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Chapter 42 – He’s me.

When the other people in the basement saw that someone who showed a friendly face to one of them had come, instantly, they felt some excitement after the disaster they had experienced. They wanted to go up to talk, but didn’t dare to move after 7 glanced at them.

Lu Chu kept looking at 7 in a daze. 7 got up after he finished speaking, took Lu Chu’s hand, curled one corner of his lips up and half-closed his red eyes, and said, “come on, follow me.”

Pulled up by 7’s strength, Lu Chu stood up, then walked up the stairs step by step, leaving the basement.

He turned a corner, and what entered his eyes after he walked out of the basement was a huge living room. The bright sunlight shone in from outside the window, causing Lu Chu’s eyes to feel uncomfortable. He used the hand that wasn’t being pulled by 7 to cover his eyes, and only placed it back down after he took a while to adjust.

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7 pulled him to sit down on the sofa, poured a cup of hot water for him, and asked, “are you hungry?”

Lu Chu shook his head, “no.”

After saying that, Lu Chu subconsciously rubbed his abdomen, it might had been pressed against for too long, so, it still hurt a little.

When 7 saw this, he reached out to lift his clothes, and Lu Chu couldn’t dodge in time. He could only lift his hands halfway up, and smiled a little embarrassedly, “it’s okay, it was just rubbed against.”

Lu Chu was carried by someone the whole way through, and felt his abdomen ache a little during that time, but after he woke up, he found out that he was in a dangerous situation, being detailed by someone in a basement, so he forgot about this little bit of pain. Now, he had been found by 7, so he instantly relaxed, and remembered the ache in his abdomen.

Lu Chu had his clothes lifted up by 7, revealing his pale belly. Lu Chu was a little uncomfortable, but he also saw the dark coloured bruises on his abdomen.

When they entered into the ‘game’, all of them still kept their original appearance, it’s just that sometimes they would be assigned a different identity. Additionally, no matter how injured they were in the ‘game’, as long as they were still alive, they would recover after returning to the rules, almost like a resurrection. Thus, Lu Chu didn’t take this bruise which didn’t affect anything to heart.

A moment later, 7 pulled down his clothes, then stood up and walked into a room.

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When Lu Chu saw this, he took a sip of the hot water on the table and sized up the room as he waited for 7 to return.

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Soon, 7 walked over with an herbal paste for bruises and told Lu Chu, “sorry, it wasn’t me just now. Lift up your clothes, I’ll help you apply the medicine.”

What did ‘it wasn’t me just now’ mean…… Despite Lu Chu’s suspicions, he still waved his hands and gave a gentle smile, “there’s no need, it’s not some serious injury, and it’ll be gone in a day or two.”

When 7 heard this, he pursed his thin, pale lips, and wanted to reach out and lift Lu Chu’s clothes again. Lu Chu saw what he was planning to do and quickly raised his hands to ask for mercy, “I’ll do it myself, I’ll do it myself.”

After that, he helped Guo Jianping bring Lin Lin back home.

Thus, Lu Chu slowly lifted the hem of his clothes up while 7 squeezed the medicine on his hand, and applied it to Lu Chu’s abdomen after warming it up. Lu Chu gave a little wince. Although 7’s movements were gentle, and made him feel comfortable, it still felt a little tickly, so Lu Chu tried to divert his attention by saying something else, “are you still called Qi Li?”

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After they left, Guo Jianping slapped Lin Lin to the ground and scolded, “you loose woman, you say that I went outside to cheat, but I don’t think you’re clean at all, if not, why would those men keep looking at you?!”

“This character has no name.” 7 said.


Saying that, she ran out, and wanted to start yelling, but it so happened that she saw the drunkards who wanted to act indecently towards her the previous time. Those men saw her and wanted to come up to talk to her, which scared her so much she rushed home, but those men also followed behind her. After entering the courtyard, they kept chatting with Guo Jianping, but their eyes always looked towards Lin Lin.

Lu Chu paused for a moment, and wanted to talk about this time’s task with him, but 7 asked first, “did you understand the task this time?”

When Lu Chu heard what he said, he became spirited again, “en, I’ve analysed it a little just now.”

Lin Lin covered her face and shouted, “you’re slandering me!”

