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Chapter 41 – Look, I found you again.

Your thirteen days of imprisonment

There was only ten minutes left on his bracelet after Lu Chu had finished eating.

Lu Chu got up and bidded goodbye to Song Gui, and was rejected by Song Gui for being too official.  He smiled, then went to the other shops on the street.

He had asked Song Gui in advance if he could still go back into the room and come out before the time on his bracelet ran out, and Song Gui had given him a positive answer. He’d further explained that starting from when the ‘rules’ opened the door to the illusion, everybody’s free time on their bracelet would start to count down, and the time would not stop. Thus, until the end of their time, they could freely travel between their room and the illusion.

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Lu Chu had already decided to listen to Song Gui’s advice, and place some things in his room. Coincidentally, the illusion this time was a very lively street, and there were all sorts of daily necessities in that huge supermarket. So, Lu Chu thought for a moment, and added a mattress, a set of bedding, a table, and a chair into his room. Then, he went to the stationary shop to get some pens and papers, in order to make it more convenient for him to record anything. There were still some other things that things that needed to be added, to add a little humanity in that vast and empty space, but Lu Chu’s bracelet was running out of time, so he could only wait for the next opportunity.

When he went back into his room, Lu Chu didn’t rest any longer, and got ready for the next game.

Although in the previous game, 7 had told him to choose a single-person task for the next round, but he didn’t name a specific task, and Lu Chu didn’t have the time to ask him, so this made Lu Chu a little worried if they could meet up again.

But, Lu Chu remembered the little note he had handed to him once that said, “From life to death, I will find you.” He didn’t know why, but he felt inexplicably relieved.

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He believed that 7 would be able to find him, so all he needed to do is choose a single-person task.

Lu Chu’s choice was to choose a task that seemed more pleasing to his eyes, because the tasks at hand didn’t have any risk ratings, and each person could only do the same task once, while a different person could do a task that another person had done. However, under the constraint of the ‘rules’, a selected player couldn’t discuss anything related to the task that they had done under any circumstances.

This meant that for all of these tasks, each one of them were unfamiliar to him. Brand-new, and equally dangerous.

As Lin Lin had come out late, she couldn’t find Guo Jianping, and could only walk towards the direction of the school.

So he walked around the thirteen floating square screens in front of him, didn’t refresh them, and chose of the tasks that looked okay to him –

“Requirement: Escape.

Guo Jianping had a bored and disgusted expression on his face, “it’s late at night, be quiet!”

Clues: Your thirteen days of imprisonment

Tip: Kill him.”

“You’re good, aren’t you, Guo Jianping,” Lin Lin cried until her eyes turned hazy, “I cook and clean for you at home, and handle everything, but you cheat on me here?! Who’s that woman inside?!”

It looked very concise, and clear in its purpose.

After Lu Chu selected it, he didn’t hesitate at all and clicked on ‘enter’.

“You’re good, aren’t you, Guo Jianping,” Lin Lin cried until her eyes turned hazy, “I cook and clean for you at home, and handle everything, but you cheat on me here?! Who’s that woman inside?!”

A door slowly appeared in front of him, Lu Chu walked in, and immediately felt a wave of dizziness hit him.

Saying that, she ran out, and wanted to start yelling, but it so happened that she saw the drunkards who wanted to act indecently towards her the previous time. Those men saw her and wanted to come up to talk to her, which scared her so much she rushed home, but those men also followed behind her. After entering the courtyard, they kept chatting with Guo Jianping, but their eyes always looked towards Lin Lin.


After they left, Guo Jianping slapped Lin Lin to the ground and scolded, “you loose woman, you say that I went outside to cheat, but I don’t think you’re clean at all, if not, why would those men keep looking at you?!”

Lin Lin covered her face and shouted, “you’re slandering me!”

After that, Guo Jianping went back into the house to sleep, and Lin Lin, trapped in the storage room without a trace of light, fell onto the ground covering her belly, and shouted weakly, “it hurts, Guo Jianping you bastard……”

Guo Jianping didn’t hold back at all while beating her. Lin Lin had been beaten all over, and her voice became weaker and weaker.

By the time Lu Chu returned to his senses, he found that he was in a sack and carried on someone’s shoulders. His belly was pressed against the man’s shoulder, and with each move, he shook, causing Lu Chu to feel uncomfortable and nauseated.

