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Chapter 54

Lu Chu and 7 left the girls’ dorm, and followed the path to the field, pretending that they had been hanging around and playing football all day in school, then ran into several other people who came back from studying.

The few of them went to dinner together, before rushing back to their new dorm.

After the teacher on duty checked their room, they chatted for a while, and quickly went to sleep.

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Early next morning, while the rest of the people in the dorm were still asleep, Lu Chu and 7 woke up early. After they washed up, they waited for the teacher on duty to open the door to the dormitory building, then went out for a morning run.

7 formulated a series of training programs according to Lu Chu’s current physical standard, and the amount of exercise they had to do would increase little by little. After a short and slow morning jog, they went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, then warmed up and trained in the field according to 7’s plan.

There was no rush to learn a variety of different skills at the start of the exercises, instead, one first had to become more flexible, and increase the variety of movements that they could do. Things like kicking, climbing, rolling or dodging to the side all required strength and abdominal muscles.

After an hour, Lu Chu was drenched in sweat.

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7 handed him water and a towel, “rest for a while.”

Lu Chu took a sip and asked, “7, what kind of high-difficulty movements can you perform?”

“For something more difficult, I can do a variety of somersaults with kicks,” 7 replied, “however, these things aren’t really that practical when it comes to fighting. I’ll teach you some easier and more practical things such as kicking, dodging, some martial arts actions, and blocks.”

Under Lu Chu’s request, 7 still showed him a couple of backflips and kicks. After this series of exercises, although 7 still handled them with ease, but his shirt had also become soaked, and Lu Chu could vaguely see the defined muscles of his abdomen during this set of movements.

Lu Chu admired it for some time.

“No need,” 7 shook his head, “Fan Yiming said he wouldn’t come to the dorm again, so it’s fine to just throw the bedsheet and pillow away. In a few days, he’s going to apply to travel from home, otherwise, it would be a waste to pay a couple hundred more per semester for accommodation fees.”

The corner of 7’s lips hooked up, “want to learn?”

Lu Chu’s bed was on the upper bunk, facing the window, on the east side. Fan Yiming’s bed was on the upper bunk near the door on the east side too, close to Lu Chu’s bed. During lunch break, Lu Chu climbed into bed, and found out that he was sleeping head to head with 7. There were only a couple of short iron railings in the middle keeping them apart.

Lu Chu nodded, “en.”

They weren’t like the girls who had many different kinds of things, in a large quantity. Amidst their cheers, 7’s bedsheet and daily necessities were quickly moved from next door to 318.

“First, learn a couple of moves and blocks. Then start with a basic flip to the side, I’ll teach you, slowly.”

Lu Chu smiled, “thank you for teaching.”

Their homeroom Teacher Lu announced that class was over then walked out of the classroom.


Instantly, the originally quiet classroom became chaotic, and everyone started talking about this matter. Such a terrible thing had happened, so majority of the students didn’t want to continue staying in the dorm, and quickly ran to the office to find Teacher Lu and get a permission slip.

The day passed by exceptionally fast while they exercised.

At night, the teacher on duty said while going on rounds, “regular classes will resume tomorrow, you guys can move back to your dorm room at noon.”

“That,” a student raised his hand, “Teacher, can we not go back to stay?”

The teacher on duty said, “theoretically, no. Are you facing any issue?”

The student had a sad expression, “there’s no issue, it’s just that the dorm room that I was originally staying in is directly opposite the third floor washroom on the west side of the old male dormitory.”

The washroom faced the last two bedrooms, especially the second last one; their door faced that washroom’s door. Since every dorm room’s door had a small square window, the members of that room could directly see into the washroom, and this made the student scared just thinking about it.

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The teacher on duty was somewhat troubled, the west side of the third floor of the old male dormitory had been sealed away for the past two days. The police inspected the scene, and he didn’t know what conclusion they had reached, but for the sake of the student’s studies, the school cooperated with the police, and planned to resume the curriculum and reopen the dorm room tomorrow. Of course, a lot of students who lived within the city might choose to start studying from home this semester, and only students who lived further away would stay in the dorms.

The teacher on duty thought for a moment, and said, “for your question, I’ll convey it to the school, and we’ll get back to you tomorrow.”

“Okay!” that student was extremely touched, “thank you, Teacher!”

Qian Wenhao and Zhang Cheng came over to Lu Chu’s seat at the same time.


Lu Chu shook his head, “it’s not convenient for me to go back.”

