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Chapter 112 – The Eighth Game

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The players who had hidden in the villa had witnessed the whole thing, and were so horrified by 7’s strength that they didn’t know how to react. After taking a long time to return to their senses, they looked at each other.  The leader looked down at the revolver in his hand, and the crossbow in the other, then at the heavy armoured tank with guns inside. Then, most importantly, he looked at the man who faced an armoured tank without any fear even if he was empty-handed, and wondered how many seconds could he last against that monster of a man.

One of them questioned, “Boss, say, since he’s so awesome, why didn’t he make a move at the start? Caused us to be so happy for some time, thinking that we ran into a bunch of weaklings……”

Their boss slapped the head of the person who asked, “don’t you know what it means to hide one’s inadequacy by keeping quiet? Don’t you know what’s called there’s always someone better? Who knows, maybe he likes to play around like this for fun!”

The man covered his head in pain from being beaten, and asked, “then Boss, what shall we do now? The guy outside was originally strong as hell, and now he’s even driving a tank, we have no chance of winning ……”

The man who was leading them thought for a bit, but couldn’t come up with any solution, so he scolded the others irritably, “I told you that this game isn’t simple, we shouldn’t swagger across the streets like that, and shouldn’t have been too cocky. You guys didn’t want to listen at all, now look, we’ve got this terrifying fella targeting us? !”

The others suppressed their rage and didn’t dare to speak, and finally, it was the man who had just spoken who attempted to speak in a weak tone, “this…… wasn’t Boss the one who proposed this……”

Another slap across the man’s head echoed through the room, “you still dare to talk back!”


On the other side, the six of them entered the armoured tank.

The tanks were jaw-droopingly well equipped – food, weapons, medical supplies and even recreational items were all available.

7 looked down towards the medical supplies, and his furrowed brows relaxed slightly. He sat Lu Chu down on a low bench, and knelt on one knee beside him, then started to carefully disinfect Lu Chu’s wound with the alcohol in the medical kit. The strong irritation caused by the alcohol when it touched Lu Chu’s wound made him reflexively shiver, and 7 immediately stopped and asked, “does it hurt?”

Lu Chu shook his head and explained, “it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a reflex.”

7 nodded, and because he was still half squatting on the ground, he could only look Lu Chu in the eyes by tilting his head up. He stared into them, “the wound must be disinfected, if it hurts, bite me.”

Lu Chu smiled when he heard this, “how do I bite?”

7 brought his right hand out in front of him, and his eyes were filled with the desire to dote. He said softly, “when I see you frown, I’ll place my hand in front of you, feel free to bite.”

Lu Chu’s ears felt slightly hot.

As both of them talked, 7 bandaged the wound on Lu Chu’s right shoulder.

While he was bandaging Lu Chu’s wounds, Song Gui and the others were engrossed in the build of this armoured vehicle, as well as the guns and ammunition inside.

Yuan Kejie was amazed as she fiddled with the controls and the variety of weapons inside, before asking the rest a crucial question, “here comes the problem — among us, who can drive a tank?”

The others looked at each other, dumbfounded.

Luo Qi said dismissively, “isn’t this the same as driving a car?”

“Of course not,” Song Gui denied, then he said, “besides, can you even drive, brat?”

Of course Luo Qi couldn’t. Before entering the game, she was only thirteen years old and still a minor, so she wasn’t eligible for a driver’s license. After that, she hadn’t encountered any missions in the games where she needed to drive. Furthermore, because of her small stature, she wouldn’t be able to step on the accelerator or brake while sitting in the driver’s seat, and if she tried to move down to touch them with her feet, she wouldn’t be able to see the road in front of her. So, she didn’t see the point of learning this skill.

Even so, in front of Song Gui, Luo Qi’s words never fell behind, and mocked him, “you’re talking as if you can drive a tank.”

Song Gui smiled and shrugged, admitting frankly, “of course I can’t.”

“So we just came in here for a visit? !” Yuan Kejie was extremely sad. She couldn’t accept this cruel and grim truth.

At this moment, 7, who was kneeling on one knee as he helped Lu Chu carefully bandage his wound, stood up. He said calmly, “I can drive.”

Everyone looked at him.

Yuan Kejie gave a thumbs up and paid her respects, “what makes a bigshot a bigshot!”

However, 7 didn’t immediately sit down at the armoured vehicle’s console to control the tank. Instead, he leaned down and looked at Lu Chu’s right shoulder that he had just bandaged, and asked him quietly with worry in his eyes, “does it still hurt?”

Lu Chu shook his head and smiled, “it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Saying that, he moved his right shoulder to show that he was now well enough to move freely.

Only then was 7 relieved, and turned around to the front of the car where the controls were to sit down.

Yuan Kejie leaned forward curiously to see 7 controlling the tank, and said with a tone filled with admiration, “boss, how do you know everything?”

7 didn’t turn around, and continued to keep both eyes on the console. He replied succinctly, “I’ve encountered this before.”

“A great boss is always a great boss!” Yuan Kejie praised from the bottom of her heart, in a kiss-up manner, trying to get this great boss to have a good impression of them, and not abandon their team, but continue working with them in the future as well.

