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Chapter 105 – The Seventh Game

Edited by: Sparrow

It didn’t take long for the resentful energy that Zhang Qian had used to temporarily extend Chen Hong’s life, by plugging up the hole in his chest, to gradually dissipate. Knowing that he didn’t have much time left, Chen Hong kept staring at Zhang Qian. He opened his mouth and attempted to speak, lips stuttering but no words said. Tears were swimming in his eyes, filled with true love and deep remorse. He reached out and tried to touch Zhang Qian’s cheek, only to have his touch avoided.

Until his life reached its end, he never managed to say anything.

He closed his eyes, and as the arm that tried to reach Zhang Qian fell to the side, he passed away.

After Chen Hong died, his body dissolved into resentful energy, and floated towards Zhang Qian uncontrollably, almost fusing with her own resentment.

The blow that Zhang Qian struck took all of her resentful energy.

The one she originally wanted to kill was Tang Shizhe, who was the closest to her. She had intended to attack Tang Shizhe to replenish the resentful energy that Lu Chu had sealed. Thus, she never intended to leave his soul behind and wanted to absorb it to replenish her energy. Now that this fatal blow landed on Chen Hong, naturally, the result was the same. Therefore, the moment that Chen Hong died, his soul dissipated into resentful energy that could be used by Zhang Qian.

Neither could he reincarnate, nor continue to remain in the mortal world as a spirit.

Chen Hong, this person, no longer existed.

Even more so, the ghost marriage that Zhang Qian wanted, no longer existed either.

In the end, they couldn’t be with each other forever.

Lu Chu thought of his own task — Cutting Fate’s Destined Marriage.  Zhang Qian tried to partake in the Nuptial of the Corses with Chen Hong, and become a ghostly couple. Thus, the cutting of fate’s arranged marriage here meant a ghost marriage. Looking at things right now, the female corpse that got involved with Lu Chu before wasn’t this time’s target or part of the main plot. It was nothing but a coincidence. Still, up till this point, despite going about the task in such a roundabout manner, he was actually able to complete it.

Zhang Qian’s eyes were empty as she looked at the soul of the man, who she loved for two lives, turning into resentful energy and floating around her. She sat on the spot, and the resentment surrounding her slowly dissipated as well.

All the hatred and strength surrounding her had been created due to Chen Hong in the first place. However, she had killed too much and had too many sins weighing her down. Even if she returned to the netherworld, she would be forced to enter the eighteen floors of hell and endure the pain from her soul getting tortured.

There was no hope, nor a way back.

It would be better just to end it all, and turn her soul into nothing.

Looking at the scene before them, the others realised that they had managed to avoid this disaster and heaved a sigh of relief. Then, they turned to stare hatefully at Zhang Qian, who was about to vanish.

Despite their hatred, they didn’t dare to step forward — they were still fearful of ghosts, and of the hundred-year-old soul in front of them who had ended countless lives with her hands.

Seeing Zhang Qian was about to disappear, Tang Shizhe couldn’t help but speak, “Zhang Qian, I know there’s resentment in your heart, but you have to know that most of the people that you killed had no enmity with you.”

Zhang Qian sneered lightly, “you’re not them. How do you know that they’ve never done anything to make me hold a grudge against them?”

Tang Shizhe instantly shut up.

Indeed, one could never know what somebody was capable of doing.

“But Tang Shizhe didn’t bear any grudge against you, nor did he provoke you, right?” Du Yangnan interrupted.

This time, Zhang Qian didn’t refute him. She indeed had planned to kill Tang Shizhe.

The resentful energy surrounding Zhang Qian became weaker and weaker, and her body became increasingly transparent at a speed visible to the naked eye.  Before she disappeared completely, she turned to look at the space behind Lu Chu, with her expression full of envy.

Lu Chu turned his head to follow her gaze, and realised that it was pointed in the direction that 7 was standing in.

She could see 7.

Perhaps, there was really such a devoted and loyal romance in this world, but unfortunately, it never happened to her. Zhang Qian thought.

Everybody had their own fate.


The moment Zhang Qian’s figure disappeared, everything around him froze.  It was as if a pause button had been pressed, and Tang Shizhe and the rest all had their expressions and actions frozen at that point in time.

At the same time, a door appeared behind Lu Chu.

This task had been successfully finished.

Lu Chu looked at Tang Shizhe. Until just now, he was still talking, and the glow of life in his eyes was definitely not faked.  Looking at the current Tang Shizhe, Lu Chu couldn’t predict his future. Would he be destroyed along with this world with the completion of this game, or would he just disappear into thousands of spots of lights.  Would any person ever visit this game again?

Probably not.

The setting of each ‘game’, was just countless replicas of parallel worlds. For every being within each ‘game’, so long as they completed their obligations, follow the ‘game’s’ plot without making any major deviations, they would lose their purpose of existence. However, they would never know that their world was nothing but a mere setting.


At the end of every game, Lu Chu would always have a few minutes to stay in the game.

