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Chapter 3 – The Senseless City (1)


Carrot, who was originally rolling about on the spot, suddenly began to run in circles in a hurry. A low growl sounded in his throat, and he would lower his body from time to time and bare his fangs. Lu Chu returned to his senses, didn’t have the time to think about what the man had said, quickly tried to blindly type out the phone number of the girl’s parents in an attempt to call them.

“Beep– Beep–”

A few moments later, a sweet customer service voice sounded — The number you’ve just dialled is currently unavailable, please try again later.

Overly caring about something leads to chaos.

Lu Chu closed his sightless eyes, slightly raised his head and tried to organise his thoughts.

Since the girl had called him instead of her parents, it meant that she couldn’t contact them, so it was useless for him to try and get in touch them.

His thoughts had settled down, and Lu Chu realised that the man seemed to know what was going on. He turned towards the man’s direction, lowered his eyes, and asked, “your ‘started’, what did you mean?”

Even though he couldn’t see the man’s expression, Lu Chu could feel that the man was exceptionally calm, as if he was an outsider who knew and controlled everything. The man stared at Lu Chu and didn’t answer his question. He seemed to be thinking, and after a while, he suddenly asked, “why aren’t you, smiling?”

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Lu Chu didn’t say anything and frowned.

How could he smile?

The man, who didn’t get an answer, stared at the corner of Lu Chu’s mouth for a moment, and calmly said, “it’s already started, but only just started.”

“What exactly has started?”

“You will know.”

Lu Chu didn’t ask anymore, and instead, stood up and got ready to go out. Carrot, who saw his movements, immediately stopped his original anxious actions and followed closely behind Lu Chu, in his eyes had the alertness of a wild beast.

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The man didn’t say a world, and just looked at Lu Chu, who had been smiling gently at him, frowning as he went out of the door in silence.

He knew that Lu Chu would go where the girl was, and find out the truth.

Lu Chu knew where the girl’s home was, but he wasn’t clear which floor and which household it was. There was a walking stick in his hand as he stood at the gate to the girl’s community, with each tap on the ground letting out clacking sounds.

Occasionally, there would be passers-by from the community, and a middle-aged woman saw Lu Chu standing there, unmoving, so she kindly came over and asked him, “what’s the matter, young man?”

Lu Chu heard her words, quickly turned towards her direction, and politely asked, “hello, do you know Zhou Xiran?”

Sometimes, even without the help of Carrot.

“Xiao Ran, that child, of course I know her, but you are……”

Carrot was his guide dog, and the only one in town. Perhaps because he wanted to see such colours, he was used to naming his favourite things their colour. He always felt that the Carrot that accompanied him had bright red fur, just like a carrot in the eyes of others, so his guide dog had such a name. However, his parents had once said that Carrot’s colour was actually dark brown.

“I’m her teacher,” Lu Chu gave a gentle smile, “there’s a little issue so I came to visit her house, but I’m a little confused and don’t know the exact location. Just now, when I called, nobody answered, so I’m a little anxious.”

But who knew.

The people of this town were simple. Not many crimes had occurred, and coupled with Lu Chu’s gentle looks and demeanour, the woman didn’t doubt his words at all. Instead, she said enthusiastically, “ah, so that’s the case. The house is facing the inside, I’ll bring you.”

Lu Chu sat in front of the computer, and when no one came in for counselling, he would do some work with his hands — either sculpting, or making a model. In these days where he couldn’t see, touching the world made him feel at ease.

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Sometimes, he felt as if he didn’t need a guide dog, and just needed a companion.

“No trouble, no trouble. This isn’t a big deal!”

Lu Chu listened to the woman’s footsteps to judge which direction she was walking in, and followed along with Carrot.

“Your dog’s raise very well, he looks very smart and his eyes are very bright, like he has intelligence.”

When she mentioned Carrot, Lu Chu’s smile finally widened, “Carrot’s quite smart, and has been with me since I was a kid.”

“Carrot? That’s a good name, just by hearing it you know he’s good to raise……”

The woman chatted with Lu Chu, and suddenly looked towards his lowered and sightless eyes, and asked instead, “your eyes, what……”

It’s not a wonder that she took so long to notice, as the only blind person in town, in the eyes of normal human beings, being unable to see was akin to being an alien. In this town, it could be classified as ‘urban legend’, or ‘the top 10 unbelievable things in this city’, and it was difficult for ordinary people to notice it immediately. At most, they would think that this person, who slightly lowered his head and didn’t look into other’s eyes was probably just shy.

