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Chapter 22 –  Choosing a shooting location

7 was the first person that Lu Chu had seen, and he was also the person that he believed in the most. 7 knew about his past and the confusion he faced, plus, they had joined hands to escape a desperate situation during the end of the world.

Even choosing to work with Song Gui was simply because it was the best choice in that situation. There wasn’t any trust, and under the constraints of the ‘rules’, they would be unable to harm one another, That was enough.

If he calculated it carefully, it hadn’t even been a month since the man and Lu Chu knew each other, and it’s only been a few days since they broke off contact. But after going through the baptisms of all those life and death situations, Lu Chu had already gotten the illusion that he had known him for a long time. He only spent a night in the second ‘game’, and together with the two days that he had spent in the illusion and his room. However, now, when he saw 7, Lu Chu felt as if they were good friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

The important thing was that Lu Chu still had a lot to ask the man.

No matter how many ways Lu Chu’s mind was turning, on the surface, he still appeared ignorant and curious, and followed the crowd to make way for the five youths.

When Song Gui and 7 walked past Lu Chu, and neither of them paused at all, as if they were strangers that had never met before.

The village wasn’t big, and it didn’t take long for the village chief to show the five young men around the village. Song Gui seemed to be the leader of the five people, and he grinned cheerfully then told the people behind him, “let’s live in this house, it’s near the village entrance, and looks big enough. Plus, it’s also convenient for our equipment.”

The others looked into the yard, and nodded with satisfaction, “Xiao Song1小宋 (Little Song). Nickname, since you’re our director, you can decide. It’s all up to you.”

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Song Gui turned to the village chief and smiled, “which family lives in this house, is it convenient for us to live here?”

“Convenient, convenient!” The village chief smiled again, “there’s a lot of large rooms in this house, and there’s only two people living in there, Auntie Lu and her grandson. Auntie Lu has a very good temper too, why don’t I help you guys ask first?”

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Song Gui nodded, “then we’ll trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” The village chief said, and went into the yard.

The other onlookers whispered, and said that the family was lucky.

Song Gui secretly looked towards Lu Chu, and revealed a sly smile.

That’s right, the house Song Gui chose, was the house that Lu Chu lived in.

The old lady looked at Lu Chu gently, and smiled, “speaking of which, I told this story to you before, when you were very young. It was a long time ago, and I guess you forgot……”

Soon, the village chief led the old lady out in a hurry. The old lady first saw Lu Chu, and reached out to call him over to her side in a loving manner, then looked at the five young men who looked different from the villagers, and asked with a smile, “are you the children that came from the city?”

“Legend has it, that here, a long time ago, lived a playful young teen. He was spoiled by his parents, and although his personality wasn’t bad, but he had always been very naughty and mischievous. One day, his mother wanted him to work harder, so she handed him a sickle, and told him, ‘collect our wheat, and if there’s a snake in the field, you definitely cannot touch nor provoke it. You must also jump over the places where it crawled!”. The young teen didn’t take it seriously, and went out with a sickle just like he was playing. The fields were still a little distance away from their house, and the teen played around as he made his way there, and soon, he arrived.”

Song Gui gave a polite smile, “yes, Granny2奶奶, while also used by grandchildren to call their grandmothers, it’s also used as a term of address for elder women (of white-hair grandmother age) that you’re not related to., we’d like to stay at your place for a while, will it be disturbing you?”

The old woman stopped for a while, and with awe on her face, she continued, “that snake was colourful, extremely good looking, and didn’t have any intention of hurting the young man. The young man was simply curious, and extremely bold, so when he saw the snake, not only did he forget about his mother’s words, he even raised his sickle and brought it down on the snake, and immediately, that snake was cut in half!”

“Ahaha, it won’t, it won’t,” the old lady waved her hands, “just nice, our place is big and we don’t have much people, if you guys don’t dislike it, just stay.”

At the right moment, Lu Chu let out a startled sound, the old woman patted the top of his head to comfort him, before she continued, “this time, the teenager was extremely happy, and felt as if he had done something very brave.

The old lady really felt that it would be good if these young people were able to stay here, since they could be company for her grandson.

“Thank you very much,” they politely replied.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome,” the old lady said, and pushed Lu Chu forward, introducing him to the five people, “this is my dear grandson, Lu Chu, you can just call him Xiao Lu.”3Same with Xiao Song, 小陆 (Xiao Lu/Little Lu) is a nickname.

Lu Chu gave a gentle smile, and nodded towards the people, “hello, I’m Lu Chu.”

“Song Gui.”

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“Yang Cheng.”

“Li Jiapeng.”

“He Mingde.”

