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Chapter 100 – The Seventh Game

Edited by: Sparrow

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Other than Lu Chu, everyone else felt a chill run down their spine, causing them to feel cold to their core.

Cao Wenwen’s voice trembled but continued pretending to be calm for the sake of her reputation. She glanced at the crowd, and then said in a stern tone, “Who the hell is playing this trick? Is it fun to prank everybody like this?”

Nobody answered.

Cao Wenwen took a step forward, and everyone else immediately backed away in horror, with some people even pressing against the wall.

Seeing that everybody was extremely fearful of her, Cao Wenwen became very angry.

Previously, the ghost had only appeared behind Cao Wenwen after the lights were turned off. Thus, she was the only one who didn’t know that she had run into a ghost and felt deliberately targeted by everyone. Right now, although she was scared after having seen the white piece of paper with ‘DIE’ written on it, she was convinced that someone had taken the opportunity to play this nasty trick. While everybody else was consumed by panic, they had used the chance to switch off all the lights and replace the paper on the table.

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“Prank?” Du Yangnan asked her back, “do you still not understand what happened now?”

Cao Wenwen ignored him and looked at Chen Hong, “Chen Hong, say it. Did somebody play a prank and turn off the lights while everyone was not paying attention to replace the white paper?”

Lu Chu looked at Chen Hong with some surprise, feeling that Cao Wenwen wanted to become more familiar with Chen Hong.

Chen Hong rubbed his eyebrows irritably,  not forgetting to comfort Zhang Qian in his arms at the same time. “I don’t know either,” he said.

“You……” Cao Wenwen was extremely angry.

At this time, Lu Chu looked at the blank paper and said, “nobody did it.”

Tang Shizhe was puzzled, “how could you tell?”

“The light switch here makes a loud ‘click’ when pressed and everybody has been speaking softly prior to this incident. Just like during class, it’s relatively quiet, and the sound of a light switch being pressed would be very clear. However, I didn’t hear anything like that.” Lu Chu explained.

Tang Shizhe returned to his senses, and agreed, “that’s right, I didn’t hear it either……”

“And—” Lu Chu paused and added, “just now, didn’t you guys see it too?”

When he said that, the people around him once again remembered the ghost that had smirked at them.

A timid girl who couldn’t take it anymore burst into tears. The moment she started to cry, the other girls around her started to panic.

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At this point, Cao Wenwen wanted to say something, so Lu Chu briefly told her the reason behind why everybody was panicking, “a ghost appeared behind you when it was dark just now. Except you, everybody else saw it.”

After Cao Wenwen heard what he said, she felt something cold behind her and immediately turned back to look behind her.

Tang Shizhe’s tone was certain as he added, “everybody saw it, so it can’t be a figment of our imagination.”

Only at this moment did Cao Wenwen start to feel afraid. She felt her vision blur and she turned to ask Lu Chu, who seemed to be the calmest, “what….. what should I do? Will I die…..”

Du Yangnan was frightened till the point of complete calmness. At present, when he heard Cao Wenwen’s words, he asked coldly, “isn’t it too late to start worrying now?”

Following Du Yangnan’s remark, one of the girls whispered, “we’re not the one who angered the Pen Immortal. Maybe the Pen Immortal’s only aim is Cao Wenwen……”

Cao Wenwen instantly turned a vicious glare towards that girl. Spooked by the poisonous gaze, the girl quickly hid behind the people next to her.

Suddenly, Lu Chu remembered something and asked, “who still remembers the three girls who went to the KTV area just now?”

Tang Shizhe realised, “they should be okay…… probably?”

“What I’m thinking about is not whether something happened to them,” Lu Chu shook his head, “but if something happened to us.”

Before they started to play the Pen Immortal game, those three girls left the area where they were playing cards and returned to where the KTV was because they were afraid. This family-sized entertainment venue was quite large, and the KTV area wasn’t fully separated from them. However, there were partitions, so both areas were in each other’s blind spot.

