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Chapter 113 – The Eighth Game

With the strong request of those five men, as well as the discretion from Lu Chu’s side, they didn’t tie the men to the roof of the vehicle.

It was indeed quite dangerous to stay on the roof of the vehicle, since there was the risk of them being shot to death.

These men obviously knew something, but they wanted to use what they knew as a hidden trump card they held in their own hands to ensure their own lives. So, for the time being, they would not reveal all their secrets to Lu Chu and the rest. Under such circumstances, they couldn’t directly kill them, and still needed to safeguard their lives to guarantee that the information would make it to them safely.

The people who could survive so long in this game weren’t fools and were mostly quite quick-witted.

Song Gui’s attention turned to the vehicle these five men had been driving earlier.

Yuan Kejie also followed his gaze and looked towards it too. A flash of inspiration hit her and she suggested, “if that’s is the case, why don’t you guys send out two people from your team to drive your car? We’ll send out three people and follow along inside.”

Song Gui nodded and agreed, “I was thinking the same thing, three of you guys will stay behind in our tank, and handcuffed. Out of the other two, one will be uncuffed and driving, while the other will still be handcuffed and sitting in the back to be monitored.”

The five men listened attentively.

Luo Qi and Qian Zhen generally didn’t speak much on these matters; they trusted their teammates completely.

7 was also part of this DPS group.

Lu Chu looked at the man in charge, “our team has agreed that this is the best method, what do you think?”

The man in charge nodded first, then suddenly seemed to remember something, and immediately asked, “but we’re all handcuffed, what if we encounter any danger, or need to fight with someone? Big brothers and sister are all going out to fight, leaving us in the car. We can’t help you charge at the front, or we might end up getting controlled by the enemy and killed. Isn’t it quite troublesome……”

Hearing this, Lu Chu looked at 7 in the eyes.

Luo Qi’s face was filled with contempt, “so much trouble. Annoying.”

Song Gui smiled, “indeed, this is a problem.”

Yuan Kejie whispered in Song Gui’s ear, then raised her voice and turned to the others, “it’s really quite troublesome, why don’t we just kill them.”

The five men immediately begged for mercy, “No! Don’t! Let’s talk, let’s talk. Didn’t we raise this question for everyone’s sake? We can’t be dragging our big brothers and sisters behind, right……”

“You guys can talk about the conditions later. Now, what we want to know is–” Lu Chu said seriously, “what do the words you wrote on the sheet mean, who is ‘it’ and what is ‘it’?”

Song Gui smiled and agreed, “that’s right, if the ‘it’ you’re talking about isn’t the same as what we want to know, then we will have to reevaluate your worth. When that happens, you guys won’t have the right to make so many demands.”

Although Song Gui had said in such a manner, the five of them knew that if the information they provided wasn’t the one they wanted, not only would they not have any rights to make demands, their lives would also be a question.

The man in charge looked around warily when he heard those words, and lowered his voice, “it’s– about the ‘rules’ and the ‘games’.”

Song Gui raised his eyebrow, “yes, it’s something that we want to know. You passed the first test. Now, the second one.”

The men were surprised, “there’s a second one?”

“Of course,” Yuan Kejie explained, “you have to tell us something, right? Just to let us know you’re not scamming us. Won’t we be suffering a huge loss if you guys didn’t intend to fulfill your promise in the first place?”

Their head said, “if we don’t fulfill our promise, you can kill us.”

Luo Qi tsk’ed, “then kill you guys once we know it’s faked? Why do we need to spend so much time and energy to protect your lives, and bring you five useless things along with us, then kill you at the end?  If it’s fake, we’ll kill you now.”

Saying that, she waved the chainsaw in her hand, and the corners of her mouth curled up, obviously eager to kill them and settle this matter.

Luo Qi’s words were reasonable and convincing, and irrefutable despite the contempt in between the lines she held for the five of them.

The men who were handcuffed looked at each other, and eventually, the man in charge stood up and said, “telling you guys is what we should do. I’m our team’s captain Dai Chenggong. However, we also have to take into consideration our lives. Why not, we’ll do it like this? We’ll tell you half of the information now, and the other half once the game ends. What do you guys think?”

Song Gui and Yuan Kejie had approval in their eyes.

Lu Chu nodded, “okay, let us hear it first.”

