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Chapter 58

Xu Yuan reacted the fastest. He quickly turned around to place his back towards the dormitory door, then yelled and rush to Zhang Cheng beside him as he lowered his head and started to mutter, “what…… I didn’t see anything…… didn’t see anything……”

It was as if the rest of the people in the dorm had their pause button pressed, and they sat by the side of the bed, motionless.

Zhang Cheng was the only one in the whole dormitory who was still looking towards the small glass window on the dormitory door.

Although Lu Chu had long been prepared for this situation, but the moment that Zhang Cheng spoke, he was still taken aback.

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Currently, he was sitting side by side with 7 in the lower bunk of his bed, which was only two small steps next to the dorm door next to him. 7 noticed Lu Chu’s moment of uneasiness, and turned to look in the direction of the dorm door, and lightly held Lu Chu’s hand.

Just as Lu Chu got determined to turn his head and look in the direction of the dorm door, he suddenly heard the originally frightened Zhang Cheng push Xu Yuan aside and shout, “it floated away! Floated away!” After that, Zhang Cheng buried his head in the blanket at the side of the bed like an ostrich, and his whole body kept trembling.

When Lu Chu heard this, he looked to the door – other than the dark corridor outside, there wasn’t anything else.

The others hadn’t recovered from the horror of there “being a head”, before being shocked by Zhang Cheng’s shout again. Xu Yuan, who had been pushed away, was even more stunned, and sat by the side of the bed with dull eyes.

“Zhang Cheng, Zhang Cheng—” Lu Chu walked over to Zhang Cheng, and tried to get him out of the blanket.

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But Zhang Cheng didn’t stop shaking even after he heard Lu Chu’s voice, and didn’t even come out of the blanket, like he had been bewitched.

Then, Xu Yuan, who had returned to his senses, carefully turned his head and looked in the direction of the door. Upon seeing that there was nothing, he let out a sigh of relief, then turned and started to pull at the blanket over Zhang Cheng’s head. As he tugged, he smiled and joked, “brat, you did it on purpose, right! Try to scare us intentionally! Say it, did the head belong to the teacher in charge?”

When the two temporarily assigned students heard what Xu Yuan said, they also felt that Zhang Cheng was deliberately trying to scare them, and one of them said to Zhang Cheng in a fierce manner, “are you stupid? Dammed trick.”

The other person grabbed him, “calm down, don’t cause any trouble.”

These two were neither from Lu Chu’s nor Xu Yuan’s class. They had never met each other before, and were randomly assigned by the school. Originally, Lu Chu and the rest thought that they would get along peacefully with the two who were going to stay in 318 for one night, just like when Lu Chu and Li Bo stayed in school with other people. However, they never expected that one of them would talk like this.

Slowly, people in other classes also heard about what had happened in the laboratory building, and the whole school fell into in a strange silence.

When Xu Yuan heard what they said, he frowned, “pay attention to your words.”

The man clicked his tongue and sat down, but didn’t speak again.

All the teachers were called for an emergency meeting, and the students sat in their own chairs in fear as they waited for the next arrangement.

Lu Chu looked at Zhang Cheng who had his head buried in the blanket, and was convinced that he was really afraid, and wasn’t joking around.

At present, Lu Chu’s biggest worry wasn’t about the identity of the murderer, but what would happen if things continued to develop like this. After taking the afternoon to check through all the students and teachers, would they be forced to leave the school?

Stopping Xu Yuan’s continuous attempts to pull Zhang Cheng out of his blanket, Lu Chu went to stand beside Zhang Cheng, and said, “Zhang Cheng, I’m Lu Chu. Li Bo and Xu Yuan are also next to you. There’s nothing in the dorm now, and it’s very safe. You can come out and open your eyes.”

After all, in this game, his task wasn’t to find the murderer, or tell everybody the truth, but to stay within the school.

Zhang Cheng trembled, and didn’t move.

Lu Chu continued, “Zhang Cheng, we’re going to sleep here for this whole night. If you really saw something just now, then you should tell us. Finding and giving feedback to the teacher or figuring out the reason behind this matter ourselves are both ways to deal with this matter. Blindly burying your head in the blanket will not solve any problems.”

