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Chapter 53

Due to Xu Yuan going to the toilet, Lu Chu didn’t feel like sleeping anymore. He laid down on the bed, but kept his eyes open.

Xu Yuan hurriedly climbed back into bed after thanking both of them, and soon, Lu Chu heard soft snores coming from Xu Yuan’s area.

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After climbing back into the bed, 7 didn’t lie down and sat up in bed. He knew that Lu Chu wasn’t asleep, and told him, “sleep for a while, maintain your energy.”

Lu Chu could tell that 7 cared about him, so he said softly, “en, you too.”


“Then, I’m going to sleep, good night.”

“Good night.”

Lu Chu closed his eyes, tried to induce sleepiness, and took a long time before falling asleep.

7 waited for him to fall asleep before lying down, and closed his eyes.

“No need,” 7 shook his head, “Fan Yiming said he wouldn’t come to the dorm again, so it’s fine to just throw the bedsheet and pillow away. In a few days, he’s going to apply to travel from home, otherwise, it would be a waste to pay a couple hundred more per semester for accommodation fees.”

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They weren’t like the girls who had many different kinds of things, in a large quantity. Amidst their cheers, 7’s bedsheet and daily necessities were quickly moved from next door to 318.

Lu Chu’s bed was on the upper bunk, facing the window, on the east side. Fan Yiming’s bed was on the upper bunk near the door on the east side too, close to Lu Chu’s bed. During lunch break, Lu Chu climbed into bed, and found out that he was sleeping head to head with 7. There were only a couple of short iron railings in the middle keeping them apart.

The next day, everybody in the dorm work up early – for Lu Chu and 7, it was because they were used to getting up early, while the other three wanted to go home as soon as possible, and woke up naturally before their alarm sounded.

A moment later, Teacher Lu came over to check on their room. She noticed that all of them had woken up, and said, “there won’t be any school for today and tomorrow, you guys should  return home as soon as you can.”

Xu Yuan and the other two quickly said, “we’re going to leave soon!”

“That’s good,” Teacher Lu said, then asked Lu Chu and 7, “what about you guys? are you going home?”

Lu Chu said, “Teacher Lu, will the school only be giving two days off?”

“Should be,” Teacher Lu said, “the school will do their best to solve this problem as soon as possible. High school curriculum is already quite tense, especially for third year students, who are about to face the college entrance examinations, so we can’t delay it for too long.”

Lu Chu politely said, “if it’s only for two days, Li Bo and I would like to apply to stay in the dorm.”

Lu Chu was slightly startled. He met eyes with 7, and instantly, the previous game came to his mind, when 7 had made a gentle smile as he fell down in front of him, stained with blood.

“That’s okay,” Teacher Lu said, “there’s also students in other classes who are also afraid of delaying their studies for too long, and wish to stay in the school. There’s enough male students for three dorm rooms, and enough female students for two. The school agrees, and you guys just have to write in your application. However, I have some matters at home today, so I won’t be staying on duty. If you guys have any urgent issues, you can go to the teacher on duty tonight or the dorm head.”

7 turned to look at him, “can I sit here?”

Lu Chu’s smile was as gentle as ever, “it’s an honour.”

Lu Chu and 7 nodded, “okay, we understand. Thank you, Teacher.”


Lu Chu’s tablemate was called Liu Yang, and he was a slightly chubby teen. Liu Yang said, “what were you thinking about just now? Your mind kept wandering. I said, the new classmate looks quite good, just look, all our female classmates are all so excited.”

At nine in the morning, Xu Yuan and the rest left, and moved their bedsheets back to the old boy’s dormitory.

After writing the word down, 7 was afraid that his tone would come off as too cold and indifferent, so he pulled back the note that he had pushed out, thought for a moment, and added a couple more strokes before returning the note to Lu Chu.

Five other people moved in the dorm room where Lu Chu and 7 were in, and took up the remaining five beds. They got to know each other, and found out that other than Lu Chu and 7 who were in the same class, the rest of them were from different classes and different grades.

Lu Chu opened the note, looked at the solemn smiley face after the ‘okay’, and couldn’t help but smile.

Lu Chu was originally planning to go and see room 604 in the female dormitory, to check out the rumors surrounding it – the girls suddenly falling ill, and the ‘ghost’ that Meng Yu saw. He was quite concerned about this matter, and had a strong hunch that it was going to be the breakthrough for this matter.

