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Chapter 11

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In his mind, Lu Chu quickly analysed their current situation, and tried to find a way or chance to escape. At the same time, the sound of the fierce dogs came closer and closer, as if they were just around the corner.

Lu Chu focused all of his energy on the fierce dogs, and the sound of them running became even clearer within his ears.

One, two…… four!

There were so many fierce dogs, what should they do……

The more anxious they were, the more chaotic they would become. Lu Chu tried his best to calm down, as being overly anxious would scatter his thoughts, thus not allowing him to think in a logical manner.

At the side, Carrot was fighting with four fierce dogs, and both sides showed their long accumulated side of a wild beast. The fierce dogs were all tough and frightening, as if they would pounce once anybody on Lu Chu’s side moved. Under such a situation, neither side made any actions.

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Instantly, Lu Chu, who was slightly calmer, remembered that there should be some cars stopped along the side of the road……

Just as his train of thought returned, Lu Chu had already thought about what he should do next. He secretly pinched the man’s finger, signalling to him that they were going to go forward, and then dragged the man and ran.

When the four fierce dogs saw that the ‘prey’ they had their sights on ran, they howled in anger, wanting to chase after them, but Carrot had blocked them. It took a lot of energy for Carrot to fight them, one against four, and he continuously used his own body to shove them back, and prevent them from chasing after Lu Chu. After being struck several times, the fierce dogs became angry, and gave up chasing their ‘prey’ and rolled into a fight with Carrot.

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Lu Chu held the man’s hand as they quickly made their way forward, inevitably stumbling a few times along the way, and almost fell a couple of times. At the same time, he used his walking street to explore the road beyond.

Suddenly, the walking stick hit something, letting out a ‘clang’. Lu Chu couldn’t help but feel relieved, and immediately searched in the direction where the noise came from, and as expected, it was a car. He hurriedly took out the tools that he had packed just in case, and began to pry at the car door.

Other than the hand Lu Chu was holding his with, the man couldn’t feel anything else. Silent and colourless, his current world was only the temperature passed over by Lu Chu’s hand, but in a situation like this, he didn’t feel the slightest panic or fear.

Due to his hobbies of making handicrafts, Lu Chu’s hands were quite nimble. Although he hadn’t done something like prying open a car before, it wasn’t something that difficult for him.

The closer they got, the louder the noise, which cause Lu Chu to become even more on edge.


Does entrusting your life to someone else come from trust? The man himself wasn’t certain. The only thing he knew was that he wasn’t afraid of death, ever since he chose to confine Lu Chu to his own room and do his best to protect Lu Chu’s safety, he had long considered the countless possibilities, including destruction.

That was the sound of Carrot getting bitten by a fierce dog, and although Lu Chu couldn’t see, he could hear that Carrot was suffering great pain. He quickened up his movements, and despite the fact that the weather was quite cool, he still had a head full of sweat.

“Clack!” The car door finally opened.

Lu Chu quickly shoved the man inside, then hurriedly shouted out Carrot’s name, “Carrot! Come! Quickly!”

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Hearing that, Carrot turned and bit the neck of the fierce dog that was rushing towards him, threw it aside, then used the fastest speed possible to run inLu Chu’s direction.

Lu Chu held the car door open and prepared to close it as soon as Carrot came over. Carrot wasn’t that far away from the car, because Lu Chu’s speed while he searched for the car wasn’t that fast, so he hadn’t gone that far a distance.

They still needed Carrot’s cooperation to get through this area. Coming out from the small path, Lu Chu held the man’s hand and stood against the wall, then, he placed his walking stick down, squatted down to feel the area around his feet. When he touched a stone, he picked it up and felt its weight.

The sound of animals running became closer and closer, and Lu Chu thought that it was Carrot, and relaxed a little, but when that sound got closer to him, his whole body jerked — no, that wasn’t Carrot!

It was such a loud and shrill sound, yet it didn’t attract the attention of the people wandering about at all. Lu Chu could finally determine that in addition to vision, all of them had at least lost their hearing.

At that moment, it felt as if the wind brought by the fierce dog pouncing on him was being played in slow motion, but Lu Chu couldn’t react at all…… Just at that moment, Carrot suddenly rushed over and pushed the fierce dog that was about to bit Lu Chu to the ground. Then, the fierce dog howled in anger as it turned on Carrot.

Upon hearing Carrot’s roar, Lu Chu was extremely worried, and didn’t hesitate at all as he untied the rope tying him to the man, and got off the car with the walking stick that had a knife tied onto it. Lu Chu stood at a place not too far away, and perked up his ears to distinguish the positions of Carrot and the fierce dog. This process took no more than a few seconds, and after confirming their positions, Lu Chu suddenly yelled, “Carrot, dodge!”

