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Chapter 108 – The Eighth Game

Edited by: Sparrow

Those six people seemed to be afraid of the instability present on this day, and they frantically ran up to the door of a small house. Knocking on the door, they tried to ask the people in there to take them in.

However, it was as if the people inside didn’t hear them at all, with no indication that the door was going to open at all.

After receiving similar treatments from knocking on several other doors, those people had no choice but to give up.

“This is expected,” said Yuan Kejie after witnessing the whole process, “the people here have to experience this day annually, so they definitely have their own way of surviving. How would they be so stupid to open up the door for somebody they don’t know on this day?”

“Indeed,” Lu Chu also said, “opening a door is tantamount to inviting an enemy in.”

Commonly known as ‘looking for death’.

This day was unique, and not bound by any rules or laws. On this day, people could do things that they normally wouldn’t dare to as much as they wanted, without having to bear any responsibility or pay the price.

This was a day for people to release the violence and resentment that they had hidden away in their hearts. Some people would grab this opportunity to take revenge, while others would hunt for the sheer thrill of the kill.

This was a chaotic day where order broke down.

Curling up in your own heavily protected home, while neither believing, nor listening to, nor seeing anyone would be the way to live safely till the next day.

After those six people were refused by the last family, the coquettish lady cursed at the house, and wanted to continue mocking them. However, she was held back by the middle-aged man and had no choice but to leave. They turned around, and locked eyes with Lu Chu and his companions. They were momentarily stunned, but after realising that Lu Chu and the rest were probably just passing by coincidentally and had no intention of killing them, they hastily sped up to walk past them.

As they walked, the middle-aged man scolded the beautiful woman, “I told you that we shouldn’t come out on this sort of day, but you insisted on trying out the new car I bought for you and we even came to such a remote suburb. Now look, the car suddenly broke down. All transportation will stop running on the Day of Purging, and now we’re left in the outskirts of the city, and can’t get back before the Day of Purging starts……”

The woman seemed displeased and defended, “what are you afraid of? It’s still daytime, and the city centre is only a two-hour walk away. Besides, everybody says the Day of Purging is dangerous, but have you seen someone get killed before? Maybe it’s just rumours? Making us so afraid at this time of the year, that we hide at home and not go anywhere. Just now, you wanted to find someone to take us in for the night. In the end, everybody ignored us, it’s so disgraceful……”

“Rumours? So many people die every year, how could it be rumours……”

In comparison, the other four students were much more low-key, and had been carefully observing their surroundings, fearing that someone would suddenly pop up and kill them.

The long-haired girl amongst them tugged at the taller boy’s shirt and said bitterly, “we’ll be able to go home safely, right?”

The boy comforted her, “of course we can.”


They didn’t know what the fate of those six people would be, but with their contempt and doubt towards the Day of Purging, their journey back might not be all that smooth sailing.

The five of them glanced at the deserted street and discussed where to go next.

Yuan Kejie said, “let’s find somewhere safe to discuss our plans.”

Song Gui, “this is a must, but such a location will be hard to find.”

Around them were individual houses that had been tightly fortified. The people here wouldn’t open the doors for them, and it would take great effort to enter. If they forcibly broke into the house, then its security measures would definitely be destroyed, and could no longer be made into a possible temporary shelter.

Just as they were discussing this matter, another man came walking towards their direction.

The moment the others saw this figure, they immediately raised their guard and prepared themselves for a fight.

Yet, the air around Lu Chu was relieved.

Even if it was just a distant and fuzzy figure, Lu Chu could recognise that it was 7.

As 7 drew closer, the others could also see him more clearly, and relaxed their defences.

Lu Chu raised his eyebrows, and looked him in the eyes.

Song Gui, who had been observing Lu Chu, saw the tenderness in his eyes, and pushed down his feelings of admiration.

In such a game of life and death, it was extremely lucky that one had someone they could rely on and gain strength from.

The rest of the team were also very happy to see 7. 7’s power couldn’t be underestimated, and with their previous experience of working together, they were very satisfied with each other, and the six of them together was a complete team.

They greeted each other, and the atmosphere between them was harmonious.

“Come with me.” As 7 said that, he walked to Lu Chu and took his hand, before starting in the direction of the centre of the city.

Qian Zhen and Luo Qi didn’t notice anything different at all, and followed after them. Yuan Kejie was more attentive. Noticing the different atmosphere between Lu Chu and 7, he glanced at Song Gui. Seeing that he wasn’t surprised by this, she let go the doubts she had. Regardless of the reason and the process, the atmosphere between the two of them was something only lovers had, and blessings for them flashed across Yuan Kejie’s eyes.

Almost instantly, she lamented with traces of tears in her eyes. Abuse of single dogs shouldn’t be allowed, but no matter how bitter they felt in their hearts, they had to speak nothing of it and maintain their silence.

7 led them down several roads, and they walked to a detached house.

As a ‘cleaner’, 7 entered the game differently. As usual, he had his own identity. This meant that he had his own house, which was the villa in front of them. It was equally well furnished, invulnerable with a good defence.

