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Chapter 46 – Song Gui’s invitation, again.

Outside the ‘Game’.

That infinite white space, was filled with nothing but a deadly silence. Somewhere, there was a mattress lying neatly on the ground somewhere, which was something that Lu Chu had previously taken from the illusion. Not that far away, thirteen square screens were still floating about in mid-air.

Lu Chu remained on sitting on the ground, unmoving, as if he had already stopped breathing.

Here, the passage of time wasn’t worth mentioning, only when a door appeared in front of Lu Chu did he raise his head in a daze. He used his hands to rub his face, and only felt cold.

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The time displayed on his bracelet was – 74’59” – when it was originally 69’59”. Ten minutes had been added after completing a single-person game, and five minutes were taken to open the door into the illusion.

Lu Chu stood up. The hand that had held the knife was stiff at the side of his body, and the sensation of using a blade to stab into flesh and blood still lingered.

He didn’t immediately enter into the illusion, but instead, he emptied his mind, and stood for a long time.

It was only after he sorted out is emotions, returned to his senses, did he enter into the illusion.

Lu Chu had just stepped into the door leading to the illusion, but before he even had the time to see what the illusion in front of him fully looked like, he was given an enthusiastic hug.

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Song Gui grabbed Lu Chu and patted him on the back with a great amount of force while he complained, “you’re good, aren’t you? Check how much time have passed by on your bracelet, I’ve waited here a long time and you didn’t come out at all. I even thought you got into an accident the last game! Had me worried for so long!”

When Lu Chu heard that, he looked down at the bracelet in his hand, which showed that the countdown was 32’29”, proving that it had been more than half an hour since the door to the illusion opened.

“Sorry,” Lu Chu apologised, “I needed to clear my mind for a bit, and unconsciously thought for a long time.”

7 looked at Lu Chu’s bewildered gaze, hooked up the corner of his lips, then ruffled the top of his head and said, “you don’t have to worry about this, I’ll find a way then.”

“As long you’re fine it’s okay,” Song Gui said with a sigh, “I was just saying, this is only a single-person task, how could you make a mistake? Sure enough, Lu Xiaochu, you’re the biggest.”

When 7 saw this, the delight in his eyes became stronger, and he said, “I’ll go and make something for you to eat.”

Lu Chu gave a smile, “I’m flattered, you’re bigger.”

“Wow,” Song Gui shouted in an exaggerated manner, “Lu Xiaochu you’ve changed, you used to call me senior at the start.”

Standing up, 7 said, “you probably haven’t eaten in some time. I’ll make something for you to eat. You can use the first room you see upstairs however you want. There’s a bathroom, and my clothes. Although it’s a little big, but you can probably wear it. We still have thirteen days, so there’s no need to hurry.”

Lu Chu calmly said, “did I?”

Song Gui was exceptionally serious, “you did.”

When Lu Chu heard that, he felt greatly relieved.

Just as the two of them were talking, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from behind them, “you’re blocking the exit.”

They turned around and saw a tall man with square shaped face standing behind them.

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Song Gui saw the person who came, immediately smiled and said, “bro, it’s you. Why do you have such a sullen face, how bad, right? Come, learn from me and smile, you’ll look ten years younger.”

That man gave Song Gui a look, and said, “put away your disgusting smile.” Then, he went around them walked to another place.

Lu Chu looked at the man’s tall and strong back, and asked Song Gui, “he is?”

After bathing, Lu Chu washed the clothes that he changed out of, before he went down the stairs.

“Qian Zhen,” Song Gui said, “he’s a ruthless guy, and when he worked with the violent little lady on the same task, the two of them simply have the same style.”

Lu Chu was puzzled, “violent little lady?”

In his mind, Lu Chu thought about the serious appearance 7 would have had when he weighted the ingredients on a scale, and couldn’t help smile a little, “the taste should be quite good.”

“Luo Qi,” Song Gui said, in a tone as if what he said should be taken for granted, “that fierce little loli carrying axes and knives, that blonde little childish brat.”

Downstairs, 7 had already finished cooking. Four dishes and a soup, extremely sumptuous.

Just as he said that, a pole came flying in from somewhere not too far away, aimed at Song Gui’s head. Song Gui swore a ‘holy shit’, dodged to the side, and the wooden stick stabbed into the place where he was just standing. Lu Chu observed, and it seemed to be inserted in no less than ten centimeters.

