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Chapter 4 – The Senseless City (2)

Have you ever imagined this, that one day, you would lose all your senses? It would come suddenly, without any warning.

The colours that you once loved would turn into a chaotic black curtain, the jumbled sounds that you’ve once listened too will become scarily quiet, and the arm that you’ll fear to feel pain on would become full of wounds without you noticing anything.

No vision, no hearing…… and even, no sense of touch.

It would be as if your whole person was isolated in another universe, quiet, ignorant, empty, dark and deep, unable to even perceive even the slightest bit from the outside world.

The connection between the soul and the body would be lost. If that’s the case, would a person still be considered alive?

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What would you be like then — hopeless, confused, or indifferent?

Lu Chu knew.

“All of them, broke.”

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“Carrot? That’s a good name, just by hearing it you know he’s good to raise……”

The woman chatted with Lu Chu, and suddenly looked towards his lowered and sightless eyes, and asked instead, “your eyes, what……”

It’s not a wonder that she took so long to notice, as the only blind person in town, in the eyes of normal human beings, being unable to see was akin to being an alien. In this town, it could be classified as ‘urban legend’, or ‘the top 10 unbelievable things in this city’, and it was difficult for ordinary people to notice it immediately. At most, they would think that this person, who slightly lowered his head and didn’t look into other’s eyes was probably just shy.


This wasn’t the first time Lu Chu encountered such a thing, he smiled and said calmly, “my eyes, can’t see.”

“Can’t see?” The woman immediately frowned, “why, it’s just like my husband……”

Lu Chu heard her words and felt his heart sank, “what did you say?”

“My husband,” the woman said, “I don’t know what happened last night, but he suddenly told me that he couldn’t see. At that time, I was still wondering, how could this happen? After a while, he told me that it was alright, causing me to be worried for half a day.”

What the man said was true, and it was an infectious disease.

From the first person, one after another, people lost their senses, and the whole town entered into a state of panic and chaos. By the next day, the man told him that the game had completely started.

Lu Chu’s home was on the second floor, he was facing the window, and even though he couldn’t see, he could hear the noise below.

“Why is something like this happening.” Although Lu Chu knew that he wouldn’t get the man’s answer, he still couldn’t help but want to ask, “is it, because of me?”

The man had never met someone like Lu Chu before. He had no desires and no fear, yet he lived well.

“I’ve been watching you secretly for many days.” After choosing the clothes, Lu Chu talked with the boss for a while, and the two of them returned home.

After all, he was the only blind person here, and other than him, this symptom had never been seen in this town.

Lu Chu was surprised, and didn’t expect the man to readily admit that he was following him, and couldn’t help but make a sound of doubt, “en?”

Source of infection.

He thought that the girl had encountered another problem in her life, pressed the answer button, and softened his voice like usual, “hello, is there……”

The first thing he thought of was these words.

Due to his work, Lu Chu knew a few people who consulted him about their emotional problems, and one of them was a high school girl. Everybody in Lu Chu’s contact list had different ringtone alerts, and just as he sat on the couch and was combing Carrot’s fur and prepared to cook, he received the girl’s call.

The man’s tone was flat, like he was just conducting some business affairs, “no, this is inevitable, and you were just an accident. ”

“How can it be reversed?”

“There’s no way to reverse it,” the man said, “this is this town’s fate.”

“Fate? What?”

The man walked behind him, looked down, and said softly, “chaos, ruin, panic — until annihilation.”

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Lu Chu turned around, faced the man and frowned as he asked, ” annihilation?”

“So, you have to live, until that day.”

Lu Chu didn’t say anything and frowned. He knew that Lu Chu would go where the girl was, and find out the truth.

Lu Chu knew where the girl’s home was, but he wasn’t clear which floor and which household it was. There was a walking stick in his hand as he stood at the gate to the girl’s community, with each tap on the ground letting out clacking sounds.


Occasionally, there would be passers-by from the community, and a middle-aged woman saw Lu Chu standing there, unmoving, so she kindly came over and asked him, “what’s the matter, young man?”

Lu Chu heard her words, quickly turned towards her direction, and politely asked, “hello, do you know Zhou Xiran?”

“Xiao Ran, that child, of course I know her, but you are……”

When she mentioned Carrot, Lu Chu’s smile finally widened, “Carrot’s quite smart, and has been with me since I was a kid.”

The people throughout the town seemed to more or less lost some senses overnight. Some people lost all of their senses, while others just lost a couple of them. But without exception, they all lost their sight.

The fear of being unable to see was much greater than losing other senses, because once they couldn’t see, everything would become unknown, and often, the unknown was the most terrifying thing.

On the first day, Lu Chu wanted to go downstairs, but he was stopped by the man. Although Lu Chu was a gentle person, he was also very stubborn in many cases.

“I want to go out.”

Lu Chu said, “so early.” Till now, he didn’t know what to call the man, and it was a little strange to call him ‘7’.

The man’s expression wasn’t good, but Lu Chu couldn’t see it, and only heard him say in a cold voice, “not yet.”

The next day, Lu Chu got up very early, he lightened his footsteps as he got out of bed, but found that the man had already woken up.