Logically speaking, nothing should have happened to the girls who didn’t participate in the game. However, when the room turned dark previously, they should have witnessed what happened, since they weren’t in a fully enclosed area. However,sorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl there hadn’t been any form of reaction. Although they were in each other’s blind spot, there hadn’t been any sound. If they spoke or sung loudly, they would still be able to hear each other clearly.

This was what made everybody feel that something wasn’t right — excluding the beginning when the girls had just gone over to the KTV area, there weren’t any other sounds from the speakers that they could hear. All sounds had stopped the instant they started the game.

Thinking about it filled them with fear.

Lu Chu thus finished sharing his thoughts with the rest.

Just like this, everybody’s panic reached a new height. Even Cao Wenwen, who loved acting extravagantly to attract others’ attention, didn’t speak again.

Tang Shizhe thought about their current situation and was frightened to the point of shivering in fear. He turned to look at Du Yangnan, “comrade, what should we do next?”

Du Yangnan laughed when he heard those words, “what are you asking me for?”

“It feels like you know a lot,” Tang Shizhe explained, “besides, don’t you watch all kinds of local and overseas horror movies……”

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Gao Yong directly interrupted, “watching all sorts of local and overseas horror films sounds like such a great deal, but what can he do besides tell ghost stories?”

Du Yangnan remained silent.

Lu Chu suggested, “in any case, let’s go and see the situation at the KTV’s side.”

Tang Shizhe agreed, “that makes sense, but what if they’re in the toilet? If we don’t find anyone at the KTV room, let’s go to the toilet to check?”

Lu Chu nodded in agreement, then looked at the rest, “let’s go together?”

Hearing that they needed to leave this place, as well as pay a trip to the toilet, the girls all didn’t dare to move. The toilet was the usual lurk for all sorts of ghosts, as seen in horror movies.

Chen Hong wanted to stay behind with Zhang Qian.

Only Gao Yong, Du Yangnan, Tang Shizhe, and two other guys wanted to go along with them.

“Wait a minute,” Cao Wenwen suddenly said, “I want to go too. ”

Du Yangnan said, “if you’re afraid, then don’t follow along. You’ll hold us back.”

Cao Wenwen ignored his advice and insisted on following along.

The rest of the people were frustrated but had no other choice but to bring her along.


They finally arrived at where the KTV rooms were located after walking out of the chess area and passing by the dining and billiards table.

The room only had three walls, with the last side having a two-meter-long pathway and no door. From this side, they could vaguely see that the screen on the wall was playing a video with flickering lights, but there wasn’t any sound.

Lu Chu was the first one who walked in.

As expected, it was empty.

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Tang Shizhe swallowed, “maybe they went to the restroom.”

“Come on,” Lu Chu said, “let’s head over to the restroom to have a look.”

The toilet and kitchen weren’t in the same large space as the entertainment facilities. They needed to exit the area and cross the corridor separating them.  After exiting from the entertainment room, the first thing they saw was the closed kitchen door. Following along the corridor, there were two toilets with signs suggesting “male” and “female” stuck on the door.

The place they rented was on the second floor.

During the wee hours of the morn, there weren’t any sounds of cars passing by or horns outside.  Unconsciously, they kept their footsteps light

While walking, Du Yangnan suddenly said, “have you guys ever heard of the saying, ‘Don’t gather in a zombie film, don’t leave the group in a horror film’?”

Lu Chu nodded, this wasn’t the first time he heard of such a quote.

Seeing this, Du Yangnan smiled and said, “say, right now, could we be considered to have left the group?”

Cao Wenwen, startled and upset by his words, retorted, “the ones who left the group are obviously the ones who stayed at the same spot.”

Gao Yong thought for a bit, “according to the number of people, they have more and we have less. So we’re definitely the ones who left the group.”

Tang Shizhe attempted to lighten the mood and punched Gao Yong lightly, “don’t scare me.”

As they chatted, they arrived in front of the restrooms.

Looking at the restrooms separated into male and female, Du Yangnan pointed to the women’s bathroom, and instructed Cao Wenwen, “go and check out the women’s bathroom.”

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Cao Wenwen’s voice reached its peak, “why?!”

