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Chapter 47.1 – A School’s Routine Day

School’s Grave.

Lu Chu entered into his own room before the time on his bracelet ended.

Looking at the unchanging white space in front of his eyes, Lu Chu fell silent, walked to the square screens floating in the air, and sifted through them to find the next task he wanted to undertake.

Soon, Lu Chu’s attention was drawn to a task.

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“Requirements: Move about within the school.

Clue: None.

Tip: None.”

This task was strangely eye-catching. There were neither clues nor hints, and the requirements only limited the area. Was this to indicate that the players could move freely in the game? Or were there other hidden clues that he wouldn’t know now……

Lu Chu thought for a moment and decided, this one was it.

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Before he knew it, there was only twelve minutes left on Lu Chu’s bracelet. He threw the popcorn bucket in his hand into the trash can, and said to Song Gui, “I should go soon.”

Song Gui finally stopped smiling, returned to his normal self, and asked, “are you still going to take a single-person task this time?”

“That’s good too,” Song Gui said, “when you think it’s almost time, come and find me. I found a group mission for five or more people, and I think it’s worth doing.”


“Whether it’s a single task or a two-person task, the time on this bracelet would increased by too little, and when performing multi-people tasks with more than five people, according on the completion level of the task, there would be additional bonuses.” Saying until this point, Song Gui looked at Lu Chu and said, “I’m still a little bit bothered by multi-people tasks, but, Lu Chu, if I’m with you, I think it’s worth trying. “

Lu Chu raised his eyebrows in surprise. If the only reason that Song Gui trusted him so much, was only because one of his five senses different from an ordinary person, perhaps it would be a bit too far-fetched.

Song Gui nodded, “en, I’ll wait for your reply. “

Yu Cai1lit. place to cultivate talent High School.

7am, was the perfect time for morning self-study to begin.

Today was Tuesday, and this morning’s self-study belong to the Chinese Language class, and the sound of reading and reciting the textbook aloud came from class 2-1.

In the back row of the classroom, Meng Yu took out the language textbook in a serious manner, placed it standing on the table, then, under the cover of the textbook, secretly turned her head towards Li Lan behind her and said, “Hey, Lil’Lan, did you know? There was a ghost in 604 yesterday!”

“What?!” Li Lan, who had originally become sleepy after reading and reciting the book immediately became spirited, and she moved her head forward in excitement, “what happened? What happened?!”

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It was easy to arouse people’s curiosity about the unknown and ghosts, and Meng Yu’s tablemate Zhang Cheng and Li Lan’s tablemate Gao Shimeng heard what she said and quickly turned around, “what, what? I want to hear it too!”

“Shh!” Meng Yu raised her index finger up, “not so loud. It’s over if the teacher comes over!”

Class seats rotate were every week, in a groups of two, they would move down to the lower right each week. This week, their seats were at the last two rows at the left side of the classroom, which was the best place to whisper and get in trouble. However, it was also the easiest place to be caught by the teacher who would suddenly enter through the back door.

Li Lan was also afraid of receiving the attack: ‘gaze of the class teacher’, but in the end, couldn’t resist her own curiosity, so, she could only keep her voice low as she said, “just say it, what happened?”

It seemed that, the actions 7 took at that time, was indeed to protect him.

Meng Yu pretended to be mysterious and said, “before I can say this story, first, I have to tell you guys some common knowledge. Did you know, it’s said that every school…… was built on a cemetery, or on the grave of a mass execution caused by a firing squad?”

7’s tone was too gentle, and this made Lu Chu feel as if it wasn’t real, however, such a 7 coincided with the quiet and steady man that he had first met.

Gao Shimeng snorted, and Li Lan asked doubtfully, “why?”

Meng Yu said in a tone as if this was something that should be taken for granted, “just think, these places are filled with negative energy, and they’re all places where the dead were buried or the living executed. Filled with such negative energy, who would think of building an apartment or other facilities here? The Fengshui isn’t good, and everybody would treat it as a taboo area. However, it’s such a large area, they couldn’t just leave it empty, so only public facilities like schools could be built.”

However, there was still another question in Lu Chu’s heart, “after finding out that my existence was against the world, then why didn’t the rules try to find a way to get rid of this unstable factor earlier, but instead, only took action after the city lost its senses.”

