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Chapter 51

There were a lot of voices around him, and everybody was very scared, yet nobody left the scene. Although Lu Chu was shocked for a moment, he quickly calmed down.

After returning to his senses, he looked back at 7 who was standing behind him, and saw that that 7 was also watching him. His eyes showed steadiness and composure, and Lu Chu’s heart calmed down.

Zhang Cheng was extremely frightened and his complexion looked extremely bad. Although he usually talked about supernatural events and horror stories without stopping, but when something like this actually happened in his life, there was no way he could stay calm. Qian Wenhao was also extremely pale, and felt that his throat was dry when he started to stammer a little. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know where to start, and because he couldn’t bear nor dare to look at the male student’s scene of death, he had turned his head to the side.

Although the dorm teacher was old and had experienced many things in her life, this was still the first time she had seen such a thing. She swallowed, looked at the students around her, noticed that somebody had taken out his phone to call the police. Immediately, she returned to her senses and tried to stop him, “don’t call the police!”

The student who had called the police was confused, “teacher, somebody had died, why not call the police?”

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“First, contact the school. The school will deal with this!” the dorm teacher said, “do you know what calling the police will do to our school’s reputation!”

High school was a difficult stage in people’s lives, and as the best high school in the city, Yucai High School was famous for its strict management. That was why, every year, there would be a couple of students who couldn’t withstand the huge pressure and committed suicide. Every time this happened, the school would suppress the news, and prohibit the students from discussing it in private, then meet privately with the parents.

Sometimes, the parents wouldn’t want to settle this matter in private, so they would end up holding a demonstration in front of the school. After all, this was a child that they doted on, and something like this had happened to them after they went to school. The old sending the young, nobody would be able to accept it, but in the end, everything would be suppressed, and soon, everything would be over without anymore news.

What a joke, the whole school knew about it, yet there was nothing they could do.

“What reputation?” High school students were at the age where hot-blooded feelings and integrity were stronger, and thing that they couldn’t stand the most was this kind of behaviour which disregarded human lives for the sake of a so-called reputation. He retorted, “Teacher, somebody’s already died, and in this…… this kind of…… in any case, I’ve already called the police, and they will arrive soon!”

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The dorm teacher glared, “you’re already violating the school rules by bringing a mobile phone to school, and now, you’re not even listening to your teacher’s advice. Wait for your demerit and punishment.”

Many students were still caught between shock and fear, and now, but when they heard the conversation between the dorm teacher and the male student who called the police, a number of them frowned.

The scene of the death was terrifying, and the dorm teacher didn’t want to stay any longer, but had to maintain order. She told the crowd to disperse, then walked over to the side and took out her own phone to contact the school.

After hearing about this matter, the staff who were still in school quickly rushed to the boy’s dorm building from the teaching building. A few teachers drove the students who were still at the scene out of the dormitory, and told them not to speak about it. Once the other students on different floors, who didn’t know what happened, went to class, they blocked the dormitory building.

All the students nodded their heads.

Then, a clear and steady voice sounded from the classroom door.

On the way to the classroom, Zhang Cheng was still dumbfounded, and only returned to his senses a little as they reached the classroom door. He grabbed Qian Wenhao’s arm as he said, “bro, hit me, I don’t think I’ve woken up from my afternoon nap yet……”

Qian Wenhao also had a dull-eyed look, “I might also be dreaming……”

Of course, Lu Chu himself was the same, and looked around seventeen or eighteen. Young, and filled with vitality.

Zhang Cheng turned to Lu Chu, and when he saw that Lu Chu also had a serious expression, his voice started to drift away, “why are you in my dream…… Li Bo too……”

Then, Meng Yu and Li Lan walked to the classroom door. When they saw Lu Chu and the rest, they asked, “why are you guys not going in and blocking the door for? Silly Zhang, what are you thinking about with a face like that? It’s almost time for the bell to ring.”

It was different from the maturity and stability he had the first time they met, and different from the insanity of the previous game, this 7 was one that Lu Chu was familiar with, only, his age had become that of a teenager.

It was only then did Zhang Cheng and Qian Wenhao fully return to their senses. They glanced at each other, and walked into the classroom with a complicated expression on their faces.

Their homeroom teacher gave a kind smile, “please come in.” He introduced him to the students, “this is the new classmate who just transferred to our class today.”

This was the first time that they’d been so close to anything like this. This kind of feeling was different compared to watching a movie or television, and different from when they heard about it in the news. It was an actual human life, and that person might have actually appeared around them – they could have met in the dorm corridor before, in the washroom, or on the forested path heading towards the school. Perhaps in the teacher’s office, or they might have been opponents during the ball games held by the school,.

They were such close to death.

