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Chapter 109 – The Eighth Game

7’s low voice, which was filled with restrained lust, sounded beside his ears. A hot, hard object was pressed against him, while delicate kisses landed upon the nape of his neck.

Lu Chu blushed, “they’re all, outside……”

“I know,” 7 planted a light kiss on the side of his face again, then took a deep breath and nuzzled his neck. He suppressed the surging desire in his heart, “let me hold you for a bit.”

Lu Chu heard his words and continued to let him hug him from behind.

7 had gone through countless games alone, one after another, killing the ones designated by the ‘rules’. Gradually, in this long and tedious period of time, his emotions started to slowly disappear. Cold. Indifferent. Just like a human murder weapon created by the ‘rules’, he had no desires or emotions. No matter what he encountered, his heart would be as still as a pool of stagnant water.

It wasn’t until after he met Lu Chu, did he regain the emotions he should have had as a human being.

This love was so strong, it turned into a suffocating deep desire that had built up from the bottom of his heart, so full that it was overflowing.

It was Lu Chu, who gave him his individuality.


Facts have proven, when it comes to hugging someone you love, it would be difficult to suppress your passion and desire. Just coming into physical contact with your lover would only intensify the desires one had to possess them.

“Has everyone found their weapons?” Suddenly, Yuan Kejie’s questioning shout came from the living room.

7 finally let go of Lu Chu.

Lu Chu snapped back from his somewhat helpless state, his face still feeling a little hot.

7 rubbed Lu Chu’s soft and reddened earlobe, and his eyes were filled with a deep indulgence as he suppressed the thought of wanting to eat him clean, and melt him into his body.

In order to hide the warmth on his face, Lu Chu looked down at what he had managed to take off the cabinet, and it turned out to be a hacksaw.

Although a manual hacksaw wasn’t as intimidating as a chainsaw, the sharp teeth still looked extremely fierce. With a swing, a person’s skin would be split open and their flesh bloodied.

“It suits you.” 7 said.

Lu Chu nodded, “I think it’s not bad too. As a starter weapon, its lethality is exceptional and it also fits my hand.”

As he said that, Lu Chu thought of something and asked 7, “7, what about you? Do you have a weapon?”

“I can use anything.” 7 replied.

Even if he encountered an ordinary player with a firearm, they would hardly pose a threat to him.

Due to this, he had become the ‘rules’ favourite tool for killing.

Strong and cold.

Lu Chu knew how strong 7 was from the start, and after hearing his answer, he knew that 7 knew what he was doing. Nevertheless, he still smiled and said, “be careful.”

7 ruffled Lu Chu’s hair, and lowered his head to kiss the tip of his nose lightly, “en.”

Both of them walked out.

Waiting in the living room were Yuan Kejie holding a sickle and Song Gui carrying a baseball bat.

Yuan Kejie’s eyes widened and she gave a thumbs up upon seeing the hacksaw in Lu Chu’s hands, “holy shit, damn, you’re now a bigshot in this novice village.”

At this moment, Luo Qi also came downstairs with a huge wooden board on her shoulders. There were sharp points on the two ends of the board, making it a good choice for a weapon. However, this wooden plank was so large it looked like it was going to overwhelm her small body.

Yuan Kejie was shocked, “what did you take apart?”

“The bed.” Luo Qi gave a concise answer, “there’s nothing here that fits, so I have to build it on my own.”

Yuan Kejie gave another thumbs up, “each one is more promising than the other!”

Luo Qi shrugged, “I’ll make do, and change it when I come across the right one.”

Afterwards, Qian Zhen also found his own weapon. He chose part of a steel pipe with both ends sharpened to an extremely sharp point.

Seeing that 7’s hands were empty, Song Gui couldn’t help but ask, “what about you, Qi Li, you haven’t found a weapon?”

7 said, “we’ll see when I find the right one.”

In other words, right now, he was perfectly fine using his bare hands.

Song Gui once again changed his understanding of 7’s combat abilities.

Sensing that 7 didn’t like being talked to that much, Song Gui stopped his questioning and thought to himself — really, this was a man who could only be soft when talking to Lu Chu.


After they tidied up and were fully armed, they got ready to leave the villa.

They didn’t have much with them this time, and most of the things they brought were useful tools and weapons, with only a little bit of food and water. As the Day of Purging lasted for only a day, they didn’t need much food and water. They were already used to brutal conditions, and could even go without eating and drinking until the Day of Purging ended the next day at noon.

Song Gui checked his own things, swung his baseball bat and said, “let’s go and meet the other players.”

So, everybody left the villa.

At this moment, it was only about one in the afternoon. Six people with different weapons walking on the streets stood out a lot. With a single look, it was clear that they were going to take advantage of the Day of Purging to do something.

The villa opposite them originally had their windows open, and were looking through the gaps of the iron bars. When they saw the six people exiting the house opposite to theirs, they immediately closed the curtains in fright.

Yuan Kejie, “why do I feel a little ashamed.”

Song Gui, “that’s you imagining things, we’re perfect.”