This wasn’t the first time Lu Chu encountered such a thing, he smiled and said calmly, “my eyes, can’t see.”

“Can’t see?” The woman immediately frowned, “why, it’s just like my husband……”

Lu Chu heard her words and felt his heart sank, “what did you say?”

“My husband,” the woman said, “I don’t know what happened last night, but he suddenly told me that he couldn’t see. At that time, I was still wondering, how could this happen? After a while, he told me that it was alright, causing me to be worried for half a day.”

“You mean that soon, he was okay?”

“Yes,” saying this, the woman suddenly stopped, “this is it. Xiao Ran’s family is on the third floor; her mother and I are old friends.”

At this moment, the woman’s cell phone suddenly rang and she answered it.

The other party said something and the woman frowned, anxiousness appearing on her face, “how can that be, your father was just at home! ……En ……En …… I’ll go back immediately!”

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She hung up and apologized to Lu Chu, “sorry, lil’ bro, something happened at home, and I have to hurry back. Xiao Ran’s home is at 301, at the far side of the third floor.”

Lu Chu smiled, “no problem, I still have to thank you for helping me so much. You should go back first, family matters are more important, I can handle the rest myself.”

The middle-aged woman left in a hurry, and Lu Chu habitually tapped with his walking stick as he went up.

Lu Chu put down the sailboat model in his hand, touched the keyboard with familiarity, and hit the enter key.

“301.” Lu Chu said as he stood in front of the door and said.

“Ding– you have a counselee who is looking for help.”

After hearing him, Carrot barked once, and Lu Chu heart knew that it was here. Carrot was specially trained, and his parents had spent a lot of time developing his guide dog for him, so he could recognise simple numbers.

The man replied, “no need.”

“Ding dong–” Lu Chu rang the doorbell.

Every time it was relatively silent between the two of them, Lu Chu always felt like saying something. He suddenly remembered that the man wasn’t a local, didn’t have luggage, and should probably lack quite a lot of daily necessities, so he asked, “do you need anything?”

Nobody answered. He pressed it twice again, and still, nobody answered, so he knocked on the door and shouted, “Zhou Xiran, are you at home?”

Just at this moment, a woman came up the stairs carrying a few bags, and she asked Lu Chu, “who are you? Why are you at my house door?”

Lu Chu turned upon hearing her voice, “hello, may I ask, are you the owner of this house?”

“I am……” The woman looked at him with suspicion, “do you need something?”

Lu Chu apologised, “sorry to bother you, I’m Zhou Xiran’s friend. Just now, she called me, and it seemed that something urgent had happened and she couldn’t reach you. However, after we chatted for a while, she suddenly hung up the phone. I was worried about her, so I came over.”

The woman was doubtful, but seeing that Lu Chu looked quite handsome, she whispered “what could happen to Xiao Ran?” as she took out the key and opened the door.

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The door opened.

Lu Chu chuckled, “I think that you might need some clothes, if not, you wouldn’t be able to change.”

“Xiao Ran, mother brought back some things–” The woman’s pleasant sounding voice suddenly stopped, then she shouted in horror, “Xiao Ran! Xiao Ran, what’s wrong? Why is there so much blood?”

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The moment Lu Chu opened the door, he smelled the pungent scent Β of blood, and Carrot was behind him barking non-stop.

After a moment of silence, the man said, “sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s so dark, I can’t even see even if I turned the lights on……”

“You have no vigilance.” The two of them were obviously strangers who didn’t even remember each other’s names.

“it’s so quiet, I smashed something, but there’s no sound……”

Lu Chu smiled and shook his head, groped around to open the closet, and said as he took a blanket out of it, “if you wanted to do something against me, there’s no way I can resist at all. Since I let you in, why would I bother to do something more and separate us by a wall? If it was to comfort myself psychologically, I wouldn’t have spoken to you from the start, would I?”

“It hurts, it hurts…… no, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t hurt…… the knife cuts across my legs and arms, but it doesn’t hurt……”

The young girl’s voice floated by in a leisurely manner, morbidly changing without any sound of anger, as if she was just talking to herself. Her mother screamed as she threw herself onto her daughter, and tried to stop the blood flowing out of the girl to no avail, calling for an ambulance with shaking hands.

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“Go back.” The man silently appeared behind Lu Chu.

Lu Chu wasn’t surprised at all by his appearance at all. He knew that the man was always following behind him all this time.

He didn’t turn back, and said quietly, “what exactly has started?

“An infectious disease.”

“What disease.”

“A Senseless City.”

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