Previously,7’s spirit body was too weak and he couldn’t manifest in front of people for long periods of time. Since he needed to hide inside the red mark on Lu Chu’s chest to recover, Lu Chu didn’t have the opportunity to talk much with him.  Later, after 7’s spiritual power was completely restored, they ended up encountering many problematic situations. As a result, they never had the chance to have a long conversation with each other until the end of the game. At this moment, Lu Chu took advantage of these couple of minutes to verify, what Song Gui had said about “being able to escape from the rules at the twenty-four-hour intersection”, with 7.

“What’s the matter?” 7 asked, realising that Lu Chu had something to ask him.

Lu Chu answered, “after the previous game ended, Song Gui had gathered the people who participated in the Monopoly Game together, and told us — about how to escape from the game.”

When 7 heard this, the colour of his eyes deepened. He didn’t comment on this, and quietly waited for Lu Chu’s next words.

Lu Chu explained, “Song Gui said, as long as there’s enough time to go over twenty-four hours on our bracelet, there’ll be a chance to break free when the illusion changes.”

It had been far too long since 7 had participated in these games as a player. He sorted out the distant memories he had about the ‘illusion’ in his mind before responding, “a long time ago, when I was still a player, the time on my bracelet had long passed twenty-four hours.”

Lu Chu nodded, “just as I thought. However, he also said that what was needed to escape from the rules wasn’t just time, but something else.  He hasn’t determined what this ‘something else’ is, and needs us to find it together.”

7 was thoughtful, “where did he get this information from.”

“He said that he got this information from a certain game. There weren’t any details, since he was afraid that the ‘rules’ would censor it.” Lu Chu said, “he suggested that while we’re going through the tasks, we should pay more attention to anything out of the ordinary, and perhaps we might gain something.”

Out of the ordinary?

When 7 heard these four words, the first thing he thought of was Lu Chu.

However, in the next moment, Lu Chu threw out an even more shocking piece of information, “Song Gui… He knows that I’m from inside the game.”

7 eyebrows knitted lightly the instant he heard these words. His pupils shrank slightly as a murderous aura surrounded his whole body.

Kill him, 7 thought.

Kill that person. He’ll pose a threat to Lu Chu.

Feeling the strong killing intent arising from 7, Lu Chu’s heart softened since he knew it was because 7 was worried about him. He took a step forward, and gave 7 a quick hug with a gentle smile on his face, “there’s no need to worry. I didn’t feel any malice from his words.”

The killing intent radiating off 7’s body didn’t subside.

Lu Chu continued, “I feel that he sincerely wants to cooperate with us. After all, our goals are the same.”

All of them wanted out of this game.

7 nodded in understanding, “if there’s anything wrong, I’ll kill him myself.”

The two chatted for a while, before stopping because of their limited time. Lu Chu said goodbye to him and turned to walk towards the door. However, just as he was about to step through the door, he suddenly stopped, as if he thought of something.

When 7 saw this, he was just about to ask Lu Chu if there was anything, before he saw Lu Chu turn around, and blink his large, doe-like eyes, “something’s missing.”

7 question, “what?”

Lu Chu smiled, “this–”

Saying that, he walked up to 7 and stood on tiptoes, before pressing a quick kiss against his mouth.

After a moment of bewilderment, 7 looked at Lu Chu deeply in the eyes, and couldn’t control himself before pressing Lu Chu into his arms. With one hand behind Lu Chu’s head, 7 lowered his own and gave him a deep kiss.

This was a long kiss, with their lips against each other and their tongues entangled with each other. It was uncontrollable. Filled with love and intertwined breaths and licks. It made their bodies soft, as they got lost in each other.

After the kiss, 7 eyes were as deep and soft as usual when he looked at Lu Chu. His voice was firm, “if there is a way to escape, I will find it with you.”

7’s expression was devoted as he silently looked at Lu Chu leaving the game, quietly suffering from the sudden pain that laced through his body, as if his flesh was being torn apart.


Their first encounter.

In that high tower within the City that lost its senses.

Lu Chu broke away from the world that he originally lived in,

A mechanical voice came from the air, “7. You violated the ‘rules’.”

The handsome man pressed a hand against his chest and leaned against the wall, letting his skin rip apart and heal again and again, staining his shirt with blood. He whispered, “en. I know.”

“He’s someone from inside the ‘game’.”

The resolute and handsome man still didn’t care, and his tone was as calm as always, “en.”

“He should have died in this ‘game’, but you saved him, and let him leave this place with the identity of a player, and escape from his original identity as someone from inside the game.” Speaking up till this point, the mechanical voice suddenly stopped and its tone changed, “but this time, in the tower exists exclusive ‘cleaners’. Only one person can leave alive from this tower.”

“The ‘rules’ will not look away because you’re a ‘cleaner’.”

The implication was — he would die here.

The mechanical voice continued, “I’ve managed to protect your life, but from now on, every time he survives with the identity of a player, you will die in his place, and experience the pain of death.”

The cutting of his flesh and bones, the pain of his skin ripped apart.

“En. Thank you.”

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