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Chapter 55

Just as Teacher Lu finished talking, the class became chaotic again, some female students even covered their ears and closed their eyes, not wanting to hear anything.

Liu Yang was also taken aback, and nudged his seat closer towards Lu Chu. Wiping his sweat, he said softly, “what’s going on lately? Why is it so eventful……?”

Lu Chu looked at him and reassured, “don’t panic. First, listen to what the teacher has to say.”

Liu Yang quickly nodded.

“We suspect,” Teacher Lu looked around, “that the murderer is in the school.”

Once these words were said, the whole class went into an uproar again. Everyone looked at each other with horror in their eyes.

Truthfully, there was something that Teacher Lu didn’t say. Rather than suspecting that the murderer was a person from the school, even more people suspected that it wasn’t a person who did it. If not, there was no other way to explain that tragic scene of death.

Immediately after that, Teacher Lu said, “this afternoon, I hope that everybody can stay in school, and accept the police’s investigation.”

“Teacher!” Meng Yu raised her hand.

Teacher Lu nodded, “yes.”

Meng Yu stood up and said, “since we’re still not that sure about what’s going on, and if it’s like what you said, that the culprit is someone from the school, then would it be safe for us to stay in school this afternoon?”

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Teacher Lu motioned her to sit down, and said to the class, “you can rest assure for this matter. There will be people from the police coming over, and everybody, try to stay in the classroom as much as possible, and avoid acting along. At that time, each class will have several teachers accompanying them.”

Teacher Lu finished the speech, and quickly left, no matter how scared the class was.

Lu Chu turned back, met eyes with 7 behind him, with understanding in their eyes.

After school, the bell rang, and nobody dared to leave their seat. The girls all huddled together, trying to squeeze into the middle, in an attempt to find some sense of security.

Lu Chu received a note from Zhang Cheng, asking him what he was planning to do. Lu Chu passed the note back, and told him that he prepared to go around and ask what had happened.

Zhang Cheng wasn’t that timid of a person, and soon got into the plan. Both of them left their seat, and 7 also stood up. The three of them walked out of the classroom, and as their good friend, Qian Wenhao also immediately got up and walked out of the classroom, and the other students in class looked at each other.

There weren’t that many people in the corridor. It seemed that everybody who heard the news huddled together in class and didn’t want to come out.

Lu Chu and the rest went down two floors, to the place where the first years were having class. Compared to the upper floors, which were quieter, this floor was very noisy, yet not lively, and more of it was due to panic and chaos.

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Lu Chu saw several students who didn’t look that good gathering around and talking about something, so he went up and asked them about it.

These people, were students from 1-5.


There were several laboratories on the fifth floor, which were mainly chemistry and biology laboratories.  At that time, the teacher who got into that incident was in charge of a biology lab, later, the strange things that happened weren’t limited to the biology laboratories, so the entire fifth floor of the laboratory building was sealed.

After the top floor of the laboratory building was sealed, the experiment equipment inside wasn’t moved. Instead, a new batch of experiment equipment were purchased for the new laboratory.

“This to protect the scene?” Lu Chu was puzzled.

After the top floor was sealed, generally, nobody would go up again. Students who were curious and didn’t know the truth couldn’t go up even if they wanted to because of the strong iron lock, and when the other laboratory teachers who were in possession of the keys remembered that a colleague had died there, they didn’t even want to go up. It also wasn’t cleaned during the weekdays. Over time, the stairs heading up towards it from the fourth floor, all the way to the various laboratories, had accumulated a thick layer of dust.

This newly built dormitory building was only completed last semester. Since it was newly constructed, it was placed aside for half a year, and would be prepared for the new students the next semester.

It was originally a quiet morning. During the third class, students from 1-5 had a chemistry class in one of the laboratories on the fourth floor.

They went back to their bedroom and cleaned up, stuffed their bed sheets, blankets and flattened their pillows to fit into the two suitcases, carried their toiletries and important belongings in their school bags, then went downstairs to the new dormitory to wait.

