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Chapter 39 – End.

This was Lin Lin’s memories, so naturally, they could only see things from Lin Lin’s perspective, and it ended the moment she died. Throughout this, indeed, there wasn’t a person like ‘Liu Cuihe’.

However, Liu Cuihe, who had been manipulated all this while was looking at everything with a pair of dull eyes with tears running down her face. She wanted to shake her head or move, but couldn’t do anything at all.

Then, Lin Lin’s body before in the illusion started to decay, and her originally fresh skin dried and crumbled. Just like she had crawled out of hell, she slowly approached Liu Cuihe with dishevelled hair covering up her face, a messed up torso, and a choking scent.

Liu Cuihe was so scared her whole entire body was shaking, yet she was stuck in place by an unknown force and couldn’t move, as watched Lin Lin’s rotten body crawled along to in front of her chubby body.

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Lin Lin’s half rotten face was covered by her grass-like hair as she faced Liu Cuihe, opened her mouth and said, “that person…… is you.”

Liu Cuihe was so scared she became incontinent, and kept saying, “no…… no……”

The scene around them changed, and the scene of Guo Jianping’s death appeared, and the snakes covering the ground and bright red blood stimulated Liu Cuihe’s eyes. After that, the sight of the village chief and other men’s death appeared, and the snakes that crawled out of their mouth brought with them a foul stench of blood as they slowly climbed to Liu Cuihe’s feet.

One…… two…… three…… until the snakes were all piled up, entwining with each other as they crawled and twisted together, accompanied with a noisy hissing sound.

Liu Cuihe’s eyes had long rolled up, but she was as awake as she could be, unable to pass out, and could only feel and hear the sound of snakes crawling around her feet.

“They’re all dead,” Lin Lin gave a gruesome smile, “I killed them.”

Her voice was very dry and muffled, as if there was sand in her throat, “let me enter into your memories, and I’ll let you go.”

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Liu Cuihe was in a daze, and could only repeatedly blink as she reacted, “yes! Yes! Let me go! Let me go!! I didn’t do it; it was Guo Jianping! Everything was Guo Jianping’s fault!”

It was only then that Lu Chu understood Lin Lin’s intention. She wanted to broadcast Liu Cuihe’s memories, and see how much Guo Jianping had cheated her at that time, or perhaps, she wanted to see who divided her corpse up after she died. Maybe there was a limit to this method of peeping into another person’s memories, such as the person involved needed to agree, which was why Lin Lin asked Liu Cuihe in this manner.

After Liu Cuihe agreed, a very long and thin snake slithered up her body and climbed into her mouth. Liu Cuihe cried and wanted to vomit, but was terrified by Lin Lin’s appearance and couldn’t move, and could only let the serpent enter her mouth.

At this time, the scene completely changed again, and their surroundings turned to Liu Cuihe’s perspective.

Following that, Song Gui and He Mingde left and began to dig the ground in the corner of the storage room, while Lu Chu and Qi Li went to the north house.

Liu Cuihe was younger than Lin Lin by several years, and only started studying at Guo Jianping’s place after Lin Lin and Guo Jianping got married. At the start, everything was normal, later, both of them had similar inclinations, and so they hooked up. After the two of them started their affair, every night, Liu Cuihe would tell her family that she needed tutoring then run to the school after eating. Guo Jianping would also use the same excuse, and would fool around with Liu Cuihe in the resting area. Gradually, even feminine products were openly placed in the room, in any case, Lin Lin was very busy, and it had been a long time since she came to the school.

The previous two times they came to the north house, they were occupied with questioning Wei Rong, didn’t observe the area, and only managed to get an impression of the dirty environment, while this time, the two of them were going to take a closer look. They glanced around, didn’t gain anything, and Lu Chu also didn’t notice anything strange.

