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Chapter 97 – The Seventh Game

Pen Immortal…… was it? Lu Chu, who had been listening quietly to them was finally started to pay attention.

Playing such an invocation game in a ‘game’ where there were indeed ghosts, one could easily guess what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, all horror stories start with someone being reckless.

However, just as Lu Chu thought about this, the boy who brought up playing Pen Immortal took a pen and paper out form somewhere. Looking at him, playing this game would be a must.

Not too far from the dining table they were eating were two square tables they used to play their board games. A long leather sofa surrounded the table on three sides, leaving along a gap towards the north for people to enter and exit.

The boy who proposed playing pointed in that direction and said, “since there isn’t much space on this dining table filled with plates and chopsticks, let’s go over to where we were playing chess. The sofa’s wide enough, so there’s enough space for everybody.”

The others stood up after he finished talking. Some had drunk too much, and were swaying as they walked. Moving over to the square table, several boys pulled the sofa backwards which gave them more space.

“Don’t you need four people to play Pen Immortal? Wu Xuan, who’s going to play?” Somebody asked.

Wu Xuan was the boy who had suggested to play a round of Pen Immortal. He heard the person speaking and looked at the others surrounding him, “count me in. Who wants to fill the other three spots?”

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“Me!” A girl with a larger frame and well-applied heavy makeup raised her hand to indicate her participation, then looked at the scared girls beside her and said, “what’s there to be afraid about? Look at you guys, so frightened. I find it very exciting!”

There were some boys who clapped, “great, you’re bold enough, I like your type!”

The girl raised an eyebrow and smiled suggestively in his direction.

At this time, Wu Xuan looked towards Chen Hong and raised his glass, “since Chen Hong’s the organiser, I think he has to come and join in the fun!”

Others cheered after hearing this.

Chen Hong rolled up his sleeves and yelled, “it’s on! Such things can’t scare the great me anymore!”

At this time, Gao Yong also said, “count me in. Since our buddy organised this party, our dorm must send someone out to show our support.”

Gao Yong didn’t drink too much; while Chen Hong was so drunk he couldn’t think clearly anymore. Since he was the organiser, and both sides had people who knew him, both guys and girls kept toasting him throughout dinner. While he could reject a few, but there were many times where he had no choice but to drink because of the atmosphere. Even though he went to the toilet several times, he was still very clearly drunk.

As for Wu Xuan, it was only because he was drunk did he suggest playing a spirit invoking game.

The girl who signed up to play a round of Pen Immortal was from the Performing Department of the Art Academy, named Cao Wenwen. Although Cao Wenwen had a larger frame, and wasn’t dainty or cute, she had a beautiful face and was very good at talking, and got along well with the boys. She had given toasts to the guys during dinner, and drank quite enthusiastically. Currently, she knew that she was a bit drink, but just went along with it and her actioned were even more unrestrained.

After deciding on the people who were playing, the boys crowded around and removed one square table, then moved the chess and cards onapologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl the table aside. Before, they had already pushed the sofa some distance away, and now there was one table less, so the distance between the sofa and the square table became wider, enough for people to sit around it cross-legged on all sides.

Chen Hong, Cao Wenwen, Wu Xuan and Gao Yong all sat according to order, cross-legged in the space between the sofa and the table, sitting from south, east, north, and west.

The others also squeezed and sat on the sofa as if a good show was going to happen, and everybody’s emotions were running high.

Lu Chu sat on the very edge of the northeast sofa, with Tang Shizhe to his left.

The reason Tang Shizhe came here was to meet a lovely girl and escape from his single and lonely life. Throughout the dinner, he was outgoing and drank, talking a lot.

Among those present, other than some of the girls who couldn’t drink, the soberest one was Lu Chu, who had reduced his sense of existence, and didn’t have anyone toasting him.

Tang Shizhe drunkenly placed his hand on Lu Chu shoulder and asked, “do you believe there are really ghosts in this world?”

Lu Chu just replied, “whether you believe or not, one should maintain some level of respect for such existences.”

Tang Shizhe shook his head when he heard what he said, and kicked the butt of Chen Hong in front of him, “bro, must we definitely play this game? I feel even if we’re bored and have nothing to do, it’s not that good to take such a game lightly. Especially at night, it’s really creepy.”

Chen Hong laughed at him, “are you scared?”

“I’m not scared. I believe in science,” he said, “I just don’t think it’s appropriate……”

Tang Shizhe was also drunk, and while he was usually quite eloquently, he couldn’t say out a reason this time.

Cao Wenwen said, “everything’s already prepared, there’s no reason not to play. Are you still a man?”

Tang Shizhe spread his hands helplessly, “whatever, you win.”

The boy who had proposed for them to play the game at midnight was called Du Yangnan. At this time, he looked at his watch and said, “it’s 11:45, we can start soon.”

Chen Hong’s girlfriend’s was called Zhang Qian.

Zhang Qian looked extremely gentle, and also spoke in a soft and slow manner.

She poked Chen Hong’s arm with her hand, “I’m a little scared.”

Chen Hong held her hand, and even though he was drunk, he still didn’t forget to comfort his girlfriend, “what’s there to be afraid of? There’s so many people around and I’m right next to you. You can jump into my arms any time, I’ll hug you, and you won’t be afraid anymore. ”

“Shit,” Tang Shizhe kicked him again after hearing his words, “why are you so sickly sweet? I’m telling you, most of us here are single dogs, are you trying to pull aggro?”