Song Gui, who had managed to avoid it, looked in the distance, and to no one’s surprise, it was the thirteen to fourteen-year-old girl – Luo Qi. This time, she was carrying a huge dumbell on her shoulders, and next to her stood a girl with short hair who seemed be in her early twenties, who was looking down and saying something to her.

Speaking of which, Lu Chu remembered, in the first seven days since the city turned senseless, he had been imprisoned in his room by 7, and listened to the chaotic sound from the outside. People were shrieking in fear, and there were people continuously banging on his door, yet, he never stepped out of the room door even once.

This was when Lu Chu could see the illusion clearly.

This time, the illusion looked like a huge stadium. They came out from the door, and entered into a corridor on a viewing platform.

This stadium occupied a large area, and it wasn’t that packed. Lu Chu and Song Gui went to the exit on the other side, and realised that the outside was also somewhere they could move about. Around them were facilities that were needed for running, high jump, long jump, and various ball games. There were even vending machines off the field, and at the stadium’s gate was a small shop selling a wide range of items.

Song Gui passed by the shop, casually scooped out two buckets of popcorn, and passed one of the buckets to Lu Chu.

Lu Chu looked the popcorn in his hand and was a little dumbfounded. If it wasn’t for the emptiness of this place and them occasionally meeting another player, the fact that he knew that knew that this place had an end, and that his hand that had held the knife was still a little shaky along with the dull ache in his heart, he really felt as if he was an ordinary spectator who came to watch the games.

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Lu Chu shook his head slightly, to clear the confusion in his mind.

He needed to remain clearheaded and rational at all times, otherwise, how could he meet 7?

Lu Chu had just finished thinking, when he heard Song Gui said, “actually, just now, that pole, it would have been okay even if I didn’t dodge. After all, the ‘rules’ wouldn’t allow us to die outside of the ‘games’. It would just hurt if I get hit, and the scene would look relatively bloody.”

Lu Chu took a bite of his popcorn, “sounds interesting.”

Song Gui made a face like he was suffering, “you’re not cute anymore, Lu Xiaochu.”

Before he knew it, there was only twelve minutes left on Lu Chu’s bracelet. He threw the popcorn bucket in his hand into the trash can, and said to Song Gui, “I should go soon.”

Song Gui finally stopped smiling, returned to his normal self, and asked, “are you still going to take a single-person task this time?”

Thinking of 7, Lu Chu’s eyes unconsciously drifted to the side, and he nodded, “for the time being.”

Clearly, they couldn’t see or hear, and normally, they would be aimlessly panicking on the street, wandering around dejectedly, even to the point of despair and self-mutilation. They, who never knew that human beings could lose their senses, after falling into that situation, should be clueless and easy to deal with, and not know where someone would be, but they accurately went to bang on Lu Chu’s door.

“That’s good too,” Song Gui said, “when you think it’s almost time, come and find me. I found a group mission for five or more people, and I think it’s worth doing.”

“A group mission for five or more people?”

“Because,” Lu Chu said, “the ‘rules’ wanted to get rid of me?”

If he remembered correctly, Song Gui had told him previously that he had once been with Luo Qi on a multi-person task, and afterwards, only two of them came out of that ‘game’ alive. Lu Chu thought that Song Gui wouldn’t try such a task again easily.

“Whether it’s a single task or a two-person task, the time on this bracelet would increased by too little, and when performing multi-people tasks with more than five people, according on the completion level of the task, there would be additional bonuses.” Saying until this point, Song Gui looked at Lu Chu and said, “I’m still a little bit bothered by multi-people tasks, but, Lu Chu, if I’m with you, I think it’s worth trying. ”

“Yes, you’ve already become a variable, and within that seven days, the ‘rules’ will try its best to get rid of you.”

Lu Chu raised his eyebrows in surprise. If the only reason that Song Gui trusted him so much, was only because one of his five senses different from an ordinary person, perhaps it would be a bit too far-fetched.

Lu Chu always felt that Song Gui was keeping some secret from him.

But as long as Song Gui really wanted to continue working with him, then sooner or later, he would find out what Song Gui was hiding from him, so, Lu Chu wasn’t in a hurry to find out that answer right now, for he had more important things to do first.

Thus, Lu Chu said, “I’ll consider it, after all, the risk is too great. ”

Song Gui nodded, “en, I’ll wait for your reply. ”


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