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Chapter 102 – The Seventh Game

Edited by: Sparrow

Cao Wenwen, because of this extremely strong and unmatched man in front of her, felt an unprecedented level of panic and fear due to his sharp gaze.

Like a fine net, tendrils of fear ensnared her body and soul.

There was nowhere to hide and nowhere to escape to.

Lu Chu was still somewhat stunned in 7’s arms.

As 7 was by his side, his emotions were instinctively released, and he let himself fall into a state of shock.

7 stared at Cao Wenwen with emotionless eyes and reached out towards her with the hand that had wiped out that female ghost.

“Originally, you didn’t need to die so early.” He said, in an imposing and terrifying manner.

Cao Wenwen immediately became so frightened her legs were shaking, and she almost couldn’t control her bladder. The tears on her face mixed with her smudged makeup, making her look extremely unkempt and hideous. However, she had long stopped caring about her appearance and was only worried that she would meet the same fate as the female ghost within the following seconds.

She was still in a muddled state, and her mind was still confused.

The only thing she was certain about was the reason behind the mysterious man’s anger — because she had pushed Lu Chu to protect herself in that moment of life and death.

“I…… I didn’t do it on purpose,” she shouted, and her shaking voice tried to explain herself, “I only….. was only too…… too afraid…… my hand slipped, that’s right, my hand just slipped!”

“I’m…… I’m…… Sorry! Sorry!” She turned her gaze to look at Lu Chu again, crying out as she confessed, “I beg you to forgive me…… I didn’t do it on purpose, at that time, I was really, really afraid……”

Lu Chu raised his head, looked towards her, and saw her miserable state. Yet, he didn’t feel anything towards her.

Because if 7 had decided to kill her, it would mean that she had evil intentions during that moment of life and death.

7 wouldn’t be wrong.

7 didn’t want to listen to her words anymore, so he placed his hand in the space in front of her, and appeared as if he was going to end her.

All of a sudden, Cao Wenwen could only feel that she was being controlled by an invisible force. Both of her feet left the ground, and her neck was being tightly gripped, causing her head to be raised against her will. She tried to stretch out her hand to touch her neck, attempting to reduce that dizzying and suffocating sensation. This slow death was too unbearable, it didn’t take long for her eyes to roll back, and her feet started to kick and sway as saliva disgustingly dripped from her mouth. Her face was flushed, and choking sounds of struggle emerged from her mouth.

The sight before her eyes was getting dark.

The grip of Death was gradually tightening around her.

However, in the next moment, the three dead bodies of the people who had met a horrible death suddenly rose without any warning and rushed out of the kitchen with their mutilated and bleeding bodies. They charged in 7’s direction, intent on stopping him from killing Cao Wenwen.

“Danger!” Lu Chu, who was leaning on 7’s shoulders, saw the three swift corpses behind him and immediately whispered.

7 had long noticed the movements behind him. Nonetheless, he didn’t turn back, and instead maintained his posture of controlling Cao Wenwen’s body with spiritual power. He didn’t make any additional movements, and just slightly wrinkled his sharp and beautiful eyebrows. Instantaneously, the three corpses behind him exploded out from their abdomens. Blood spattered out from the bodies like a fountain, going in all directions. It painted the entire corridor, from ground to wall, and even the ceiling, in a bright red colour.

However, none of the blood that splashed out landed on 7 or Lu Chu’s body.

The organs that flew out from the explosion landed all over the ground.  and One of the heads rolled over, its eyes staring at Cao Wenwen who was being controlled by 7. Its mouth was muttering obsessively, “my…… prey…… I’ll be the one…… to kill her……”

After saying that, the head was also blown into bits of flesh by that strange power.

“That’s why I said, she didn’t need to die so early, but now–” 7’s tone was as frigid as before, and his eyes were even sharper and colder, “it’s too late.”

Cao Wenwen had completely stopped breathing.

7 seemed very disgusted and threw Cao Wenwen’s body to the side with a wave of his hand. Her still-warm corpse didn’t even touch the ground before disintegrating to ashes, and there were no traces of her left.

7 stooped slightly and picked Lu Chu up, lifting his feet from the ground, and Lu Chu instinctively wrapped his arms around 7’s broad shoulders.

Carefully holding onto Lu Chu, 7 stepped across the corridor covered in blood and scattered body parts from the corpses. He calmly walked to the other end of the corridor and only placed Lu Chu down when he saw a clean bit of ground.

Lu Chu saw 7 place him in front of the entertainment room, and knew that he wanted him to continue the game.

“The mastermind behind this seems to have a strong resentment against Cao Wenwen.” Lu Chu didn’t immediately knock on the entertainment room’s door but said that towards 7.

Previously, the head was distinctively conveying the words of the person controlling them.

Lu Chu didn’t dare to confirm if the entity that was trying to kill them off one by one originated from the Pen Immortal that wasn’t sent away, but he could feel the resentment ‘it’ held towards Cao Wenwen.