However, he was currently living with so many people, and it was easier for boys to become familiar with each other, and he would get asked where he was going when he simply got up to go to the bathroom, so he could only give up this idea for the time being.

After the afternoon lunch break, some of them wanted to go study in the classroom, but didn’t dare to move about alone with this situation, so all of them went together.

Lu Chu let out a sigh of relief, told 7 that he wanted to go to the female dorm to check out the situation. 7 naturally agreed, and the two of them went out together.

Due to concerns about the students’ safety, for the past couple of days, they “weren’t allow to leave the school, if you’re in the cafeteria or teaching building, you must return to the dorms before 7 pm, as the dormitory door will be locked by that time,” and other similar rules. Therefore, Lu Chu didn’t have that much time to check out the female dorms. Furthermore, they had to avoid getting discovered, if not, they would definitely be considered a pervert for taking advantage of the fact that there wasn’t anybody in the female dorms to break into it.

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The female dormitory that Meng Yu and Liu Qian stayed in was separated from the old male dormitory by a cafeteria. Right now, there weren’t that many people in school, so there wouldn’t be anybody at the cafeteria at this time. Lu Chu and 7 followed along the remote tree-lined path all the way to the female dormitory.

“As expected, the door’s locked.” Lu Chu looked at the closed door, and had long predicted that this would be the case.

The dormitory was locked, and all the windows for the bedrooms, toilets and corridors on the first and second floors were equipped with anti-theft measures, so they needed to climb the wall if they wanted to enter.

They were obviously tablemates, yet the two of them happily passed notes to each other, enjoying this simple and mundane fun.

Climbing a wall wasn’t difficult for 7, for he had been through countless games, and sometimes one needed to use their intelligence to succeed, while others require violence and pure force in order to succeed. Over time, his physical strength and agility had become better than special forces that had been training for many years.

Lu Chu said goodnight to 7 at the door, and when he returned to the dorm, he thought to himself, it was too bad that they weren’t in the same dorm, even if he lived next door, they were still separated by two doors.

However, for Lu Chu, and was a somewhat difficult thing. For the past twenty years, he had been living in peace and tranquility. His eyes couldn’t see, so it wasn’t easy for him to move about, and he could only do exercises such as walking or sit-ups. Additionally, for the previous few games, there wasn’t a need for high-intensity exercise or high-risk movements.

The dorm that 7 stayed in was a mixed dorm, with students from several classes. After Lu Chu and the rest returned, they helped 7 get ready his things in the dorm, before going to wash up. By the time they returned to their rooms, it was time for lights out.

Now, Lu Chu looked at the dormitory building, and he asked 7, “7, can you teach me some methods to exercise?”

Of course, the contents of the notes were nothing more than minor things about their daily lives and studies. As for things concerning the ‘rules’ and ‘games’, they couldn’t talk about them through paper, in order to prevent unnecessary troubles.

There would be more and more ‘games’ that he had to experience in the future, and he would encounter more moments between life and death. Other than running, if his physical fitness wasn’t up to par during those times, there would be no way that he could last until the end.

He wanted to live well.

7 always had the intention to train him, only, he hadn’t found the right time. Since Lu Chu asked ahead of schedule, he nodded and said, “this matter should be brought forward. From tomorrow onwards, I’ll help you train, and teach you some self-defense and some simple movements. Once you get used to it, I’ll teach you how to fight.”

Hearing this, Lu Chu looked forward to it.  After all, which boy didn’t have aspirations of blood and fighting?

After the matter about training was settled, Lu Chu’s gaze returned to the girls’ dormitory building.

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This dormitory building was near the back door of the school. Behind it was a street with rows of snack stalls, while in front of it was another dormitory building. Even if there weren’t that many people in school, Lu Chu was still extremely cautious. A lot of little details often determined the success or failure of things. If the two of them wanted to climb into the third floor without being noticed, they needed to go by the side of the dormitory building, as that was a blind spot that would block them from the view of the other people currently in the school. On the other side of the blind spot was a wall, with several tall and lush trees growing in between it and the dormitory building, which also helped to obscure them from the sight of the pedestrians outside the school

If they climbed up from the side, they would be able to enter into the corridor, and avoid any trouble they might get into from leaving behind traces if they had climbed into other girls’ rooms.

In fact, it wasn’t that difficult to climb buildings. As long as they found places to support them and footholds, they could easily make their way up with enough strength.