Li Lan understood, “so that’s why……”

“Yeah. Don’t we have many ghost stories around school? It’s because schools are built on places with such negative and deadly energy, so as long as something happens to someone at school, they would often become ghosts and evil spirits, wandering around for eternity. Speaking of which, the place with the greatest negative energy in the school, is probably the girls’ dormitory and toilet, the former is because girls have Yin energy2Yin and Yang: Chinese Philosophy about dualism, with Yin associated with the moon, shadow, women, and Yang associated with the sun, the light, and men. In this context, ghosts are usually associated with Yin energy (that women have) and avoid Yang energy (that men have)., and where’s there many girls, of course there’s more Yin energy. The latter is because the toilet is a place for human excretion, so adding these two things together, the most terrifying place is the toilet in the girls’ dormitory!” At the end, Meng Yu suddenly slapped the table and shouted.

Lu Chu remained on sitting on the ground, unmoving, as if he had already stopped breathing.

When Gao Shimeng heard this, he raised an eyebrow, and rubbed his arms, “how scary.”

Here, the passage of time wasn’t worth mentioning, only when a door appeared in front of Lu Chu did he raise his head in a daze. He used his hands to rub his face, and only felt cold.

Li Lan laughed and said, “if you’re afraid, don’t listen. There won’t be anyone to accompany you if you can’t sleep once we go back.”

Gao Shimeng laughed, “no, I want to listen.”

Zhang Cheng, as a boy, naturally raised his chest and said, “continue talking, it’s bright and early, and we still have so many people, what’s there to be afraid about?”

Meng Yu said, “that’s great, just don’t interrupt me. This is something I heard when I got up this morning to wash up. The one who told me belong to a mixed dorm, and one of their dorm members was a girl from our class, Liu Qian.” Saying that, Meng Yu pointed to the girl with a ponytail sitting in the second row near the door, who was the Liu Qian she was talking about. Then, she continued and said, “I met her while I was getting some water, and asked after her since I saw that she didn’t look that good, then she told me—”

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Meng Yu suddenly stopped there, then blinked at the other three.

“What did she say?” Li Lan’s interest was raised, and thought that Meng Yu had paused on purpose. She was curious, so urged, “don’t leave me hanging!”

“Yes, what were you guys talking about? Continue.” Just at this time, a middle-aged man’s serious tone suddenly came from behind Zhang Cheng.

The time displayed on his bracelet was – 74’59” – when it was originally 69’59”. Ten minutes had been added after completing a single-person game, and five minutes were taken to open the door into the illusion.

The four of them shivered at once, and immediately sat up straight. Zhang Cheng even took up the textbook and pretended to actually recite <Chu Shi Biao>3A memorial said to be written by Zhuge Liang. Wiki., in a very articulate and rhythmic manner.

Song Gui grabbed Lu Chu and patted him on the back with a great amount of force while he complained, “you’re good, aren’t you? Check how much time have passed by on your bracelet, I’ve waited here a long time and you didn’t come out at all. I even thought you got into an accident the last game! Had me worried for so long!”

Li Lan also took up the Chinese book, read two sentences, then chuckled at the man, “Teacher, I’m reciting the book, reciting it.”

The class teacher, Teacher Lu, glanced at the four of them again, then said, “study hard early in the morning, if not, you can go write it on the blackboard.”

When Lu Chu heard that, he looked down at the bracelet in his hand, which showed that the countdown was 32’29”, proving that it had been more than half an hour since the door to the illusion opened.

The four of them quickly said, “yes, teacher!”

Teacher Lu made another two rounds in the class, before walking out of the classroom.

After the teacher left, Li Lan howled softly, “Mengmeng, why didn’t you tell me that the old donkey came in through the back door!”

The old donkey4吕老师 (Teacher Lu) sounds similar to donkey (also Lu) was the nickname given to Teacher Lu by their classmates.

Meng Yu also felt wronged, “wasn’t I all excited, fully engaged, and just about to reach the climax? Who knew that he came in the moment I looked up. I even stopped and tried use my eyes to tell you guys.”

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Li Lan laughed and poked her twice, and the two of them started to play fight.

“Go on,” Gao Shimeng frowned, “what happened?”

Meng Yu touched her nose, “Ah, there’s no atmosphere anymore. It’s like this, Liu Qian told me that last night, one of the girls who was sleeping in the upper bunk woke up at about 2am, in the middle of the night. She saw two girls in white clothing standing side by side in the middle of the dorm, and thought that someone in the dorm wanted to go to the bathroom, but didn’t dare to go alone, so she asked someone else to join her—”

“Sorry,” Lu Chu apologised, “I needed to clear my mind for a bit, and unconsciously thought for a long time.”

