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Gossip! Chapter 11 – 15 (End)

Chapter 11

The dragon youth and I had no money again.

I handed over all the eight silver coins on my body.

Plus, the beauty of the dragon youth.

Yes, this world was so cruel.

I told the boss I’ll owe him, the boss called security on me.

The dragon youth told he boss he’ll owe him, the boss kindly agreed and gave him a bag of osamanthus cakes.

I casted a deep look towards the dragon youth beside me.

He blinked, “are you hungry again? We’ll be there soon.”

I was angry.

Was I the kind of person who frequently got hungry?


I… I saw that he pulled out the osmanthus cake and handed it to me.

“Here, big sis, for you, I’m not hungry.”



I am such a person.

Oh, this osmanthus cake was delicious.

I looked down at the osmanthus cake and walked forward with the dragon youth.

“You say, when we see the prince, what kind of expression should I have, in order to look a little better?”

The dragon youth pulled my sleeves.

I was puzzled as I turned my head, “what’s wrong?”

He brought his head close and whispered, “the prince is behind you.”



With a single swoosh I turned around, and behind me was a horse, and on the horse was a person.

Oh my.

This person really seemed like a prince.

He was pretty handsome, with sword-like eyebrows. His body was tall and straight, and he was actually wearing a sword, and it looked like it was a good sword.

The horse also looked like a good horse.

“Big sis,” the dragon youth whispered behind me, “do you want to wipe away the pastry residue on your face?”

I: “……”

I reached out and wiped away the pastry crumbs.

I cleared my throat.

I gave an ‘ah—‘ and fell into the arms of the dragon youth and cried out, “help!”

The dragon youth cooperated and caught me, lightly wrapped his arm around my waist and said in a fierce manner, “don’t shout!”

I watched the prince dismount with satisfaction.

He came over.

He actually pulled the sword.

No, I couldn’t let him hurt the dragon youth.

I pretended to struggle to stand up, intending to fall into the prince’s arms, and then taking the opportunity to let the dragon boy hide. Then, I saw as the prince stretched out his hand, grabbed my collar and threw me aside.




He also took out his handkerchief and wiped his hand, then threw away the handkerchief and gently hugged the dragon youth.

“Are you okay?”

I: “……”

Chapter 12


I began to doubt life.

Ni hao?1‘Hello’ in English in the raws

I’m here.

Prince, did you see me?

The princess is here.

I deliberately gave two coughs and righteously said, “I am a princess.”

The prince gave me a look of surprise.


I had seen this look on the face of the dragon youth.

I was looked down upon again.

How frustrating.

“What do you mean by this? I am really a princess.”

The prince frowned.

I pointed to the dragon youth, “if you don’t believe me, ask him.”

The dragon youth nodded, “yes, she is a very good princess.”

I believe that the prince should believe me now.

As a result, he indifferently turned his head away, “none of my business.”

Then he picked up the dragon youth, carefully placed him on the horse like he was handling some fragile item.

“Do you still remember me? We often played together when we were young.”

The dragon youth was a little embarrassed, and his ears are red, “I remember, you are taller than before.”

The prince smiled, and the indifferent icy knives that he had while facing me melted into gentle spring water.

“I’ve missed you all this time. It is good to see you again. Would you like to stay with me in the palace for a few days?”

The dragon youth’s long eyelashes flickered, “I won’t be disturbing you?”

The prince gave a bow, “of course not, my most distinguished guest, I couldn’t ask for more.”

I: “……”

I was stunned as I watched them chat, and tried to show my existence as a princess.


The dragon youth remembered and he explained to the prince, “this is the princess who needs you to rescue her.”

The prince didn’t even look at him and quickly answered, “not rescuing.”

The dragon boy looked at me with confusion.

The prince held the youth’s head, and turned the dragon youth to face him as he asked with a wronged look on his face,

“Why are you always looking at her? Don’t you like me as much as you did when you were a child?”

The youth coaxed him, “no, I’ve always liked you.”


Haa, can you see this?

There’s still someone here.


Chapter 13


Of course, due to the friendship between me and the dragon youth, I was invited to the palace along with him.

Although the prince’s invitation to me was carried out under the urging of the dragon youth.

But that didn;t matter.

In any case, I was going back after this task.

What surprised me was that when I entered the palace with the prince and the dragon youth, a bunch of people suddenly emerged from all directions.

They came running over holding flowers and laughing.

I heard them shout, “look! The prince brought back a beautiful princess.”

“My goodness, is this the princess from the legends? How beautiful!”

“Our country has welcomed the most beautiful princess.”

I listen to these praises, raised my head with pride, held a dignified posture and waved my hand as I smiled and said, “there’s no need to get so exci……ted……”

I was squeezed out by the swarm of people, and stayed stunned at the same spot as I watched them surround the prince and the dragon youth.

I silently pointed in the direction of the prince and the dragon youth, pointed to myself, and opened my mouth



Were all these people blind?

The real princess is standing right here, okay?

Just when I was shocked, a steward finally came up to me.

Okay, okay. I thought, at least this country still has people can see the truth.

The steward stood in front of me, and I was ready to stop his bow and thank him for his good vision.

Then, I heard him say, “are you a new cleaner? Why are you wearing such shabby clothing?”

‘Why are you wearing such shabby clothing?’

‘Such shabby clothing?’


