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Chapter 111 – The Eighth Game

Edited By: Sparrow

Seeing that the situation wasn’t that good, Song Gui quickly called out to everyone, “let’s hide first!”

The six of them immediately split up, and took cover behind different objects. As they observed the armoured vehicle, they also had to be aware of sneak attacks from the men in the villa.

There wasn’t anybody on this spacious and empty road. It was only that one heavy armoured tank driving by.

The tank made a lot of noise as it drove closer from afar.  However, it only took a while before the tank, which hadn’t found any targets, ground to a halt not far from where they were. The man who had his head out of the tank crawled out and sat on top of it, bored. He said to the person inside the tank, “there’s not even anyone on the streets around here. How can we play a real-life hunting game? Cousin told me that it would be fun, he can’t be pranking me, right?”

This time, it was a well-dressed woman who climbed out of the tank. She took out a handkerchief and wiped her fingers that had touched the edge of the tank’s entrance. Her eyelashes, that were slender after make-up fluttered, “yeah, is this hunting company even good in the first place? I made a bet with Jolie yesterday, on who manages to hunt the most. The loser will have to pay for a year’s worth of cosmetics and bags.”

The man asked, “what did the staff driving the tank say?”

The woman’s attitude was condescending and disdainful, “they said that something’s wrong with their heat-sensitive life detector and it needs to be repaired, so it is temporarily unable to detect whether there is anyone nearby.  Tsk, I really want to make a complaint against them.”

The man also said angrily, “it’s been almost two hours since the Day of Purging started, and we haven’t had a single prey, it’s boring as hell!”

At that moment, another man climbed out of the tank. He lit a cigarette, “how about, we just storm those people’s homes?”

“I think this is a good idea,” the woman flipped her long, well-maintained hair, and her tone was as natural as if she was discussing what to eat today, “if they don’t come out, why don’t we go in and kill them ourselves? I want to try out my gun skills soon.  Ask the hunting company staff inside if any of them knows how to pick a lock, or would it be quicker to just blast that door open?”

Lu Chu, who had been paying attention to them, heard their whole conversation, and exchanged glances with 7, who wasn’t far away.

Song Gui and the others became serious, and got themselves ready.

If the gap between them and the gun and crossbow before was the gap between a player still in the novice village and a regular one, then this was basically equivalent to trying to hit a rock with an egg.  Unless they could quickly fight their way into the tank and control the people inside, there was absolutely no chance of winning. However, the problem was that they didn’t even know how many people were inside the tank, so they couldn’t send someone over.

The three people on the tank were obviously rich folks who had paid for a fun time. While they seemed easy to fight, they had hot weapons in their hands. Even if those three were newbies to shooting and were horrible at it, and unable to hit anyone, it would still bring them some trouble.

Furthermore, this kind of “real-life hunting game” was specially designed for the rich, for the Day of Purging. It provided an exciting pastime for the bored and idle rich people, letting them enjoy the process of killing weak civilians with their top quality equipment. Hence, while providing the best weapons and the best gaming experience for these valued customers, how could the company not have a number of protection measures in place in order to make their customers feel at ease?

In the armoured car, there would definitely be some professional bodyguards monitoring their surroundings.

Song Gui mouthed a question to Lu Chu from afar — what shall we do now?

Lu Chu made a gesture — let’s wait first.

Lu Chu continued to observe the armoured tank not far away from them, watching the actions of the three people at the top. If they had any long-range weapons, they could have come up with some plans. However, right now, they could only wait and see what would happen.

They maintained their current status quo.

The players in the villa were also watching what was happening outside, and didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

Just as they were watching the armoured tank’s movements closely, a man in a camouflage uniform climbed out of it. The man’s attitude was respectful, and he whispered something to the trio. The three of them looked around warily and excitedly before following the camouflaged man into the armoured vehicle.

Within his heart, Lu Chu thought to himself that this wasn’t good. Those people might have already repaired that heat-sensing life detector.

Sure enough, the man who previously had his head exposed put on a bullet-proof helmet, and scanned the area excitedly with a gun in hand. Through the earpiece in his ear, he listened to the instructions and warnings from the people in the tank. Following the instructions of the person in the tank, the man moved his gun in a certain direction, aimed, and with an excited grin, pressed the trigger.

The direction he was aiming in was exactly where Lu Chu was hiding.

Lu Chu reacted very quickly, and rolled out of the way and out from behind his cover the instant he got aimed at. The man who fired the shot had such poor shooting skills, that although he was aiming at Lu Chu’s location, he shot a little too far, and ended up hitting the spot Lu Chu had rolled out to.

That bullet grazed Lu Chu’s side, scraping the clothing off his shoulder, and burnt his exposed skin black.