Until here, Meng Yu’s mood returned to her, and she lowered her voice and pretended to be mysterious again, “but these two stood still without moving, and that girl wasn’t that awake, coupled with the fact that it was dark and she couldn’t see that clearly, she realised when she was about to talk to them—

“The others in her dorm were all lying on their beds! Although she couldn’t see the bed below her own and the lower bunk on the other side, but she could hear the sound of someone in the lower bunk turning over. Instantly, she was so scared that cold sweat started to run down her back. She didn’t dare to say a word, pretended to fall asleep, and wrapped herself up in the blanket.”

“As long you’re fine it’s okay,” Song Gui said with a sigh, “I was just saying, this is only a single-person task, how could you make a mistake? Sure enough, Lu Xiaochu, you’re the biggest.”

Li Lan became even more curious, and quickly asked, “and then what?”

Song Gui was exceptionally serious, “you did.”

“Wrapped in the blanket, the girl was feeling hot and afraid, kept her eyes open until the alarm clock rang the next day, and didn’t hear anything else. She didn’t even dare to look out until someone in their dorm got up, and once everybody was awake, she asked, if anyone had gotten up in the middle of the night last night. Everyone in the dorm shook their head, and she told them what happened last night in the bedroom.”

After listening to this, Zhang Cheng said, “she’s scared because of this? What if the girl was dreaming or just didn’t see it clearly?”

Just as the two of them were talking, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from behind them, “you’re blocking the exit.”

Li Lan retorted, “if she didn’t see it clearly, it would only be for a short while, could it be possible that she would see something like this wrongly for such a long time?”

Gao Shimeng sighed, “luckily I don’t live in the school and chose to commute from home.”

“But speaking of this,” Li Lan grabbed Meng Yu, “I’ve heard a few strange things about our school before.”

Meng Yu became more and more enthusiastic, “what things?”

Gao Shimeng and Zhang Cheng also perked up their ears.

“Isn’t our high school partial towards the sciences? Our laboratories and lab equipments are the best in the city, and each lab has a lab teacher responsible for it. I heard that a few years ago, there was a lab teacher who suddenly died while sorting out the equipment in a biology lab, and by the time that teacher was discovered, it was already in the afternoon.”

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Meng Yu rubber her arms, “Lil’Lan, I’m already scared before you even finished, and the labs are in the building with the least amount of people.”

Li Lan continued, “that’s right, the first floor is a large classroom, and the second to fifth floors are the labs. It’s not as if we perform experiments every day, so the whole lab building is gloomy and not lively at all. The teacher was in charge of the lab on the fifth floor, and apparently, after this teacher died, the equipment on the fifth floor would always get damaged for no reason, and when students performed experiments, they would sometimes hear strange sounds. Every lab teacher who took over that teacher’s class would always get very ill and unable to do their work. Afterwards, the school had no choice, and could only lock the iron gate leading from the fourth floor to the fifth floor, and made an identical laboratory on the first floor. The school even bought new equipment and didn’t dare to use the original set.”

Zhang Cheng pouted, “why did they make another one? Why not just leave it alone, that way, we don’t have to do anymore experiments, or write a lab report.”

They turned around and saw a tall man with square shaped face standing behind them. and strong back, and asked Song Gui, “he is?”

Li Lan rolled her eyes at him, “do you even write your own lab report? You obviously copy mine.”

Zhang Cheng quickly laughed and said, “I’m relying on you.”

Just as he said that, a pole came flying in from somewhere not too far away, aimed at Song Gui’s head. Song Gui swore a ‘holy shit’, dodged to the side, and the wooden stick stabbed into the place where he was just standing. Lu Chu observed, and it seemed to be inserted in no less than ten centimeters.

“Ring, ring—”

The bell signaling the end of morning study sounded, the representatives of each subject stood up and shouted, “team leaders, please collect your team’s homework, then submit it!”

Song Gui, who had managed to avoid it, looked in the distance, and to no one’s surprise, it was the thirteen to fourteen-year-old girl – Luo Qi. This time, she was carrying a huge dumbell on her shoulders, and next to her stood a girl with short hair who seemed be in her early twenties, who was looking down and saying something to her.

When Zhang Cheng heard this, he shouted, “Ahh, Fatty Lan, Meng Yu, it’s all your fault! You guys caused me to listen to a whole self-study worth of ghost stories! I haven’t copied any homework yet!”

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“You try to say that again? Believe it or not, I’ll hand in my own homework now?!” Li Lan raised her own homework and threatened.

Zhang Cheng quickly asked for mercy, “don’t, don’t’! You’re the great one, I’m fat, I’m fat!”

The class became chaotic again, and nobody thought about the story anymore.

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