Lu Chu, “……”

Right at this moment, a woman’s hysterical cry for mercy came from the villa next to theirs. Lu Chu and the rest looked at each other with wariness in their eyes.

They jumped over the fence and into the yard of the house next door, and carefully crawled to the window and looked through the gap.

The curtains of the room were drawn, and they couldn’t see what was exactly going on. Nonetheless, Lu Chu’s keen sense of smell was still able to notice something unusual.

“The smell of blood.” Lu Chu told the rest.

Yuan Kejie asked softly, “how many people are there inside?”

“Who are you asking?” Luo Qi glanced at her.

They weren’t natives, so how could they know how many neighbours they had and who they were.

Yuan Kejie, ​”uh……”

Lu Chu pressed his ear against the wall and listened to the noises in the room. After a moment, he said, “listening to the sound of footsteps and breathing, there should be two people in the living room, but one of them is dying. The other places are too far for me to hear for now.”

Yuan Kejie praised, “as expected of our Lu Xiaochu!”

Lu Chu gave a modest smile, then frowned, and leaned closer to the wall, “the other person stopped moving too, but I didn’t hear them walking away. If their movements suddenly stopped, the most likely outcome would be that…… they’re also dead.”

The rest were surprised when they heard this.

Lu Chu and 7 looked at each other.

After Lu Chu double-checked what was happening inside, he said, “maybe we could go in to have a look.”

Immediately, Song Gui and the others turned their gazes towards Yuan Kejie.

Yuan Kejie patted her chest, “leave it to me. However, this kind of door might take me ten to twenty minutes to open.”

Lu Chu looked at the door which was a whole steel plate, with countless locked doors inside, and wondered, “it’s that easy to open?”

He had thought that such a heavily protected iron door would be at least able to withstand harassment from many people, and also delaying the time needed for outsiders to pick open the lock.

Yuan Kejie gave a proud chuckle, “I’m a professional. Most people would have to smash open the door or mess with it for a few hours to get it open. And that’s if the people inside haven’t noticed you picking the lock.”

Luo Qi looked at her, “you used to be a thief?”

Yuan Kejie said in a serious manner, “I’m a professional technician from a proper security company.”

Saying that, Yuan Kejie took out a set of tools from the small bag that she had just put together and started to pick the lock.

Ten minutes later, Yuan Kejie successfully opened it.

The minute the door opened, a strong scent of blood rushed towards them. Everybody was long used to this smell and they walked in without any changes in their expressions.

After seeing the scene in the living room, Yuan Kejie let out a ‘wow’. “What kind of grudge is this?”

On the sofa in the living room, a woman’s body had been dismembered into countless pieces, before being pieced back together like a jigsaw puzzle on the sofa, barely forming a human shape.  The original dark blue fabric of the sofa had long been soaked into a dark blackish purple by the red blood. Not too far from the sofa was a man who had hung himself on the chandelier with a rope. Right below the man’s body was a chainsaw stained with blood.

The chainsaw, it seemed, was the weapon the man used to murder the woman.

Lu Chu’s gaze fell on the wedding photo hanging on the wall next to the television. The man on the photo was the man who had hanged himself, and the woman bore some resemblance to the unrecognisable body on the sofa.

Lu Chu and the others were observing this scene of death.

Luo Qi’s eyes were completely drawn to the chainsaw on the ground.

Probably because Luo Qi’s gaze, filled with desire for the chainsaw, was so eager and unsubtle, the gazes of the rest of them were slowly drawn to the chainsaw as well.

Lu Chu recalled that he had just been thinking that a hacksaw wasn’t as strong as a chainsaw. Now, a chainsaw had really appeared in front of them.

Song Gui looked at Luo Qi, “you’re already shaking with excitement.”

Luo Qi ignored him and looked at the chainsaw with a gleam in her eyes.

Lu Chu smiled and said, “indeed, it’s a very suitable weapon for Luo Qi.”

When Luo Qi heard his words, she threw away the board that she was carrying around on her shoulders, and picked the blood-covered chainsaw up from the ground. She wiped at the chainsaw lovingly with her sleeves, her eyes reflecting the blood on it.

Luo Qi’s lips curled up and she seemed to be in a very good mood.

Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but say, “Qiqi, right now, you look like a psychopathic murderer in the movies.”

Lu Chu agreed.


There were only two people living in this villa. Lu Chu and the others searched through it, and prepared to leave this area once they couldn’t find any other useful weapons or tools.

However, the moment they were ready to leave, the sound of an engine suddenly roared loudly from outside the door, and they all froze. Lu Chu walked over to the window, lifted a corner of the curtain and peered out. An off-road vehicle was approaching from a distance. Sitting in the passenger seat was a man with a crossbow in hand. Half of his body was sticking out of the car, and with that movement, a part of his sleeves were raised, revealing a small part of his arm.

Lu Chu’s excellent eyesight immediately noticed the light blue fluorescent light emitting from his arm.

Lu Chu looked back at the rest, “our target has appeared.”

Everybody became serious.

This would be their first encounter with another group of players.

Whoever was the prey or the hunter would depend on which side had more skill in this battle.

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