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Chapter 14 – An ignorant start

The second game: The Doll and the Teddy dance

When Lu Chu stepped into that blinding white light, he felt as if he was instantly caught inside a warm light, that made people feel at ease, and even the nerves that had been strained since the day the senselessness started were relieved. When the light had faded, what appeared in front of him was something akin to a separated space, looking around, it was pure, white and clean, with a few square screens hovering in front of him.

From a moment ago until now, Lu Chu’s mind had accepted too many unbelievable so-called ‘truths’. Every single word the came out of the man’s mouth was subverting the past 20 years of Lu Chu’s life, and even so, he had too many things that he still didn’t understand.

What exactly was a ‘game’? What reason did it have to exist? In the man’s words, did everybody in a ‘game’, including Lu Chu, return to their original point after each round, repeating the same life again and again?

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Such things were all countless, and what confused Lu Chu the most was the man with the name of ‘7’, and what role he played in the game. There’s no doubt that the man didn’t harbour any malicious intentions towards him, and even saved him, but because of this, it was as if the man’s identity that he thought he had long understood became even more confusing.

Just as Lu Chu was staring at the suspended matter in the air with his mind in contemplation, one of the squares that were suspended in mid-air suddenly moved and fell onto the ground. Before he even noticed it, this screen suddenly grew paper-like ‘hands and legs’, then struggled to get up from the ground, and then laid down at Lu Chu’s feet.

Lu Chu thought over and over again, then bent down and picked up the paper-thin screen at his feet. He brought it up to in front of his face and observed it, and at the same time, a line appeared on the originally empty screen–

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“Congratulations on living through the previous ‘game’.”

Lu Chu looked at the words for a long time without saying anything, thought for some time, and remembered that the man said something about “the ‘rules’ default to thinking that you’re a person chosen from the real world”, and perhaps, it meant what was happening right now.

Immediately after that, a few lines appeared on the screen —

“Next, please enjoy your1polite version of you next ‘game.”

“Requirements: Escape

Clues: Only one door is the correct one

Tip: At daybreak, it will hum a clear nursery rhyme, and arrive, stepping upon the bloodstains.”

After the last line of words disappeared, a door suddenly appeared in front of Lu Chu’s eyes. The shape and the size of the door was very different compared to the door at the top of the tower, yet it gave Lu Chu the same kind of feeling, that on the other side of the door was another world. When Lu Chu thought about it, the door suddenly opened, and inside it was as terrifying as a black hole, and he couldn’t even imagine what he would encounter once he walked in.

And yet, many years later, his parents were killed because of him.

Seeing that Lu Chu didn’t move after so long, another line of words appeared on the screen–

This time, the man didn’t answer him, and only continued speaking on his own, “nobody from the real world has ever entered into this ‘game’ before, and when the midnight bell strikes, a door will appear in front of your eyes.”

“Resistance, thus, erase.

Lu Chu had been so shocked until he became numb, “then, who are you?”

Countdown for entering — 10, 9……”

“Your parents’ death was because they found out the truth by themselves, and went against the ‘game’s setting; you are a loophole derived from the ‘game’ itself, and strictly speaking, you belong to the ‘game’, so the ‘rules’ cannot do anything to you.”

From that moment on, Lu Chu deeply felt what it meant by doing something against his own will. He didn’t understand what situation he was in, but at the moment, he didn’t have any other choice than to step into the door.

At present, the best method was to take one step at a time, and Lu Chu thought so as he stepped into the door.

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Lu Chu turned his head and glanced at the handsome and resolute man. The man was still looking down, and didn’t have much expression on his face, but Lu Chu could still hear the cautiousness in his voice.

The man answered, “I’ll go and find you.”

Hearing this, Lu Chu finally opened the door in front of his eyes, and raised his foot, stepping into the white light.

At the same time, the man at the bottom of the tower felt a great pain in his chest and fell onto the ground. His whole body was twitching, and his skin started to crack, with red blood seeping out.


“7, you went against the ‘rules’.”

The man resisted the heart-rendering pain and stood up, pressing a hand against his chest as he used the wall to support himself, letting his skin crack and heal again. His whole body was completely stained with blood, yet his voice was still exceptionally calm.

“En, I know.”

It only took seconds for the world to spin around, and by the time Lu Chu could react, he was already standing in an eerie room.

Lu Chu had just regained his eyesight, and he had just started to learn how to recognise everything by sight. Naturally, he remembered the shape and size of everything that he had touched, so, he could guess what most of the objects were. The things in the room were small and cluttered, and casually scattered on the ground or table. A single sized bed was place at the side, and a dark, mouldy smell came straight at his face. There was a bunched up blanket on the bed, and Lu Chu didn’t know what thing or colour the coagulated object on the blanket giving out a weird smell was, but felt unwell from the bottom of his heart.