Later, Lin Lin started to notice something was up and started to argue with Guo Jianping. After Liu Cuihe learnt about this, she used her left hand to write a letter, and said that she was with child and wanted to meet Lin Lin. However, she didn’t go, and instead, she told the drunkards in the village that they could have sex with Lin Lin by giving some benefits.

If Lu Chu remembered correctly, he still hadn’t had the chance to tell Qi Li that Song Gui was his teammate for the time being. Therefore, Qi Li shouldn’t have known that Song Gui was someone who was selected, and that this was a two-person task. However, listening to Qi Li’s tone, he seemed to understand a lot about this particular ‘game’.

After that, was the night that Lin Lin decided to personally pay a visit, and Liu Cuihe burrowed into the quilt in a hurry while Lin Lin was dragged home by Guo Jianping.

Three days after that, Guo Jianping suddenly asked Liu Cuihe to go to his house. Liu Cuihe was very surprised, and asked him if Lin Lin was there, but Guo Jianping shook his head and said that she wasn’t there anymore.

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So Liu Cuihe was sceptical as she went to Guo Jianping’s place.

After she arrived at his house, Guo Jianping didn’t say a single word and brought Liu Cuihe into the storage room. Curious, Liu Cuihe walked in, but the moment she saw Lin Lin’s body lying on the ground, she almost screamed in fright. However, Guo Jianping quickly covered her mouth, and after she calmed down, he told her, “Lin Lin ‘ran off with another man’, and we’ll get married after a while.”

Qi Li knew that Lu Chu was quite surprised, but this wasn’t the time to explain too much, and many things had happened so long ago that even Qi Li couldn’t remember them himself, just like how he forgot his own name. Just as he was about to make a long story short, Song Gui suddenly called Lu Chu from the outside.

Liu Cuihe was scared, and never expected that she would end up causing someone to pay their life.  Guo Jianping smiled, and with his glasses, he looked very polite, however, his next action scared Liu Cuihe silly – she saw him pick up a sickle, and look towards Lin Lin’s body. Liu Cuihe was so frightened that she wanted to turn around and run, but Guo Jianping dragged and pressed her into a corner. She looked at how crazy Guo Jianping was, didn’t dare to say much, and could only close her eyes tightly.

The moment he saw the skull, Lu Chu instantly felt giddy, and countless unclear scenes flashed before his eyes, and after a moment, this dizziness stopped. Then, Lu Chu followed this feeling and went to the open area behind the north house, dug out a hand bone, and in the field not too far away, dug out a few more leg bones.

It was if a long time had passed, until she started to become used to the sound of bones being cut apart, when Guo Jianping pulled her up and said, “Lin Lin ran away with a another man.”

The two of them had no choice but to stop their conversation and quickly go out.

Liu Cuihe knew that she should be scared, but she didn’t know why there was a weird feeling of pleasure. She had always been jealous of Lin Lin, and this was the same kind of pleasure she felt in the depths of her heart when she had an affair with Guo Jianping.

She looked into the storage room, the body was long gone, and only in the corner of the storage room did it seem like the earth there had just been dug up, and a strand of hair peeked out from the dirt.

Neither of them noticed that there was a snake lurking in a dark corner.

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After that, Liu Cuihe’s family moved out of the village, and Lin Lin became someone who ‘ran away with another man’ while Guo Jianping married Wei Rong.

There was no need to mention how the both of them met again, and a few years after Guo Jianping married Wei Rong, Lin Lin’s resentment which had been accumulating for too long eventually turned her into a resentful ghost, and she killed Guo Jianping.

They went up to the thirteenth floor uneasily, and pressed 1302’s doorbell.

Everything had been explained.

When Liu Cuihe heard this, she immediately showed a suspicious expression, then looked at Lu Chu and asked, “who are you?”

Lin Lin let go of Liu Cuihe, and a tears of blood ran down her rotten face. Lu Chu thought that she must have loved this man very much, which was why she was merciless when she had killed him.

