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Chapter 104 – The Seventh Game

Edited by: Sparrow

By the time he realised this, Lu Chu’s hand was already holding onto the pen, as well as that of Zhang Qian’s.  As the pen was short, and the area they could grip onto was limited. As a result, half of Zhang Qian’s hand was gripping onto Lu Chu’s.

At this moment, Chen Hong and Gao Yong were about to reach out to hold the pen.

“Wait.” Lu Chu suddenly stopped them.

Chen Hong and Gao Yong immediately froze after hearing him, their arms pausing in mid-air as they casted doubtful gazes onto Lu Chu.

Lu Chu didn’t explain, but moved swiftly to grab Zhang Qian’s hand even before she could react. He took advantage of her momentary confusion to also seize her other hand, and press her down onto the table.

Upon seeing what had just happened, Chen Hong frowned and shouted, “Lu Chu, what are you doing? !”

Saying that, he moved to pull Lu Chu’s hand away and rescue Zhang Qian.

Tang Shizhe and the rest others also taken aback by the sudden change in the situation before them.

Tang Shizhe’s instincts told him that Lu Chu’s actions must have had a reason. Therefore, he subconsciously stood on Lu Chu’s side. He then stepped forward to stop Chen Hong who was about to hit him and said, “Chen Hong, please wait a minute. Lu Chu should have a reason for doing what he did, listen to him first.”

“Reason? What kind of reason?” Chen Hong was furious, “is there any legitimate reason for seizing my girlfriend?!”

Du Yangnan and Gao Yong also stood on Lu Chu’s side, and stopped the enraged Chen Hong.

Zhang Qian’s good friend Sun Qiao also ran over to pull at Lu Chu’s arms, “let go of Qianqian! Let her go!”

Everybody else stood to the side, and watched on silently.

Lu Chu didn’t release Zhang Qian, but said towards Chen Hong, “sorry, but I need to confirm something.”

Chen Hong roared, “what do you need to confirm? !”

“Confirm–” Lu Chu said towards Zhang Qian, “that she’s not a ghost.”

Chen Hong was left dumbstruck when he heard this, “what?”

Tang Shizhe and everyone else were also dumbfounded.

The people who had been watching before immediately took a couple of steps back, and were panic-stricken as they looked at Zhang Qian.

At this moment, Zhang Qian suddenly choked up and cried out towards Chen Hong, “I’m not, Chen Hong, save me……”

Chen Hong immediately yelled at Lu Chu when he heard her cries, “are you blind? How could Qianqian be a ghost?! Fuck, let go of her!”

“Whether she is or not, we’ll know in a while.” Lu Chu said.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Chu instructed Tang Shizhe and the others, “hold onto Chen Hong.”

Subsequently, Lu Chu looked towards 7 beside him.

7’s clearly defined fingers were drawing a strange charm in the air.  Lu Chu grabbed onto Zhang Qian with one hand, then bit his other hand’s index finger. Drops of bright red blood beaded, and Lu Chu used it to draw the same charm that 7 drew onto Zhang Qian’s forehead.

The originally weak and weeping Zhang Qian’s expression suddenly changed, to one filled with disbelief and horror.

The charm that was drawn on Zhang Qian’s forehead with blood instantly disappeared, replaced by the sizzling sound of something burning. Zhang Qian started to struggle as she attempted to escape, but couldn’t move due to being restrained.

Her strength came from resentment, and the resentment disappeared at an extremely fast rate Thus, she couldn’t help herself from panicking.

The other people watched this scene in amazement.

As the burning scent grew stronger and stronger, Zhang Qian’s expression grew more ferocious and her complexion became paler as the skin on her cheeks started to peel off. Yet, under the skin wasn’t the pink flesh of the living, but black, dark, and rotten flesh.