What did Cao Wenwen do, to let ‘it’ hate and remember so much?

If it was only because she asked something that she shouldn’t have, and violated a taboo, then it’s understandable that the Pen Immortal wanted to kill her. However, this extent of hatred felt somewhat inexplicable.

Lu Chu believed, other than the game that they had played today, there definitely must have been something else that happened. He still hasn’t been able to touch the truth of this game.

“It’s going to end soon.” 7 touched the little crease between Lu Chu’s eyebrows when he frowned and said so.

When Lu Chu heard him, he immediately smiled, “could this be considered a spoiler?”

Looking at Lu Chu’s smile, softness appeared in 7’s gaze, “en.”

If you say it is.


7 didn’t disappear, and it seemed that he planned to stay together with Lu Chu.

Lu Chu looked at him, “won’t you be discovered?”

“No,” 7 said, “other people can’t see me.”

“I see,” Lu Chu nodded his head in understanding.

7, as a spirit that had recovered to the highest point of his spiritual powers, it would require only a single thought to allow others to see or not to see him.

Turning his head slightly to look at the horrible tragedy in the hallway not too far away from him, Lu Chu sighed and turned to push the door to the entertainment room.

— As usual, he couldn’t push it open.

Lu Chu knocked on the door.

The people inside heard the knocking on the door, and someone walked to it.

“Hello?” Lu Chu raised his voice and asked.

“Lu Chu! It’s Lu Chu!” From the door came Tang Shizhe’s excited voice, “wait for a while, I’ll help you open the door!”

Soon, the sound of the handle being twisted came from inside, but before the door could be opened, there suddenly wasn’t any noise from inside.

After a moment, there came the sounds of boys and girls arguing.

“Why aren’t you letting me open the door?!” This was Tang Shizhe’s voice.

“Are you planning to let all of us die too? If you want to die, you can go ahead and do it! Is there something wrong with waiting quietly in the room until it’s daytime?! Is there something wrong with living on? !” This was another unrecognisable boy’s voice.

“Do you honestly think that we’re safe if we stay here? The people in the kitchen didn’t want to open the door no matter what and locked themselves in that room. What happened in the end, isn’t everybody clear on it?! Open the door, open the door for Lu Chu now!” This was Gao Yong’s voice.


It was very clear that the people inside had begun to argue about whether to let Lu Chu in.

About this matter of opening the door, it would always be difficult to persuade the people inside the room. They would always feel that staying in the room would be the safest thing for them, and even if life-threatening danger did indeed befall them, they would still subconsciously choose to lock themselves in that small, enclosed room.

The argument inside was still ongoing and seemed to continue endlessly. At that moment, Chen Hong suddenly shouted, “all of you, quiet!”

Everybody quietened down.

Seeing this, Chen Hong said, “let’s take a vote. Now, we have ten people here, so let’s take a vote on whether to open the door or not.”

Tang Shizhe said, “okay. Majority wins.”

In the corridor, Lu Chu laughed at this peculiar feeling, in which someone else was voting to decide his life or death.

Truthfully, it was the exact opposite. He was their saviour.

As expected, Tang Shizhe, Gao Yong, Du Yangnan, Chen Hong, and Chen Hong’s girlfriend voted to let Lu Chu in.

3 people had voted not to do so, while the other two hesitated for a moment, before voting to let Lu Chu in.

The other three asked in surprise, “why?”

The two people replied, “that person feels strong.”

Especially when he had kicked the headless female corpse away in one move.

It really brought about a damn sense of security.

Thus, with a ‘clack’, the door to the room opened. Lu Chu didn’t enter, but said to them, “do you think that hiding in this room is safe?”

Everybody inside fell silent. These blood-stained truths had already proven to them — it isn’t safe.

At the beginning, they had run away in a panicked stampede because of the headless female corpse. Afterwards, the three people who hid in the kitchen thought that they were safe in an enclosed area, but still ended up being brutally killed.

“There’s no safe place here,” Lu Chu said, “so don’t think of hiding somewhere safe and waiting for the sun to rise. finding the way out from here is the only correct method.”

Those who had previously supported opening the door for Lu Chu were successfully persuaded and stepped out of the room.

Immediately, Tang Shizhe saw the pile of mutilated bodies at the end of the corridor, and sucked in a deep breath, “this…… this……”

The people behind him were equally shocked when they saw the results of the previous event behind him. They had never seen such a horrific scene of death.

Lu Chu explained, “their corpses changed, and will attack us like the headless female corpse from before.”

Gao Yong also started to stutter, “so who did…… who was the one who killed them?”

Lu Chu saw 7, who had his arms crossed and casually floating, out of the corner of his eyes, and replied, “me.”

His lover was the one who killed, so the kills were his too.

Totally logical.

Tang Shizhe was slightly excited, “ma…… magic attacks? !”

Lu Chu was calm, “physical attacks.”


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