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Chapter 101 – The Seventh Game

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The corridor’s wall was covered in bright red blood, with blood-stained footprints and drops of blood on the ground. A headless female corpse laid not too far away from them, with her body bent out of proportion at an odd angle after being kicked away.

Gao Yong gulped and stared blankly towards the front, “That’s….. it?”

Lu Chu gave a soft ‘en.’

Tang Shizhe praised softly, “awe…… awesome.”

The rest of the people hadn’t returned to their senses from that frightening situation, and saw Lu Chu walk towards Chen Hong and ask, “what happened to you guys just now?”

When Chen Hong heard his question, he immediately withdrew his drifting thoughts. Although he was still afraid, his expression was serious and cautious as he said, “not long after you guys left, that headless female corpse suddenly appeared out of nowhere, frightening everyone. Then, just as you saw, all of us screamed and ran out in a hurry.”

Lu Chu frowned, “suddenly appeared?”

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“En,” Chen Hong nodded, “she suddenly swayed out with outstretched hands, appearing not too far away from us while we were unaware.”

Lu Chu lowered his head in thought at his words.

They had only left Chen Hong and the others for a short amount of time. Other than not checking the kitchen and toilet, they had searched every corner of the path for traces of the three missing girls. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to find anything. During this entire process, even if the corpse had exited from the kitchen that they had yet to inspect and went straight to the entertainment room, they would have noticed it. However, until Chen Hong and the others ran out, Lu Chu and the rest with him hadn’t seen this female corpse.

In a way, she had really ‘appeared out of thin air.’

Lu Chu had some impression of the three missing girls. From the clothes on the corpse and the hideous head that fell in front of Cao Wenwen, it could be observed that this dead body was one of the three girls.

They didn’t participate in that game of Pen Immortal, but still became the first victims of the game. This made Lu Chu wonder about the origins and intentions of the Pen Immortal.

“We should assemble the rest of the people, ” Du Yangnan suggested, “after all, don’t leave the group in horror movies.”

Tang Shizhe listened to his suggestion, knocked on the women’s restroom door, and shouted, “come on out, the female ghost outside has already been dealt with. It’s also not safe for you guys to hide in the toilet with just two to three of you.”

“No…no!” The voices from the peopleapologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl inside were unstable, “we’re very safe here!”

Tang Shizhe tried to persuade them again after hearing that but it was to no avail. Since the people inside were determined not to open the door, they had to give up.

Lu Chu looked at the closed door and said, “everybody has the right to make their own choice, and each choice will lead to a different ending. It’s meaningless to persuade, and the choice we make for our lives and death is up to us.”

At this moment, Zhang Qian raised her head up from Chen Hong’s arms and said softly, “I want to leave this place.”

Chen Hong comforted her a little, then looked in the direction of the stairs, “Qianqian, we won’t be able to leave for the time being.”

Due to the loop in this place, the way down to the first floor would lead back to the second floor that they were on — that is, if they walked down to the first floor, they would return to this floor from the third.

Then, Gao Yong who heard what Chen Hong said, asked, “if going down is impossible, what about up?”

Du Yangnan looked at him and touched his chin thoughtfully, “we can try it. Who knows? It might work.”

“One person should be enough, right?” A boy asked.

Tang Shizhe quickly shook his head, “no matter whether it’s going up or down, it’s all dark. I wouldn’t want to go alone. After all, what about not leaving the group during a horror movie?”

“Let’s go together.” Lu Chu said.

Thus, they went along the stairs up to the third floor. When they made a turn around the flat landing between the two flights of stairs, as expected, they returned to the second floor.

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Lu Chu shook his head, “doesn’t work, it’s a loop.”

They were once again stuck in a predicament. Neither moving forward or backward was the right way.

Tang Shizhe thought for a moment and said, “since we can’t coax those in the toilet out, let’s gather the ones in the kitchen.”

Currently, there wasn’t any progress, and with agreement from the remaining people, they walked towards the other end of the corridor.

Everyone was frightened, and nobody dared to fall behind.

Previously, as some people were in a rush to reach the women’s bathroom, they had kicked the head that had originally fallen near Cao Wenwen’s feet away and it rolled down the stairs. A few seconds later, it had rolled back down from the floor above and stopped in a dark corner, without their knowledge. At this moment, her somewhat glossed-over eyes gradually regained an eerie sparkle. It didn’t even take a moment before her gaze narrowed, staring straight at Cao Wenwen’s back, the corner of her greenish-white lips curling up into a creepy smile.


When they reached the kitchen door, Tang Shizhe walked up and knocked, “the people inside, open the door. The stuff outside has been settled and in this current situation, we should stick together. It will be the safest for everyone if we don’t separate.”

As the people inside heard his words, they replied with trembling voices, “how can we know that it’s safe outside? !”

Tang Shizhe replied angrily, “if it isn’t safe, would I be here talking with you guys?”

“All of you might even be dead,” the person inside said, “and you’re here just to trick us.”

The people inside were most probably terrified and could feel a sense of security only by barricading themselves in that bright room.Everyone gradually started to become more afraid. Lu Chu touched the spot where the red mark was on his chest, and showed fear on the surface, but didn’t actually feel afraid. However, they forgot that the female corpse had first appeared in the room that they were in.