“Qi Li.” 47’s name. 7 is Qi (七) in Chinese. While his fake name’s Qi is 祁.

In return, the young men also said their names.

Lu Chu glanced towards 7 a couple of times more, Qi Li…… In the end, it still started with a Qi, and he didn’t know whether it was his real name or not. He still remembered when they first met, the man had said that he only remembered that he was called 7, and he had forgotten everything else. In that case, was unlikely that ‘Qi Li’ was his real name.

After this, they were considered to have met each other. The village chief enthusiastically called several strong men to help the five move their equipment, and Lu Chu also went up to lend a hand.

“However, it only took a few breaths before the snake connected its body back together again, returning to its original form. This time, the teenager was really scared, and he threw the sickle down and ran home.

During this time, Lu Chu found some time and secretly asked Song Gui how he knew where he lived, and Song Gui had said in an exaggerated manner, “Chuchu! I’m paying attention to you all the time!” Hearing what he said, Lu Chu instantly turned away.

Thus, she said, ‘hide in the big vat in our yard, so that it won’t be able to find you, and will simply go away. The teenager heard her, quickly hid in the vat. He was still extremely terrified, and quickly closed the lid again. After a while, the snake came over, it sniffed around, and climbed towards the vat, but didn’t do anything, and simply left after circling thrice around the vat. When the teenager’s mother saw that the snake had gone, she shouted, ‘okay, come out now, it’s gone!’ However, nobody answered her, so, she walked towards the big vat, lifted the cover, only to see a pool of blood left inside it.”

After working for a while, they finally moved everything into the house, and the two cars were simply parked in front of Lu Chu’s place. The few of them weren’t worried that the cars would be stolen, after all, not many people in this village knew how to drive.

When he returned home, he ran towards his mother in the house and shouted, ‘Mom! Mom! A snake is pestering me! Come and save me!’. His mother didn’t know what he had done, and just thought that he had saw a snake in the field, and that snake was simply following its instincts and chasing him.

By the time they were finished their work, it was long past lunch time, and other people, whether they were helping out or just watching, had returned to their own places. The old lady had taken advantage of the time when they were moving all their things to make a bunch of dumplings, and they all had a hearty meal.

In the afternoon, the five young men carried their equipment around and made several rounds around the village. Finally, they decided to use the abandoned courtyard that used to be a school as their main shooting location, and tried their very best to persuade the village chief to give them the keys of the office and the other room.

After hearing the news, Lu Chu thought that he really made the right decision to give up the idea of smashing the window since he wasn’t in a hurry.

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They busied around, and by the time they were finally ready to shoot, it was already the next morning.

Because the room hadn’t been cleaned, the five people swept the room. During this process, Lu Chu didn’t manage to find the opportunity to talk with either 7 or Song Gui alone.

The boy’s cheeks were red, and he was a little rough. His eyes were flickering from side to side, looking particularly active. He also lowered his voice and said, “I heard my mother say, that a few young people came to our village to make a movie. They’re planning to stay with us for a while, they said they wanted to…… choose something…… en…… choose a location! That’s right, they’re here to choose a location!”

That boy was also very excited, “right, I think so too! I heard that they gave quite a lot of money to the village when they came here, and if they are interested in someone’s house, or live in someone’s place, that family would probably get quite a bit of money!”

While Lu Chu was talking with the boy, the village chief had also finished his talk with the five young men, and when he thought about the compensation that the five young men had given him, and village chief thought, that now, the young people in the city were really different, suddenly wanting to make a movie, and that they had also gave their village so much money.


Thinking of this, the village chief had an even wider smile, and told the few people, “since it’s like this, let me show you around the village first. Our village is poor, and we’re not as particular as people from the city. If you want to live in anybody’s house, just say, the people in the village are good tempered and kind.”

Although he had said it in this manner, the village chief still hoped that these people would live in his house, that way, maybe he could earn even more money. But no matter what he was thinking, he still had to go through this.

The five people had driven two cars, and both of them were large off-road vehicles, equipped with their shooting equipment. They were currently parked at the village entrance.

As the people in front scattered, Lu Chu was finally able to see the faces of the five people, and at that moment, he was shocked, frozen to the spot as he stared.

Out of the five people, Song Gui was standing in the centre, and he seemed to have also seen Lu Chu, and was casually waving his hand in this direction. The other people didn’t seem to know what he was doing, but Lu Chu knew that this was Song Gui greeting him.
Early next morning, after eating the breakfast that the old lady made, Song Gui used ‘Xiao Lu is a good kid, and I want him to be my assistant for a while, and let him have some experience, Granny, rest assured that we won’t treat him unfairly when it comes to compensation’ as an excuse, and brought Lu Chu with them.

