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Title: Insider (NU)
Raw Source: JJWXC
Author: 扶子不好吃
Chapters: 153 + 9 Extras
Translator: Sleepy Potato


In this town, Lu Chu’s the only one who can’t see.

Before him, there was no one here that had such a symptom.

A suspicious stalker, escaping a room, the school legends, a life and death group fight……

Survival and killing.

Struggling and resisting. Swimming in the deep and dark waters of despair, merely wishing for a chance to survive.


Unlimited flow + supernatural text
Powerful Gong with Strong Emotions x Gentle and Wise Shou
This text is also called <Asking about the thousands of ways an NPC can escape>

1. POV Shou.
2. Love living, love little angels.
3. Although it’s an unlimited flow text, but it’s not transmigrating into a horror movie, things such as exorcism are made up by the author, please don’t take it seriously or imitate it.

As this is an unlimited flow horror text, here's some spoilers about the story:
  • MC doesn’t stay blind.
  • HE. Happy End for the characters. 
  • The dog gets a happy end too.
  • Temporary character death.


The Senseless City

The Dance between the Doll and the Teddy

Beheading A Snake

Your thirteen days of imprisonment

School’s Grave


Nuptials of the Corses

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