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Chapter 103 – The Seventh Game

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Tang Shizhe immediately jogged up to Lu Chu and placed an arm around his shoulder when he heard this, and instantly felt safe from the bottom of his heart. Gao Yong also went up to Lu Chu, looking for a sense of security.

As they were too close to Lu Chu, the hidden 7 next to him frowned slightly.

Tang Shizhe only felt a chilling wind blow by, and he removed the arm he had on Lu Chu’s shoulder to rub it in slight horror, “the negative energy in this place is pretty heavy……”

Currently, there still were three girls in their group. One of them was Zhang Qian, while the other two were Sun Qiao and Yang Fengjuan.

Sun Qiao and Zhang Qian were very good friends, both of them were also quite timid. Chen Hong was protecting Zhang Qian, while Zhang Qian andplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this! Sun Qiao were holding hands.  Yang Fengjuan seemed to be quite brave, but no matter how old she was, she still couldn’t accept the scene in front of her.

Seeing the tragic scene in the corridor, all three girls stopped breathing and turned around, closing their eyes.

“Let’s think of a way to escape,” Chen Hong said, “if this continues, who knows when we’ll become the next ones to die.”

“What way?” Tang Shizhe was distressed, “I was never smart in the first place, and I failed three exams last semester, so don’t expect that you can count on me in such a time.”

The others also expressed that they had no clue.

Lu Chu thought, and muttered to himself, “if we want to prevent such supernatural things from happening, in most cases, we need to findsorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl
the root cause behind these chain of events and settle it before we can be rescued. But, what’s the root cause……”

Du Yangnan agreed, “I’ve seen so manyHe was also to blame for this incident. He never expected that someone who was already an adult would be seeking death in such a manner just to get the attention of others. horror films, and it’s usually this way. Art imitates life.”

“Root cause?” Gao Yong asked back, “isn’t the root cause the Pen Immortal?”

Chen Hong wasn’t too sure, “it should be……”

Lu Chu shook his head, “I don’t thinkCao Wenwen looked at the state Zhang Qian was in, then looked at how Chen Hong was caring for her and gave a disdainful laugh out of the blue, “what are you afraid of? Someone’s just trying to frighten us. Just a single ‘there are ghosts’ and you believe?” it’s that simple. Somehow, I feel there’s something that we missed.”

Tang Shizhe asked, “what did we miss?”

“I don’t know yet, and can’t think of what it is for a while.” Lu Chu glanced at the stairs at the end of the corridor, “we need to figure it out by ourselves.”

While everyone was talking, Du Yangnan looked around suddenly and asked, “where’s that woman? Cao Wenwen?”

Upon hearing that, Lu Chu turned his gaze to the corpses lying in the corridor.

They immediately understood that she was dead, and didn’t continue asking.

“But, since something happened to Cao Wenwen. Then the killing game should end, right?” Du Yangnan was puzzled.

After all, it was Cao Wenwen who committed the wrong.

“It’s hard to say. Ghosts don’t act according to human logic.” Tang Shizhe was the first one who rejected that possibility, “moreover,Even looking at her made Du Yangnan angry. At this point, he didn’t care about being a gentleman or chivalrous to girls, and directly scolded her, “I’m trying to frighten everybody? Since you don’t believe in the supernatural, then why did you choose to play this game? If anything happens to us, it’s all on you!” I also agree with what Lu Chu said, that the Pen Immortal wasn’t the reason behind why this slaughter started.”

Du Yangnan thought for a bit, and suggested, “however, we can go back and see if we can send the Pen Immortal away? Even if we can’t send her away, it would be good to get even the slightest bit of her information.”

They didn’t reach any consensus after their discussions, so they agreed with Du Yangnan’s idea and felt that they could go back to find a piece of paper and pen, to see if they could send the Pen Immortal away.

There was a sudden change in the situation as they were about to search for a paper and pen–

The corpses and fresh blood in the corridor had disappeared in an instant, and at the same time, the sound of banging began to emerge from the toilet. It was also mixed with the sound of something heavy falling and screams of fear.

They looked at each other, instantly understanding that something had happened to the three people hiding in the toilet, and immediately started sprinting towards it.

It only took them a few minutes to run to the toilets yet, by then, the noises had stopped.

Lu Chu’s steps slowed.

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It was always like this, that fella seemed to be playing with them out of someone wicked desire. It constantly let them see their companions in places close in proximity to them, yet they would be unable to save these companions in the end.  Furthermore, up till now, other than the ghostly figure they had seen behind Cao Wenwen, they hadn’t had a chance to see ‘its’ true appearance, and could only follow along ‘its’ killing streak and run all over.

Lu Chu went forward to open the unlocked restroom door and the strong stench of blood assaulted them.

This action only led to reveal five corpses lying in the restroom that was originally the hiding place of only three people. Two of the bodies belonged to the girls who had gone missing at the start, while the other three were the male students they had tried to call out, but insisted on remaining in the girl’s toilet. One of the boys was Wu Xuan, who had suggested they play Pen Immortal.

Seeing that another five people had died in front of their eyes yet again, the mental state of the three girls was already at the limit.

Lu Chu moved a little to the side to block the three girls from seeing the gruesome scene, and this made them feel a little better.

Compared to the extreme fear that the girls felt, the boys were faring slightly better. Although they were still afraid, they weren’t so afraid that they were stunned silly.

Lu Chu and the rest looked at the current status of the toilet.

