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Chapter 36 – Lu Chu’s perception

Li Jiapeng said weakly, “don’t……”

Lu Chu laughed, “actually, if you know how ‘it’ looks like, where it is, or if it exists, everything becomes less scary, don’t you think so?”

Li Jiapeng shook his head very quickly, “now, I can’t feel a single thing, and don’t feel like feeling a single thing?”

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When Lu Chu heard this, his expression sunk and he whispered, “Li Jiapeng…… behind you……”

When Li Jiapeng heard this, his whole person jumped up, and shouted as he ran behind He Mingde, “ah! What?! What?! What thing?!”

With his lips curling up, Lu Chu gave a gentle smile, “there’s nothing at all.”


Lu Chu said in a serious manner, “truthfully, the scariest thing isn’t a ghost. The scariest thing is ‘if there is a ghost’.”

“……” Li Jiapeng was still immersed in the fear he had experienced just now, “…… whatever you said is correct.”

Song Gui gave a proud laugh, “ah, Lu Xiaochu1lit. Lu Little Chu, a pet name., you’ve learnt the bad things.”

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“Okay,” Qi Li said, “let’s stop here today. Take a good rest tonight since we still have a lot of things to do tomorrow.”

“True,” Song Gui stretched, “let’s wash up and sleep.”

They took a simple shower, washed up, got ready for bed, and still squeezed in a room.

In order to not let Granny Lu get too involved with this matter, Lu Chu rejected staying with Granny Lu.

Lu Chu shook his head, “no.”

After that, she turned and left the house for to the kitchen next door.

With Wei Rong looking like this, it was like hysteria, and she even thought that Lu Chu was Guo Jianping. If was as if her memories had stayed in a certain time period, and it could be seen from the words that she said to herself, that during this time, she was together with Guo Jianping, and Guo Jianping had once asked her to lock up the storage room.

Lu Chu, Song Gui, and Qi Li held the keys, looked at each other, and made the decision that Song Gui would hold the key and go to the specifically mentioned storage room, while Lu Chu and Qi Li would stay behind and deal with Wei Rong.


Fortunately, even though Wei Rong was a little strange, at least, she was still herself, and didn’t have anything weird possessing her. The three of them were men, and they wouldn’t have much problems when subduing a crazy woman.

“You’re always thinking of others! You beast! You let me down! You let Lin Lin down!” “You beast! Beast!” When Lu Chu and Qi Li heard Wei Rong’s words from outside the door, they glanced at each other, and their thoughts started spinning in their mind.

The next day.

Everybody woke up early, and Li Jiapeng and Song Gui first went to Wei Rong’s home, to see if she planned to run to Granny Wang’s place, while Lu Chu, Qi Li, and He Mingde prepared some tools that they might need to use. If Wei Rong went to Granny Wang’s place before Lu Chu and the rest finished their preparation, then they would go to Wei Rong’s place and check through the storage room, if not, they would rush to the city, and look for Liu Cuihe.

Lu Chu and the rest first packed up the tools that they would might in the storage room, just in case they weren’t fully prepared if Song Gui sent over news that Wei Rong had gone to Granny Wang’s place.

The three of them organised two backpacks, and placed everything that they thought would be of use in it. Also, after they ran to the city yesterday, Granny Lu didn’t feel at ease, and went to Granny Wang and a spiritual woman from a further village to ask for things that were supposed to contain ghosts. He Mingde laughed and said that they were like wizards getting all dressed up and going off to fight the devil. When Lu Chu heard it, he said at least it was a wizard with things that would work.

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By the time they were almost ready, Song Gui gave them a call.

Just then, Song Gui came out with a book-like thing in his hand, and taking advantage of the fact that they could still see clearly under the moonlight, he made a ‘retreat’ gesture towards the two of them.

The three of them immediately flipped out of the wall.

He Mingde quickly picked it up.

Seeing that Lu Chu and the rest had returned, Li Jiapeng hurried forward, “how is it?”


On the other side, Li Jiapeng quickly replied, “Wei Rong went out in an odd manner, and turned towards another street. It seems like she’s going over to Granny Wang’s and probably won’t be back for a while, quickly, you guys come over!”

The three of them hurried back to the Lu house. During this, Li Jiapeng and He Mingde were uneasy, and the both of them had simply started to walk about in the yard.

“Got it.”

Hanging up the phone, He Mingde looked at Lu Chu and Qi Li, “Wei Rong went out.”

Lu Chu nodded his head and carried one of the bags, “let’s go.”

He Mingde and Qi Li each took a couple of small shovels and followed behind.

As too many murders had been happening in the village these past few days, the ones that could move away moved, as for those that couldn’t, they would close their doors even in the daytime. This ensured that the villagers didn’t see Lu Chu and the others’ strange behaviour.

The three of them quickly made their way to Wei Rong’s house and met up with Song Gui.

Lu Chu asked, “how is it?”

Song Gui took his tools and said, “she’s left for some time. Let’s move quickly, Lu Xiaochu, you’ll be doing it based on your feeling. Wherever you think has a weird smell, or looks weird, we’ll dig at that spot.”

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Lu Chu, “let’s go.”

The storage room wasn’t that big, and it would be a waste for five people to go in, moreover, it couldn’t fit all of them. Thus, they decided to let Lu Chu judge where they should search, and leave behind two people to search in the storage room. Out of the three remaining, one would be on the lookout, and two would go to the main north room, where they didn’t have time to see the previous time.

