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Gossip! Chapter 6 – 10

Chapter 6

The dragon hesitated and asked me, “what kind of prince are you looking for?”

I said without pausing, “stronger than you, good at studies and martial arts, and is also good looking.”

The dragon pondered, “I know.”

He said, “there is a powerful kingdom in the northwest, and the prince of that kingdom should be very powerful.”

I was afraid that a situation like before would happened again, and hurriedly asked, “should be?”

The dragon youth sincerely said, “I used to play with the prince when I was a child, but then I went home. I heard that he’s grown up now, and strong.”

I was rest assured, “this one then.”

I held the dragon in my arms and walked around, felt a little ashamed, and had no choice but to ask.

“Cough, that……”

“Is northwest to the left or right?”

The dragon youth smiled.

Although he was smiling sweetly, I knew he was laughing at me.

I said ferociously, “our kingdom doesn’t talk about East, West, North and South, we just talk about up and down, left and right.”

His eyes were bent into crescents as he gave me face and said, “it turned out to be like this.”

I looked up and replied seriously, “that’s right.”

I will never admit that in fact, many people in our kingdom could  tell the difference between East, West, North and South, but I couldn’t tell the difference.

Frankly speaking, before I saw the dragon youth, I had always thought that the process of being snatched by a dragon would be like this.

[I screamed and cried, “go away, let go of me! I want to go home, sob–”

The dragon placed me on his big dragon’s back, and flew through the clouds, voice shaking the sky and the earth, “dream on, I’m bringing you back, and you’re never going to return home!”]

But now, the actual situation is like this.

I walked for a few hours holding the dragon boy and then asked him, “are you thirsty?”

He nodded obediently, “a little thirsty.”

I took out his water bottle and helped him unscrew it, “drink this first, I’ll find a clean one for you later.”

He sweetly said “Thank you”, and then took a small sip of water.

I petted his head.

What a good boy.

Chapter 7

I’d wanted to see the prince soon, so I kept walking forward.

We walked for a long time, until it was getting dark, and then I remembered that neither of us had eaten dinner yet.

I felt a little guilty and apologised to the dragon youth, “I forgot to ask if you’re hungry.”

He shook his head in a sensible manner, “it’s okay, I’m not hungry.”

I thought about it and placed him down.

In order to take a shortcut, we didn’t walk on the main road. Now, in the middle of the wilderness, there wasn’t even a single person.

I asked him, “how do you usually solve the issue of food?”

He took out a piece of gold and calmly said, “I have money.”

I touched the silver coins on my body, and was filled with grief and indignation.


He’s prettier and cuter than me, and also richer than me.

This is the real case of heaven’s injustice!

But now, in this environment, money couldn’t be spent.

I looked around and decided to go and catch some prey to eat.

“You sit here and don’t move, wait for me to find something to eat.”

He picked a few huge leaves and followed me step by step, “I can go and bring some water back.”

I used to roll up leaves to drink water, but this water could only be drunk on the spot, and couldn’t be stored.

Stopping to reassure him, I said, “this isn’t easy to use. You don’t have to bring any to me, you just need to drink it yourself.”

He blinked, and in front of my eyes, folded the leaves into a cylindrical container, and showed me how it looked all over.

“It can, big sis, you don’t have to worry.”


So I used to be too stupid???

What kind of dragon was this? He could even make handicrafts?


My self-esteem made me want to turn around and leave.

But then I looked at his face which seemed to be asking for praise, and couldn’t hold the urge to pat him on the head and praise him, “it’s very nice.”

His eyes brightened up as he went to fetch the water.

I returned to my sense and sighed.

A face-con is not worthy of self-esteem.

Chapter 8

I found that although the dragon youth looked delicate and weak, the things he barbecued were quite delicious.

I caught two rabbits and he was responsible for roasting.

His craftsmanship was better than the master in our palace.


I sat on the grass, spit out a bone, and asked in him envy and with low self-esteem, “you’re even so skilled at cooking?”

He sat in front of the fire, roasting the rabbit, and his whole person looked ten thousand times more elegant than me.

“My father said that nowadays, the cold and overbearing dragons aren’t popular. The princesses love the gentle and gentlemanly type. As a dragon, I need to keep up with the times, so I have to learn how to cook and do housework.”

There was a complicated look on my face as I listened.

“You dragons…… are quite in vogue.


“With your face, you don’t have to care about what’s popular or not popular.”

He seasoned the rabbit with spices, wrapped it in leaves and handed it to me, looking very happy, “really?”

I took it and ate it with big bites.

Smelled good.

I answered him in a vague manner, “yes, nowadays, people look at faces.”