Suddenly, the corridor lights started to flicker, brightening and dimming alongside the sound of the filaments shrieking.  At the same time,After listening to Lu Chu’s explanation, even though Tang Shizhe knew what was going to happen, he still asked with a bitter smile, “invocating something else?” horrified screams from both guys and girls sliced through the silence. All of which came from the kitchen.

After a cacophony of clattering sounds, it sounded as if someone had run to the door. They were screaming loudly and tried to twist the doorknob from the inside. From the corridor, all of them could see the handle being turned, but there was only a slight shake. The door remained firmly shut, and wouldn’t open despite being pulled.

Upon seeing this, people on Lu Chu’s side immediately stepped forwardDu Yangnan looked at the pencil that was split in half on the table, “who knows? we might all just die here.” to push open the door.

However, it was as if this door was cursed. Previously, there hadn’t been any problems when those people opened it. However, it now felt as heavy as a mountain, unmoving no matter how much strength they used.

Another scream resounded, before all the noise coming from the kitchen instantly ceased.

The final scream was close to them, separated by only a door. It clearly showed the horrible ending met by the last person who attempted to open the door.


At that moment, the door, which several grown men couldn’t open with all their strength, suddenly cracked open. Looking in from the corridor, they could vaguely see the blood-stained floor illuminated by bright lighting.

Cao Wenwen gave a horrified scream. Ignoring her self-image, she quickly dived into the center of their group to hide.

The boy, who had been frantically trying to escape, had fallen against the door. This made it impossible for them to push it open any further.

After muttering an apology to the boy in his heart, Lu Chu forcefully pushed the door open.

The body was pushed out of its original position, to reveal what had happened in the kitchen.

It was only for them to see that there were two boys and a girl in the kitchen. One of the boys was the one who died in front of the door. The other boy was lying flat on the table used for cutting and washing vegetables, above a cutting board. His abdomen had been sliced open by a kitchen knife, with his intestines pulled out of his body. His state of death was gruesome and looked like a fish that was ready to be slaughtered.  The girl had perished in front of the natural gas stove. Her legs had been spread out in a split and boiling hot oil had flowed down from her head. The oil had disfigured her face, making her look terrifying and completely unrecognisable.

Lu Chu stretched out a hand to stop the people behind who wanted to enter.

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Tang Shizhe, who had already managed to catch a glimpse of the scene, immediately started to vomit.

After a moment of silence, Lu Chu said, “it’s not here.”

It was referring to the thing that killed the three of them.

All of a sudden, somebody from behind Lu Chu suddenly pointed towards the stairs on the other side of the corridor and let out a scream.

Lu Chu exited from the kitchen and looked in that direction, only to see a half-naked and unkempt female ghost with pale-greenish skin descending from the third floor. The female ghost’s body twisted and contorted in angles that humans couldn’t achieve. Climbing on all fours, she approached them slowly down the stairs.

When she was about to reach the corridor, she raised her head, and her sclera-less black eyes peeked through her messy hair to stare at everybody.

Everybody turned pale with shock. Immediately, everyone started to scream as they sprinted towards the entertainment room, which appeared to be the safest.

While their whole group was running about in a panic, someone had collided with Cao Wenwen, causing her to fall, and unable to get up in time.  When Lu Chu saw this, he gave her a hand when he passed by her. However, who knew that Cao Wenwen, who couldn’t stand up on her own, directly grabbed on Lu Chu’s sleeves. She refused to pick herself back up, simply sitting on the floor with tears of fear streaming down her face.

With a loud ‘Bang!’, everybody had already run into the entertainment room, and the door was automatically slammed shut.

Finally, Cao Wenwen registered what had occurred and released her grip on Lu Chu’s arm. She quickly stood up to turn the doorknob, only to find out that she was unable to do so. Upon realising this, she used all her strength to slam and knock on the door. Desperation filled her heart as she could only turn around to look at the female ghost that was coming closer and closer to her and Lu Chu.

When Lu Chu saw this, he moved his neck and loosened his limbs, preparing to fight it out.

That female ghost seemed to have locked onto Cao Wenwen as the target. Stretching out her hideous claws, she rushed towards her.

Cao Wenwen was extremely frightened, and her legs were shaking. The instant it rushed towards her, she didn’t even think before pushingZhang Qian’s face had already turned pale, and she clutched Chen Hong’s sleeves and kept burrowing into his arms. Chen Hong quickly went to hug her, and kept patting her back. Lu Chu, who was beside her, towards the ghost.

Lu Chu, who had originally made preparations to save her, was pushed forward, and became momentarily stunned.  HisThe girls were so frightened that they huddled in a group, and the timidest ones were even sobbing faintly. was knocked off balance, and before he could even come to terms with the current situation, that pair of black and smelly claws had already reached before his eyes, its tips only a step away from him.

As quick as lightning, 7 suddenly appeared.

With one hand, he embraced the unsteady Lu Chu. With the other, he held it out in front of the female ghost. His gaze was piercing, and in the next moment, the female ghost suddenly crumbled into dust and was scattered in the wind.

After doing that, 7 didn’t let go of Lu Chu but turned to look at Cao Wenwen. His eyes were chilling and filled with a sort of deathly stillness.

It was as if he was looking at a dead person.

Cao Wenwen stared dumbly at this strong man who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He had an extremely handsome face, and yet, he could make her feel even closer to death than that ugly and terrifying female ghost.

It was as if she had been caught by the neck, with her limbs paralysed. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, and could only remain in that position, waiting to be slaughtered.

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