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Chapter 114 – The Eight Game

Unlike Lu Chu’s and 7’s surprise, Song Gui and the rest seemed completely bewildered when the heard the word, ‘Cleaner’.

Yuan Kejie asked in confusion and asked, “‘Cleaner’…… what is that?”

Dai Chenggong felt more confident after seeing that all of them seemed completely baffled, like they hadn’t even heard of this before. He knew that this trump card of his would be on the minds of his captors, and in this way, the five of them would be safe until just before this ‘game’ ended.

As for why he said just before this ‘game’ ended, it was because Dai Chenggong wanted to save the other half of the information for the end. However, he couldn’t guarantee that Song Gui and the others wouldn’t suddenly turn against them and kill them once they heard all the news.

It was a gamble he took ever since he surrendered.

This time, he was betting that these people would believe it.

So, Dai Chenggong continued, “you guys should know that there are countless ‘rules’, and in each ‘rule’, there are countless of players. However, the number of players in each ‘rule’ isn’t infinite, and there’s a limit. Once the number of players in a ‘rule’ reaches its limit, no new players would be able to join this ‘rule’ — even if the players inside it fail their missions one by one, and disappear or die, there won’t be any new people joining.”

“I know this,” Yuan Kejie said, “I remember that when I first entered the games, there were many people within the illusion. After, a few familiar faces would disappear every time the illusion changed, and people only decreased, not increased.”

Until now, including the five on them, their current ‘rule’ only had about twenty people left.

“Yes, that’s it.” Dai Chenggong added, “other than that, there’s a nother rule. That is, the ‘rules’ and the players are co-dependent. If all the players die, then the ‘rule’ will disappear too.”

Although it was Song Gui’s first time hearing this, he didn’t seem too surprised, “regarding this symbiotic relationship between the ‘rules’ and the players, I have speculated and came to the conclusion a long time ago. What you have said so far is pretty much the same as what I thought.”

Dai Chenggong praised, “bro, you’re awesome!”

Luo Qi raised an eyebrow in Dai Chenggong’s direction, “and?”

Dai Chenggong was really afraid of this irritable little loli. Except for that formiable man who could single-handedly take on a tank, he felt that the most ruthless person here was this little lady who was only up to his chest in height.

When Dai Chenggong heard her ask the question, he immediately put a stern expression on again, and continue to explain in a serious manner, “actually, there’s a connection between the ‘Cleaner’ and the rules I mentioned before!”

Luo Qi asked, “what’s the connection?”

Dai Chenggong, “this was what the ‘cleaner’ told me. He said that only when all the players except one in a certain ‘rule’ dies, there’s a chance the person could become a ‘cleaner’. The task of this so-called ‘cleaner’ was to eliminate the existence of NPCs that broke away from the script in each game.”

Song Gui touched his chin, “so, people who eliminate bugs…… It seems like they’re a much higher level, compared to ordinary players like us.”

Yuan Kejie noticed another key point and asked, “there’s a chance that the person could become a ‘cleaner’…… Does that mean that there’s another condition to become a ‘clearer’? What is it?”

“I wouldn’t know about that,” Dai Chenggong shook his head, “he didn’t tell me that much.”

His expression didn’t seem like he was lying, so Yuan Kejie didn’t continue asking, but pondered over it.

After Lu Chu listened to everything, he was basically sure that the person Dai Chenggong was talking about was indeed a ‘cleaner’. Because what came out of Dai Chenggong’s mouth was basically the same was as what 7 told him. The condition for becoming a ‘cleaner’ must have been to clear all single-person missions.

After a while, Yuan Kejie said, “why does this ‘cleaner’ sound like raising a Gu Worm.” 1adapted from the traditional preparation of gu (蛊) poison, where people would seal several venomous creatures in a closed vessel and allowing them to remain there until one had eaten all the rest – the toxin was then extracted from the survivor. In this case, YKJ is thinking that it’s similar to how the players are thrown together into a enclosed area (the rules) and left to fend for themselves until one is left.

Song Gui shook his head, “it’s not the same. Gu Worms have to kill each other to end up with the strongest one left, but a ‘cleaner’ is someone who managed to survive till the end, yet has to continue fighting on alone.”

They continued chatting until this moment, and Dai Chenggong rubbed his handcuffed hands together. He smiled as he offered, “look, I’ve already told you guys so much, so not much important information left. Our cooperative partnership was established based on the aces we have up our sleves. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to tell you the rest of the information when this game is almost over?”

Luo Qi shrugged, stating that she was only responsible for fighting, and it would be fine to leave the decision making to the others.

After Song Gui exchanged a couple of glances with the others, he nodded, “okay.”

At this moment, Dai Chenggong gave another somewhat fawning smile, and showed the handcuffs on his wrist, “since we’re now in a cooperative relationship, we should all mutually help and assist each other, and show more confidence and care for one another. Can this handcuffs…… be taken off?”

The people in Dai Chenggong’s team also echoed after him, “that’s right, that’s right. Not to mention, big brothers and sisters are so strong, and we can’t resist at all. It’s not safe to wear the handcuffs, since we’ll just drag everybody down, and we’ll aslo feel sorry about it……”

Lu Chu and the rest heard their request, and after talking about it for a moment, they agreed.