7 first demonstrated, and climbed up to the window on the third floor corridor within a couple of moves.  He half-squatted on the window, turned around and used his hands to support himself as he looked down, and pointed to show Lu Chu where he should step on and grab.

Lu Chu followed his instructions, climbed up slowly but steadily, and soon reached the third floor window.

7 jumped into the corridor while Lu Chu grabbed the edge of the window, then 7 reached out to him, “you did very well. Come.”

Lu Chu looked up at him, the corners of his mouth rose up in a slight smile. He placed his hand in 7’s palm, and quickly climbed into the window with his help, then jumped into the corridor.


They went up the stairs to the sixth floor, and found room 604.

Lu Chu also knew that 7 did this for his own good. Therefore, for this ‘game’, even if he knew that 7 had gone through all single-player tasks, he didn’t have any intention to ask for help, but instead, he intended to followed along the development of this ‘game’, and solve the puzzles by himself, bit by bit.

In order to facilitate nightly checks, students weren’t allowed to lock the dormitory doors by themselves, and they couldn’t even lock it from the inside if they went to sleep at night. Each door had a square window, which was around the height of an ordinary person, to make it convenient for the dormitory teachers to check on the students’ situation, or to confirm if they were resting according to what the school rules said.

Lu Chu didn’t directly open 604’s door, but looked through the window first. In the afternoon, the room was bright and neat, and didn’t seem to have any abnormalities.

Fan Yiming was a student in Lu Chu’s dorm who travelled from home, and had gotten a permission note to not stay in the dorm. Expect for the first day when he had stayed in the dorm, he had never been to the dorm again. Other than the mattress on his bed in 318, there was only a bedsheet and a pillow left. There wasn’t even a blanket.

Then, he pushed open the door and went in.

7 took out a note, “I went to apply for a dorm room change. I discussed it with Fan Yiming who was staying in the same room as you guys, changed with him, and can move in today.”

The sound of the door opening in a dormitory floor with only Lu Chu and 7 was so clear it would make one’s scalp tingle.

After entering the dormitory, Lu Chu carefully observed the situation inside.

After having lunch in the cafeteria, they prepared to return to the dorm to rest, and just as they got to the dorm’s door, and were preparing to say goodbye to Li Bo, they saw 7 enter their bedroom.

The layout of each dorm room in this school was the same, with two bunk beds on each side. 604 was a full dormitory, and there were the signs of eight people living in it.

Lu Chu stood in the room and turned around, then went to the middle of 604, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then frowned.

“What did you find?” 7 asked.

Lu Chu opened his eyes and said, “I’m not sure yet.”

Lu Chu organised his thoughts and explained, “it’s just a familiar smell.” He paused for a while, and looked towards 7, “I’ve smelled this scent on Zheng Wei before. Everybody’s scent is different, and Zheng Wei and I aren’t in the same social circle, so at that time I simply thought that it was the scent of someone who hung around with him, which was why I didn’t think much about it. However, I can smell it in this room – and I’m sure that this scent doesn’t belong to someone who lives here.”

If this scent was left by someone who often visited this dorm room, then, with Zheng Wei’s preference for not communicating with other people, let alone girls, how could this scent be left on him?

7 said, “is it Zheng Wei’s own scent?”

Lu Chu shook his head, “no, Zheng Wei’s own scent is different from this.”

They looked around a bit more, but didn’t notice anything else important.

Looking at the time, they had to leave for dinner soon, if not, they wouldn’t be able to return in time when the teacher on duty started their rounds.

They still climbed down from the window on the side of the third floor corridor when they went down, only, 7 directly jumped down from the window on the second floor, and Lu Chu’s own heart jumped when he saw what he did.

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7 landed smoothly, then looked up at Lu Chu.

Lu Chu climbed to the second floor window the way he had climbed up before, steadied himself, and just he wanted to ask 7 how to descend, he turned his head and saw 7 opening his arms wide below him.

Although the both them looked like teenagers around the age of 17 or 18, 7 was still taller than him. At this moment, he was standing in the sunset with his hands outstretched, and the warm orange light obscured the expression on his face, and Lu Chu couldn’t see it clearly, but somehow, it made him feel at ease.

Lu Chu understood what he intended, and laughed, “is this to train my courage?”

Jumping down from the second story was a good start for his parkour experience.

7 kept his arms open, and his voice was steady and low as he said, “don’t be afraid, come here.”

Lu Chu shook his head, “I’m not afraid.”

Because I believe you.

He jumped down from the second floor.

7 caught him, and held his whole world in his arms.

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