I looked down at my clothes, which were indeed a little bit scratched up. There was also an oil smear in the shape of my palm on my chest, and then I looked and the noble prince and the well-dressed dragon youth, and fell silent.


This is another day of humiliation.

Chapter 14

I lived with the dragon youth for a month in the prince’s palace.

Life was very pleasant.

The prince took the dragon youth to see the flowers.

I was feeding fish in the palace.

The prince took the dragon youth to the lake.

I was feeding fish in the palace.

The prince took the dragon youth to ride horses.

I was feeding fish in the palace.

The prince took the dragon youth to the ball.

I was feeding fish in the palace.

The prince took the dragon youth back to his hometown.

I was…… I was reading a short story.

Oh, did you ask about the fish?

Choked to death.

I was planning to go to another pond and continue to feed them, but the maid in the palace held my thigh and cried, “please don’t feed them anymore. Let them live. ”

I held the maid’s shoulder and told her with sincerely, “you’re wrong. The fish weren’t fed to death by me, they choked to death by themselves.”

The maid cried and cried, “what is the difference?”

“Of course there is, they didn’t choke to death of fish food, but choked to death on dog food2Dog food: Basically PDA by couples. China, single folks jokingly (kinda) call themselves single dogs (单身狗), and the act of flirting in public is feeding dog food/abusing (single) dogs..”

Not just the fish.

I think I was going to choke to death too.

The prince, this scumbag, acted coquettish pretended to be pitiful and pestered the dragon youth, and the poor dragon youth, a little delicate flower, was cheated into his arms.

The prince’s filthy words were becoming worse day by day.

Prince: “I haven’t seen you for so many years, don’t you miss me?”

Prince: “My heart is like stone, and cannot be changed.”

Prince: “You are my eternal love.”

Prince: “Baby, will you marry me?”


Heh, men are all pigs.

But this giant pig hoof3giant pig hoof (大猪蹄子) – slang used by girls to describe men (including show characters) that are inconsistent and lie a lot, aka scum dudes was barely okay, since expect for the dragon youth, he spoke bluntly to everybody else.

During the last few days of my stay in the palace, I attended their wedding.

The beautiful and delicate dragon youth, finally stopped in this powerful country.

When I left, regardless of the prince’s unhappy face, I hugged the dragon youth, and gently kissed him between his eyebrows.

“If one day, this giant pig’s hoof doesn’t treat you good, come and find me. Big sis’ country will always be open for you.”

The dragon youth’s eyes’ were still so beautiful, like the blue sea, reflecting the stars in the sky.

He looked at me and said very seriously, “big sis will be the most powerful queen.”

I raised my chin and smiled, “of course!”

Then I rode on my horse, waved my hand, and went back to my kingdom without looking back.

Extra – Chapter 15: The Dragon Youth’s POV

I am a dragon.

My parents are very loving, and only had me as a son. They usually loved me very much, and were willing to give me all the gold, silver, and jewels, but only towards this thing, they were surprisingly stubborn.

They said I must find a princess or a prince to bring home for the New Year.

My head hurt, and there was no other way but to embark on a journey to find a prince or princess.

On the road, I heard that there was a country where the prince was very delicate, who faced the wind and cried, who looked flowers and sighed. I thought this should be the person I was looking for, and I planned to slowly fly there.

When I was halfway there, I felt thirsty. But I couldn’t open the cap, so I tried to find someone to unscrew it for me.

But the residents of this capital city were very afraid of me, but fortunately, there was a girl on the wall.

She looked at me with a strange expression, as if she was looking at some delicious food. I was a little afraid, but still tried to ask her for help.

Her expression was distorted as she helped me unscrew the cap, and looked as if she wanted to kill someone.

I was so scared that I wanted to leave.

She said she was a princess, and asked me to help her complete a task.

I felt she was a good person, so I accompanied her to find a prince.

She’s a girl who looks awkward but was actually very gentle. She would hold me and walk, she could hunt, climb trees. She’s really awesome.

She’s also a princess with her own ideals and ambition, and held her own unique views on the city and government, and she should not be confined to simply being a queen consort.

When she was upset that there was no precedent of a princess becoming a king, I encouraged her to become a king, and then find a prince to be a queen. Her eyes brightened up, and her face had a particularly beautiful radiance.

Later she really did become the king.

Just as I imagined, she was a particularly good king.

My lover and I went to visit her.

My lover is a prince who I had known since childhood, but we were separated for a while. He had always been very cold on the outside, but when facing me, he was very sticky, and would always trick me into coaxing him.

When I wanted to visit the princess, he actually said, “Baby, don’t you love me anymore? At that time, you were willing to snatch her away, yet not snatch me away. You don’t love me anymore.”

I gave a helpless smile, and only kissed his lips and said, “I love you, I love you the most.”

When he heard what he wanted to hear, he was happy to go with me.

The princess was very happy to see us, she laughed, “I finally can feed you guys dog food too.”

I looked at her with surprise.

She pulled out a handsome prince from behind the curtain.

After we chatted, we found out that this was the prince who was said to feel uncomfortable because he slept on a pea.

I hesitated and said, “so now, you……”

The prince smiled and then gave a bright laugh, “at that time, due to some circumstances, I had no choice but to wear women’s clothing and change my temperament in order to hide. Made a joke out of myself.”

The princess and him looked at each other, and the atmosphere between them was beautiful and sweet.

How nice.

Everyone’s very happy.

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