As her grotesque face gradually revealed itself to everyone, Zhang Qian finally couldn’t withstand it any longer. After a roar, she used all her resentful energy to leap away from Lu Chu. After several jumps, she kicked a male student against the wall till he spat out blood. Zhang Qian’s true appearance had bluish white skin, both eyes were fully black, and with half her face in a state of decay. Looking closer, she actually was exactly the same as the ghost that had appeared behind Cao Wenwen at that time.

Chen Hong was completely stunned, “wh…… why?”

Compared to being afraid, Chen Hong was more puzzled.

Zhang Qian’s black eyes looked directly at Chen Hong, and after a moment, she gave a scornful laugh, “it was going to end soon. Once they were all dead, you’d come to accompany me, and both of us would be together forever.”

The implication behind those words, was that she wanted to kill everyone present, including Chen Hong. Then, she could be a couple with him in the underworld.

Lu Chu tone was certain, “you must really like Chen Hong.”

“Hahaha, Hahahah–” Zhang Qian raised her head and laughed loudly when she heard this, with reddish-black tears spilling from her eyes and flowing down her bluish-white skin. It was terrifying, yet desperate to the core.

Tang Shizhe was terrified, yet he still asked, “if you liked him, then how could you bear to kill him in the end……”

Zhang Qian stared at him with that terrifying pair of eyes, “what do you know.”

Saying that, she stretched out her claws and rushed towards them in an attempt to attack.  A few people were startled and jumped up in shock. Only Lu Chu dared to leap onto the table to kick her in the stomach, stopping her momentum.  Infuriated, Zhang Qian flew over to fight with Lu Chu.

Due to the charm that Lu Chu had previously drawn on her forehead, Zhang Qian’s abilities were limited. Originally, she could use resentful energy to control other people or spirits. However, at this moment, she could only use her fists to fight with Lu Chu. Gradually, she started to fall into a disadvantage.  Upon arriving at such a situation, Zhang Qian became more and more anxious. She turned her target to someone else, in an attempt to kill someone to gain more resentful energy and increase her strength.

Thinking of that, she threw a fist towards Lu Chu, who easily caught it. Yet, at the very next moment, she quickly turned around and reached with her sharp claws towards Tang Shizhe, who was standing not too far behind him.

Tang Shizhe was completely unprepared for this sudden attack and he stood frozen on the spot.

Seeing that Zhang Qian’s claws were close to digging out Tang Shizhe’s heart, Lu Chu didn’t plan to hold back any longer, and prepared to deal with Zhang Qian with all his strength.

Nevertheless, just as Lu Chu reached Zhang Qian and was about to deal a fatal blow, Chen Hong suddenly appeared and pushed Lu Chu aside to protect Zhang Qian, before standing in front of Tang Shizhe to protect him with his body.


And Zhang Qian’s claw, firmly passed through Chen Hong’s body.

That instant, Zhang Qian froze.

“Since I’m the last one you want to kill, then after you do so, I’ll go with you, so this should be over, right?” Blood filled Chen Hong’s mouth, and he looked towards Zhang Qian and said.

Zhang Qian took back her hand, and when Chen Hong’s body was about to fall, the bewildered Zhang Qian reached out to catch him.  Zhang Qian’s dark resentful energy temporarily plugged up the hole in his body, leaving his life hanging on a thread.

One drop, two drops……

Zhang Qian returned to her human form, with her pretty and fair face. Crystal clear tears started to fall on Chen Hong’s face, drop by drop.

After Tang Shizhe experienced this shock, he too was at a loss when he saw this scene. He felt pained that his good friend had blocked the attack for him, and was extremely upset, yet he realised that Zhang Qian seemed to be more devastated than he was.

He absolutely couldn’t understand what Zhang Qian’s feelings were for Chen Hong.

Lu Chu looked at everything that happened in front of him, and asked quietly, “why?”

Zhang Qian reached out to stroke Chen Hong’s cheeks, and said with a tone filled with reminiscence and tenderness, “do you believe in past lives?”

Lu Chu, “I do.”