Li Jiapeng joked, “there aren’t many people left in the village, and if Wei Rong returns, she’s just a crazy woman. The five of us are men, why do we need a lookout for? Can’t we just meet her head on?”

Lu Chu didn’t even raise his head, “sure, it’s up to you.”

Li Jiapeng shook his head, “no need, no need, you think too highly of me. I’ll get nightmares if I meet her head on……”

Song Gui took out the book in his hand and shook it when he heard him, “let’s go in and talk.”

Sometimes, madmen were scarier than ghosts.

“Doesn’t seem like it,” Li Jiapeng curiously flipped through the book and glanced at it, and said, “we saw Guo Jianping’s words at the school, and it was a skilled handwriting, while this diary, looks like a diary belonging to a person who had just learned how to write. Furthermore, they’re still improving, the words at the front are small and big, but the ones at the back had stabilised, straight and upright.” “……” Lu Chu fell silent for a moment, but still said, “there’s a name on the cover.”

Until later, at the part where Guo Jianping married Lin Lin, it still looked extremely natural, and nothing seemed to be wrong.

The labour ended up being divided like this; Lu Chu and Qi Li would check the main north house, Song Gui and He Mingde would check the storage room, while Li Jiapeng would be responsible for being on the lookout. Although Li Jiapeng was somewhat timid, but he tended to be more careful, and his eyesight was also good, thus it would be the most appropriate for him to be on the lookout.

After dividing up the work, Lu Chu first went along with his intuition to the storage room, and the smell the became stronger made him feel uncomfortable for a moment. He shook his head, and asked the others, “can you smell it?”

The others asked, “smell what?’

Lu Chu, “the smell in the storage room is stronger.”

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Song Gui asked, “are you sure it isn’t the smell of the toilet next door?”

“It’s not the same,” Lu Chu shook his head, “I can differentiate between bananas and apples, although, they do smell much better.”

Until later, at the part where Guo Jianping married Lin Lin, it still looked extremely natural, and nothing seemed to be wrong.

“Or, perhaps,” He Mingde frowned, “‘it’s closer to us?”

Until later, at the part where Guo Jianping married Lin Lin, it still looked extremely natural, and nothing seemed to be wrong.

Lu Chu thought for a moment, then rejected it, “it’s still a little different, I can’t explain it.”

Song Gui smiled, “I think, when this is over, why not go and learn how to exorcise evil, Lu Xiaochu?”

he turning point was about a year after Guo Jianping and Lin Lin got married. The originally neat words written down during this time became disordered and messy again, and it could be seen, that Lin Lin’s emotions at that time weren’t very stable.

Lu Chu said, “that works, it’s a making a living.” After saying that, he suddenly pointed to the southeast corner of the storage room, “this area, dig it up.”

“What?” He Mingde asked doubtfully.

he turning point was about a year after Guo Jianping and Lin Lin got married. The originally neat words written down during this time became disordered and messy again, and it could be seen, that Lin Lin’s emotions at that time weren’t very stable.

Lu Chu rubbed the space between his eyebrows, “intuition.”

Song Gui gave the final word, “dig.”

Following that, Song Gui and He Mingde left and began to dig the ground in the corner of the storage room, while Lu Chu and Qi Li went to the north house.

The previous two times they came to the north house, they were occupied with questioning Wei Rong, didn’t observe the area, and only managed to get an impression of the dirty environment, while this time, the two of them were going to take a closer look. They glanced around, didn’t gain anything, and Lu Chu also didn’t notice anything strange.

Just when Lu Chu was planning to split up with Qi Li to start searching, Qi Li suddenly told him, “in the next ‘game’, choose a single person task.”

“En?” Lu Chu looked up at him in surprise.

If Lu Chu remembered correctly, he still hadn’t had the chance to tell Qi Li that Song Gui was his teammate for the time being. Therefore, Qi Li shouldn’t have known that Song Gui was someone who was selected, and that this was a two-person task. However, listening to Qi Li’s tone, he seemed to understand a lot about this particular ‘game’.

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Qi Li knew that Lu Chu was quite surprised, but this wasn’t the time to explain too much, and many things had happened so long ago that even Qi Li couldn’t remember them himself, just like how he forgot his own name. Just as he was about to make a long story short, Song Gui suddenly called Lu Chu from the outside.

The two of them had no choice but to stop their conversation and quickly go out.

When the two of them reached the storage room, Lu Chu then saw the object that had been dug up in the southeast corner – an entire skull.

The village chieff sent Lin Lin back to Guo Jianping’s place, and Lin Lin, who had bruises all over her body, thought that the village chief was on her side, but she never expected that the village chief would tell Guo Jianping, ‘you know the men in our village, there aren’t any bad ones. This time, they ended up beating a woman because they drank too much. For this matter, let’s keep quiet about it, after all, some of the guys in that group still haven’t married a wife.’

The moment he saw the skull, Lu Chu instantly felt giddy, and countless unclear scenes flashed before his eyes, and after a moment, this dizziness stopped. Then, Lu Chu followed this feeling and went to the open area behind the north house, dug out a hand bone, and in the field not too far away, dug out a few more leg bones.

By the time Lu Chu returned to his senses, he frowned and told the others, “it seems, she’s been divided.”

Song Gui stared at Lu Chu, thoughtful.


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