Their homeroom teacher said, “come, student Li Bo, say hello to everyone.”

7’s gaze swept across the crowd. His sight steadily fell on Lu Chu as he opened his mouth and said, “hello, everybody. I’m Li Bo.”

Somebody had died in such a horrible manner. The school banning the discussion of this matter wouldn’t be able to stop the news from spreading.

The people who witnessed the tragic death of this boy were scattered across all the different grades. Within the span of a class, almost the whole school knew that somebody and died on the third floor of the male dormitory, with his head in the hot water. Who knew if the body was still there.

For some time, people were in a panic, and they speculated about the reason for his death.

Most people guessed that he committed suicide due to the high amount of stress caused by his studies, while others guessed that it was because of love – that he took things too hard and died.

Everybody talked about the myriad of reasons he might commit suicide, but not many people thought that the reason behind the boy’s death could be murder.

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Lu Chu sat in his seat, and his mind was filled with the terrible appearance the boy had when he died.

If someone committed suicide, would they stick their head into boiling water?

Most people would subconsciously raise their head the moment they got scalded, and even if they could resist the pain of the high temperature, and was determined to commit suicide, they were bound to have spams of pain subconsciously. However, at that scene, that boy’s clothing wasn’t that wrinkled, and the water had hardly made it wet.

“Ay, Lu Chu, you’re quite good looking, so you don’t feel it. I’ve ever heard the girls discussing about you before,” saying that, Liu Yang sighed, “this world that only looks at your face, how difficult it is to live in.”

The water tank in the dormitory’s washroom was automatic, and when there was a lot of people fetching water, the water’s temperature would drop. This was why, in the evening after classes, many students would run back to the dorms earlier. On one hand, it was to avoid queuing up when they collected water, and on the other hand, if they went to collect the water earlier, the water would be hotter.

Li Bo’s lips were slightly raised, and held back the intimacy and familiarity in his tone, “yes, living on campus, 316.”

There was a high chance that this had happened to the deceased during afternoon break.

Liu Yang first turned to the back row, and said to Li Bo, “it’s Li Bo right? Hello, I’m called Liu Yang!”

He grabbed Lu Chu and pulled him over, “this is my tablemate Lu Chu, he’s a good person, and we’ll be classmates in the future, so if you have any questions, just ask us, no need to treat us as strangers!”

Everybody had just returned from the cafeteria to their dorm room when class was over in the afternoon, and would go to the toilet then the washroom before napping. At that time, there were people who went in and out of the washroom, but nobody noticed anything strange.

The homeroom teacher walked out of the classroom, and the class instantly became chaotic.

During lunch break, the school had a rule that they weren’t allowed to exit their dorm freely, or make noise in the dorm room. This was to ensure that they did not disturb other people’s rest. If not, they would get a demerit, and those with serious offenses would be sent home to reflect on their mistakes.

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Therefore, during lunch break, most people would choose to either sleep quietly or read a book without leaving their dorm unless, unless they needed to go to the bathroom in a hurry. It was precisely because of this, that nobody would go and take water during lunch break, and the water in the water tank would gradually heat up, until it reached the boiling point.

Like this, the reason behind the face of the deceased being burned in such a manner could be explained.

Of course, this didn’t rule out the possibility that the deceased was killed before lunch break, then placed into a toilet cubicle, with the door closed, disguised as someone who went to the toilet. The toilet door could even be locked from the outside, as long as they twisted the ‘Occupied – Empty’ mechanism located on the outside, they could turn the part that closed the door from the outside. It was even easier to open the door from the outside, all they needed to do was to take a ruler or something similar and stick it through the door slit, then push it up. There used to be a lot of people who would play such a prank when somebody went to the bathroom. Then, all they needed to do was to carry the body out during lunch break, and make it look the way it was at noon.

Teacher Lu said, “well, student Li Bo, for now, why don’t you sit in the empty seat in the fourth row? The seats in the class are adjusted once a week. I’ll tell the class monitor to tell you other methods to change your seat later, as well as other things you need to pay attention to. Of course, you can also ask the other students in class for help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, as this class is very enthusiastic. I also hope that you can quickly integrate into this big family.”

However, all of Lu Chu’s hypotheses were based on human beings. In fact, there was another possibility – that was, the supernatural got involved, and there wouldn’t be any need for tools to commit this act.

Lu Chu was slightly startled. He met eyes with 7, and instantly, the previous game came to his mind, when 7 had made a gentle smile as he fell down in front of him, stained with blood.


Lu Chu’s tablemate was called Liu Yang, and he was a slightly chubby teen. Liu Yang said, “what were you thinking about just now? Your mind kept wandering. I said, the new classmate looks quite good, just look, all our female classmates are all so excited.”