It was easy to explain the current state–

The male and female toilets were only separated by a wall, and at this moment, it had been broken by a hole just large enough for an adult to crawl through.  Two of the girls who disappeared at the beginning had their corpses transformed, climbed through that gaping hole in the wall to the girl’s toilet where the three people were hiding, and killed them.

Lu Chu remembered that when those three people had barricaded themselves in the girl’s toilet, they had tried to open the door. After realising that it couldn’t be opened, Lu Chu had kicked the headless female corpse away.

Now, it seems like there was a reason why the men’s toilet couldn’t be opened. Because ‘it’ wanted the people inside to die.


Lu Chu and the others had no choice but return to that room to find a paper and pen.

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The pen had been broken into two segments, and there was a huge ‘DIE’ written in an unidentifiable blackish-red liquid.  The liquid had already dried up, leaving behind a dark red mark. On the edge of the word, the paper had some wrinkles formed from its contact with that suspicious liquid.

Tang Shizhe frowned when he saw this, “speaking of which, we can’t use this paper anymore right? When Lu Chu, the others, and I came, we didn’t even bring our bag, so we don’t have new papers and pens. Does anyone have any?”

Du Yangnan raised his hand, “I still have.”

Saying that, he went over to the sofa and pulled out a piece of paper, then started to search for a pen.

As he was searching, his complexion suddenly changed. He screamed out a “fuck” after finding a severed finger in his bag, then threw it across the room in horror.

Lu Chu, “……”

Even though everybody had been startled by that severed finger, the pen still had to be searched for.

This time, Du Yangnan didn’t continue rummaging through his bag. Instead, he directly flipped his bag over and shook it vigorously, pouring everything inside it out onto the sofa.

Du Yangnan took out a pen and placed it on the table.

Tang Shizhe tilted his head to look at the things that had been poured out on the sofa and gave a gasp of wonder, “glamour photo book? Not bad.”

Du Yangnan fell silent for a moment, beforeSeeing that the two of them were going to continue on quarrelling, as the organiser of the event, Chen Hong quickly stepped in and said, “don’t argue anymore, nothing has happened yet, so why are you blaming each other for?” hitting him on the shoulder, “did you get used to being scared or what? You’re not afraid anymore?  And still can care about these kinds of things.”

How could Tang Shizhe not be afraid? He hurriedly spread his hands out, “it’s my bad.”

After everybody prepared, Chen Hong asked, “who’s going to play this time?”

By right, the people who invited theWu Xuan’s drunkenness was completely gone by this time, and he also reflected on his own actions, “stop arguing. I’m also in the wrong, and shouldn’t have suggested playing this game.” Pen Immortal should be the ones to send it away, but now, two of them were dead, and there was only Chen Hong and Gao Yong left. Naturally, they needed to find two other people to fill in the gap.

Lu Chu took the lead and said, “I’ll do it.”

Due to Lu Chu’s strength before, everybody felt that letting Lu Chu do the task was akin to being protected by some strong god, so they all agreed.

Having agreed on one person, Du Yangnan asked, “who’s going to take Cao Wenwen’s place?”

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“I feel that someone of the same gender might be more suitable.” Tang Shizhe suggested.

That was true. They wanted to try and send away the Pen Immortal that had been invited previously. Naturally, they needed to use a similar line-up to try and send it away. Currently, Cao Wenwen wasn’t here, so they should have someone of the same gender to fill the gap.  As one knew, boys were Yang and girls were Yin. Doing things like this would ensure that they didn’t destroy the balanced Yin and Yang they had before.

Now, there were only three girls left, and they were all timid. It would be difficult to choose the one to play the game.

Du Yangnan asked the three girls, “are any of you willing to play this game?”

The three girls looked at each other, and saw only horror reflected in each other’s eyes as none of them spoke.

As he couldn’t force them, Du Yangnan tried to convince them, “this is something that we need to do in order to leave this place as soon as possible. You guys don’t want to keep staying here too right? If we don’t find a way to escape, we’ll end up dying here sooner or later. I don’t want to die, and I don’t think any of you guys want to die either.”

The three girls hesitated for a moment, before Zhang Qian raised her hand up weakly, “I’ll…… I’ll do it……”

Chen Hong asked worriedly, “are you sure?”

Zhang Qian’s face was pale, but she still shook her head, “there’s no problem. With you sitting by my side, I’m not scared.”


Just like this, the four people playing the game had been decided. Everybody sat down according to how they did before, with a pen and white paper in front of them.

However, just as Lu Chu was about to sit down and hold the pen, something distracted him — a somewhat familiar scent that was unpleasant to him lingered around the tip of his nose.

This stench was at its strongest when it was on the corpses of those who had died in a horrible manner.

Lu Chu followed this scent, and saw Zhang Qian, who was nestled in Chen Hong’s arms, a step away from him.

Everyone had their own unique smell, including spirits.

The scent of the being that brought this tragedy upon them was everywhere, because the dead bodies that it killed were everywhere as well. This caused its smell to linger all over the place. Even still, there were times where the smell was weak or strong.

Zhang Qian was Chen Hong’s girlfriend, and as Chen Hong’s friend and roommate, it was necessary to maintain a polite distance with her. Thus, Lu Chu had never interacted closely with her before.  Even while they were escaping before, Lu Chu was always with Tang Shizhe, and Chen Hong and Zhang Qian were on the other side.

This resulted in Lu Chu never having the chance to smell the scent on her.

At this moment, Lu Chu finally remembered the key clue that he had forgotten — that was, when school had just started, Chen Hong was extremely tired, and had Yin Energy on him.


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