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Chapter 32 – The third person

After that, they learned from the conversation with the old man that Cui Meier’s full name was Liu Cuihe, and she had run with another man to the neighbouring city a few years ago.  The old man didn’t exactly know where she exactly was, because what Liu Cuihe did at that time made the elder feel extremely ashamed, and since she couldn’t be controlled, he simply let her go. They didn’t even contact each other during the New Year and other holidays, so the old man simply took it as if he didn’t have such a daughter in the first place.

The old man still had some questions for Lu Chu and the rest, as they had come to find Liu Cuihe. In any case, even if they’ve broken off their relationship and hadn’t been in contact these few years, in the end, she was still his daughter, and there would still be some concern during important moments.

Song Gui reassured the old man several times, “Grandpa, don’t worry, we’re just investigating some things and looking for a few people with some knowledge of the matter. It won’t affect Ms. Liu and your life.”

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Lu Chu couldn’t say this phrase out, because he wasn’t sure whether this matter would really involve Liu Cuihe. Just as he was thinking about how to persuade the old man to prove them with more information, Song Gui had already coaxed the old man until he was beaming. The old man told everyone, that Liu Cuihe was in the Chengnan District, and although he didn’t know the specific address, but it was probably on Zhongxing Street.

Lu Chu nodded and gave his thanks, exchanged glances with the others, then bid goodbye to the old man. Just as they exited the door, the old man’s son had coincidentally returned.

When the old man’s son saw Lu Chu and the rest of them, he instantly had a look of vigilance on his face. After he learnt that they were looking for Liu Cuihe, his expression became worse and his tone became even harsher, “I don’t acknowledge this sister. That year, she made my parents so angry they almost landed in the hospital, and in the years after that, she didn’t ask about anyone, whether it’s her own child or parents. They raised her in vain, so if you guys are looking for her, then ask someone else!”

Naturally, Lu Chu and the rest didn’t stay long after saw the man speak in such a manner. After looking at each other, they politely said their farewells and left the Liu Family.

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The few of them drove away from this place to Liu Cuihe’s place. They only knew Liu Cuihe’s address was on Zhongxing Street, but  there were countless of residential buildings in this one street, and coupled with the fact that they weren’t clear about Liu Cuihe’s family situation meant that they would be unable to find her in such a short time. The few of them tried to enter into the community and asked around about the Liu family, or about Liu Cuihe’s information, but ended up with nothing. It seems that Liu Cuihe wasn’t the type to come out often, or she wasn’t close with her neighbours, and didn’t know that many people.

Li Jiapeng gave a bitter laugh and looked at Lu Chu, “a little.”

An afternoon went by, and they didn’t gain much. Just as they were getting ready to continue with their search, Song Gui received a call.

Hearing that he had two votes, Lu Chu felt helpless, “you guys should at least have some confidence in Granny Wang, I’m not ‘someone from outside the village’.”

He answered the phone, and it was Granny Lu who called.

The only one left was Qi Li who was driving the car. He kept his eyes towards the front, and gave a dull, “Yang Cheng,” as if he was putting an end to this vote.

Lu Chu’s village was very remote, and the phone signal wasn’t that good either. Lu Chu’s place didn’t even have a telephone. When Granny Lu wanted to get in touch with her children who were working hard away from home, she always went to Old man Hu’s house in the west end of the village to use their landline. Before Lu Chu and Song Gui came out, Song Gui wrote his, Qi Li’s, and the rest of their numbers on a piece of paper and gave it to Granny Lu. At this time, it was Granny Lu calling them using the landline in old man Lu’s house.

Song Gui pretended to be helpless, “ah, everything is possible.” Then, he continued, “come on, everybody, it’s just voting. Who knows, maybe it’s always been around us, always spying on us, and doing this can get its attention?”

The signal at old man Hu’s place wasn’t that good either, and Granny Lu’s words were broken up and unclear. Song Gui tried his best to understand, then went ‘Lu Chu’s okay’ several times before hanging up the phone.

Song Gui followed his line of sight towards Lu Chu, and Lu Chu chuckled, “you’re suspecting me too.”

After hanging up the phone, he glanced at Lu Chu and the rest, then said, “someone died in the village again.”


The few of them rushed back to the village by car.

In the car, Li Jiapeng opened his mouth to speak, hesitated, then after a while, he finally asked Lu Chu, “Lu Chu, could you smell, and see if ‘it’…… is still near us?”

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For some time, the car was so quiet one could hear a needle drop.

Lu Chu closed his eyes, and a moment later, he opened them, “yes, ‘it’s’ not here.”

Li Jiapeng swallowed, “since when was ‘it’ not here?”

“I didn’t give much attention to ‘it’,” Lu Chu said, “because the smell was too faint, and we were eager to find Liu Cuihe, so I didn’t always pay attention to this smell. However, I’m certain that when we left the Liu Family, ‘it’ was still there.”

He Mingde rubbed his arms, and said, “then, ‘it’ specially took a trip back?”