When they arrived at the abandoned yard carrying their equipment, Lu Chu asked them curiously, “what kind of film are you planning to make?”

Other than Song Gui, Yang Cheng was the most talkative one out of the five, and he laughed, then leaned over to Lu Chu’s ear in a mysterious manner, then lowered his voice and said, “what we’re going to shoot is a…… ghost…… story……”

Yang Cheng looked simple and honest, and had an outgoing personality, but he always liked to play tricks on others.

He Mingde had the appearance and temperament of an intellectual, he pushed his glasses, and told Yang Cheng, “don’t always scare other children.”

The easy-going Li Jiapeng also echoed, “that’s right, that’s right.”

They talked for some time, and soon, they reached the classroom door.

A gust of wind flew by, the grass and leaves rustled, and the classroom door which moved slightly by the wind creaked.

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Yang Cheng laughed, “this place has a quite a good atmosphere.”

He said, then Song Gui opened the door and took the lead to walk in while the rest of the people followed.

7 and Lu Chu were at the end, and when 7 walked passed Lu Chu, he lowered his voice and said, “be careful.”

Lu Chu was a little startled, then his lips slightly curved up, “you too.”

After Song Gui entered into the classroom, he searched through the classroom just like Lu Chu had done. After flipping through the assignment books, he pulled out the keys and told the others, “the atmosphere isn’t bad, let’s go to the other two rooms to see.”

With the last bit said, the story was considered to be over. The old lady patted Lu Chu’s head, and warned him, “many things have spirit, so you definitely mustn’t provoke them. Sometimes, you need to listen to the words of the older generation, it’s all for your own good.”

The first room to be opened was the office, and the moment they opened the door, the smell of dust mingling with the smell of decay spread out, and choked them until they coughed. There were many things in the office, and Song Gui entered and looked around, then casually started talking to the rest as he flipped through the things.

After the madwoman cried out a few times, her voice gradually lowered, she choked, and seemed to be talking to herself. Lu Chu closed his eyes and perked up his ears, before he could sort of make out what she was saying–

In the eyes of the rest, Lu Chu was simply someone that Song Gui looked favourably upon, and an assistant that he had brought. It wouldn’t be too good if he started flipping through things, so Lu Chu could only stand and watch as Song Gui searched, and the others had also started searching.

After the madwoman cried out a few times, her voice gradually lowered, she choked, and seemed to be talking to herself. Lu Chu closed his eyes and perked up his ears, before he could sort of make out what she was saying–

“Later, she told me, everything was because I wasn’t pretty enough. I’m not pretty, I’m not pretty, I…… I’m not pretty!”

“You guys are planning to make a movie, but you don’t have actors?” In this ‘game’, he and Song Gui were teammates, and in order to ensure that Song Gui’s searching wasn’t too obstructive, Lu Chu deliberately guided his conversation with the rest.

They had only known each other for a while, but Yang Cheng particularly liked to tease Lu Chu, he smiled and joked, “we haven’t found the right person yet, why not be our actor, maybe after you become a huge star, you’ll thank us.”

Lu Chu quickly waved his hands and shook his head, “this, I…… I really can’t.”

Yang Cheng continued to joke with him, “you’re still young, and might not understand, but let this big brother teach you an important thing, no matter what, a man cannot say that he can’t.”

Li Jiapeng hit Yang Cheng on the shoulder and said, “go go go,  go do some actual work, and don’t talk nonsense over here.”

He Mingde patted Lu Chu and said, “we’re making a documentary, so there’s no need for actors, and the more realistic it is, the better. When the time comes, we’ll interview the people in the village, and maybe we’ll interview you……hm? If it’s like this, then you might even become a star.”

As always, 7 didn’t speak much, and he just stayed on the spot and fiddled with his camera, as if totally uninterested in the outside world.

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While they were happily chatting here, Song Gui had almost finished searching. Lu Chu noticed that he had secretly put something in his pocket, and thought that he probably found something.

After that, they opened the room where Guo Jianping used to stay.

Guo Jianping had only lived here when he first came to the village. Later, he bought a long-uninhabited courtyard in the village, and he also got married with his two wives here. Up till now, the crazy Wei Rong still lived in the courtyard that he had bought later.

People weren’t actually allowed to live in the rooms of this school building, and it was a place for him to rest for a while if he was tired after teaching. Furthermore, it wasn’t as convenient compared to going back home or resting in the office. However, the opposite was true here. Even if the room had accumulated a lot of dust, and was extremely dirty, one still could see traces of people living here. There were clothes for spring, summer, autumn and winter, daily necessities…… there were all there, and even in certain areas, they found some women’s products.