Lu Chu retreated slightly to avoid being splashed by the woman’s saliva, then took a closer look at her appearance. Even though she had gained weight, Lu Chu still managed to recognise her, and he said decisively, “you’re Liu Cuihe.”

Liu Cuihe collapsed on the ground in tears.

For some time after they rang the doorbell, nobody came to open the door, and just as they thought that nobody was home, the door opened with a ‘clack’. A chubby middle-aged woman reluctantly opened the door, “who? Keep pressing the doorbell – the hell you pressing for?!”

She murmured, “it’s not me…… not me…… it’s all Guo Jianping, let me go……”

Lu Chu thought for a bit and still asked Lu Chu, “has Yang Cheng always been you?”

Lin Lin looked at him, and another illusion appeared in front of them.

It turned out that Yang Cheng had died before he and everybody else came to the village. At that time, they were planning on making a film, and Yang Cheng came into the village beforehand to investigate the situation, but stumbled into a well, and became possessed by Lin Lin, who had been accumulating her resentful energy for over twenty years.

After seeing this, Li Jiapeng suddenly pointed at something and made a sound of exclamation. Everybody immediately turned to look in the direction that he was pointing, only to see that Lin Lin’s resentful energy had dissipated, her soul had ignited, and there was no more emotion in her eyes. Whether it was hate, or love, they all turned into nothing with the burning of her soul.

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Lu Chu felt that his whole body became light, and ‘it’s scent had slowly disappeared, not longer surrounding them.

At the same time, the illusion disappeared, and everybody returned to standing in Liu Cuihe’s house twenty years later.

They looked at each other in a daze.

“It’s ended.” Song Gui sighed.

Li Jiapeng’s heart was still thumping, “this, has Lin Lin fulfilled her last wish?”

Lu Chu gave a slight smile, “I’m from the same hometown as you. Do you know Lu Guoming? I’m his grandson.”

Liu Cuihe recalled for a moment, then asked suspiciously, “Uncle Lu’s grandson?”

He Mingde nodded “she’s killed the ones she wanted to kill, and also found out that truth about that year. Her vengeance has been resolved and her heart has frozen too, it’s time for her to go.”

Qi Li frowned and used his hand to pushed the door open strongly. At this moment, Liu Cuihe’s whole body was leaning on the door, and his movement caused Liu Cuihe’s centre of gravity to become unstable as she almost fell to the ground. Just as Liu Cuihe wanted to scold him after she stood firm again, she ended up frightened by his fierce gaze.

Lu Chu was thoughtful, “in the story of beheading a snake, the snake left after taking its revenge, and didn’t harm the child’s parents. Now, I can’t sense Lin Lin’s soul, and she probably won’t make a move against us. Only……”

“Yes,” Lu Chu still maintained his cordial smile, “the reason we came to find you today is because there’s something we have to confirm with you.”

Only, would Lin Lin really forgive Liu Cuihe?

Song Gui gave a lazy stretch and said, “okay, the mission is accomplished, it’s time to go.”

Song Gui’s ‘mission is accomplished’ had another meaning, it was a pity that other Lu Chu, nobody else could understand it – wrong, perhaps Qi Li could.

“Yes,” Lu Chu still maintained his cordial smile, “the reason we came to find you today is because there’s something we have to confirm with you.”

The others agreed, “let’s go.”

Before they went out of the door, they looked back the Liu Cuihe, who was sitting on the ground, crying in an extremely ugly manner.

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Lu Chu suddenly realised, that the bones of Lin Lin they had dug up before turned into a complete human skeleton. Her white bones were mottled with dirt and creepy reptiles, and a brightly coloured snake peeked out from the left eye of the skull.

At this moment, it was pressing tightly against Liu Cuihe’s back, lying on her body, and as if it had felt something, the snake and the hideous head turned to look at Lu Chu at the same time, stared at him, then slowly showed a creepy smile.

Apart from Lu Chu, nobody else noticed this.

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