Xu Yuan accidentally touched Zhang Cheng’s uncovered bare arm, and could feel the cold sweat all over Zhang Cheng the moment he got in contact. This time, he realised that Zhang Cheng wasn’t joking with them.

The other two people sat on the side, forming a clear boundary with Lu Chu and the rest. The one who had scolded Zhang Cheng had crossed his arms, making clear that this matter had nothing to do with him.

Lu Chu’s reliable and soft voice sounded again. He said, “Zhang Cheng.”

This time, Zhang Cheng moved.

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He slowly raised his hands, lifted the blanket over his head. He raised his head up slow, then looked at them.

Then, the rest of them realised, that there was an eye on the left side of Zhang Cheng’s face!

That eye wase half-squinting into a crescent shape, as if it was laughing.

“Ah!!” Xu Yuan, who was closest to Zhang Cheng, screamed and pulled Lu Chu back.

The other two students on the side widened their eyes in shock. They were so scared that they couldn’t even make a sound, and could only open their mouth, and sweat beaded up on their forehead. In a panic, the two of them hurriedly turned around, opened the dorm door and ran out. After they ran out of the dormitory room, the dormitory door automatically closed with a bang.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yuan ran to the dorm door, but soon, to his horror, he found out that he was unable to pull open the dormitory door no matter how hard he tried. No matter how much strength he exerted, the door didn’t move, he instantly became so anxious he started sweating as he started to hit the door with his hand, letting out a series of bangs.

7 stood beside Lu Chu and never took a step back, fainting showing a protective stance

When it was about time for class to end around noon, homeroom Teacher Lu walked into class in a hurry.

“You guys, what happened?” Seeing how everybody reacted, Zhang Cheng asked, finding the matter strange, “weren’t you guys the ones who told me to get up?”

“No,” Teacher Lu rejected, “due to the large number of teachers and students in our school, the investigation and questioning will be carried out one by one. If the questioning hasn’t ended by ten in the evening, then I hope that those who haven’t been investigated yet can temporarily stay on campus. The police will send someone to keep watch.”

As he spoke, the eye on the left side of his face blinked at the speed he was speaking, giving people a strange sense of innocence and weirdness.

Teacher Lu had been a teacher for many years, and understood emotions, so it was easy to understand what the students were feeling.

Someone asked, “Teacher, students who travel from home can’t leave either?”

Xu Yuan saw that he couldn’t open the door, so he could only press his back against it, and with a horrified expression on his face, he reached out and shouted loudly in order to stop Zhang Cheng from moving forward, “don’t come here!”

Lu Chu asked Liu Yang to wake up Wei Lili who was still lying down on her table in front of them.

“What…… exactly happened?” Zhang Cheng was still stuck in the moment before, where he had seen a head, and he was extremely nervous. When he felt that strange atmosphere, he couldn’t help but take a step back and lean against the balcony of the dorm room.

The whole class instantly fell silent, and stared straight towards Teacher Lu.

“You’re still asking what happened, you—” Xu Yuan’s words came to an end abruptly, and he could only stare blankly at Zhang Cheng’s left face. The eyes that were originally there had disappear, without a trace, as if the terrible picture that they had just seen was nothing more than an illusion.

Lu Chu was also surprised. He was certain that a pair of eyes had appeared on Zhang Cheng’s face just now.

Zhang Cheng instinctively went in the direction of Lu Chu and the rest, but was once again stopped by Xu Yuan. Xu Yuan said, terrified, “just stand there and don’t move! Just talk from that spot!”

Zhang Cheng stopped his movements.

Lu Chu gulped, and told Zhang Cheng, “just now, a pair of eyes had appeared on the left side of your face.”

7 nodded in agreement.

Zhang Cheng drew a sharp breath, and instinctively went to touch his left cheek.

Lu Chu shook his head, “there’s no need to touch. It’s gone now.”

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Zhang Cheng was at a loss, after what happened just now, his mental state had already become numb to everything, “this…… what’s going on?”

Xu Yuan was also very scared by the very non-scientific scene that had occurred just now.  His back was still closely pressed to the bedroom door, and his expression was confused and filled with struggle as he wanted to cry, “this is something you need to ask yourself, right…… how would we know……”

Lu Chu took a small step forward, but still maintained a relatively safe distance from Zhang Cheng, and asked, “Zhang Cheng, just now, you said that there was a head at the door?”