7 who wasn’t that far away saw this scene, and his breathing stopped for a moment, before his ink-like eyes gradually filled with a deadly darkness.

He knew that with Lu Chu’s skill, he could avoid it, so he didn’t take any action at first. Nonetheless, he didn’t expect that the idiot outside would still be able to hurt him by mistake.

On the other side, the excitement in the shooter’s eyes glowed brighter when he saw that someone had really rolled out from that shelter and onto the road, and was almost hit by him. He lowered his head to aim at Lu Chu, and got ready to shoot a second time. However, before he could take any action, he saw another tall man with a cold gaze emerge from behind a tree.

The person that he had shot at the start had a hacksaw as a weapon, while the man who walked out by himself was empty-handed, without any weapons at all. Yet, it was this empty-handed man who emitted such a coldness that couldn’t be ignored even from such a distance. Endless killing intent brewed in his deep eyes, and the gaze he had fixed on him was terrifying. Just like a devil that emerged from the depths of an endless hell, with an aura that made people tremble in fear hovering around him.

7 walked to Lu Chu’s side. His dark gaze focused on Lu Chu’s right shoulder which had been grazed by the bullet. He frowned, and a look of heartache appeared on his face.

He bent down and picked Lu Chu up, then walked to one side and placed him back down behind a barrier, before walking back out and looking in the direction of the armoured tank. The man on top of the tank locked eyes with him from afar, and felt a chill run through his blood and freeze it. His gun was already aimed at his target, yet his hand was shaking to the point he couldn’t press down at all.

7 didn’t move aside, and step by step, walked slowly towards the armoured vehicle.

The man on top of the vehicle suddenly came to his senses, and hurriedly pressed down on the trigger, firing at him in quick succession. 7 dodged the bullets one by one. Clearly, they were extremely fast bullets, yet they were slowed down, appearing like mosquitoes, in his eyes. He easily dodged with graceful and relaxed movements, something that was completely unable to stop him from getting closer.

The man on top of the vehicle panicked, and started to fire randomly. After realising that there was nothing he could do, his eyes widened in horror as he quickly dove into the tank. The people inside the van who had been monitoring the situation the whole time were also in a panic. They had never seen such a powerful man, one who could easily avoid attacks from a hot weapon while empty-handed.

He could no longer be called a human. That was a monster.

Two men in camouflage soon emerged from the vehicle. One of them held an AK47 in his hand, and the other was holding a heavy Gatling gun, and both of them quickly aimed at 7.

Without any hesitation, the two specially trained men in camouflage uniforms fired a series of shots towards 7. Bullets flew, especially from the man holding the fast-firing Gatling. In no time at all, two-hundred rounds had already been used, and that monster-like man was still completely unscathed, and calmly walking towards the armoured vehicle.

With despair in their eyes, the two men shouted into the car: “Lin! Use the tank’s cannon to aim at the first man!”

The thick barrel of the armoured tank rotated, aiming at the spot where Lu Chu was hiding.

7’s pupils dilated. He bent down, and his body flew as he jumped near the armoured tank in a couple of steps. He dragged the two men at the top down, and blocked the barrel with their bodies before it fired. Then, with brute force, he kicked the armoured vehicle out of its position. The armoured vehicle’s direction became skewed, and the main gun changed from where it was originally aimed at. After the shell was fired, the bodies of the two men blocking it exploded into mere fragments.

A blood red mist filled the sky, and broken pieces of flesh scattered on the ground.

This whole process merely took a couple of seconds.

Not too far away, Yuan Kejie was dumbfounded, “holy…… holy fuck……”

Song Gui also couldn’t believe his eyes.

Luo Qi and Qian Zhen, as the ones who were originally the DPS in Song Gui’s plan, already felt that 7 had an imposing aura and toughness around him. Now, they were even more impressed by him.

After being stunned for a moment, Yuan Kejie said in a daze, “maybe, this is the real great boss……”

However, in the end, Song Gui, who had seen a lot of things, immediately returned to his senses and said to the rest, “Go!”

They quickly rushed to the armoured vehicle, and entered into it through the opening at the top, then wiped out the people inside who had tried to kill them.

On the other hand, 7 had already finished, and brought Lu Chu near the armoured vehicle.

After the excess bodies were cleared out, they entered into the armoured tank.

Yuan Kejie looked at the luxurious armoured vehicle as well as the various machine guns and bulletproof vests in it, and said in a shocked and excited manner, “holy shit, we’re rich now. This is basically moving from a novice village to the No.1 God-levelled equipment in the server.”

Song Gui only thought that it was great that Qi Li was on their side.

One more powerful friend, one less terrifying enemy.

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