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Chapter 107 – The Eighth Game

Day of Purging 1清剿日: 清剿 (qīngjiǎo) lit. to eliminate; to eradicate; to annihilate. 日 lit. day. Chose purging because that’s what people tend to associate with this next game in English.

Edited by: Sparrow

When the time was up, Lu Chu and Song Gui bade each other goodbye and returned to their own spaces.

Entering the serial number that Song Gui provided, Lu Chu soon found the group mission–

“Requirements: Pass the Assessment

Clue: Day of Purging

Tip: Don’t trust anyone, neither a good person or a bad one.”

Day of Purging?

Lu Chu lightly cracked his knuckles.

This seemed interesting.


He accepted the task, and entered the game.

After experiencing some momentary dizziness, Lu Chu found himself standing on a spacious, and somewhat empty street.

The reason why this street was sparsely populated wasn’t due to it being some sort of wasteland. On the contrary, there was evidence that people were living here, everywhere on this street. There were crowded car parks, perfectly rounded small shrubs, even and clean roads…… Although the doors of the houses on both sides of the street were closed, the yards were kept neat and tidy. With just a single look, one could tell that maintenance of these spaces was often done.

Lu Chu remained at the same spot. After waiting for a moment, Song Gui and the others appeared in the same area one after another.

This was completely different from how they entered the ‘games’ previously. Instead of occupying another body within the game, it felt as if they themselves, internally and externally, along with their bodies and minds, had entered the game.

Lu Chu and Song Gui looked at each other, and knew that this game wouldn’t be of the usual kind.

They neither talked nor greeted each other, but instead observed their surroundings carefully.

The area they were in seemed like the outskirts of a city. Looking east, they could vaguely see some towering skyscrapers.

Perhaps, they might be able to go to the city centre, Lu Chu thought. As he mulled to himself, he suddenly felt an unbearably scorching heat on his arm. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and looked at his arm. Only to see that something rectangular had appeared on his forearm, like the battery of a phone and emitting a light blue glow. Currently, that marking appeared to be ‘full’, with the words “100%” written in the centre of it.

Seeing Lu Chu’s reaction, the others also quickly pulled up their sleeves and looked at the same spot on their forearms. As expected, the four of them also had identical markings on their forearms.

“The hell’s this? It’s like there’s a fluorescent screen underneath our skin.” Yuan Kejie cursed.

Nobody could answer her, since they hadn’t seen it before either.

Lu Chu looked at his own forearm, pondered about it for a moment, and guessed, “perhaps it’s our Health Points.”

Song Gui and the rest understood the moment he said so.

Song Gui nodded, “when you put it like that, it does seem like that’s the case.”

It was very similar to the health bars of characters in video games.

Lu Chu, “whether it’s really the case is still unknown.”

Yuan Kejie smirked, and said to Song Gui, “whether it’s our health bar or not, why don’t you hit the pillar next to you with your head till you bleed, and see if the ‘100%’ drops?”

Song Gui remained silent, smiling while raising his eyebrows. Yuan Kejie kept quiet in indignation.

At this moment, Lu Chu realised something and pointed to a nearby shop, “check out that shop over there.”

They looked in the direction which he was pointing at, before looking back at him in confusion.

Lu Chu explained, “the TV in the store seems to be playing something. Let’s go over to check it out, and maybe we’ll be able to find something.”

Naturally, the others didn’t mind.

Thus, everybody moved towards where Lu Chu had pointed to.

As expected, outside the entrance of the shop, there was an LCD TV on a display stand that had been switched on.

The iron shutter on the door of the small shop was pulled down and locked tightly. It seemed as if they were wary of something, but it was extremely strange that they didn’t put away the TV that was outside the shop.

A piece of news was being broadcasted on the TV–

“The annual ‘Day of Purging’ will officially start at 12 noon today. The new year has started, and the number of human beings has skyrocketed. In order to reduce the burden on Earth, many countries in the world have introduced the corresponding countermeasures……”

Lu Chu looked at what was reporting on the TV with a serious expression.

After that report ended, it started to replay the same segment again.

Lu Chu and the others looked at each other.

Yuan Kejie said, “so that’s why it’s called ‘Day of Purging’……”

Luo Qi said scornfully, “because they’re afraid of overpopulation, and in order to maintain laws and order, as well as reduce the amount of crime, they chose a day to let the people not be bound by the laws and kill whoever they want. Really, those in power probably have shit for brains.”

Yuan Kejie agreed, “indeed, and they also said that because everybody vented their grievances and took their revenge during the ‘Day of Purging’. Other than the ‘Day of Purging’, the country had 364 almost crimeless days. Everybody was peaceful and happy. They also said that this day doesn’t only maintain law and order, but also restricts population growth, so it’s killing two birds with one stone. This thus makes the law for ‘Day of Purging’ the greatest law in the world, which is simply nonsense.”

Song Gui smiled and said, “so it seems that the history of the place we’re fighting in against the other folks from the rules doesn’t seem that safe.”

Lu Chu remembered the tips that the game gave, and the information that they had just received from the TV broadcast.  Furrowing his eyebrows in thought, he said with uncertainty, “I feel that, with such a context, not only are the players involved, but also people from inside the game.”