Zrhang Cheng nodded, with difficulty.

“Then, it floated away?”

Zhang Cheng opened his mouth, and his throat was dry, “…… en.”

This matter seemed like a house arrest in another name, but nobody objected; no one wanted to have a ticking time bomb around them.

Lu Chu looked him in the eyes and calmly stated the facts, “Zhang Cheng, now, the room to the dorm cannot be opened, and something strange had appeared on your face. We need to know what exactly was it that you saw.”

Saying that, the class monitor asked uncertainly, “does anyone have an opinion?”

Zhang Cheng glanced across Lu Chu and the rest, and said, “a head.”

After a while, everyone looked at each other, and nobody knew what to do next.

After a while, Zhang Cheng’s voice trembled as he added, “there wasn’t any neck, just a human head, right in the middle of the glass window in the dorm door, looking straight at us with open eyes.”

The monitor and the disciplinary committee member had forgotten to asked the students to bid goodbye to their teacher, but their homeroom teacher didn’t seem to care either, and quickly walked out of the classroom after informing them that class was over.

Xu Yuan felt a chill run down his back. Then, he realised that he was leaning against the door, with the back of his head against the window. Immediately, he became so scared he jumped forward several steps. He flew over to Lu Chu’s and 7’s side, before stopping, and the sound of his heartbeat was all over the place, like it was going to pop out of his throat. He turned back to look at the glass window, and the corridor outside was dark, with no signs of where the other two students went. The glass, which had been wiped clean to the point of being almost transparent by the person in charge showed them standing inside the room as they faced each other, distorted and weird.

“After lunch, everybody can either choose to stay in class and wait for the investigation, or go to the dormitory to rest with boarding students that you have a good relationship with. There will be teachers keeping watch in the dorms, so just remember to come back to the classroom at 2:30.” Finally, Teacher Lu said, “alright, that’s it, class is over.”

Xu Yuan’s whole body jolted, and he quickly turned back.

Lu Chu listened to Zhang Cheng’s description and frowned, “what kind of head?”

Zhang Cheng swallowed, and a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. He closed his eyes, tried to relax a little, then said, “against the light. The head had long hair and a purple face. The black pupils occupied the eyes, and there weren’t any white parts. I could vaguely make out that…… it was a young girl.”

Xu Yuan was horrified, “a young girl?”

“En,” Zhang Cheng wanted to walk forward, and get closer to Lu Chu and the rest to find some sense of security, but remembered Xu Yuan’s resistance and fear, so he stopped moving forward and stood in place, as he continued, “around twelve or thirteen.”

With the height of the 12 or 13-year-old girl, even if she stood on her tiptoes, her ‘head’ wouldn’t be at the height of the glass panel in their dormitory door, as the glass window was designed with the height of an average adult in mind, and its aim was to make things easier for the dormitory teacher to check on them.

So, it was really…… floating.

“Also,” Zhang Cheng added, “before that head floated away, she silently said something. I saw the way her mouth moved.”

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Lu Chu asked, “what is it?”

Zhang Cheng paused, “she was grinning, and laughed as she said, ‘Older brother, there’s two, over here.’”

Instantly, Lu Chu immediately thought of Zheng Wei — Xu Yuan said, Zheng Wei had a younger sister.

That head was floating, and the eyes on the Zhang Cheng’s face could also be due to the head. If this ‘brother’ was Zheng Wei who Lu Chu had suspected all along, then, had something happened to his sister for her to become a ghost?

Lu Chu was still thinking deeply about it, but Xu Yuan was already so scared by what Zhang Cheng said that he kept shivering. He wanted to deceive himself, and tell himself that this world was based on science, that everything about ghosts and monsters should have a scientific basis, and it was just his eyes playing tricks on him just now. After doing a good job of building up his own thoughts, he smiled somewhat forcefully, and asked Zhang Cheng, “is it Halloween today? What you said just now, was just to scare us, right?”

Zhang Cheng opened his mouth, with difficultly, and found it hard to speak. He shook his head, looked past Lu Chu and the rest, landed behind them.

“I didn’t trick out. Now, she’s right behind you guys.”

And Lu Chu smelled a familiar scent.

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