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Chapter 5 – The Senseless City (3)

“You, also……” Lu Chu was extremely worried, and he had just wanted to open his mouth, before he suddenly remembered that the man couldn’t hear, so he wrote in the man’s palm. At this moment, he was so grateful that his parents had taught him how to write words that he never thought he would use, the characters learned by ordinary people.

— Do you still have your sense of touch?

The man nodded.

— Have.

Lu Chu didn’t know whether to feel joy or sadness over this result. This man hadn’t been infected when the whole city lost their senses, and at that time, Lu Chu had thought that it was because the man was special, and would not be affected by the so-called ‘fate’ of the city. He never expected that after seven days, the man would have silently lost two senses.

Now, he was glad that fortunately, the man didn’t lose his sense of touch, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any difference between his person and a walking corpse.

“Bang bang bang– Bang bang bang–” Just as Lu Chu was thinking, the door was suddenly slammed against again, and made a sound like it was getting overwhelmed.

This kind of situation had occurred more than one, and before, Lu Chu was in his bedroom, listening to the unclear and dull sounds as the man went to settle it.

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But now–

The man didn’t even know that their door was being hammered.

They were holding each other’s hands, and the man felt Lu Chu’s difference and asked, “what happened.”

— There’s someone, I’ll go out and have a look.

“Don’t open the door.”

— Don’t worry about me.

Just as he wrote the last word on the man’s palm, Lu Chu got up and walked to the door with his walking stick.

It was as if the person outside couldn’t get tired, and the dull and loud knocking sound didn’t stop for a moment. In the past seven days, this door had been hit numerous times, and even after the man’s repeated repairs, the door didn’t seem to be able to support the pounding anymore. Flakes had already started to fall from the inner frame of the door, and some of it fell on Lu Chu’s hair.

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Lu Chu leaned forward, pressed against the door, and listened to the movements outside.

That kind of impact seemed to be someone simply charging forward, without any rationality at all.

“Who’s outside?” Lu Chu raised his voice and asked.

“Bang bang bang– Bang bang bang–”

The pounding against the door didn’t stop, and Lu Chu raised his voice and asked again, before finally determining that the man outside had lost his hearing.

“Carrot? That’s a good name, just by hearing it you know he’s good to raise……”

The consequences of everybody in the city losing their senses, Lu Chu had imagined it more than once. Human beings had lost the most basic ability to survive, and couldn’t work nor produce. However, the basic psychological needs as such “eating”, “excretion”, and so on, needed to be carried out as usual.

It’s not a wonder that she took so long to notice, as the only blind person in town, in the eyes of normal human beings, being unable to see was akin to being an alien. In this town, it could be classified as ‘urban legend’, or ‘the top 10 unbelievable things in this city’, and it was difficult for ordinary people to notice it immediately. At most, they would think that this person, who slightly lowered his head and didn’t look into other’s eyes was probably just shy.

Then, these needs for survival, how could they maintain it?

The woman chatted with Lu Chu, and suddenly looked towards his lowered and sightless eyes, and asked instead, “your eyes, what……”


This wasn’t the first time Lu Chu encountered such a thing, he smiled and said calmly, “my eyes, can’t see.”

After panicking, human beings would begin to expose their predatory nature, and adapt to their physical instincts to satisfy this condition of being able to ‘live’.

“Can’t see?” The woman immediately frowned, “why, it’s just like my husband……”

Hungry? Then eat, eat everything that can fill your empty stomach.

Fear? Then go crazy. After all, everything is false anyway, and you can’t see, hear, or even touch it.

After losing your senses, you only have yourself, and your natural desire for life.

The disgusting scent of blood still simulated Lu Chu’s nose from across the door. He frowned, and didn’t know when it had happened, but Carrot was already behind him, baring his teeth and ready to go.

Lu Chu lowered his body, followed the sound and patted Carrot’s back, “go back to the bedroom first.”

“Woof–” Carrot squeezed out a low growl from his throat, and didn’t leave.

The sound of the pounding on the door was getting louder, and Lu Chu fumbled around the man on the sofa and helped him into the bedroom. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get Carrot to go in, so he had to give up.

Opening the door.

