragon scales……”

He was now a traveller, running about in different worlds everyday.

Fafnir gave a grimace and sneezed, and was probably wondering why I would reveal its weakness to this weak Hero.

So we started to fight again. Although I wasn’t the type to just concede, I was still about to throw about eighty percent of a towel……  As a result, I never imagined that today’s Hero seemed a little different.

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Fuck! He’s so strong today! !

I tiredly avoided his sword moves, and saw his sword energy cut down the priceless Archaeopteryx skeleton1 decoration behind me.


The hell you looking at, aren’t you the most ferocious dragon in the world, where’s the dignity of the dragon race!?

Just ten minutes ago, he was still a weakling that could fall while walking on a flat ground!! Was he playing with me!!!

I saw as the entire Demon King’s Castle was going to get destroyed under his violent, demolition-office style attack, and he won with his last move, slamming his sword straight at me. I closed my eyes, and the tip of the holy sword stopped a few millimeters away from me.

Five minutes later, the three of us sat around a table and ate, with Fafnir behind me acting as a cushion.

I heard him sigh, “do you really want to lose to me, Sarthis?”

I opened my eyes and saw that not only was his sword very close to me, but his face was also close to me. Tonight, his strength was finally on par with his face. Those emerald green eyes looked at me sadly, and he finally put away the sword.

Luke yawned and stretched, “well, it’s time to sleep.”

I was stupefied and stretched out my hand, “wait, don’t leave.”

He turned his head and looked at me doubtfully, “you’re not sleeping? Or do you want to sleep with me?”

It absolutely wasn’t because I was hungry. I only wanted to understand why this weak Hero was so weak through this method.

“……Who wants to sleep with you!”

I had a hundred thousand ‘whys’ in my head, I couldn’t say it all in one breath. So I picked a few of the most important questions and shot them at him like bullets:

“Why didn’t you defeat me? Just now, you had a million chances to kill me. And how did you suddenly become so strong? Were you acting before? Why did you do that for?”

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Obviously, my old enemy’s brain capacity wasn’t enough to answer so many questions at once, so he said with a smile, “because I like you, Sarthis.”


He smiled, “I think so too. Until now, this matter of me being a Hero, I still don’t think it’s real.”

I had been a Demon King for five hundred years and this was the most shocking day of my life.

I’ve been alive for so long and somebody actually confessed to me — and it was even a straight pitch towards my face, turning my face all red.

I covered my face, “are you joking?”

He leaned back and laid on the ground. “If I could, I really want to go back to the village to be a villager. If you sow in the spring, in the fall, you can eat the fruits and vegetables you grew. The taste of a cold salad with dressing is really good.”

“How could I be? I take every word seriously.” Luke turned back, crouched in front of me and took away my hands — I didn’t even have the time to react and he looked straight at my blushing face.

“That was why I asked you, what would happen to the Demon King after being defeated by the Hero.” Luke smiled and looked at me, somewhat embarrassed.

I don’t know why, but his words touched me.

“That…… since you want to be a villager, do you want to go back to the village with me?”

I fell silent for a few seconds, “do you know that high-level mind reading magic?”

“Yes,” Luke said. “That’s how I also know that you’re not going to turn me down. What’s more, you’ve already eaten the food I’ve cooked, and I’m sure that you can’t eat what other people make anymore. So you’ll have to count on me to support you.”

He took my hand gently.

“I want to live with you, for the rest of my life.”

I raised my jaw and said, “…… say more.”


After the Demon King had been defeated, what was their outcome?

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Demon King A, Demon King B, and Demon King C looked at Luke, who insisted on coming with me to participate in the Demon King’s meeting of the heads, and all fell silent.

I don’t know why, but his words touched me.

Demon King A took the lead in reacting, “best wishes for the both of you.”2百年好合 (lit. a happy union of hundred years. Standard wedding/happy couple wish.)

Afterward, both B and C also understood, and gave me their blessings, which caused my tooth to ache upon hearing them.

Luke smiled, “thank you. And thank you for taking care of Sarthis. These are our newly harvested vegetables, we especially brought it here for you to try.”

After the end of this meeting of the heads, when I returned to the Demon King’s Castle, it was already time for the third night.

I said without any expression of my face, “he’s my chef. He was forced to stay by my side to pay back the debt of cutting my Archaeopteryx skeleton.”

Luke agreed, “yes, but it’s the type of top and bottom relationship that will hold hands and kiss and sleep together–”

“Stop! You, keep quiet! !”

I don’t know the outcome of other people……

But for me, I had a Happy End with my old enemy.


I asked him, “don’t you think that the relationship between us isn’t quite right?”

Hearing my words, the Hero blushed.

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And done! Hope you enjoyed this cute little short story about a Demon King and a Hero that acts weak. 

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