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Chapter 37 – The moving skeleton.

With honouring the dead in mind, they didn’t immediately move the dead bones.

When he saw that Lu Chu had found several buried parts, He Mingde’s gaze on Lu Chu changed.

Qi Li’s gaze on Lu Chu turned profound, and Lu Chu could sense a trace of worry in his eyes. Qi Li went silent for some time, then asked, “can you find any other remains?”

So far, they had found three pieces of the dead body; the head, right hand, and right leg.  They dug deeper, and saw that the hand had been cut off together with the arm, and the right leg was also with the right foot. From the way the victim had been divided, they needed to find the left leg, left arm, and torso next.

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Lu Chu closed his eyes, concentrated for a moment, then opened his eyes and said, “the rest have been buried further away, I need to walk around.”

Song Gui still had the time to joke, “that’s the style of a master.”

He Mingde frowned and looked at the remains, “what are we going to do after we find all the parts? Call the police?”

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“Call!” Li Jiapeng, who had heard the movement awhile time ago and came over to see said, “it’s still a homicide, so why not call the police?”

Song Gui raised his eyebrow, “are you sure it’s a homicide?”

“Let’s set this matter aside first, we have to quickly find the rest of the bones.” Lu Chu said, then he turned to Li Jiapeng, “Li Jiapeng, continue to be on the lookout first, I’ll walk around the area.”

Li Jiapeng immediately said, “okay.”

Then, Lu Chu found the parts one after another, and lastly, there was only the torso left.

Lu Chu shook his head, “no.”

This village was considered to be very remote, and they had a small population size. Each family had their own field, and behind Wei Rong’s place was a large wheat field. Occasionally, they could see a mound of earth in the vast field, and a tree was planted next to this mound, which acted as a gravestone. This was a custom that had been passed down in the village, for each person they buried, they had to plant a tree near their grave.

“You’re always thinking of others! You beast! You let me down! You let Lin Lin down!” “You beast! Beast!” When Lu Chu and Qi Li heard Wei Rong’s words from outside the door, they glanced at each other, and their thoughts started spinning in their mind.

Lu Chu walked towards the grave based on what he felt, and looked at this tree that was unusually tall, looked a little old, and had a lush foliage. Then, he turned towards the others following behind him, “here.”

Fortunately, even though Wei Rong was a little strange, at least, she was still herself, and didn’t have anything weird possessing her. The three of them were men, and they wouldn’t have much problems when subduing a crazy woman.

He Mingde hesitated, “are you sure?”

Lu Chu, Song Gui, and Qi Li held the keys, looked at each other, and made the decision that Song Gui would hold the key and go to the specifically mentioned storage room, while Lu Chu and Qi Li would stay behind and deal with Wei Rong.

Lu Chu nodded his head, “it’s not this grave, but right next to it. Perhaps at that time, the killer was eager to destroy the evidence, so they didn’t even look around before finding a place to bury.”

After that, Lu Chu bowed towards the grave, “sorry for disturbing, we only want to find the person next to you, and give her back her complete body.”

The rest of them also quickly bowed.

Fortunately, they were very careful as they dug, and didn’t touch the grave at all. One should know, after these few days, they were very respectful towards these ghosts and gods, and didn’t dare to offend them.

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It’s better to believe in it, than not believe at all.

After digging up the bones, He Mingde sighed, “who could have actually done and dared to do something like dividing up a corpse, aren’t they afraid of facing their conscience at night?”

After that, she turned and left the house for to the kitchen next door.

Lu Chu said, “I don’t know if the murderer will feel uneasy due to their conscience, but now, at least their body would feel uneasy.”

With Wei Rong looking like this, it was like hysteria, and she even thought that Lu Chu was Guo Jianping. If was as if her memories had stayed in a certain time period, and it could be seen from the words that she said to herself, that during this time, she was together with Guo Jianping, and Guo Jianping had once asked her to lock up the storage room.

“Are you sure this body is Lin Lin’s?” He Mingde asked.

Guo Jianping said with a smile, ‘I understand, understand’, and didn’t bring Lin Lin to the doctor.

Lu Chu nodded, “if our previous reasoning is correct, and the ghost is Lin Lin, then this skeleton also belongs to her.”

Subsequently, Lin Lin recorded some of the non-physical abuse that Guo Jianping had committed.

