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Chapter 110 – The Eighth Game

Edited By: Sparrow

Hearing Lu Chu say that their target had appeared, the rest of them came over to the glass window and looked through the gap in the curtains.

It was only for them to see the off-road vehicle speeding down the flat road, heading straight for the city centre. There were five people in the car, and all of them seemed like strong men. The one holding the crossbow even dared to bare his arms in broad daylight, revealing his identity as a player. All of them seemed to be confident in their own abilities, and were so arrogant and carefree, as if afraid that no one would notice them.

Song Gui laughed, “they’re very confident.”

Yuan Kejie sighed, “really, they’re afraid people won’t notice them or something. Not even covering up their arm and crossing the street so brazenly. It’s not only the players who will be attracted over on this day, but also the crazy natives.”

Luo Qi picked up the chainsaw, “then, let’s kill them before the natives discover them.”

“Let’s not spook them yet. Since they seem so confident, they probably have some cards up their sleeves. What we need to do is find a means of transportation, follow them to the city center, and spy on our enemy.” As Lu Chu said this, his serious gaze shifted to 7.

7 immediately understood what he meant, and said, “indeed, there’s a car in the garage.” Saying that, he took a key out.

There were six of them, so unless there was a van or an RV, they wouldn’t be able to fit in a single car. So now, the underground parking garage of the villa where the murder had just occured became their target. Sure enough, this family also had an ordinary car. So they drove towards the city center in groups of three. 7 drove the first car, with Lu Chu and Yuan Kejie. Song Gui drove the second with Luo Qi and Qian Zhen.

Driving was another skill that Lu Chu needed to learn.

There were advantages and disadvantages to driving a car. The advantage was that, naturally, it was easy to track. The disadvantage was that it was too large of a target, and could easily be locked onto by madmen.

Since they decided to drive, they first had to throw caution aside. They drove along the road, encountering several murders on the way. Yet, they continued on without sparing a single glance.

The Day of Purging was such a cruel day, filled with killing and indifference.


After travelling for some distance, Lu Chu suddenly said, “wait.”

7, who was driving the car, immediately stopped after hearing him, and Song Gui, who was following him, also stopped.

Song Gui lowered the car window and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Lu Chu also lowered the car window, and looked back to reply, “I saw that the car in front of us has stopped by the side of the road.”

Seeing their target’s car meant that they were nearby. If they drove over, it might alert them.  Alighting at this point and using the trees and buildings to approach their target by foot was a safer and more secure choice.

Thus, everyone got out of the car, grabbed their respective weapons, and walked along the road.

The five men’s car was parked not far ahead of them, and at this moment, there wasn’t anyone inside. It appeared that those men had probably entered into some nook or a house nearby. Of course, they didn’t rule out the possibility that they had spotted Lu Chu and the others tailing them, and had abandoned their car, hung around in the area, intending to kill them all at once.

Lu Chu didn’t know what type of weapons their five opponents had. Nevertheless, the mere fact that they possessed a crossbow meant that they already had too much of a long-range advantage over them.

Song Gui and the others also understood this, and so were extremely cautious and careful.

Suddenly, a chilling light flashed, and Lu Chu’s sharp eyes immediately spotted it. At the same time, he shouted to the rest of the group, “watch out! An attack at two o’clock!”1Two o’clock as in the direction, not the time

Everybody either stepped back or turned to their side when they heard him, moving away from that direction. The next moment, a sharp arrow lodged into the ground where they had just been.

“They’re in that room.” Lu Chu pointed towards a small house in their northeast direction.

Everyone’s eyes followed the direction he was pointing at, and sure enough, they saw a cold light flash through the side window of the villa.  It was probably the man with the crossbow. Everybody immediately took cover behind something, using it to hide themselves from view. All of them had close-combat weapons, and the current situation was very unfavourable towards them.

“Pay attention to your safety, and approach them slowly.” Lu Chu said.

The others nodded.

Lu Chu’s very existence seemed to be some sort of danger detecting radar. Regardless of whether it was his hearing, smell, sight, or even intuition, they were all very sharp. At such a time, it was the safest and the most accurate to listen to him. Song Gui and the rest were well aware of this, and they patiently waited for Lu Chu’s instructions before taking any actions in such a dangerous time.

After evading the several sharp arrows that were shot over, the people inside grew more anxious, and were beginning to become impatient.

This was the moment Lu Chu had been waiting for.

Then, a ‘bang’ pierced through the air.

This gunshot seemed to be for intimidation. Although nobody was hit, Yuan Kejie was startled, and Song Gui suddenly had an indescribable smile on his face, “firearms?”  ”

No wonder they were so arrogant.

“Bullets are consumables, and it must hurt them a lot to use them. If that’s the case–” Song Gui said, “let us help them feel more pain.”

Lu Chu looked at him, “you know how to use a gun?”

Song Gui shrugged, “I was lucky enough to use it in one game, so I still should have some feel for it.”

“Compared to a gun with bullets that could be used up at any time, I think a reusable crossbow is more valuable.” Yuan Kejie said.

The chainsaw let out a buzzing sound as Luo Qi lifted it and pulled its switch. Then, she said with a dismissive tone, “I wasn’t intending to fight them yet, but since they’ve parked their car and ambushed us, let’s fight back, and their things will soon be ours.”

Relying on the cover from the surrounding buildings, trees, telephone booths and cars, Lu Chu and the others gradually started to approach the villa where the five people were hiding in.

Just at this moment, the roar from heavy machinery rolling over the ground came from somewhere not too far away from them. The five men proceeded to immediately close the window that they had opened to shoot the crossbow from.  Lu Chu looked towards the direction of the sound, only to see that an armored tank was slowly approaching them. There was a head poking out from the entrance into the tank, with a gun mounted directly in front. There were several lines spray painted on the side of the tank — the real life hunting game. Weapons, transport and other equipment provided, plus professionals to ensure your safety. Participation fee is XX Million US dollars.

With just a glance, they could tell it was a game for the rich, hunting civilians for fun. After all, anything they did today wasn’t illegal.

For the first time, Lu Chu was keenly aware of what a Whale was.2Word used is 人民币玩家/RMB player. RMB being China’s currency, implying players in online games that use RMB (money) to play. In English, the most common term right now is probably Whale.

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