Yang Cheng joked, “we heard that strange incidents had happened in this village before, so we chose to come here to film it, and we’ve heard a little about what happened twenty years ago. They said that this man who died in a strange manner always thought about his ex-wife, and I feel that these things might belong to his ex-wife. After all, men. The best ones are those they can’t control or get.”

Talking until this point, the woman started to yell again, crying at times and laughing at times, and told the onlookers to avoid all vicious people, until Lu Chu was a little confused.

The others didn’t comment.

The onlookers started to talk about it again, and one of the village women said, “all these years, what she said, it’s just those few words, I love him but he doesn’t love me. If you ask me, women shouldn’t give themselves to men whose origins are unknown, and she deserves to be punished for a lifetime!”

After walking around the room, as the director, Song Gui clapped his hands and said, “let’s shoot some scenes here in the day to see what it’s like, and we’ll come by again when it’s dark, and take a creepier night view.”

The man immediacy replied, “that’s right, this is the infamous madwoman in our village, and she became like this twenty years ago. You younger people should stay away from her, and don’t get stained with this dirty air.”

Everybody heard his words and started to work separately.

After hearing the old lady’s story, if was as if the thing that happened twenty years ago had already been settled. What came to Lu Chu’s mind was this – an ordinary woman gave away her true love but didn’t get a result, and the beautiful woman desired wealth went far away.

After shooting, they returned home and ate a simple lunch, then carried their equipment to the village chief’s house.

The first person they were going to interview was the village chief.

The village chief had no experience in facing the camera, and was awkward for a long time before he calmed down slightly and sat in front of the camera with a somewhat normal mood.

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Song Gui was sitting and controlling the camera, while the rest stood behind him, and waited in silence for everything to start.

After he started filming, they first went quiet for a few seconds, then Song Gui asked, “how many years have you been the village chief here?”

“More than ten years.”

“How’s the current situation in the village?”

“Still okay, all the young people have left to make a living……”


The two of them asked and answered, and the atmosphere was just right. A moment later, Song Gui asked, “has anything strange ever happen in your village?”


Song Gui smiled, “it’s like this; we’re interested in these type of rumours, and the film we make will also attract more people.”

“So it’s like this……” the village chief nodded, and told them somewhat on and off about folklores and legends.

Seeing that he didn’t speak about what they were interested in for a long time, Yang Cheng was somewhat anxious, and he interrupted, “do you know what happened in this village twenty years ago?”

As soon as he heard ‘twenty years ago’, the village chief’s gaze immediately changed. First, he was shocked, then he said, “twenty years ago, it’s true that something strange had happened here before, but that’s all in the past. I know that young people are curious, but it’s better to ask less about this thing.”

A few years later, the man was finally moved by the ordinary woman, so, they got married and even had a child. However, it seemed that the beautiful woman came back, and the man started to go out frequently. His personality became cold, and in the end, an argument led to their child being lost. Most people in the village thought that the man had died in a strange manner, and that it was his unborn child who came back for revenge.

“That……” Yang Cheng still wanted to ask something, but was interrupted with a wave of Song Gui’s hand.

The village people believed in ghosts and gods, so when Guo Jianping died, the situation was too strange. A house filled with chopped snakes and a missing murderer gave his death a lot of mystery, and things that people couldn’t explain would often be considered as ghostly acts.

Song Gui put away the equipment, and politely said to the village chief, “thank you very much for today, we’ll just be filming until here.”

However, the old woman wasn’t too clear about many details, and at the same time, she repeatedly told Lu Chu not to ask about these sort of things, as they weren’t things that young people like him should know.

The village chief wave, “no problem, no problem. Find me in the future if you need anything.”

They thanked him and left the place.

On their way, Yang Cheng wondered, “Xiao Song, why didn’t you let me finish asking? The more they try to keep their mouths shut, the more interesting it is, and we can’t give up such good filming material.”

He Mingde replied on behalf of Song Gui, “we’re not only staying here for a day. There will be opportunities in the future, and if the village chief is unwilling to say, we could still find other people. It’s not worth it if the village chief kicks us out for this.”

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Li Jiapeng added, “besides, we still have to prepare for this evening’s shooting, and to be honest, I feel that the abandoned courtyard gives off a scary feeling, and no matter whether you believe in it or not, it’s better to pay some respects before you go.”

Lu Chu didn’t participate in their conversation, but instead, he in inadvertently looked in 7’s direction. 7 noticed it, looked back towards him, and gave a nod.

Somehow, Lu Chu felt relieved.

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