Chen Hong made a sound of pain, and hurriedly said, “Lord Tang, I do not dare, do not!”

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“Do you guys even know how to invite the Pen Immortal?” Chen Hong asked.

Everybody was confused, and even Wu Xuan, who had suggested that they should play this game only knew half of it, “I only know that we need a paper and pen……”

Just when everybody was looking at each other at a loss, Du Yangnan took another piece of write paper and wrote a couple of lines, then showed it to everybody, “here. This is the chant I know, and you can just recite it as you draw a circle. Although, to actually invite a spirit, you need blood or corpse oil or something, we don’t have these things.”

Zhang Qian hugged herself when she heard what he said, “nobody would have these things, you guys, don’t go overboard while playing.”

Chen Hong comforted her, “it’s okay, don’t be afraid. Du Yangnan was just joking, and we’re just trying to have fun.”

Lu Chu glanced at Du Yangnan and felt that this person knew a lot.

Seeing as there was about ten minutes before midnight, Du Yangnan got drunk again as he watched his watch and waiting for the time. He glanced at the people around him and asked in a mysterious manner, “say, do you guys know other, other than playing Pen Immortal, what other ways there are to see a ghost?”

Wu Xuan was interested the moment he heard it, “what?”

Du Yangnan looked at his watch again and said, “there’s still a little bit of time left, so I’ll just tell you guys now. C’mon, the classmate sitting next to the light switch, turn the lights off!”

The girls all huddled together, “just speak, what’s the point of turning the lights off?!”

“For the atmosphere,” Du Yangnan said it in a ‘isn’t it obvious’ tone, “how can you tell a ghost story without the appropriate atmosphere?”

As the classmate sitting at the side, Lu Chu got up and turned down the brightness of the lights. In the middle of the night, the dim light suddenly caused the room to be filled with a mysterious and dark atmosphere.

The girls who were already scared all hugged each other, and squeezed in one area, trying to find a sense of security.

Du Yangnan was quite satisfied with the atmosphere, and he usually watched horror movies and read horror stories, so he understood this aspect quite well. He glanced at the people around him, and deliberately said in a slow manner, “Summoning the ‘Pen Immortal’ is a method that many people know as a way to see ghosts. Many people have also heard of placing a cow’s eyes in front of your eyes at night in the cemetery, but my favourite method of seeing a ghost aren’t these.”

Chen Hong wondered, “then what is it?”

Du Yangnan said, “this is also a game for fourFrom their brief conversation, Lu Chu learnt that his uncle and father had borrowed somebody else’s van to come and pick him up. As his father didn’t have a driver’s license, he called his uncle who could drive to help. He was the only university student in their family, so everybody was extremely happy and valued him a lot. Hence, his Uncle came over to pick him up with his father without a second word. people — at midnight, in a spacious square room, with the windows closed, lights off, and the door tightly close, four people would stand separately at the four corners.”

Saying that, he gestured to all four corners of the square table, “then, in the darkness, the first person would walk blindly along the wall of the room until they reach where the second person is and tap them on the shoulder. After being tapped, the second person should then walk to where the third person was and tap that person’s shoulder. Similarly, the third person would go on to tap the fourth person on the shoulder. Having done until this, there shouldn’t be anybody in the original position where the first person was, but, when the fourth person walks over to where the first person originally was–

Du Yangnan paused and said, “they would still be able to tap someone on the shoulder.”

All the girls took a deep breath.

“At this moment, the fourth person shouldn’t say anything, or do anything — not even scream or turn the lights on. They have to simply walk away as if nothing happened, if not–” Du Yangnan lowered his voice, and said in a secretive manner,Their village was still some distance away from this small county, and the route leading to their place was very flat, with tracts of wheat fields containing tender green seedlings. Just as he was about to enter the village, the van turned into a dirt road within one of the wheat fields. Then, it was a bumpy route the whole way through. The van, unable to bear it, moved up and down extremely roughly. Additionally, the smell inside the car wasn’t that good, which made Lu Chu a little dizzy. “the four people who played that game would be left in that room forever.”

“Ahhh!” One of the girls screamed outright, and climbed towards the shoulders of the girl next to her, shivering as she covered her ears.

“Okay,” Du Yangnan looked at his watch excitedly, “there’s only about a minute left, and we can start to invite the spirit soon!”

The girl who had just been scared into screaming said that she wouldn’t do anything anymore, and two of her friends beside her were a little frightened too, so they sat with her at the KTV area.

Cao Wenwen had gotten annoyed of waiting and frowned, “can we start? I’m already growing mold here.”

“Wait a minute,” Du Yangnan looked at the time, and said after a moment, “Three! Two! One!  Zero!  Start!”

Chen Hong, Cao Wenwen, Wu Xuan, and Gao Yong all took hold of a pencil together, then pressed the nib lightly against a piece of white paper.

At this moment, the four slightly drunk people, who were telling themselves not to be afraid in their heads, also felt a little nervous.

The four of them held the pen, closed their eyes and followed the chant that Du Yangnan had told them before, muttering as they drew circles on the paper.

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