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Chapter 30 – There was the same smell at the scene of death

As they drove out of the village, He Mingde asked Lu Chu, “how did you guess that ‘Lin Lin had died a long time ago’?”

Just after Lu Chu had asked Wei Rong this question, surprisingly, she didn’t go crazy,  and instead, she calmed down. After a while, tears ran down her dirty cheeks.

“Dead……” She muttered, “she’s dead……”

It was as if she was in hysterics, and as if she was awake again.  She continued silently crying, and repeatedly said, “dead, dead.”

Lu Chu had gotten the answer he wanted, and he knew that Wei Rong couldn’t receive any more simulation, so he told the rest, “let’s go to A City.”

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After sending another meal to Wei Rong, the five of them drove a van and rushed towards A City.

On the car, Li Jiapeng kept glancing at Lu Chu out of the corner of his eye, as if he wanted to ask something but didn’t dare to speak, and in the end, it was He Mingde who asked the question they all wanted to know.

Lu Chu laughed, “are you suspecting me?”

He Mingde directly nodded, “a little.”

When Li Jiapeng heard him reply in such a manner, he almost lost his voice as he shouted, “Mingde?!”

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“Calm down, right now, you’re seeing everybody as fake, as a ghost.” Song Gui joked.

Lu Chu said, “didn’t we say this before? It’s not only us who wants to know the truth, it also wants this, which is why we’re safe.”

“But who knows what would happen when the truth finally comes out? Will it silence us, or halfway through, when it finds that this doesn’t mean anything, or perhaps it thought it would be better to just kill us all?” He Mingde asked.

First, she widened her eyes, then, she struggled like crazy, tears ran down her face as she cried, and her eyes were filled with fear. The curses that came from her mouth changed into cries that were begging for mercy, “it’s not me! Not me! Retribution, retribution, Guo Jianping, you bastard, they should all die, all die!”

Hearing this, Lu Chu nodded, “what you said makes sense.” Then, he gave a gentle smile and continued, “but what else can we do? Could we avoid it just by sitting down and going along with it? We can only continue on investigating, and who knows, maybe there would still be hope for us to live on.”

Lu Chu sighed, “I’m afraid we won’t be able to ask anything more today, it’s already dark, let’s go back first.”

Song Gui desired nothing more than to stir up trouble, and said, “since there’s still some distance from A City, let’s vote.”

Wei Rong became so crazed that no matter what Lu Chu did, he couldn’t calm her emotions down, and could only get Song Gui to put the photo away, and wait for Wei Rong herself to calm back down.

Everybody asked, “what vote?”

Song Gui thought about it and said, “indeed, we still have many things we need to clarify.”

Song Gui laughed in a somewhat ill-intentioned manner, “of course, it’s the vote for the ghost.”

Li Jiapeng froze, “be…… better not.”

Song Gui raised his eyebrows, “so scared?”

Li Jiapeng gave a bitter laugh and looked at Lu Chu, “a little.”

Song Gui followed his line of sight towards Lu Chu, and Lu Chu chuckled, “you’re suspecting me too.”

Song Gui pretended to be helpless, “ah, everything is possible.” Then, he continued, “come on, everybody, it’s just voting. Who knows, maybe it’s always been around us, always spying on us, and doing this can get its attention?”

He Mingde closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, “what’s the use in having its attention?”

Song Gui shrugged, “who knows?”

In the end, they decided to voice out the person they suspected together.

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“Come on, I’ll go ‘three, two, one’, and we’ll say together.”

However, before they could even talk more about this matter, the next victim had appeared in the village.


Under such circumstances, Lu Chu, who was used to living alone and had sensitive hearing was repeatedly woken up.

“It’s still okay,” Lu Chu paused, then continued, “what about you?”


Lu Chu slept very quietly, lying on his side with his bangs hanging downwards, showing his clear appearance. Song Gui was also okay; occasionally, he would turn, and it wasn’t that big of a movement.


Nobody expected that the next one something would happen to was the village chief.

A room full of men.

He Mingde, “Lu Chu.”

Li Jiapeng. “Lu Chu.”

Song Gui, “Yang Cheng.”

Lu Chu, “Yang Cheng.”

The only one left was Qi Li who was driving the car. He kept his eyes towards the front, and gave a dull, “Yang Cheng,” as if he was putting an end to this vote.

Hearing that he had two votes, Lu Chu felt helpless, “you guys should at least have some confidence in Granny Wang, I’m not ‘someone from outside the village’.”

The reason why Li Jiapeng and He Mingde suspected Lu Chu, was because while it was okay in the beginning when they first met, after something had happened, they noticed that Lu Chu’s behaviour was unlike that of a young adult from a remote village, and he didn’t get surprised when he ran into such a tragic death. He even calmed down really quickly, checked every detail, and even while talking with the crazy Wei Rong….. Every step, he was natural enough for others to believe in him, which was why this made the two of them suspicious.

Lu Chu didn’t have much to say, although he took on this role, it didn’t mean that he always had to play this role all the time. The reason he came into this ‘game’ was to live on, and nothing more.