Otherwise, how else would a worldview as ‘grandiose’ as the ‘Day of Purging’ be able to work?

As expected, just as they were talking, two people turned in from a corner. They were in a hurry, as if on guard against something, and also kept looking down to check the time. When they made their way past Lu Chu and the others, they increased their speed.

When they brushed past Lu Chu, he could faintly hear the approximate contents of their conversation — it’s about the time for the Day of Purging, let’s go back home quickly, if not, it’s going to get very dangerous. Last year, my aunt was beaten to death by the Instigator faction because she was a little late……

It seems, these people were from inside the game.

Lu Chu looked at the closed doors on both sides of the street. There were definitely more than just those two people in the game, except that everybody knew what day it was, so they hunkered down at home in advance and refused to go out.  As for the ‘Instigator faction’ that the two people mentioned before, it probably referred to people who didn’t have any grievance with others, but deliberately took advantage of such an event to vent out the darkness within their hearts.

There were most probably a lot of such groups during the Day of Purging.

Multi-person missions were always a little harder than what they had imagined.

Yuan Kejie also took this time to sort out her thoughts, then looked towards Song Gui and said, “when you said that we have to fight against other players of the rules, I thought that it would only be us players who were killing each other.”

“I also thought so too, so this time, it was misinformation on my part.” Song Gui sincerely apologised, “from what I learned from another player, there weren’t any original people, from inside the games, in the multi-person missions that he participated in. I took it for granted. That person hasn’t experienced all the games, so his situation isn’t representative of our general situation. Not every ‘game’ where players play against each other only includes the players themselves. It was an oversight on my part, and I was careless. Sorry.”

Lu Chu comforted him, “you’ve given us enough information.”

Luo Qi interjected, “what are you scared of? Whether they’re a player or someone native to the game, we can just kill them when we encounter them.”

Yuan Kejie thought for a moment, and praised, “as expected of Qiqi.”

Lu Chu said again, “truthfully, the amount of threat posed to us by natives from inside the games is far lesser than the threat coming from experienced players. Our main enemies are still the players. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should take the natives lightly.”

Song Gui agreed.

“Also,” Lu Chu continued to say, “the Health Points on our arm is something unique to the players, and can be hidden by wearing long sleeves. Also, the players are hunting each other. Like this, we can pretend to be natives from the game, and reduce our likelihoods of being targeted.”

“At the same time, we must also pay attention to other people, as our enemies could be lurking everywhere.” Song Gui added.

Right at this moment, the clock struck noon.

The siren that signalled the start of the ‘Day of Purging’ sounded one after another, reminding people to take shelter if they had to, lest they deeply regret it.  There weren’t that many people on the streets in the first place, and now, everybody hid behind closed doors, with only some of the adventurous ones staying outside.

The sound of a gun shot through the depressive silence, and along it came the painful cry of a man being shot. The noise from the fight and the scream didn’t even last for a minute, before no more sounds could be heard.

With the death of the first human life, the Day of Purging, which disregarded laws and regulations, officially began.


There were residents living in the small houses nearby, unlike the previous games, where they could easily find empty houses to use as a temporary shelter.

For the annual Day of Purging, most people had installed extremely complicated anti-theft systems. Hard steel plates were installed on the doors and windows, making it extremely difficult to break in. Surrounded by such heavy protection, as long as one didn’t run out of their houses to seek death, or had someone who harboured such deep hatred towards them, and wanted to kill them regardless of how much effort they had to expend, most people would be able to live till noon the next day. This was when the Day of Purging would end.

However, there would always be people seeking death and going out on this day, then proceeding to forget the time, and exposing themselves to the rest who had lost their minds.

Not too far away, they saw six people cautiously creeping over.

The one at the front was a man in his thirties, with glasses and an obvious beer belly.  Beside him was a beautifully dressed woman with heavy make-up. Their actions were quite intimate, just like a couple. The woman wore a nice little red dress with heels about ten centimetres high. Under such circumstances, she was still walking and swaying along. Behind them were two boys and two girls, who looked to be around a student’s age. One of the boys appeared quite thin and shifty-eyed, while the other was tall and strong. One of the girls had short hair and looked quite fresh, while the other seemed lively, and had long straight black hair with a nice-looking face.

These few people were obviously a temporary group, and didn’t seem to have much combat experience. Their gazes were constantly shifting around, and they were also restrained in their actions. It could be seen at a glance that the two in front and the four people in the back were two small separate groups.

Lu Chu glanced at them. He knew that he should not underestimate any enemy, but these people were indeed — too weak.

Yuan Kejie fell into a daze looking at those people, and it was unclear what was on her mind.

“Yuan Kejie, what are you thinking about?” Song Gui asked.

“Nothing,” Yuan Kejie shook her head, and spoke in a sincere tone, “I just feel that the people opposite us truly are the standard formula for a total wipe-out.”

The author has something to say: The inspiration for the Day of Purging game from the film ‘The Purge’. I myself quite like these types of movies, if you darlings are interested, you can go check it out?  (?﹃?)

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