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Carrot broke away from the fierce dog and rolled to the side, and at the same time, he let out a ‘woof’.

As soon as Carrot barked, Lu Chu picked up the walking stick and stabbed it towards the direction that he had just confirmed. The fierce dog roared and struggled on the ground, and a few seconds later, there wasn’t any more sound. This whole process was extremely fast.

If this was the case, it would be much simpler for them to pass through this place. As long as they tried not to touch these people, it wouldn’t matter if they made some noise at times. This area was so chaotic, presumably, no other person with good hearing would come over.

After that, Lu Chu didn’t hesitate any more, pulled out the walking stick, lifted Carrot up, and got into the car. Then, he used something to hold the door that had been pried open.

If Lu Chu was the only one bringing the man who had lost both of his senses, it would be difficult to get past these ‘senseless people’. However, they had Carrot, so things would become a lot easier.

Several other dogs had followed, but because they weren’t intelligent enough, they didn’t know how to open the door, and could only continuously bark, bite, and scratch it, causing the car to shake endlessly.

After experiencing these things, Lu Chu was already out of breath, but at the same time, didn’t forget to tell the man who had been quietly waiting for his instructions all this time, what had just happened.

The fierce dogs outside didn’t retreat, and this car could still be considered quite sturdy, and for a while, they would be safe.

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At this time, Lu Chu noticed that Carrot was letting out pained groans from time to time, and he frowned anxiously, “Carrot, what happened? Did you get injured just now?”

Carrot laid on Lu Chu’s legs, and gave a weak ‘awoo’, as if he was acting spoilt.

Lu Chu was even more worried. He slowly touched Carrot’s body, and found several bleeding owns on his back and abdomen. Amongst them, the abdominal wound was the deepest, and Lu Chu had simply touched it slightly, and his hands were full of blood……

Lu Chu started to panic, he quickly took out his backpack, and found some iodine and bandages to help wrap Carrot’s wound as fast as possible. He tried his best to soften his voice as much as he could, “Carrot, later, don’t move even it hurts. I’ll help you disinfect it first.”

Carrot could see these people, could see all the obstacles, so he could bypass these obstacles and dangers. The ‘senseless people’ around them couldn’t hear, so whenever Carrot found the right way, he would bark several times. Following his bark and with the tacit understanding Lu Chu and Carrot had over the ears, Lu Chu could judge where to go or even how many steps to take.

Carrot gave a couple of ‘awoo’s, and his voice was getting softer and softer, like he was going to sleep.

Hehe…… was the son of the doctor who ran that clinic, and listening to the sound of the man’s voice, he should be the clinic’s Dr. He.

Lu Chu’s hand was shivering as he helped Carrot disinfect and stop the bleeding.

Then, Lu Chu would pinch the man’s finger, telling him which direction to walk.

He remembered when he had first met Carrot, he was still a small boy, and Carrot was still a small little palm-sized puppy. His parents had said at that time that Carrot was too young, and couldn’t even open his eyes.

“Click, click– Clang!” The sound of the shutters closing sounded, and both voices also became softer until they disappeared.

“A-Chu gave Carrot a name, so from now on, our A-Chu isn’t alone, and Carrot will always be with you.”

His mother had said this to him.

Later, together with his parents, Lu Chu had taught Carrot, and grew up together with him. After his parents had died, fortunately, he still had Carrot with him.

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From young, Carrot had always been very obedient, especially when it came to Lu Chu. At this moment, he was quietly lying on Lu Chu’s legs, allowing Lu Chu to bandage him, and didn’t move nor bark. Even his breathing had slowed down.



Carrot was really to obedient, and no matter how many times Lu Chu had called him, he never made another noise.

Lu Chu’s hands were shaking as he finished wrapping up Carrot’s wound, then patted his back from time to time, and occasionally ruffled his neck. In the past, when this happened, Carrot would always nuzzle against Lu Chu’s hand, letting out a happy growl.

After encountering the little girl, Lu Chu didn’t dare to believe anybody, even if they were someone he knew before.

Carrot was really such a good boy.

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“Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. The shutter is closed, and we can use the iron cabinet to support it, so they can’t come in……”

The roaring of the fierce dogs outside never stopped, and in the rear-view mirror, the scene in the car was being reflected. The man who lost both of his senses and didn’t know what was happening, Carrot, whose fur was stained with blood, and Lu Chu’s moist yet sightless eyes.

“Papa…… scared……” After listening to the man’s words, the little boy’s voice suddenly brought a tang of fear, and perhaps he had even ‘seen’ such a scene before.

Lu Chu opened his mouth, choked, and didn’t say anything. He wiped off the liquid on his face, cleared his throat, and called again, “Carrot.”

The silence inside the car, and the chaos outside; they were two different worlds.

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Title of this chapter is Carrot.

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