When Dai Chenggong talked about this matter, he would always instinctively lower his voice, cautiously, as if afraid of being overheard, “we’re all involved in this never-ending game for no reason at all, not knowing when we’ll die in a certain game, and I think all of us are eager to escape from it. However, do you guys know, how to…… escape from the game?”

Song Gui did talk with them about this matter before, and in the end, the conclusion he gave was to look for a chance to escape at the ‘twenty-four hour’ point.  As for the details on how to escape, they needed to work hard for this ‘twenty-four hours’, and look for clues within the games at the same time.

But at this moment, of course, they couldn’t directly admit it.

So, Yuan Kejie pretended to be surprised, “what?! There’s such a method? !”

“Of course,” seeing that she didn’t know, Dai Chenggong regained some confidence, “this is the reason why we came to this ‘game’.”

After hearing this, Lu Chu asked, “you mean to say that the method of escape has something to do with this ‘game’?”

“Yes,” Dai Chenggong confirmed, “actually, there’s a saying that you can escape from this game when you accumulate over twenty-four hours of free activity time, then try to escape using the rift in space while the illusion changes.  But, twenty-four hours? To be honest, I don’t think anyone could survive that long, unless they weren’t human.”

Lu Chu quietly glanced at the ‘not human’ 7.

7 immediately noticed Lu Chu’s gaze. He met his eyes, and the corner of his lips slightly lifted up. Lu Chu was caught in the act, and was a little embarrassed but he couldn’t show it on his face. He could only shift his gaze back, but his face had heated up slightly.

On the other hand, Luo Qi got irritated listening to the roundabout way Dai Chenggong was speaking. She picked up the chainsaw on the side, and held it up in front of Dai Chenggong’s eyes. She turned the switch on, and the chainsaw’s gears started to turn as it made a buzzing sound.  She waved the spinning chainsaw in front of Dai Chenggong’s eyes, and said impatiently, “annoying. You done? Can you get to the main point in one go?”

Dai Chenggong quickly raised his handcuffed hands, and surrender, “please don’t be angry, little great ma’am! I have to say everything I need to say, so I can prevent you guys from making the wrong move, right…… But I’ll get to the point soon, please don’t worry!”

Luo Qi still didn’t turn off the switch on the chainsaw after hearing what he said, and continued letting it buzz, “say it!”

“I’m saying! I’m saying!” Dai Chenggong quickly said, “it’s like this. It’s too difficult to hit the requirement of twenty-four hours, so this method is unreliable. Rather than focus on the twenty-four hours, I think it’s better to focus on the ‘rift in space’. Such a rift doesn’t only appear when the illusion is changing. This sort of rift can also appear if there’s anything beyond the worldview set by the ‘rules’.”

Song Gui raised his eyebrows, “beyond the worldview set by the ‘rules’?”

Dai Chenggong explained, “this is easy to understand. It’s those NPCs that go out of character and don’t follow along the script!”

Isn’t that me, Lu Chu thought to himself, and said calmly, “after finding these NPCs, we can just leave the game?”

“Of course not,” Dai Chenggong shook his head, then chuckled and started to bargain, “as for what exactly needs to be done, why not let us use it as our life-saving card, and we’ll tell you when the game is about to end?”

Song Gui and Lu Chu looked at each other, and nodded, “sure, but you have first tell us, why you mentioned before that this particular ‘game’ has to do with escaping.”

Dai Chenggong weighed the pros and cons, then whispered, “because I heard, there’s an NPC that broke free from the script in here.”

When the others heard this, their expression changed.

Yuan Kejie immediately grabbed the crux of the matter, “who is this NPC? And who did you hear this from?”

Song Gui glanced at Lu Chu from the corner of his eye, and there were lots of thoughts screaming about in his mind.

Luo Qi also re-raised the chainsaw that she had just placed down, and set it against Dai Chenggong’s neck. She raised her eyebrows, “say it, quick.”

“Aiyo, little ancestor, take it easy…… take it easy……” Dai Chenggong was very afraid that Luo Qi’s hand would shake, and he would lose his head. He instantly explained, “that NPC seems to be called Zhang Xin, and lives in the city center, so we were going to find that person.”

“As for where we learnt this information from…… I don’t know if you’ve heard of these type of people, but he’s different from ordinary players like us. He said that his identity was—”

Dai Chenggong paused when he said that, and looked at the rest of the people around him, before continuing,

“The Cleaner.”

Lu Chu eyes widened in surprise, and he locked eyes his 7 without a word, with a hint of confusion in his eyes.

Could it be, there were cleaners other than 7?

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