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Chapter 34 – Diary.

While Wei Rong’s creepy appearance had startled the three of them, the thing that surprised the three of them was that Wei Rong neither rushed forward and fight like crazy, nor scream and shout, when she discovered them. Instead, she stood still between the two doors, letting the moonlight shine onto her, stretching her shadow into the house. She stared at them with round, blood-tinged eyes, and like looking at a dead person, she watched them.

This made them feel uncertain for a moment, as if the Wei Rong standing in front of them, was the real ‘Wei Rong’.

Lu Chu tightened his grip on the old flashlight, felt its weight and considered its usefulness as a weapon.


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She pushed the two doors completely open, letting the greatest amount of moonlight shine into the house. Then, she slowly walked towards Lu Chu. As she walked, she said in a happy tone, “Jianping, you’re back, why didn’t you turn on the light?  We have guests at home?”

Lu Chu had a complicated look on his face, tightened his grip on the flashlight in his hand, and didn’t say anything.

“Jianping, are you unwell? Why aren’t you speaking?”

Lu Chu shook his head, “no.”

“Jianping, I listened to you, and locked the storage room next to the toilet. Why did you have me lock it up?  It’ll be so troublesome in the future when we need to use things.”

As she said that, she had already gotten close to Lu Chu, and took a bunch of rusted keys out, “for you, the keys for the storage room. One for each of us.”

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Lu Chu paused for moment, but he still reached out and took the key.

Wei Rong smiled, even if her smile was exceptionally creepy, “then, I’ll go and make some food for the guests. Jianping, wait for me.”

But a guess was a guess, and even if there was a 99% chance for that guess to be true, as long as nobody said that it existed, the fear wouldn’t be as heavy; suffocating people until they couldn’t breathe.

After that, she turned and left the house for to the kitchen next door.

This time, Song Gui didn’t remain a bystander. Instead, together with Lu Chu, he persuaded Li Jiapeng, because he had slowed down everybody’s progress, and it would only be more dangerous for them. Li Jiapeng had started to panic, and He Mingde wasn’t in a good state either, but he still supported Li Jiapeng to try and comfort him, then finally brought him into the car.

With Wei Rong looking like this, it was like hysteria, and she even thought that Lu Chu was Guo Jianping. If was as if her memories had stayed in a certain time period, and it could be seen from the words that she said to herself, that during this time, she was together with Guo Jianping, and Guo Jianping had once asked her to lock up the storage room.

This smell, had always been surrounded them since before the village chief died. Only, at the time, Yang Cheng had just died, and Lu Chu’s attention was placed on other things, so he didn’t pay that much attention to it.

Lu Chu, Song Gui, and Qi Li held the keys, looked at each other, and made the decision that Song Gui would hold the key and go to the specifically mentioned storage room, while Lu Chu and Qi Li would stay behind and deal with Wei Rong.

Fortunately, even though Wei Rong was a little strange, at least, she was still herself, and didn’t have anything weird possessing her. The three of them were men, and they wouldn’t have much problems when subduing a crazy woman.

It seemed like Wei Rong was really planning to cook for this imaginary ‘Guo Jianping’. She wandered off to the kitchen, turned the lights on, and started to look for something to start a fire. After Wei Rong became crazy, the kitchen in her house had never been used, and during mealtimes, it was always her relatives that brought her food. Thus, there was still a large pot and bellows in the kitchen, and every time she wanted to cook, she needed to light a fire, with wood as fuel.

At this time, in the kitchen, other that accumulated layers of dust, there was nothing else. Lu Chu and Qi Li lighted their footsteps and walked out the house, guarding against her and not letting her see at them at the same time. Wei Rong was standing at the same spot, looking at the dilapidated kitchen in a daze.

A moment later, her bloodshot eyes suddenly turned ferocious, and she started to wave her arms like a mad person, shouting and yelling, “Guo Jianping! Guo Jianping! You bastard, you scum! You deserve it! You deserve it!”

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“You’re always thinking of others! You beast! You let me down! You let Lin Lin down!”

“You beast! Beast!”

When Lu Chu and Qi Li heard Wei Rong’s words from outside the door, they glanced at each other, and their thoughts started spinning in their mind.

Just then, Song Gui came out with a book-like thing in his hand, and taking advantage of the fact that they could still see clearly under the moonlight, he made a ‘retreat’ gesture towards the two of them.

The three of them immediately flipped out of the wall.

Wei Rong also seemed to have forgotten the matter of wanting to make a meal for ‘Guo Jianping’, and soon, she ran into the yard shouting and yelling, until even after Lu Chu and the rest had left the courtyard where Wei Rong was, they could still hear her voice.

The three of them hurried back to the Lu house. During this, Li Jiapeng and He Mingde were uneasy, and the both of them had simply started to walk about in the yard.

Truthfully, there were other details that pointed this arrow towards Yang Cheng, but they were too disconnected, and there were too many sub points. It would be too complicated and difficult to explain, thus, it was much easier to simply voice out the truth.