After unlocking the handcuffs, both teams introduced themselves, and remembered each others names. Then, as they previously stated, their team was mixed and split into two — those who stayed in the tank and those who went to the off-road vehicle.

Naturally, 7 stayed in the rank, as out of the eleven people, he was the only one who could control the tank. Luo Qi and Yuan Kejie also stayed in the tank, while Song Gui, and Qian Zhen went to the off-road vehicle. For Dai Chenggong’s team, Dai Chenggong and two other men stayed in the armoured vehicle, while one of the other two men were in charge of driving the off-road vehicle, and the other stayed in the backseat for supervision.

After everything was ready, Lu Chu said, “now, let’s go and find the person named Zhang Xin that Dai Chenggong mentioned, and complete the mission at the same time.”

No matter what happened, their current mission had to be completed, if not they would die in this game and their life would come to an end. Nothing would be left.

Before moving to the off-road vehicle, Song Gui suddenly thought, that when only one person remained in a ‘rule’, there would be a chance for that person to become a ‘cleaner’, who had a higher status compared to players.

Then, what about Qi Li?

If he remembered correctly, when Qi Li joined their team, he had once said that he came to find them because he had no more teammates to continue fighting with. In that case, would it be possible that Qi Li could become a ‘cleaner’, or perhaps, he was already a ‘cleaner’…… If that was the case, did Lu Chu know?

Subconsciously, Song Gui turned his attention towards 7.

Unexpectedly, he also noticed that 7 seemed to be somewhat observing him, and his eyes showed that he was on guard against something.

Song Gui was surprised — on guard?

In fact, ever since Dai Chenggong started mentioning about NPCs that had deviated from their established path, 7 had been been secretly watching Song Gui.

In this world, there were only three people who knew that Lu Chu was someone from inside the game. That was Lu Chu himself, 7, who saved Lu Chu out from that world, and Song Gui, who had met another Lu Chu, and exprienced that City that lost it’s senses.

If someone from inside the game was really the key to leaving the game, then would Song Gui be tempted by this and do something to Lu Chu? Would he reveal Lu Chu’s identity to the rest, would he pose a threat against Lu Chu…… Thinking about this, 7 had to keep Song Gui under surveillance to ensure that he wouldn’t have any chance to make a move against Lu Chu.

Even if he realised that Song Gui hadn’t entertained any thoughts against Lu Chu, 7 still didn’t let his guard down. He wouldn’t joke about Lu Chu’s safety.

Song Gui understood that Qi Li was wary about him, and was relieved.

Regardless of Qi Li’s status, whether he was this so-called ‘cleaner’, there was one thing he was certain about — that was, he was absolutely sincere towards Lu Chu.

Because of this, this powerful man would be on their side, and never become their enemy.

That was enough.


On the wide roads of the city’s outskirts, there was an off-road vehicle leading the way. In the car there were four men with a little girl. One man was driving, and the little girl was holding a gun in the shotgun seat. The other three men were sitting in the backseat, each of them were holding another small gun. Behind the off-road vehicle was a haevy armoured tank, with a cannon above it. A man’s head could be seen at the back, who was learning how to use a gun. However, nobody could see how many people were were inside it.

The man learning to use a gun was Lu Chu.

Just by looking at them, one knew that strength of their team should not be underestimated, and was not to be easily messed with.

The only people who were be out and about during the Day of Purging, other than those who had grudges to avenge, were those murderous maniacs who would take this opportunity to vent their morbid desires, and those upper classes who were bored and regard killing as a game. These people still wanted to live, so it would be unlikely that they would mess with a group who had an armoured tank.

Therefore, Lu Chu and the rest made their way from the city outskirts to just outside the city without encountering any obstacles, let alone people who wanted to provoke them.

Just when they were about to reach the city, the road was blocked by a car, and Song Gui and the others immediately got out to check.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing that Song Gui had stopped the car, Lu Chu asked him through the walkie-talkie they had foundin the tanked.

Song Gui replied, “there’s a car blocking the road, it might need to be pushed out of the way.”

So Lu Chu and Dai Chenggong also got out of the tank, and went to the vehicle that was blocking the road.

The front and side windows of the car were splattered with bright red blood, making it impossible for people outside to see the inside. For this kind of car door, they didn’t need Yuan Kejie to come and pick the lock; just smashing the window would be fine. So, without a second word, Luo Qi lifted a stick and smashed the car door’s window.

Sitting on the driver’s seat of the car was a man’s corpse. He was disemboweled, with his intestines spilling out, splatting blood everywhere.

This man’s death was brutal, and the most important thing was that Lu Chu and the others has seen him before. This was the same middle-aged man that six-person team they encountered at the beginning of this game.

There was a piece of paper in the man’s right hand, Lu Chu took it out and opened it, and realised that a sentence had been written on it.

— You should never feel ashamed or disgusted, because the one who did those wrongs isn’t you, but those dirty things.

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