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The person outside might have also lost their sense of touch, and the sound of their body slamming against the door made Lu Chu feel pain. If the person had no sense of touch, then as long as the person didn’t leave by themselves, they wouldn’t stop even if they were bleeding badly, until their death arrived, and their body stopped working.

But the security door couldn’t hold out until the person who was hitting the door outside died.

Lu Chu held his walking stick in his hand, took in a deep breath, leaned forward again to listen to the sound outside, and only opened the door after ensuring that there was only one person.

“Ughhah!” The moment the door was opened, the foul scent of blood rushed at him, which caused Lu Chu to unconsciously take half a step back. Immediately after that, he reacted quickly, and gave a knock towards the direction of the voice.

Lu Chu heard her words and felt his heart sank, “what did you say?”

Lu Chu’s greatest advantage over these people was that he was used to being unable to see. He was accustomed to what people called ‘darkness’, and he knew the layout of this place that he had in lived for 21 years.

Nobody answered. He pressed it twice again, and still, nobody answered, so he knocked on the door and shouted, “Zhou Xiran, are you at home?”

He could easily know where this ‘senseless person’s’ location was and attack him. Listening to the beast-like roar that came from this ‘senseless person’ from time to time, he probably was a man. Because he didn’t have a sense of touch, after being knocked to the ground, he got up with a low roar, fumbled and crawled around as he got up, then pounced in any direction. Without his senses, he didn’t know what he should do, and simply waved around the arms that had long been dirtied, longing to grab something that could be eaten, to fill the emptiness and anxiety that came from somewhere he didn’t know.

“My husband,” the woman said, “I don’t know what happened last night, but he suddenly told me that he couldn’t see. At that time, I was still wondering, how could this happen? After a while, he told me that it was alright, causing me to be worried for half a day.”

Anything was fine, even the thick liquid that he could get after he broke through tough skin.

Just at this moment, a woman came up the stairs carrying a few bags, and she asked Lu Chu, “who are you? Why are you at my house door?”

He could eat it all.

Using sound, Lu Chu had avoided the man’s attack several times, and Carrot also kept biting. At last, Lu Chu used all his strength and tried his best to hit the man’s head, until there wasn’t any resistance left.

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Lu Chu collapsed onto the ground, panting, and quickly got up again to drag the ‘senseless person’ out, and closed the security door.

When everything was resolved, Lu Chu had already sweated quite a bit. He didn’t know if he had killed that person, but he knew that if he had given mercy, there would be slightly more rotten flesh and blood on the man.

That would have been his.

Carrot came over and licked Lu Chu’s face. Lu Chu chuckled, and hugged Carrot’s furry head, “I’m fine.”

Entering the bedroom, Lu Chu touched towards the man’s side and held his hand.

The man felt Lu Chu’s hand and asked aloud, “are you okay?”

Lu Chu turned upon hearing her voice, “hello, may I ask, are you the owner of this house?”

— I’m okay.

“I am……” The woman looked at him with suspicion, “do you need something?”

Lu Chu apologised, “sorry to bother you, I’m Zhou Xiran’s friend. Just now, she called me, and it seemed that something urgent had happened and she couldn’t reach you. However, after we chatted for a while, she suddenly hung up the phone. I was worried about her, so I came over.”

“Let’s leave here.”

Leave here? Where? The entire town had descended into chaos, and to leave, meant to leave this city. But nobody had ever left before. Lu Chu didn’t even know what it meant when people said ‘there are mountains outside the city’. Under these circumstances where he couldn’t see, could he really bring Carrot and the man to leave this chaotic town, cross over countless mountains and survive to reach the outside world?

The woman was doubtful, but seeing that Lu Chu looked quite handsome, she whispered “what could happen to Xiao Ran?” as she took out the key and opened the door.

Since the girl had called him instead of her parents, it meant that she couldn’t contact them, so it was useless for him to try and get in touch them.

As if he knew what Lu Chu was thinking, the man said again, “not outside, but the middle of the city.”

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— The middle of the city?


The centre of this town was……

— That…… tall tower.

In the words of other people, that tall and dark tower, reaching towards the sky, that didn’t have windows after the third or fourth floor.

“That’s right.”

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