The next day, Lu Chu and 7 ate breakfast after their morning run, and planned to go to class for morning self-study.

“Eh,” Zhang Cheng was surprised, and looked towards Lu Chu and Li Bo, “the two of you really are leaving?”

Their classmates arrived one after another. Two days had passed, and everybody’s worries and panic had eased, instead, it was replaced with curiosity towards the mystery.

After Zhang Cheng arrived, he rushed to Lu Chu and 7, and said loudly, “wow! I heard that the two of you didn’t go back for two days!”

Liu Yang asked, “how many people are in your dorm? If the two of you leave, will there only be Lu Chu and Li Bo left?”

Lu Chu nodded, “en, we stayed in school for two days.”

“Yeah,” Zhang Cheng said, “what’s up?”

Zhang Cheng asked, “nothing strange happened?”

“No,” Lu Chu said, “those two days were quite relaxed.”

Zhang Cheng was very anxious, “Lu Chu, Li Bo, what do the both of you think? I’m not going to stay in the dorms for a while. Seeing the actual scene was really very scary. Now, my brain is filled with the images of that person’s death…… I feel as if I can’t sleep well even when I go home.”

Zhang Cheng admired, “you’re really accepting.”

As Lu Chu took out the books he needed for morning self-study, he said modestly, “I don’t dare.”

Qian Wenhao came in a little later, and when he saw Zhang Cheng chatting with Lu Chu, he also came over and asked, “Zhang Cheng, are you still going to live on campus?”

Zhang Cheng shook his head, “I’m still thinking about it, you?”

“Not going to stay, not going to stay. I’ll go back to the dormitory for a while during noon, but go home to sleep at night,” Qian Wenhao shook his head, “Having seen that scene, the whole dormitory has given me some sort of traumatic experience.”

Zhang Cheng turned to ask Lu Chu and 7, “what do the two of you think?”

Lu Chu confirmed, “we’re continuing to stay.”

Zhang Cheng said to himself, “true, you guys stayed in this school for the past two days already, there’s nothing much to be afraid about.”

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“It’s time to show that I’m a real man,” Zhang Cheng then immediately said in a decisive manner, “I decided, I’m going to stay too!”

Qian Wenhao and Zhang Cheng came over to Lu Chu’s seat at the same time.

Zhang Cheng was very anxious, “Lu Chu, Li Bo, what do the both of you think? I’m not going to stay in the dorms for a while. Seeing the actual scene was really very scary. Now, my brain is filled with the images of that person’s death…… I feel as if I can’t sleep well even when I go home.”


“Yeah,” Zhang Cheng said, “what’s up?”

Liu Yang asked, “how many people are in your dorm? If the two of you leave, will there only be Lu Chu and Li Bo left?”

“Eh,” Zhang Cheng was surprised, and looked towards Lu Chu and Li Bo, “the two of you really are leaving?”

Near noon, several people in class who had beds in Lu Chu’s dorm room told him that they withdrew their space, and completely switched to travelling from home.

When he reached the dorm at noon, a dorm teacher on the first floor stopped them, and told them to read the notice on the board.

Lu Chu shook his head, “it’s not convenient for me to go back.”

Many people surrounded the area where the small noticeboard was placed, and 7 took advantage of his height by simply standing on the edge and took a look before returning.

Lu Chu asked, “what’s going on?”

7 said, “the announcement said, a lot of people who hadn’t been staying in the dorm had withdrawn their names, and the stairs on the west side of the old male dormitory will be sealed. The washroom and several bedrooms on the west side of the third floor will be separated from the rest of the floor with boards, and the ones in those rooms would be divided into other rooms. They hoped that everybody will get along.”

Lu Chu thought for bit, it was probably the classmate last night who gave this suggestion to the teacher on duty, and after the teacher on duty reported it to the school, the school made this decision.

Zhang Cheng said, “wow, that’s quite good, with more people, it’s going to be livelier.”

To Lu Chu’s surprise, the one assigned to their dorm was someone they knew.

“It’s fate,” Xu Yuan said.

Lu Chu smiled, “it’s fate.”

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Zhang Cheng and Qian Wenhao were surprised, “you guys know each other?”

Lu Chu explained, “during the past two days, the school arranged for us to stay in the new boys’ dormitory, and during the first day, Li Bo and I were in the room as Xu Yuan.”

The both of them understood, “I see.”

Xu Yuan was the forward type, and quickly started chatting with Zhang Cheng and Qian Wenhao. As they talked, Xu Yuan asked, “is there only the four of you in this dorm?”