7 ignored her praise, and carefully observed and controlled the armoured vehicle, and the tank started to slowly move.

Song Gui pulled Yuan Kejie over, “what are you doing?”

“Asking this great boss not to give up on the small and weak us, what else?” Yuan Kejie said, in a tone that indicated this was obvious.


Song Gui, “you, calm down.”

Yuan Kejie had no choice but to compromise, “fine.”

Fortunately, Lu Chu injured his shoulder, not his leg, so it didn’t affect his mobility that much.  Once he knew that 7 could even drive such an armoured tank, he was also very curious and walked up next to 7 to watch him manoeuvre the armoured vehicle.  Noticing that Lu Chu had walked up to him, 7 split away some of his attention and met his eyes. After seeing Lu Chu’s smile, the side of his own lips also curled up, and he turned his head back to continue controlling the armoured tank.

As they had already taken care of the bored rich people who were playing a real life hunting game, their next targets were naturally the players who had hidden in the villa before, and used a crossbow and handgun to sneak attack them several times.

7 skilfully used the thermal life detector to locate their positions, and rotated the cannon at the front of the tank to point in their direction, and prepared to launch.

As they watched 7 manoeuvre around, Song Gui touched his chin thoughtfully. Yuan Kejie sighed in admiration, and Luo Qi and Qian Zhen stared at him without blinking. Especially Luo Qi, who had no resistance at all towards these types of large and heavy weaponry.  There were surveillance cameras around the armoured vehicle, and Lu Chu watched the screen, on guard against their surroundings.

Just as 7 was about to press the launch button, preparing to finish off the people hiding in the villa, those people came out holding a white sheet, walking out the villa in a line. They shook the huge bed sheet vigorously in an attempt to attract the attention of the people on Lu Chu’s side.

Lu Chu instantly saw them, “they’re holding up the white bedsheet, so they should be surrendering.”

Song Gui found it amusing and laughed, “how could they be certain that we’ll accept their surrender? Maybe they might be blown to bits the moment they walk out.”

Yuan Kejie guessed, “maybe they’re taking a gamble. After all, we’re so strong, and they’ll definitely die if they don’t surrender.”

“Why are you saying so much nonsense for,” Luo Qi said dismissively, “just kill them, and there’s that.”

“Wait.: Lu Chu stopped them.

Puzzled, Song Gui said, “what’s the matter?”

Lu Chu pointed to the display screen, “look at the white sheets they are holding up, there’s words on them.”

Due to the long distance and the small monitor screen, they didn’t notice at first that the sheets the men were holding up actually had writing on them.  Lu Chu and the others moved closer to the screen to try and confirm the words written on it, and only then could they vaguely see what had been written — We have a secret about ‘it’ to tell you!

Luo Qi snorted, “their characters are so ugly and crooked, yet they still dare to write so much.”

Yuan Kejie corrected, “Qiqi, you’re focusing on the wrong point.”

Song Gui pointed to the little ‘it’ on the bedsheet in the display screen, “what does this ‘it’ refer to?”

“They didn’t write what this word meant,” Lu Chu said, “but I’m paying attention, because I always feel it’s related to the rules.”

When 7 heard this, he said, “if that’s the case, then let’s just catch them.”

They had absolute strength and advantage.

After some discussion, they decided to capture those people alive.  Luo Qi, Qian Zhen, and Song Gui grabbed some guns and exited the armoured tank, making their way towards those five men.  Lu Chu and Yuan Kejie climbed on top of the tank, with a gun in hand, and aimed towards the five of them. 7 stayed inside the tank to control it. Their roles were divided so clearly and meticulously, and took into consideration every detail, that it gave those people no chance to harbour any thoughts or schemes.

The five players also knew that they had no chance of fighting back, and had discussed their response before they came out to surrender. They could only take a gamble, to see whether the people inside would be tempted by the ‘secret’ they mentioned. Sure enough, after seeing that the other party had sent three people out of the car towards them, they knew they had made the right gamble. In order to let them let their guard down, they threw their weapons in their hands on the ground far away from where they were, then raised their empty hands to show that they were neither a threat, nor able to resist.

Song Gui took out five pairs of handcuffs that he found in the tank, handcuffed them one by one, then brought them into the armoured vehicle.

There was limited space in the armored vehicle, and it could at most accommodate about six or seven people. Originally, only Lu Chu and the rest were inside, and the number was just right. But now, they’ve caught five more prisoners, and the vehicle didn’t have anymore space.

Accommodating them would be a problem.

The five people who were caught also realised this problem, and the man in charge immediately said, “big bros and sis, you definitely can’t let us climb onto the roof! We’re five big dudes, and will become a huge target when in open space. It’s not safe, and one mistake might get us all killed with a long-range weapon!”1Not real siblings, in this case, it’s a term used out of fear/respect for their strength, to place the speaker at a ‘lower’ position

His team members also hurriedly echoed, “that’s right, that’s right! We still have very important secrets to tell big brothers and sisters. This is the same as not fulfilling our obligations and duties, and realising the value of our own lives, how could we just die like this?!”

The others all agreed impassionedly.

Song Gui looked at Yuan Kejie, “I’ve finally seen someone who is better at asskissing than you.”

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