The sides of Zhang Qian’s lips curled up as she chuckled, “in my previous life, both of us were a couple. Then, he betrayed me, and I wore the bright red cheongsam that he gave me, and hung myself in our marriage room.”

Lu Chu stopped speaking, and quietly listened to Zhang Qian describe their story.

Tragic love stories were all the same.

During China’s war-torn period, a rich young lady fell in love with the son of a merchant, which was Chen Hong’s past life.  The two of them felt they were compatible, and fell into love quickly. After they met each other’s family, their marriage was soon settled. However, before they got married, the woman discovered that the man had cheated on her. After several arguments, with her desire to defend fidelity and purity towards love, she died the day before their wedding.

The woman’s family kicked up a fuss about this matter, and wished that the wedding would be held as before. According to the customs of that time, if one of the parties died, then their soul wouldn’t be at peace, and the wedding must be held in order for them to pass peacefully.

The man’s family naturally disagreed. However, it didn’t take long for the man to succumb to an illness. Not long after he died, the two families buried them together, and held a ghost marriage.

The truth was that, afterwards, the man’s soul went into reincarnation and was reborn, but the woman’s soul was stuck in the mortal realm due to her suicide.

And that man was Chen Hong.

“I thought of spending this life happily with him,” Zhang Qian looked at Chen Hong’s face and there was affection present on it, “but why, did he betray me again?”

When Lu Chu heard the word ‘betray’, the first thing that appeared in Lu Chu’s mind was the figure of a certain someone, “Cao Wenwen?”

Zhang Qian’s voice was filled with hate and jealousy, “yes, her.”

After hearing this, Lu Chu finally understood why he felt that the atmosphere between Cao Wenwen and Chen Hong was strange.

“During winter vacation,” Zhang Qian said, “I found out that they did it.”

Once Tang Shizhe had heard everything, he couldn’t help but ask, “was the Pen Immortal you?”

Zhang Qian turned her gaze on him upon hearing his question, and he was so scared he shivered. At the same time, he heard Zhang Qian give a sound of acknowledgement.

“During that time, I saw it.” Zhang Qian said.

Lu Chu was puzzled, “what did you see?”

Zhang Qian said, “while they were playing that game, they were holding the same pen, and looked at each other. That bitch kept rubbing his fingers ambiguously, and he didn’t resist.”

In Zhang Qian’s arms, Chen Hong was still conscious due to her resentful energy, and when he heard her words, tears trickled down from his eyes, “Qianqian, I’m sorry….. I really, really love you……”

Hearing his words, Zhang Qian laughed to herself again. Her eyes were black and red as she turned towards Lu Chu and said, “in our previous life, what did he say? — ‘Qianqian, I love you. Men will always make mistakes, but no matter what I do, the one i love the most will always be you.’  Look, after all this time, he’s still the same.”

Needless to say, Zhang Qian both loved and hated Chen Hong.

Perhaps, Chen Hong really loved Zhang Qian, otherwise, he wouldn’t have pushed Lu away when he was about to kill her. Nevertheless, it was also true that he had failed Zhang Qian twice.

Lu Chu remembered what 7 had said before, that Cao Wenwen hadn’t needed to die so early. This meant that Zhang Qian would personally make the move to deal with her, to turn her soul to ashes, and make her unable to ever reincarnate. This also meant that everything that had happened here was due to Chen Hong’s infidelity and deceit in both his past and current lives, which caused Zhang Qian to go into a frenzy. She decided to kill everyone, and die together with Chen Hong again, just like in their previous life. Afterwards,  everybody would bury their bones together.

This was the real Nuptials of the Corses in this game.

All the dead people in this place would become the guides for her and Chen Hong. Furthermore,  just like in every grand wedding, the friends and relatives on the bride’s side and groom’s side would happily bring the embarrassed newlyweds into their new home.

Only, this time, it would be a bloodstained ghost marriage.

And they would head towards an eternal darkness.

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