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Lu Chu didn’t know how long he had been carried around before he was placed on the ground. He leaned against the wall and took a deep breath, and wanted to rub his abdomen, or open the sack covering him, but he found out that his hands had been tied behind him by a rope.

There was also another thing, because his stomach had felt uncomfortable, Lu Chu didn’t notice that he was drowsy, as if he was drunk or drugged. His head was heavy, and his eyelids kept fighting to keep away, he tried to endure it, but couldn’t resist it in the end, and passed out.

By the time Lu Chu woke up again, he found himself in a dark basement, and there were more than a dozen young people surrounding him. There were both men and women, and all of them huddled together, with pale faces and an almost withered appearance.

“I won’t! I’ll shout out loud, and let the other villagers judge, and see what kind of man you are! Tell me, who the woman inside it! If you don’t tell me, I’ll start shouting!”

“Excuse me,” Lu Chu whispered to the man next to him, “where is this?”

Guo Jianping was afraid that she would really call someone over, so he ignored his own image, and quickly covered her mouth, then dragged her out of the school.

The man looked at Lu Chu in a panic, “don’t…… don’t know, I was here when I woke up……”

“What about them?” Lu Chu quietly pointed to the other people present.

When Lin Lin saw this, she didn’t cry anymore. She wiped away her tears and said that she was going out to find someone else, and let everybody judge. While Guo Jianping could bride a person, she didn’t believe there wasn’t a single good person in this whole village!

The man’s voice trembled as he spoke, “should…… should be the same…… everybody’s afraid……”

The man did look very scared, and with his slow and stuttering responses, Lu Chu stopped making it difficult for him, and turned to observe this basement.

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The basement was very basement, the ground was made up of dirt. It was a little damp, and not particularly comfortable to sit on. An old-fashioned light bulb hanged on each wall, letting out a faint yellow light that cause people to feel afraid. There was a door on one side of the wall, Lu Chu walked over to look at it, but the door was locked and couldn’t be opened. Next to this door was an upwards staircase that led to this basement, and Lu Chu also walked over to push the door, but naturally, it couldn’t be opened.

In the basement, and there wasn’t any sense of direction that could tell Lu Chu which direction he was looking in. Since he couldn’t find any suitable clues, he could only wait and see and try to interpret the tips.

“Requirement: Escape.

When the village chief heard this, he said, “a woman, it’s nothing.”

Clues: My thirteen days of imprisonment.

Tip: Kill him.”

Obviously, right now, he was currently being kept captive, and his task was to escape from this place, and the tip was to kill him.

This ‘him’ probably referred to the kidnapper that had locked up him and these people up.

However, what Lu Chu felt was of a greater concern was that the clues clearly gave the phrase ‘thirteen days of imprisonment’ with a time limit of ‘thirteen days’, did this mean that he could only find a chance to kill the kidnapper and escape from this place after being locked inside for thirteen days?

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Lu Chu sat in the corner, thought about a lot of this. Just as he cleared his mind, and planned to stand up to see what clues and tools were available, the basement door was opened from the outside.

There was a “creak—”, and everybody’s eyes were drawn to the stairs.

The village chief looked at Guo Jianping in surprise, and Guo Jianping stuffed a packet of cigarettes and 50 Yuan into the village chief’s hands, “household matters, household matters.”

The light that came in from the outside was very bright, which cause them to be unable to see the face of the person who came in, and only when the man approached, did the people present see his face.

Unexpectedly, the person who came was very handsome. He was looking down, and casually placed his hands in his pockets. He stood straight and tall, only, his face was abnormally ashen. He had bloodshot eyes, a strange expression, and there was an excited smile on his face.

After that, the young village chief stepped out of the Guo home.

He walked down step by step, swept his gaze across the crowd, and finally, his gaze landed on Lu Chu.

The village chief rejected it twice before accepting it, and lectured Lin Lin, “why are you bring out your own household matters into the public?! Moreover, which man doesn’t cheat? You should think about yourself first, and how did you make Little Guo unhappy, angering him to the point he went outside to find someone!”

Then, he bent down, placed his hand on the wall that Lu Chu was leaning on, and stared at Lu Chu with bloodshot eyes as he said in a deep voice, “I’m here.”

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Lu Chu was a little shocked, and his hand involuntarily reached out to touch his ashen face and eyebrows, “7?”

Although his temperament had changed, and his figure also appeared thinner than before, but 7’s appearance hadn’t changed that much.

“It’s me.” 7 looked directly at Lu Chu and said, “look, I found you again.”


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