Small groups of students holding textbooks chatted lively as they walked up the stairs to the fourth floor. As they prepared to turn into the corridor, one student suddenly pointed to the stairs leading from the fourth floor to the fifth floor, “hey, that’s footprints, right?”

Lu Chu heard this, and was thoughtful.

“What?” That student’s words instantly aroused the curiosity of the other students, and everybody came over to look in the direction he was pointing.

7 looked over, “it is to protect the scene, and continue the investigation.”

The stairs had a thick layer of dust, and on the second step of the stairwell, there was a particularly obvious footprint.

Several students looked up the stairs, only to see a footprint every other step, and all of it was of the left foot.

The students were quite curious, but by the time they reacted, they simply felt cold all over. The stairs leading to the fifth floor from the fourth floor were all locked behind an iron gate, and the iron gate was close to the ceiling, with its railings closely compacted together. This meant that no matter whether it was through squeezing in or climbing over, there was no way a human could go through.

And all of these footprints, were of a bare foot.


Several students were taken aback, and someone screamed and ran down the stairs, and ended up running into the chemistry teacher who had just walked over.

The chemistry teacher reprimanded, “what’s going on? How many times have I told you guys not to chase each other and cause trouble in the corridors? You guys just don’t listen. What if something happens?”

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That student stuttered and pointed towards the upper floor, “Teacher, that……. There, there’s……”

The student stuttered for a long time, but still didn’t manage to say anything. The chemistry teacher was puzzled, and simply said, “what’s there? Follow me, class is going to start soon, and the experiment this time is a little complicated, if we delay any more, we won’t be able to finish it during class time.”

The student obediently followed the chemistry teacher and went upstairs. By this time, more students had surrounded the stairway on the fourth floor, and the students who had already entered into the laboratory came out when they heard something happening outside.

Because there was so many people, the tense atmosphere had dissipated a little, and those who were originally scared started to wonder what was going on with the footprints.

A student joked, “did this little thief remove their shoes and jump up two steps at a time?”

Teacher Lu told them, “there’s more boys from our class who stayed behind. Other classes only have one or two people, so they’re living together with people from other classes, while our class has five male students together in the same bedroom. You guys decide which bed to take by yourself, make your beds, and come to eat dinner in a while. Remember to return early, as the dormitory door will be locked by 7pm tonight.”

The others all laughed.

Lu Chu and 7 chose the same top bunk that they had in 318, and the other three boys also chose their own beds. There was a mattress on the bed, and everybody only needed to lay a thin mat down, and could sleep after placing their bedsheets.

The chemistry teacher arrived, and said angrily when she saw so many people gathering around the area, “it’s time for class, can’t all of you stay in the laboratory and familiarise yourself with the experimental procedures and experiment equipment? Do all of you know how to do the experiments? Know how to write the reports?”

After they set up everything, one of the boys said softly, “shall we go to dinner together?”

Everybody immediately became serious when they saw the teacher approaching.

Everybody was very scared, but they had to stay in school due to several reasons, so, when people were afraid, they would want to huddle together.

Somebody said, “Teacher! A thief entered into the laboratory building!”

Lu Chu and 7 looked at each other, and gave the rest a smile, “okay.”

“Thief?” The chemistry teacher frowned, “why would there be a thief? What’s there to steal in the laboratory building?”

That student replied, “Teacher, the laboratory equipment inside is still quite valuable, what if the thief was interested in this? Look, there’s still footprints in the staircase from the fourth floor to the fifth floor.”

The chemistry teacher looked over, and when she saw the line of lonely footprints, she felt it was really weird, but once she thought that it might be a thief and the school could suffer major losses, and if she didn’t deal with it when she saw it, then it wouldn’t be that good.

So she asked the students to give way, and went to inform the laboratory teacher on duty. The laboratory teacher came over with keys to the fifth floor in hand, and the students automatically made way, as the teacher opened the huge iron lock that held the iron chain together, then pushed open the iron gate.

The chemistry teacher told the students to go back to the laboratory and wait, and planned to go upstairs with the laboratory teacher.