The reason why Li Jiapeng and He Mingde suspected Lu Chu, was because while it was okay in the beginning when they first met, after something had happened, they noticed that Lu Chu’s behaviour was unlike that of a young adult from a remote village, and he didn’t get surprised when he ran into such a tragic death. He even calmed down really quickly, checked every detail, and even while talking with the crazy Wei Rong….. Every step, he was natural enough for others to believe in him, which was why this made the two of them suspicious.

Song Gui shook his head, “I don’t know, maybe ‘it’ felt that we were too slow when it comes to finding people, and got anxious?”

He Mingde and Li Jiapeng looked at Qi Li, unconvinced, then turned and ask Song Gui, “what personality?”

Lu Chu continued, “or, ‘it’ can’t leave the village for too long.”

After arriving in this ‘game’, Song Gui’s performance had always been ordinary, and had Lu Chu be the one to give his idea or opinions first about everything. Lu Chu wouldn’t believe that he really didn’t realise or figure out anything. He still remembered that Song Gui could stay for a long time in the illusion, which showed that he had experienced countless of games, and successfully survived them. Although he hadn’t experience that many ‘games’, but Lu Chu knew, in order to survive through these different but equally dangerous ‘games’, it wouldn’t be a simple matter of luck.

After talking for a while more, they returned to the village.

This one, the one who was killed was a middle-aged man. He died in the same way the village chief did, with a snake that crawled out of this mouth. However, his state was even worse, as it wasn’t a single snake that crawled out of his mouth, but dozens.

This time, the villagers didn’t even dare to watch, afraid that they would be targeted, because the one that had died this time, was one of the people who came with the village chief’s wife to cause trouble previously.

Soon, Lu Chu realised, that the person who had died was one of those he had secretly noticed previously, who’s expression had turned bad after Granny Wang talked about her speculations.

They couldn’t find out anything on the spot, so they rushed about again. They were getting tired and although they wanted to find out the truth of this mater as soon as possible, it was also essential for them to rest and keep their energies up. Thus, they decided to go back to the Lu house to rest of a bit and eat some things, before planning their next step.

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While they were eating, Lu Chu suddenly remembered the first time they went to Granny Wang, when Granny Wang had told him to come by himself the second day. Granny Lu said that this meant that Granny Wang was planning to tell Lu Chu’s fortune only, and most people couldn’t even beg for such a chance.

But that night, something had happened to Yang Cheng, so on the second day, they went to Granny Wang’s place together and asked for a jade talisman.

Thinking about this, Lu Chu still decided to go to Granny Wang’s place alone, so he told everybody about it.

Li Jiapeng was still a little suspicious, but in this situation where Yang Cheng has been determined as a ‘ghost’, he didn’t object to Lu Chu’s intention to go out.

Only Song Gui was still in the mood to joke, “A’Chu, don’t leave the team in a horror movie, and movie zombies don’t target a group. If you go alone, you have to be careful.”

Lu Chu gave a faint smile, then said, “I’ve finished eating, then, I’m going out.”

Song Gui said, “who knows?”

After making some twists and turns, Lu Chu arrived at Granny Wang’s place easily, knocked the door, and the little girl peeked out. When she saw Lu Chu, she opened the door, “Granny said, when you come by alone, just open the door for you.”

“I’m not joking, I just feel that it’s him,” The car was too cramped, and Song Gui stretched out his body and asked Lu Chu, “what’s your opinion, what do you mean by smell?”

When Lu Chu heard this, he thought to himself in his heart, that he should be able to get a lot of useful information after this visit.

The furniture in the house was the same as the previous two times they came, it was dim and solemn, and Granny Wang sat at the table with her eyes closed. After they entered, she opened her eyes and pointed at the place in front of her as she said towards Lu Chu, “sit down.”

He Mingde frowned, “don’t joke around, is there any meaning in playing these sort of jokes to cause more trouble?”

So Lu Chu sat on the other side of the long table, face to face with Granny Wang.

Granny Wang looked at him, and asked, “is there anything that you want to know?”

Lu Chu politely said, “do you know, who ‘it’ is?”

It could be certain, Song Gui was a smart person; a well-disguised smart person.

“I don’t know,” Granny Wang shook her head, “I only know that some in this village had committed an evil, which resulted in this resentful spirit being called. Every time Wei Rong came here, she didn’t say everything.”

“Then, when you asked me to come alone that day, did it have anything to do with this matter?”

“Of course not.” Saying that, Granny Wang stood up, turned towards the altar behind her, bent over and placed two incense sticks, then looked up at him, “child, come over.”

He usually seemed casual and uncaring, but nobody knew what he was actually thinking.

Lu Chu lifted his feet and walked forward.

Granny Wang took his hand, and looked closely at the palm print on it, and muttered something in a language that Lu Chu couldn’t understand. After a while, she said, “a weak life force, a bumpy youth, difficult and lonely. You’ll encounter a disaster in your adult life, and if you have the help of a powerful person, then all your ill luck will turn into good.”

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“Remember, to get help, you have to trust.”

“After all, you, are different, from the rest of us who are doomed to be trapped in here.”

Then, Granny Wang patted his palm, smiled for the first time, and on her dry skeleton like face, her wrinkles folded together.


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