With its metal walls, this house looked extremely safe.

“There’s no one here, so we can temporarily use this place as a stronghold.” Saying that, 7 opened the two doors.

They walked in.

After entering the villa, Qian Zhen, who was the last one to enter, closed the heavy metal outer door, before closing and locking several doors inside.

It was important to close doors as they went along.

Inside the house, each of them took a seat.

Lu Chu looked around the room, “the security measures here aren’t bad. It’s a good place to stay for a while to discuss countermeasures.”

Yuan Kejie said, “what if we want to be like the people from inside the game, and stay inside a house for the whole day, neither going out nor opening the door for strangers. Once the Day of Purging ends at 12 noon the next day, won’t we be safe?”

“It’s possible for us to be safe, but it isn’t feasible.” Lu Chu replied.

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Luo Qi was puzzled, “why?”

Lu Chu replied with another question, “remember what Song Gui said at the start about the setting in these kinds of ‘games’?”

They thought about it for a while, before Yuan Kejie suddenly realised, “during the task, even if someone in the team dies, but as long as the team qualifies in the end, the dead person will be able to come back to life.”

“Yes, that’s it.” Lu Chu nodded, then looked at Song Gui, “I think that the criteria for qualification shouldn’t only be the number of surviving players, but also the number of players killed.”

Song Gui laughed, “that’s right, so even if the rules didn’t exactly specify the criteria for evaluation, since it’s a group battle mission, how could we simply hide and avoid fighting?”

Lu Chu added, “thus, it’s impossible for us to stay here. On one hand, if we don’t fight with other teams, we might have a very low score; on the other hand, even if we didn’t provoke others, there would be people coming here to provoke us.  We are both the hunters and the hunted.”

Luo Qi stretched her neck and let out a cracking sound. She said, “if that’s the case, let’s find a suitable weapon first.”

It was impossible for those who would come to attack them to be completely unarmed. Hence, fighting with their bare fists wasn’t a good idea.

7 said, “feel free to search through the villa and take whatever suitable weapons you find.”

“Roger.” Yuan Kejie stood up, “then I’ll go upstairs to take a look!”

Luo Qi’s obsession with weapons ran deep, and as soon as 7 finished speaking, she had already gotten up and moved to the other rooms. She wasn’t that interested in sharp weapons, but preferred large and heavy weapons instead.

Qian Zhen and Song Gui also looked around and went to the other rooms when they couldn’t find anything.

Lu Chu looked towards 7, “I’ll go to the kitchen to have a look.”

His current combat abilities could only be considered average or lower than average in their team. If he needed to choose a weapon, then a sharp knife would be more appropriate as he could modify it himself.

7 said, “I’ll join you.”

Lu Chu smiled, “okay.”

Both of them entered the kitchen.

Naturally, the villa’s kitchen wasn’t small, and there were various types of fruit knives, kitchen knives, and boning knives.

Lu Chu opened the refrigerator and found it filled to the brim with vegetables, fruits, meat, and staple food. As his eyes scanned through the items, he said, “we can have a meal later.”

As he said, he noticed something atop the kitchen cabinet. Curious, he got on his tiptoes and tried to reach it. However, after a few tries, his fingertips only barely grazed the edge of the object. Just as Lu Chu was about to grab a stool after his umpteenth failed attempt, a tall and broad body suddenly pressed up behind him — it was 7.

Lu Chu was about 1.8 meters tall, and 7 was eight or nine centimetres taller than him. At that moment, 7 had one arm wrapped around his supple waist and was hugging him from behind.

Lu Chu was startled when his feet were suddenly dangling in the air, but then he smiled as he took down the item at the top of the cabinet.

7 placed Lu Chu down, but didn’t loosen the arm he had around him, and instead used both arms to encircle him.

His breath blew against Lu Chu’s nape, causing a slight itch. The corner of Lu Chu’s lips curled up as he squirmed from the slight tickle caused by that warm breath, only to have 7 hold onto him tighter in his arms.

“Don’t move.” 7 buried his face into Lu Chu’s neck from behind and said in a muffled voice.

Lu Chu paused, and felt a hot, hard object pressing against his hips.

Lu Chu quickly realized what that object was, and was a little embarrassed as he said, “why, all of a sudden…..”

“It’s not sudden,” 7’s hoarse voice was laced with desire thick enough to drown someone him, “it’s always been like this.”

Wanting to hug, wanting to kiss, wanting to…… have him, relentlessly.

Lu Chu didn’t dare to move, and his ears were burning red.

He almost forgot that both of them were adults who had confirmed their relationship. After such intimate contact, it was easy for things to get heated up.

7 placed a warm but restrained kiss on Lu Chu’s fair neck, and continued to gently suck at his delicate skin. He sighed, and whispered, “want you.”

This kind of desire was like fine sand in one’s hands. The more they wanted to restrain themselves and hold onto it tightly, the more it would leak.

But, not yet.

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Lu Chu: Shy

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Silly author: Forget it T_T

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