A tall male student said, “Teacher, let me go with you. If it’s really a thief, and the thief hadn’t left yet, it might be safer to bring along a couple of strong male students.”

The chemistry teacher thought about it, and nodded, “that’s also good. Thank you. Call a few boys to join me.”

Several boys took the initiative to follow the chemistry teacher upstairs, and although other students were curious, they still listened and went back to the laboratory to await further instructions.

The chemistry teacher and laboratory teacher walked in front, while the boys followed behind. All of them avoided the barefoot footprint.

They went up the stairs and headed into the lab hallway, and realised that this sole footprint turned into a laboratory.

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The laboratory teacher wiped the cold sweat she suddenly broke out into, “this laboratory, was the laboratory where that teacher had an accident……”

The chemistry teacher paused and said, “let’s go in to have a look.”

“There’s no way,” the laboratory teacher shook her head, “we’ll need a key.”

She continued, “I’ll go down and get it, you guys wait here for a while.” Saying that, she went downstairs.

The corridor was so quiet that one could hear a needle drop. Covered in a layer of greyish dust, the trail of left foot footprints left on the white floor towards the laboratory became particularly clear and eerie.

A male student swallowed, “I think, this doesn’t seem like a thief.”

The student next to him hit him and said, “it’s board daylight, don’t speak nonsense.”

Soon, the laboratory teacher came back with a bunch of keys in her hand.

As it hadn’t been used in too long, the key was somewhat rusted, and it was very difficult to get it into the keyhole. Nobody spoke, and in order to ease the tension, the laboratory teacher said as she opened the door, “if I had known this, I would have brought some oil. This key is a little too difficult……”

Xu Yuan, who was the boy that proposed that they eat together, replied, “of course, it’s the same for me too. I live in one of the neighbouring counties, so I have to take a roundabout in the middle. Teacher said that we were going to end early during the third lesson, and it was a little too late by then. Even if I take the first bus back home to the transfer station, there won’t be any transport left.” Saying that, he sighed, “if I can go back, who would want to stay here?”

The door opened.

“Yeah, in this situation, I don’t think there’ll be any classes tomorrow. I’m going to get up early, and catch the earliest bus home.”

Her words came to an abrupt end.

“I don’t think we can go back tomorrow; it’ll have to be later.” Lu Chu didn’t say that he definitely wouldn’t go back.

The chemistry teacher took in a sharp breath and covered her mouth.

As Lu Chu chatted with them, he continued to analyse the current situation in his mind. Now, he still didn’t know who the deceased was, and so, he wouldn’t be able to investigate many things, and could only continue to assume. Until now, Zheng Wei, who had been of a great concern to him this whole time, didn’t seem to have the time to commit the crime. During the time of the incident, he was lying on the bed during lunch break, and everybody in the dorm room could be a witness.

“Teacher, what happened?” The students behind them were quite puzzled, and because of their height, they could look over the two teachers at the front.

The atmosphere froze.

The male student’s face became pale, and took two steps back.

The laboratory was in a mess. The dust on the ground had mixed in with the dried out red and black blood, and the footprint changed from clear to blood-stained, covering the entire laboratory.

In the middle of the laboratory, a boy was sitting there, with a rope around his neck. The other end of the rope was tied to the hanging light above his head, which barely stabilised his body. His upper and lower eyelids were forced open by short bamboo sticks, and blood oozed out from the points where they were inserted into his flesh.

A microscope was placed on the experimental table, and the victim’s lifeless eyes that were propped open by the bamboo sticks looked straight at the microscope in front of him, as if he was seriously performing an experiment. On the microscope slide, a square piece of meat cut as thin as a cicada wing was placed on it.

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Such sliced pieces of meat were placed in rows in the rack beside the microscope, cut to the same thickness, and looking extremely fresh. On the right side of the rack was a right leg that had been split apart. There was a piece of meat missing from the thigh, and it had been placed at the side, with a knife stuck in it, making it look like it had just been cut. The slice of meat being cut from it was the same thickness as the ones seen under the microscope.

And the dead man sitting on the chair, just happened to be missing a right leg.

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