Lu Chu closed his eyes. He seemed to be able to imagine the chaos outside, with the sound of grief spreading out in all directions.

“En, you too.” The location of their town was one of the reasons for their leisurely life, other than the tall tower in the town centre, there was no other tall building, but it was still very lively. The people in the town could see the mountains all around the city outskirts, and what was on the other side of the mountains should still be mountains, but nobody thought about leaving the city. It was as if everybody had agreed, for nobody had ever gone to the mountainous areas.

“I’m want to go out,” he repeated.

Lu Chu said, “so early.” Till now, he didn’t know what to call the man, and it was a little strange to call him ‘7’.

“Even if you go out, what can you do?” The man said, “nobody would be able to hear you.”

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Couldn’t hear, too late to hear.

Lu Chu didn’t say anything and Carrot kept running around him in circles. The man pursed his lips, and with a hand, knocked Lu Chu out. Seeing this, Carrot lowered his body and growled fiercely at the man, but became rooted to the spot because of the man’s glare.

The man neatly grabbed Lu Chu and lifted him up, stepped into the bedroom and placed him on the bed. He got up, closed the door, blocking out Carrot’s barking as he sat by the bed, staring at Lu Chu’s sleeping face without saying a word.

For the next few days, Lu Chu was handcuffed to the bed by the man, imprisoned in the bedroom, unable to move.

It was then that Lu Chu found out that the man could cook, but he still didn’t know why the man wanted him to stay in his own room. Outside the bedroom window, occasionally, there would be roars of despair coming from below that would bring about fear. From time to time, there would be banging sounds coming from outside his house.

The sound of a person pounding against the door with all their might made Lu Chu feel as if the people outside couldn’t feel pain.

One day, two days, three days…… Lu Chu counted his days in captivity.

The man would occasionally go out, returning with the scent of blood. Even after bathing, it would still be mixed with the fragrance of soap, making it smell sweet and terrible at the same time, as if indicating the ruin and cruelty of the world outside.

Until the seventh day, when the man unlocked the handcuffs on Lu Chu.

The boss was quite passionate, however, the man didn’t say much, and after a few sentences, the boss bitterly turned his head and asked Lu Chu what clothes he wanted to buy.

Lu Chu slightly lifted his head, his sightless eyes were covered with wisps of hair. After a few days, his cheeks had thinned and his face was a sickly pale, “you’re letting me go?”

This time, Lu Chu was even more surprised, and hurried to sooth the girl, “Listen to me, don’t worry–“

“Not yet. After today, whatever you want to do, do as you like.”

Just as Lu Chu said those two words, he heard the other side cry even harder again, “Dr. Lu, are you still there, Dr. Lu…… Why can’t I hear anything?”

“Ha.” Lu Chu chuckled, “I want to ask you ‘why’ again. Ever since I met you, I seem to be always asking, ‘why, why’.”

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Just as Lu Chu said those two words, he heard the other side cry even harder again, “Dr. Lu, are you still there, Dr. Lu…… Why can’t I hear anything?”

The man’s voice was calm, “regret letting me in at the beginning?”

Lu Chu shook his head, “there’s nothing to regret. You’re very strange, but even if I didn’t let you in, what was going to happen would still have happened. If you wanted to imprison me, I still have no room to resist.”

“Where’s Carrot?” Lu Chu changed the subject.

“In the living room.”

Lu Chu got up, “I’ll go and check.”


The moment Carrot saw Lu Chu, he happily ran over to sniff and sniff, Lu Chu smiled and squatted down, then brought Carrot into his arms to nuzzle, “I’m fine.”

This day, Lu Chu’s movement was still restricted, but it’s just that he wasn’t locked up anymore.

This was the eighth day the city became senseless.

When Lu Chu woke up, the man wasn’t sitting by him as he usually did, and there weren’t any hot meals on the table. He got up, picked up the walking stick next to him, and walked out of the bedroom.

“Why can’t I hear anything! Hear anything! I broke the glass cup, why isn’t there any sound? I turned the TV on, why is it so silent…… This world is so quiet– so quiet, why?!”

As soon as Carrot saw him, he came over. Lu Chu could obviously hear the sound of the man breathing in the living room, he leaned forward with his ears and asked softly, “are you there?”

Lu Chu made breakfast, the two ate, and the man went out. Lu Chu didn’t ask what he was planning to do, and returned to his room.

He had a job as an online psychological consultant.

No one answered.

Lu Chu felt that it wasn’t that the man was reluctant to speak, but it was as if he hadn’t talked to others in a long time, and didn’t know what to say.

Lu Chu frowned, groped towards the sofa, and reached out to touch the man’s cheeks. This was the first time he had touched the man’s face. The bridge of his nose was high and he had well-defined features; he must definitely be a very good-looking person.

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The man had been touched, suddenly woke up and sat up.

Lu Chu asked, “what’s the matter?”


It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and even Carrot was no longer barking. The space suddenly felt empty, and a cold chill slowly climbed up Lu Chu’s back.

It was as if a long time had passed. The man held Lu Chu’s palm, and wrote a few words in his hand with his finger.

— I.

— Can’t see.

— Can’t hear.

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