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Chapter 15 – Password Box

So far, Lu Chu had accurately recognised every item in front of him. This made him wonder about the way his parents had brought him up, and if they had expected that he would regain his vision one day. They effortlessly taught him the way normal humans wrote, taught him all sort of subjects, let him walk along every street in the town every month, until it became a habit, and letting him touch every object until he could draw them……

Other than ‘colour’, this thing that could not be in his mind, everything that he had seemed to be preparing him for this very moment.

Perhaps ‘7’ knew the reason behind it. Lu Chu temporarily put down the questions in his heart, and looked at the problem in front of him.

The feeling in his heart became even stronger after he had figured out the layout and structure of the area. The internal arrangement and shape of a building could cause a greater impact on human emotions.

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Suppressing the uncomfortable feeling, Lu Chu thought, which of the four doors against these walls were the right choice to escape this place?

Lu Chu had already observed the room several times, and other than a flashlight and a small knife that he could use, he didn’t gain anything else. Perhaps there were some clues in the corridor, thinking of this, Lu Chu returned to the entrance of the small room, and decided to start from there, and check all the objects in the corridor.

There weren’t many things in the corridor, and Lu Chu was very concerned about the clock hanging on the wall outside the door, that was letting out a ticking sound, yet the second hand wasn’t moving at all.

Because Lu Chu still hadn’t been able to match all the things that his parents had describe in his childhood with everything that he had just seen, so it took him until now to notice something that wasn’t normal: the hour, minute hand and the second hand on this clock were pointing towards 3. This kind of situation wouldn’t appear under normal circumstances, and as everybody knew, all three would only coincide when pointing towards ’12’, during noon or midnight. This meant that the clock’s hands had been moved to 3 by human interference.

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Then, what did this ‘3’ want to tell the people who came here?

There was the potted plant that had long been withered at the bottom of the clock, and Lu Chu bent down to pick up the potted plant to check it all over, and found a piece of coloured paper, usually used by children for playing, at the bottom of the tray, with ‘6’ written on it.

Lu Chu placed the note in his pocket, and wondered if there was any connection between this and the number the clock was pointing too.

A human’s thoughts towards beauty was an instinctive thing.

Luckily, he had managed to find some clues. Lu Chu placed the potted plant back into place, stood up, and prepared to continue searching other areas.

The man’s voice sounded, and even though it should have been extremely far away, but that voice sounded as if it was just by his ears, calm and clear.

The design of this corridor was very interesting, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the things in each corridor were slightly different, perhaps Lu Chu wouldn’t even be able to recognise the direction.

All of the short buildings other than this tower.


Everybody tacitly agreeing not to approach the mountains.

Lu Chu seemed to have thought of something, and stopped.

The elders saying time and time again that “we don’t have outsiders here”.

Direction, direction…… Then, was it possible that the ‘3’ on the clock was to indicate a possible direction of something?

The clock wasn’t installed in that high, and Lu Chu could touch it when he reached out. The ‘3’ was pointing towards the east, and noticing this, Lu Chu followed this direction and knocked on the wall, and perked up his ears to differentiate between the sounds as he did so. When the sound of the knocking on the wall changed from a heavy sound to a hollow one, Lu Chu heart was happy: got it.

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The wall here was obviously empty, and Lu Chu took the small knife in his hand and removed the outer layer of the wall, revealing an iron password box.

The password needed four numbers, and each area where a digit needed to be entered was a different colour — yellow, red, green, and pink. At the same time, Lu Chu thought about the piece of coloured paper that he had found. He tried to forcibly pry open the box with the knife, then he turned and started to look for other numbers in the corridor.

Lu Chu was in a shock, didn’t answer, and simply stared at the sight before his eyes in a daze.

After walking through the corridor several times, Lu Chu only found two other coloured pieces of paper with numbers on it. In addition to the first piece, they all fit the first, third, and fourth position, and he couldn’t find the coloured paper belonging to the second position no matter what.

However, what caused Lu Chu to be such a in state wasn’t a world with a sky and moon, with the green grass and colourful forests that people told him about since he was a child.

Without the equipment to know the specific time, and with the restriction of escaping before ‘dawn’, Lu Chu obviously didn’t have much time left.

At this time, the man’s voice sounded again, one word at a time, “Lu Chu, tell me, what did you see.”

At this moment, a faint sound of a nursery rhyme came from the outside. It sounded only from time to time, and was free, faintly discernible, reverberating in the pitch-black and quiet corridor from the outside. At the same time, there was the sound of clear and brisk steps, and unlike the singing sound that didn’t seem neither that near nor far, the sound of the footsteps was so close it felt as if it was right beside him. It made Lu Chu feel a chill without any reason, and he didn’t dare to turn his head back.

Lu Chu quickly picked up the password box, and tried to quickly calm down, studying the box even more carefully.

Then, he realised that this password box didn’t have a ‘confirm’ button, and the password numbers were like a normal luggage, the rolling type. This also meant that there was a high possibility that after he had input all the correct numbers, the box would automatically open.

First, the assumption that ‘entering the wrong number would bring about destruction’; this type of possibility.

if you see this, this is a scrambled version.

The password’s numbers were in the order of ‘0’ to ‘9’, irreversible, and would go back to ‘0’ after reaching ‘9’. This meant that if one considered one of the correct numbers in the password to be ‘9’, this meant that one had to start from ‘0’, and roll over all the numbers before reaching the correct ‘9’.

If this happened, this assumption wouldn’t hold any water, because by the time you rolled it until ‘9’, all the numbers you rolled over in the process would be wrong.

Lu Chu finally reacted, his eyes blinked, and he said in confusion, “I…… didn’t see anything.”

“It’s really simple.” Lu Chu sighed.

Luckily, towards Lu Chu who was used to the unknown and darkness, this wasn’t something difficult.

After he had input the three correct numbers that he had gotten, he could confidently roll the remaining number from the start. Luckily, there was only one unknown number left, saving the trouble of too many results after going through each order and combinations. He only needed to try ‘0-9’, these ten numbers, and the box would automatically open once it reached the correct one.

All of this, from the sudden loss of senses, to his peaceful life being broken…… and his parents passing without any signs, perhaps, he would get the answers once he walked to the end of this staircase.

So, he slowly started to roll the second number.



“Remember, unless you reach the end, don’t open your eyes.”



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It opened.

Inside the box laid a key, and under the key was a bloodstained letter, with hastily written and twisted words, making it difficult to decipher.

Lu Chu looked it over several times, before finally identifying the two lines:

— “The entrance is the exit.”

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— “I’m here to find you, guess, where I will appear.”

Lu Chu wondered, if the ‘I’ on the paper, was the ‘it’ in the tip.

Just at this moment, the nursery rhyme outside suddenly became louder, as if lingering around his ears, sharp, piercing, and impossible to get rid of.

“Bam, bam, bam! Bam, bam, bam!”

Alongside the sound of singing, came the sound of knocking on all four doors along the corridor.

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