After 7 applied the medicine, he carefully pulled Lu Chu’s clothes down, before looking up at Lu Chu and said, “let’s hear it.”

Lu Chu took the pen and paper from the coffee table, and wrote the requirements, clues, and tips of this game down, then passed it to 7 and said, “these are the requirements, clues, and tips. It looks relatively simple and clear, and combined by my current situation here, what I need to do is kill the one who kidnapped me, which is the owner of this place, then escape from here within thirteen days, or to be exact, on the thirteenth day.”

7 nodded, “en, that’s the case for this game.”

Lu Chu was a little surprised, and hearing 7’s tone, 7 seemed to know this game better than he did. It was like this in the previous game, he always did things skilfully, and didn’t take anything to heart, but always grasped the direction of things.

Seeing the doubt on Lu Chu’s face, 7 explained, “because I’ve been to this game before.”

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“What……” Lu Chu slightly widened his eyes, what did ‘been to this game before’ mean? Then Lu Chu thought, when 7 met him for the first time, he was in a game, and afterwards, he could enter into any game to find him, so it wouldn’t really be a surprise that he had been to this game before. Only, he didn’t know what identity 7 held, and why he could freely travel about through the different games.

7 played around with the scattered hair in front of him, and continued, “of course, I’ve also experienced the previous game before, but I never found the opportunity to talk with you.”

True, Lu Chu nodded, since he and Song Gui were teammates in the last game, coupled with Song Gui’s intention of testing him, Song Gui kept paying special attention to Lu Chu’s actions. This resulted in Lu Chu to not have a chance to have a good talk with 7, to solve the doubts that existed in his own heart.

7 took the note that Lu Chu had written in his own hand, flipped it around, then said, “you analysed it well. Indeed, your task is to find an opportunity to kill and escape on the thirteenth day, when the kidnapper plans to perform surgery on you for entertainment.”

Lu Chu frowned, “surgery…… for entertainment?”

After that, Guo Jianping went back into the house to sleep, and Lin Lin, trapped in the storage room without a trace of light, fell onto the ground covering her belly, and shouted weakly, “it hurts, Guo Jianping you bastard……”

“En.” 7 nodded, “the person who kidnapped you and the group of people in the basement is twisted, and has an abnormal personality. He likes to catch young women and men and lock them up in the basement, pick a person based on his mood, and slice open their stomach to satisfy his desire.”

Lu Chu said thoughtfully, “it does sound quite abnormal.”

Guo Jianping didn’t hold back at all while beating her. Lin Lin had been beaten all over, and her voice became weaker and weaker.

“According to the instructions of the task and what I’ve been through before, the player, acting as the kidnapped person, will get selected by the kidnapper on the thirteenth day. They’ll be anesthetised and brought to the operating room in the underground garage, and because the kidnapper likes to cut a live, conscious human body, he’ll tie the player to the operating table and quietly wait for the anaesthesia to pass. During that time, he’ll laugh and chat with his captive, then carry out his own surgery, slice by slice.”

This was Lin Lin’s memories, so naturally, they could only see things from Lin Lin’s perspective, and it ended the moment she died. Throughout this, indeed, there wasn;t a person like ‘Liu Cuihe’.

Lu Chu listened, and in addition to lamenting about the perversity of the murderer, he still had the time to give a relaxed smile, “in this game, 7, this time, you’re talking a lot.”

7 paused, then squinted his dangerous red eyes, and smiled, “adapting to the character.”

However, Liu Cuihe, who had been manipulated all this while was looking at everything with a pair of dull eyes with tears running down her face. She wanted to shake her head or move, but couldn’t do anything at all.

Lu Chu asked, “character?”

“En, after I enter into a game, I’ll replace a character in the game.” 7 explained.

Lu Chu, “like Qi Li in the last game?”

7 nodded, “yes.”

Lu Chu took a sip of water, tried to clear up the dryness in his throat, and asked, “then, do you know where the kidnapper in this game, that is, the owner of this house, is now?”

When 7 heard this, he turned his head and looked at Lu Chu. He blinked his strange pair of eyes, then twitched the corner of his mouth, and in a hoarse voice, said—

“I know. He’s me.”

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