When Lu Chu heard this, he really glanced at his other classmates, then smiled at Liu Yang and said, “it’s still okay. Everybody’s just welcoming the new student.”

Two classes had already passed in the afternoon, and the discussion surrounding the male student’s death was becoming more and more serious.

This time, it was different from the discussion they had before about haunted dormitories. The previous incident was an entertaining story for speculation, and when everyone discussed it, they didn’t believe it, but faced it with curiosity and interest instead. This time, somebody had really died. Before long, some people started to guess if the cause of death was actually murder, and gave a reasonable explanation for it. F or some time, nobody could calm down and listen to class, and even the teacher was absent-minded during the lesson – they probably heard about this matter too.

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It was originally a chemistry class during the third afternoon session, but the students in 2-1 welcomed their homeroom teacher, Teacher Lu.

Teacher Lu looked serious, as she walked to the podium and said, “I believe that everybody has heard a bit about what happened today, the school is also very sad that something like this had occurred. Currently, the school is thoroughly investigating this matter, and today’s lessons will end here. Class will end ahead of time today, and the school will notify all of you if you need to return to class tomorrow. I hope that everybody would not talk about this matter with people outside the school. The west side of the third floor of the old male dormitory would be temporarily sealed, and if students from the other buildings want to go home, they can apply to do so. As for the male students who are staying in the old dorm building, especially students who live on the third floor, I suggest returning home. If there are students who live far away and would not be able to go back, come and find me later.”

The evening self-study session was compulsory for Yucai High School students who lived on campus, but it was more flexible for students who didn’t. They could apply to go home, as long as their parents agreed.

Teacher Lu informed everybody about this matter simply and succinctly, then added in a serious tone, “okay, class is over. The students who want to return home, come and take a permission note from me.”

Suddenly, Lu Chu felt a shadow blocking the light. He turned, and saw 7 holding a book as he sat beside him.

Nobody was happy because of this sudden ‘early dismissal’.

People had died in this school before – the teacher in the old laboratory building, students who couldn’t take it and committed suicide by jumping off a building, students who suddenly died in physical education class due to physical problems……

Liu Yang didn’t live in the school, and applied to return home during self-study period, thus the seat beside Lu Chu was empty.

But, there was never a time, where the school would treat it so seriously. They had even announced that classes would be ending early, and that this break might even continue on.

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Although Liu Yang was a student who travelled from home, but from since this afternoon, he had been listening to the students at the scene describe the situation at that time, so he had already fill in the blanks on how terrifying that male student had looked when he died. Now, when he had heard the teacher describe the matter in such a cautious manner, couple with the noise from the outside — the other students from different classes had started to leave – he instantly broke into cold sweat.

Liu Yang wiped the sweat on his head, and quietly asked Lu Chu, “Lu Chu, you saw the scene, do you think, that since the school is so careful about it, is it true that…… he was killed……”

Lu Chu shook his head, “I don’t know. Don’t scare yourself, wait and see what the school has to say.”

Liu Yang nodded, and asked again, “are you going to go back home?”

Although there were teachers on duty during the evening self-study session, but they would usually stay in the office to prepare teaching plans or mark their paper, and would only come to look at them occasionally. Thus, whether the students were seriously studying, on the whole, depended on themselves. The evening self-study session was quieter, and occasionally, there would be the sound of some students whispering. Zhang Cheng was naturally whispering with Meng Yu and the others in the back, and occasionally, there would be bursts of laughter.

“No,” Lu Chu said, “my house is too far away, and there’s nobody at home, so it’s troublesome to go back. I’ll go find Teacher Lu in a while, since she told those who couldn’t go back to go and find her, then she should have a solution for this.”

Saying that, Lu Chu looked Li Bo in the eyes, “if you’re free, come over and visit.”

When Li Bo heard his words, the corners of his lips raised even higher, “I will.”

Right now, what Lu Chu was the most worried about was not who the murderer was, or whether the murderer was a human or ghost. If things continued on in this matter, would the school force all the students in the dorm to return home? If that was the case, he would have to find another way to complete the “Move about within the school” requirement.

When Lu Chu heard this, he really glanced at his other classmates, then smiled at Liu Yang and said, “it’s still okay. Everybody’s just welcoming the new student.”

After hearing this, Liu Yang disagreed: “Why don’t you come to my house? Even if you go to find the old donkey, and the old donkey arranged a place for you to temporarily stay in away from the old male dormitory, you’ll be the only one left in school if everybody goes back. It’ll be scary.”

When Lu Chu heard this, and there was a smile at the corner of his lips, “don’t worry, I’m not alone.”

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In the seat behind them, 7 listen to their conversation, and tapped the table gently with his beautiful fingers, as if he was responding.

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