He smiled.

“There must be a lot of people who likes big sis.”

I patted my chest and said proudly, “of course, I had many pursuers since I was a child. The number of people who like me can make circles around the city capital.”

I lied.

In fact, only one person chased me, in my second grade of elementary school, the reason being that there was a sense of security in being with me.

The hell with making you feel safe.

Men are all pigs.

I continued to gnaw at the rabbit angrily, and looked up to see the dragon youth looking at me.

My lies wouldn’t have been punctured so soon right? I guilty thought.

Clearing my throat, I bluffed, “don’t believe me?”

He shook his head, “no, just…”

He pointed his fingertips at his chest and motioned to me.

“Big sis, when you patted just now, your hands were full of oil.”


I looked down.

Others wore bright red scarves on their chests.

I had a greasy palm print on my chest.


It was a mistake to go out without bringing clothes.

Chapter 9

I walked with the dragon youth for several days, and found that he was a very interesting dragon.

He asked me why I had to be taken away by a dragon.

I said that it was a rule from the ancient times passed down to the present.

His little head became full of question marks: “was it necessary to do this?”

I hesitated a moment, “not really. It’s just that everybody took it as something that would logically happen.”

He held his chin and inexplicably said, “my father said I had to take a princess back home, and if it really was impossible, a prince would be fine, or he wouldn’t allow me to go back home for the New Year. I felt that this didn’t make any sense. Am I his son or is the one I snatched back his son?”

We both had similar experiences.

I patted him on the shoulder and said in an understanding manner, “me too. I think that I’m good enough, and I can just directly become a king. But everybody said that a princess needed to wait for a prince to rescue her, then get ready to be a queen consort, and that there’s no precedent for directly becoming a king. I was wondering, what if the prince who saved me was an idiot? Do I have to be an idiot queen?”

The dragon youth smiled and revealed his white teeth. “Big sis, you can be a king by yourself, and then find a prince to be a queen.”


Was that okay?

Why didn’t I think of it?

The dragon youth looked at me, his eyes sparkling as if they were little stars, “big sis is so awesome, you would definitely be a good king.”

I couldn’t afford being praised.

As soon as he praised me, I thought that it was really the case.

I patted my thigh.

“Okay! Then once I find the prince to save me, I’ll go back and be a king.”

“Why do you still want to find the [rince?””

“Formalities! Formalities! Understand? People always have to do some formalistic things.”

“Got it, got it. Big sis is really awesome.”

“Good boy.”

Chapter 10

In order to find the prince as soon as possible, and compete the task, I quicken my steps as I held the dragon youth.

After all, I was in a hurry to go home and inherit the throne.

I was really tired of eating a lot of small animals on the mountain.

So I decided to take the dragon youth to eat some delicious food.

We turned to the main road.

We finally slept in a hotel and had a normal meal.

Although it seemed that the food wasn’t as delicious as ones that the dragon youth cooked, at least I didn’t have to hunt by myself.

The happiest thing was to get something for nothing.

Especially when I didn’t have to spend any money.

Seeing as the kingdom we were heading to was close at hand, the dragon youth and I had planned to find a good restaurant to have a meal.

I took the menu and threw all restraint away as I pointed and commented on everything1挥斥方遒指点河山, an idiom. Originating from Changsha, a poem written by Mao Zedong,
‘Boldly we cast all restraints aside.
Pointing to our mountains and rivers’

“This page, this page, and this page, give me one of each.”

The boss saw that I was so generous, and smiled so widely you couldn’t see his eyes.

But after eating and drinking our fill, the youth touched his sleeve, and said in embarrassment, “big sis, my gold coins are finished?”


My eyes widened, “it’s all spent?”

As soon as I spoke, I thought of the chicken, duck, fish, goose, rabbit and beef that I had eaten……

He didn’t seem to have eaten much…

I coughed awkwardly and quickly searched the for the money I had.

Eight silver coins.

Definitely not enough.

The youth bit his lips and was at a loss, “should I go and find someone to borrow some money?”

I waved my hand, “you’re not familiar with this place and its people, where could you go to find someone to borrow money from?”

I solemnly stood up.

“It seems that now, I can only sell my beauty.”

“You wait; I’ll go talk to the boss.”

The boss thought that I was there to pay, and he smiled and handed over the bill.

“Ma’am, 32 silver coins.”

I looked at the bill and smiled softly towards the boss.

The boss returned me an even more gentle smile.


I weighed my words

“…… Can I give an IOU?”


“Hey hey hey, if it’s a no just say no, if you have something to say just say it, don’t call for security — ah ah ah help! Little dragon come and help me!”



A day of humiliation.

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