“You’re the only girl here,” Du Yangnan said, “we didn’t want to bring you along, yet you insisted. Since you did, you have to do something right? What if they’re really in the toilet? It wouldn’t be good if us guys just barged in right?”

Cao Wenwen couldn’t refute the logic, so she had no choice but to unwillingly go to the female restroom.

She knocked on the door, “Yang Yue, Tian Jiale, Liu Shengmei, are you guys in there?”

Nobody answered.

Cao Wenwen gulped and turned the handle forcefully.

The handle turned easily, and it didn’t seem to be locked from the inside.

“Creak—” The door opened.

Seeing the situation inside, Cao Wenwen instantly let out a sigh of relief, “there’s no one.”

However, the instant those words left her mouth, a still-bleeding head suddenly fell from the ceiling, and rolled in a circle to her feet.

The atmosphere froze for a few seconds.

“Ahhhhh–” Cao Wenwen raised her arms and an ear-piercing scream resounded throughout the corridor.

Right at this moment, a couple of screams around the same volume came from the entertainment rooms, followed by a chaotic cacophony of footsteps. Along with it was a clanging sound, and soon, someone opened the door and rushed towards Lu Chu and the others.

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen people ran out of the room. Two of them opened the kitchen door to hide, then locked it. The remaining people were locked out, causing them to bang on the door. Infuriated and frightened, they could only run in Lu Chu’s direction.

The corridor was spacious and long, capable of fitting a dozen people without feeling cramped.

Following at the back of the crowd was Chen Hong holding Zhang Qian’s hand, and he shouted at Lu Chu and the rest, “run!”

The ones who were running the fastest bypassed Lu Chu and the others and flew down the stairs, planning to escape to the first floor and out of this place. They ran at breakneck speed and soon disappeared out of view. However, it didn’t even take a couple of seconds before they ran down from the stairs leading from the floor above.

The few people who returned to their starting point looked at Lu Chu and the others in shock, frozen to the spot.

— A looping location?1鬼打墙 aka Ghost Hit Wall. No direct English equivalent, closest after a search seems to be TvTropes’ Unnaturally Looping Location, so looping location is it. That phenomenon where a person ends up in a place where everything constantly loops. Going upstairs sends you back to the same floor, leaving a room brings you back to the same room, etc. Non-supernatural wise, it refers to doing the same things over and over again.

After witnessing the whole situation, Chen Hong, who was holding onto Zhang Qian’s hand didn’t know where to go.

“Clang– Clang–” A rhythmic sound echoed.

Following the sound, Lu Chu and the rest looked towards the entrance of the entertainment room, only to see a headless body swaying towards them. The cut across the headless female corpse’s neck was very irregular, with red and white flesh turned out and dripping bright red blood. The clothes on her body had been dyed red, and the white skin on her body was tinged with blue. Every step she took left a crimson footprint.

Looking at the head by Cao Wenwen’s feet, Lu Chu realised they were from the same body.

Upon seeing such a terrifying scene, Tang Shizhe almost lost his voice. Pointing at the corpse that was slowly approaching them, he tugged at Lu Chu’s shoulder and said, “quick…… quickly…… run!”

Due to the loop, it wasn’t realistic to try and escape by the stairs, and after thinking momentarily, they rushed into the open women’s restroom and locked the door.

Gao Yong pointed at the boy’s restroom, “we’ll go there!”

Du Yangnan heard him and violently shook the door handle, but to no avail — it had been locked from the inside.

Lu Chu was standing at the forefront, and the female corpse was getting closer and closer to them. Tang Shizhe dragged Lu Chu and tried to bring him behind himself.

Lu Chu didn’t move. When the female corpse was about to touch him with her outstretched and ghastly pale hands, he pushed Tang Shizhe aside and kicked the female corpse away with a simple but clean roundhouse kick.  The headless female corpse crashed against the wall, and blood splattered across it. She slid down the wall and twitched a couple of times before all movement ceased.

Everybody fell silent.

Tang Shizhe was stupefied, “bad…… badass.”

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