Qian Wenhao answered him, “there’s another one, but he’s not that easy to get along with, and never moves around with us. You’ll see him in a while when he comes back. For me, I’ll be going back home at night starting from today, and will only stay in the dorm during noon.”

Just as he said that, Zheng Wei pushed the door and entered.

Xu Yuan was surprised, “Zheng Wei!”

Lu Chu and the rest were surprised, the two of them knew each other?

When Zheng Wei heard that, he looked up at Xu Yuan with a confused expression.

Zhang Cheng heard what he said and said, “don’t, how can you sleep well at night if you stay in school? If you can’t go back, why don’t the both of you come stay at my place?”

“You don’t recognise me?” Xu Yuan said, “I’m Xu Yuan, who’s in the class next to you during middle school. We were the assigned the same exam room several times during the final exam!”

Once there weren’t as many people in the office, Lu Chu and 7 went in.

Zheng Wei looked at him for a moment, shook his head, “I don’t remember. Excuse me, I still have something to do.”

Xu Yuan instinctively stepped aside. Zheng Wei went back to his own bed, took out his toiletries from under the bed, then went to the washroom – this time, he could only go to the one on the east side.

Zheng Wei was also in the office, helping the physics teacher at the next desk in organising some test papers.

After Zheng Wei left, Zhang Cheng wondered, “you know him?”

“Yeah, we’ve met several times during middle school.” Xu Yuan thought about it, “he’s changed a lot.”

Teacher Lu’s had a serious expression on her face, and after she thought for a moment, she looked at Lu Chu and 7 and asked, “the two of you really can’t return home?”

Lu Chu asked, “he wasn’t like this in the past?”

Xu Yuan shook his head, “I remember that he used to be bashful, polite, and was the type that easily became shy. His studies were also very good.”

Qian Wenhao exclaiming, “other than having good grades, there’s really no similarities at all.”

“And I remember,” Xu Yuan continued, “he didn’t use to go around alone like this before.”

“He used to have friends before?” Zhang Cheng was amazed.

“Of course, he had a good friend at that time, and a younger sister in the school, in the grade below him,” Xu Yuan said, “I wanted to get to know him then, only, there wasn’t any chance to do so.”

Lu Chu said, “where was your middle school?”

Xu Yuan said, “it’s our school!”

Without giving anybody time to wonder, he said again, “at that time, we also stayed in this building!”

Soon, Zheng Wei returned, and they stopped talking about him.

Lu Chu kept the conversation they had just now in his heart, and prepared to ask Xu Yuan about Zheng Wei later, alone.

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The next few days, because they weren’t from the same class, and there was always several people in the dorm room when they returned, Lu Chu never found the opportunity to talk with Xu Yuan alone.

It had been a calm couple of days, and nothing happened.

Originally, they had two days off this week, but their homeroom teacher informed them last minute, that because of what happened before, the students missed a lot of lessons during the two days break, so they had to make it up this week, and there wouldn’t be a break. The whole class wailed, but had no choice but to accept it.

Gradually, the students who started to get busy with studying and their various exams started to forget about this matter.

“En. It’s like this, Teacher,” Lu Chu politely explained, “our homes are located somewhere further away from here, and our parents are busy with work, so there’s nobody at home. With something like this happening, rather than taking a long ride back to sleep alone at home, it might feel safer to stay with everybody here in school.”

Lu Chu and 7 spent their spare time every day exercising, until Zhang Cheng and Qian Wenhao who were looking at them sighed, and clamoured to join them, but gave up after a couple of days.

Back at the dorm, Lu Chu and 7 weren’t surprised to find out that the stairs on the west side of the old male dorm had been sealed, and if they wanted to enter inside, they could only enter in from the east side.

Just as Lu Chu thought that these days would continue on, homeroom Teacher Lu suddenly walked into class with a serious expression.

Teacher Lu knocked on the blackboard, and the whole class quietened down. Teacher Lu had a hard time speaking, and glanced across the whole class, there said, “there was a student on the top floor of the laboratory building, who was killed.”

When they reached the third floor of the dorm, the two of them found that several rooms and the washroom on the west side of the floor were separated from the rest by a board.

Just as the rumours said, weird things had been happening on the top floor of the laboratory building after a teacher had died, so it had been sealed up – the stairs from the fourth floor to the fifth floor were fitted with iron gates, and chained around several times.

And the reason why Teacher Lu had said ‘killed’ instead of ‘died’, was because with that sort of death, nobody who saw it could rule it as suicide.

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