Due to this, Lu Chu had found out that he could distinguish the soul from the body. It was obviously the same smell, yet there were some subtle differences. For example, the scent of the soul is probably fresher.

They discussed this matter for a moment, and just as they were about to deliberate about how to bury Lin Lin’s bones, they heard He Mingde’s trembling voice as he pointed towards the pit that they had just dug, “you…… you guys look……”

The few of them looked in the direction that he was pointing in and suddenly discovered that Lin Lin’s torso that they had just dug up had disappeared.

Lu Chu instantly was drenched in cold sweat.

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They looked at each other, went to the other points, and realised that the other bones in the pits had all disappeared, including the skull in the storage room.

Then, Lin Lin wrote, that she wanted to followed Guo Jianping, to see who that woman was.

Li Jiapeng said weakly, “don’t……”

Li Jiapeng looked at the way the rest were panicking and asked curiously, “what’s wrong? What happened?”

When Lu Chu heard this, his expression sunk and he whispered, “Li Jiapeng…… behind you……”

Lu Chu frowned, and said with a serious tone, “it’s not so good.”

Li Jiapeng shook his head very quickly, “now, I can’t feel a single thing, and don’t feel like feeling a single thing?”

When Li Jiapeng heard his serious tone, he unconsciously also became serious, “what?”

Lu Chu laughed, “actually, if you know how ‘it’ looks like, where it is, or if it exists, everything becomes less scary, don’t you think so?”

He Mingde said, “the bones are gone.”

Li Jiapeng stared, “it can’t……”

Lu Chu rubbed his temples, and a moment later, he said, “go. Let’s go find Liu Cuihe.”

“Not going to look for the skeleton?” Li Jiapeng wondered.

Song Gui touched his chin, and asked Lu Chu, “what do you think?”

“I can still feel ‘it’s soul near us, and I think, we still have to figure out the truth first.”

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Qi Li collected the tools that they had prepared, “in that case, this shouldn’t be delayed, and let’s go back and change then go to the city.”

Lu Chu nodded, “okay.”

They quickly changed their outfits and drove to Zhongxing Street.

The process of finding someone was particularly difficult, and they felt that she might have even changed her name. Lu Chu had already taken out the group photo of Liu Cuihe and Guo Jianping, pointed to how Liu Cuihe had looked when she was young, and asked if they knew anybody who looked like this, but they still didn’t manage to find anyone.

After searching for some time, the five of them met up at their agreed place.

When Li Jiapeng heard this, his whole person jumped up, and shouted as he ran behind He Mingde, “ah! What?! What?! What thing?!”

Li Jiapeng, He Mingde, and Qi Li said that they had found nothing, and only Song Gui had a clue.

They took a simple shower, washed up, got ready for bed, and still squeezed in a room.

In order to not let Granny Lu get too involved with this matter, Lu Chu rejected staying with Granny Lu.

Song Gui pointed to a building not that far away, “there’s a family over there that suits this, but the lady of the house is called Liu Feng.”

“Okay,” Qi Li said, “let’s stop here today. Take a good rest tonight since we still have a lot of things to do tomorrow.”

“It might be her, if she really changed her name.” Li Jiapeng said, “but it’s strange, why hasn’t anyone here seen her before?”

“……” Li Jiapeng was still immersed in the fear he had experienced just now, “…… whatever you said is correct.”

Lu Chu said, “maybe we over-complicated things. The Liu Family told us that Liu Cuihe might live here now, but they never said that she had lived here all this while. If she had just moved here not long ago, and didn’t like going out, then it’ll be normal for her neighbours not to know her.”

Song Gui nodded, “that’s right, this family just moved in less than a year ago.”

Lu Chu, “then, let’s go and see.”

The few of them came to the building that Song Gui had mentioned, and He Mingde asked, “which floor?”

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“Thirteen.” Song Gui said, “1302.”

They pressed the elevator.

Just at this time, Song Gui received a call, and it was from Granny Lu.

Lu Chu frowned, and his expression turned serious. After Song Gui hung up the phone, he asked, “something happened to someone again?”

Song Gui nodded and told the rest, “yes, this time, it’s three.”

Three people, and Lu Chu guessed that it was those people from before, who had a strange expression.

“Let’s hurry.” Li Jiapeng urged, “what if she took revenge on everybody that she wanted to, and we still haven’t found Liu Cuihe, would she end up implicating us?”

“Calm down,” Lu Chu said, “I have a hunch that everything is going to end soon.

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