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He was shoved into this ‘game’ unprepared, and after observing the room, Lu Chu didn’t immediately start to search, but remembered the words that had appeared on the screen.

The requirement was to escape, and this it wasn’t that difficult to understand that it meant he needed to escape this place. Although the town that he grew up in became a ‘game’, but the methods that he could use to improve himself weren’t lacking at all. So, even if Lu Chu was born blind, he had heard about things like escape rooms before. As for the clue that stated that ‘only one door is the correct one’, meant that there were two or more rooms in the place. Thinking of this, Lu Chu looked around, and in this room, there was only one object that could be considered a ‘door’.

Two or more doors…… So, he needed to know where the other doors were before he could continue to analyse. Lu Chu started to observe the things in the room. Before this, the line that had appeared on the screen, “at daybreak, it will hum a clear nursey rhyme, and arrive, stepping upon the bloodstains”, undoubtedly mean that when dawn came, Lu Chu’s situation would become very dangerous, so he needed to solve this puzzle as soon as possible.

Resistance meant being erased, so the consequence of failing this ‘game’ was probably death too.

After searching for a while, there wasn’t any useful information. Lu Chu once again fell into deep thought, and quietly and carefully pondered about what a ‘door’ meant. After a while, Lu Chu, who should have been bidding his time went to the door, placed his hand on the handle, and gave it a gentle twist.

The man paused for a moment after that, and his voice became serious, “Lu Chu, open the door, and step out. You will break away from this identity as a derived being, and the ‘rules’ will default to thinking that you’re a person chosen from the real world.”


Lu Chu took in a deep breath, “how about you?”

In a daze, the past twenty years of his memories kept pouring in.

The door opened without any obstruction at all……

Just as the man spoke, the midnight bell sounded. The transparent wall in front of Lu Chu slowly went away, and the outside world slowly disappeared in front of his eyes. Then, a rusty door loaded with decorative patterns appeared in front of his eyes.

But Lu Chu knew, that outside this door definitely wasn’t the correct answer.

Lu Chu had his own considerations for opening his door without fully understanding the situation. He didn’t lose his sensitive hearing because he had gained the ability to see, and Lu Chu seemed to have heard some noise when he was thinking, ‘tick– tick– tick—“. Boring and rhythmic, just like the sound of a clock’s second hand passing, and the source of this sound was from outside the door.

Therefore, he made a bold guess that the scope of his activity wasn’t limited to his room, and he could also move around outside.

As for whether there would be serious consequences for opening the door, Lu Chu naturally had thought of it before. Maybe, there would even be an ‘Opening the door to death’ situation that he had heard others mention before, but Lu Chu believed in his own intuition.


This self-sufficient, quiet and peaceful town.

The sound of the door opening was exceptionally loud in this confined space. Looking intensely outside the door, he gave a huge sigh of relief upon seeing the corridor outside it, but held it upon thinking about his current situation. He didn’t immediately rush out to look for clues, but checked over the items in the room once again. He paused slightly when he found an old flashlight before picking it up, then took the rusty knife under the bed and walked out with light footsteps.

Lu Chu had never seen anybody’s face before, and similarly, he didn’t understand anything about ‘handsome’, or ‘beautiful’, but as he looked at the man’s face, he felt that this was what ‘good-looking’ was.

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The corridor was very dark, and quiet to a terrifying degree. Lu Chu’s breathing, that still could be considered steady, and movement of the clock’s second hand became particularly clear in this confined space. He turned and looked at the old clock on the wall, and although the second hand trembled and trembled, and made the sound, it didn’t budge at all. It seemed that he couldn’t use it to deduce when morning was.

After scanning his surroundings, he looked at the man beside him.

Luckily, Lu Chu wasn’t scared of the dark, and he carefully walked alongside the corridor that could accommodate four people walking side by side, and as he observed his surroundings, he noticed that other doors did exist.

The originally blurry light became clear, and the tower’s interior was completely displayed in front of this eyes. Although it was only a monotonous yellow with peeling walls of black inside the tower, Lu Chu was still moved by this.

After turning four right angles and counting four other doors, Lu Chu suddenly found himself back at his original spot.

Standing quietly in front of the door that he had just emerged from, Lu Chu walked along the corridor again, and soon, he returned back to his original spot.

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After walking back and forth a few times, he was sure that the structure of the corridor was like a square within a square, and the room that he emerged from was the inner square. The outside square made the outer corridor wall, and the two walls made the corridor in the centre. In addition, on the exterior wall, there was a door at every corner.

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