Seeing that Lu Chu and the rest had returned, Li Jiapeng hurried forward, “how is it?”

As for Song Gui’s judgement, since he wasn’t willing to say, and only wanted to watch the show, then he’ll just let him watch. Only, Lu Chu would let him know, that he wasn’t the only one that wanted to select a teammate.

Song Gui took out the book in his hand and shook it when he heard him, “let’s go in and talk.”

She was probably going home after buying those groceries, then, naturally, her home should be nearby.

They immediately followed Song Gui into the house.

Neither Granny Lu or the village chief’s wife remembered Cui Meier’s formal name, and they didn’t even have much impression of her father’s name. After all, they had moved away twenty years ago, but Granny Lu had told them that ‘Liu’ was the surname of Cui Meier’s father.

The five of them sat down around the table, and Song Gui placed the book in the middle, and said, “this is what I found in Wei Rong’s storage room at her place. It looks like a diary.”

“Diary?” He Mingde was surprised, “Guo Jianping’s?”

“Doesn’t seem like it,” Li Jiapeng curiously flipped through the book and glanced at it, and said, “we saw Guo Jianping’s words at the school, and it was a skilled handwriting, while this diary, looks like a diary belonging to a person who had just learned how to write. Furthermore, they’re still improving, the words at the front are small and big, but the ones at the back had stabilised, straight and upright.”

“……” Lu Chu fell silent for a moment, but still said, “there’s a name on the cover.”


Li Jiapeng reeled, “too nervous, I was just too nervous. Let me see, see, this is…… um…… Lin…… Lin Lin?!”

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“That’s right.” Song Gui nodded.

He Mingde’s eyes lit up upon hearing these words. He took the diary from Li Jiapeng’s hands, flipped through it, and began to read the contents.

In the first half of the diary, it was just like a child that had finished her homework that was assigned by a teacher. Inside, it stated that Teacher Guo came to teach them, and told them to develop the habit of keeping a diary every day. Thus, Lin Lin started to write in her diary every day. One could see that at the start, Lin Lin couldn’t recognise that many words, and for those that she didn’t know, she would use Pinyin1The official Romanisation of Chinese characters. 你好 would be nĭ hăo and pictures instead. This caused the few of them some problems while reading, but luckily, there wasn’t any useful information in the first half of the diary, and it was just normal everyday records.

Until later, at the part where Guo Jianping married Lin Lin, it still looked extremely natural, and nothing seemed to be wrong.

The turning point was about a year after Guo Jianping and Lin Lin got married. The originally neat words written down during this time became disordered and messy again, and it could be seen, that Lin Lin’s emotions at that time weren’t very stable.

She had found out about Guo Jianping committing adultery.

One could see it from her tone that she didn’t know who the other girl was, so, that night, she questioned Guo Jianping, but ended up receiving Guo Jianping’s indifference instead. After that, even though Guo Jianping didn’t show it to the outside world, but his attitude towards her became worse and worse, and he even started committing domestic violence.

The few of them found a hotel to stay in near that estate, booked a huge room, and the five of them tried their best to live together.

A few days later, somebody wrote her an anonymous letter, and on it, they said that they were with Guo Jianping’s child, and made an appointment with her that afternoon.

The instant they said this, the old man’s expression changed, “en.”

That afternoon, Lin Lin didn’t end up meeting the writer of the anonymous letter, and instead, she ended up meeting a few drunkards from the village. The few of them were half-drunk, and said that somebody had told them that they could have sex with Lin Lin by giving some benefits, so, they plotted and tried to do something illicit against Lin Lin. Lin Lin resisted, and ran towards her home. She had also managed to bit off a piece of meat from one of them, and finally, she was beaten up by the angry people, and coincidentally, the village chief and passed by, and stopped the fight.

Their luck was quite good, and coincidentally, there was someone at home. After asking some questions, this person was indeed the one that had moved out from their village twenty years ago.

Lu Chu politely asked, “excuse me, is Cui Meier your daughter?”

The village chief sent Lin Lin back to Guo Jianping’s place, and Lin Lin, who had bruises all over her body, thought that the village chief was on her side, but she never expected that the village chief would tell Guo Jianping, ‘you know the men in our village, there aren’t any bad ones. This time, they ended up beating a woman because they drank too much. For this matter, let’s keep quiet about it, after all, some of the guys in that group still haven’t married a wife.’

Song Gui patted Lu Chu’s shoulder, “great, let’s go find that house first.”

Guo Jianping said with a smile, ‘I understand, understand’, and didn’t bring Lin Lin to the doctor.

Subsequently, Lin Lin recorded some of the non-physical abuse that Guo Jianping had committed.

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Then, Lin Lin wrote, that she wanted to followed Guo Jianping, to see who that woman was.

The diary abruptly stopped there.

Lu Chu said, “I think, after that, Lin Lin was killed.”


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