He Mingde didn’t answer Lu Chu, instead, he expressed some doubt on the fact that all three of them chose to suspect Yang Cheng, “just because Lil’Cheng is….. gone, doesn’t mean that you can let him carry this blame.”

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Lu Chu said, “I didn’t let anybody carry the blame.”

He Mingde looked at the three people who chose Yang Cheng, and was still unsure as he said, “then what’s your basis? You can’t be just guessing blindly.”

If he remembered correctly, every time he woke up, Qi Li was awake.

Song Gui said, “personality.”

In any case, Lu Chu, who knew that nothing would happen felt relaxed, and soon, he fell asleep.

Lu Chu said, “smell.”

Lu Chu found it slightly angering and funny. However, he always knew that it was difficult to communicate with Qi Li, and that he was the type that did things decisively. When Lu Chu heard that nothing would happen to anybody today, he also relaxed. Towards Qi Li, Lu Chu always held some inexplicable fear and dependence, even though he didn’t know where this man came from, and he did know why he seemed to know what was going to happen next.

Qi Li said, “instinct.”

So, he was directly carried out of the room to the other bedroom.

Lu Chu heard Qi Li’s ‘instinct’, and couldn’t resist laughing.

When Qi Li saw that he still wasn’t moving, he didn’t explain anything, but directly bent down and carried Lu Chu up and went outside. Lu Chu was shocked by his actions, but he didn’t dare to struggle, for fear that he might wake the others up.

He Mingde and Li Jiapeng looked at Qi Li, unconvinced, then turned and ask Song Gui, “what personality?”

Saying that, he stood up, and didn’t make any sound at all.

Song Gui said, “who knows?”

Qi Li didn’t answer his question, but asked instead, “too noisy? Let’s change rooms.”

He Mingde frowned, “don’t joke around, is there any meaning in playing these sort of jokes to cause more trouble?”

“I’m not joking, I just feel that it’s him,” The car was too cramped, and Song Gui stretched out his body and asked Lu Chu, “what’s your opinion, what do you mean by smell?”

Lu Chu gave him a profound look.

After arriving in this ‘game’, Song Gui’s performance had always been ordinary, and had Lu Chu be the one to give his idea or opinions first about everything. Lu Chu wouldn’t believe that he really didn’t realise or figure out anything. He still remembered that Song Gui could stay for a long time in the illusion, which showed that he had experienced countless of games, and successfully survived them. Although he hadn’t experience that many ‘games’, but Lu Chu knew, in order to survive through these different but equally dangerous ‘games’, it wouldn’t be a simple matter of luck.

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It could be certain, Song Gui was a smart person; a well-disguised smart person.

He usually seemed casual and uncaring, but nobody knew what he was actually thinking.

As for why in this game, Song Gui didn’t express any constructive comments, and kept pushing Lu Chu to stand out, Lu Chu guessed that he was still observing him, observing to see if there was a need to continue working together.

After all, nobody wanted a bad teammate.

Song Gui was sneakily looking at Qi Li from a corner where nobody else was around, but Qi Li was very alert, and Song Gui was discovered almost immediately, so he had no choice to take his gaze back, but occasionally, he look towards Lu Chu. Something flickered across his eyes – last night, he woke up too…… somehow, he felt that choosing Lu Chu to be his temporary ‘companion’ would bring about a lot of interesting things.

Lu Chu didn’t expose him, and said, “my sense of touch, hearing, and smell is more sensitive compared to an ordinary person.”

Breakfast was made by Lu Chu, he slept well towards the latter part of the night, and got up early in the morning. After checking on Granny Lu, he took up the task of cooking, and Qi Li helped him out. By the time everybody else got up, it was time to eat.

Li Jiapeng said, “then? How could you suspect Lil’Cheng because of this?”

Granny Lu also got up very early, and started cleaning up when the sky was still dark. She knelt in front of the Buddha, burning incense and chanting sutras as she prayed for her grandson.

“On the day of Yang Cheng’s accident, we saw it in that room together.” Lu Chu paused, then continued, “at that time, the smell of blood was very strong, and I didn’t care at first, but after a while, there was some other faint smell mixed in the pungent and thick scent of blood. I’ve smell this scent on Yang Cheng’s body before, and it’s not the smell of soap or any external scent, but Yang Cheng’s own unique scent. But at that time, I didn’t take it to heart. After all, that was the scene of Yang Cheng’s death, and it was normal to have that scent there. Until last night, when we went to check the village chief’s body.”

Li Jiapeng shivered, “you also smelt it?”

Lu Chu nodded, “originally, I was thinking of a way to tell you of this, the village chief’s body was greatly decayed, and the smell of rotting flesh masked the scent of other living creatures. However, after staying in that room for a long time, the scent that was on Yang Cheng’s body was becoming heavier and heavier, and clearing up. That smell—”

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Li Jiapeng still wanted to ask something, when he heard Lu Chu suddenly sad, “just like now.”

Li Jiapeng almost jumped up, “what did you say?!”

“That smell, is just like the one in the car right now. The same.”

Instantly, the moving van fell into a deathly silence.

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