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Chapter 6 – The Senseless City (4)

People who had lost their sight were frantically groping for food in the supermarket.

People who had lost their sense of touch, were unknowingly eating raw human flesh.


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Lu Chu was familiar with every street in this town, and it was all due to the subtle influence from his parents, so every month, he would walk around this town. As for that tower, his parents had mentioned it to him more than once.

He could get there in the fastest possible time.

It’s just that the outside world had already collapsed, and it would really be a difficult problem bringing a man who had lost two senses to avoid the crazy crowds outside.

“Don’t worry about me,” the man suddenly said, “go on your own, you must enter the tower before dark.”

— Before dark?

“En.” Because he had lost both of his senses, the man’s reaction became slower, “otherwise, you will never be able to leave this place.”

Lu Chu didn’t understand why he could leave through there, but he knew that he wouldn’t leave the man alone.

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The man had too many mysteries, however, Lu Chu could vaguely feel it, that the man had always been helping him.

— Leave together.

Lu Chu’s character seemed soft, but had his own opinion. After he had finished writing the words in the man’s palm, he got up and went to the kitchen.

His thoughts had settled down, and Lu Chu realised that the man seemed to know what was going on. He turned towards the man’s direction, lowered his eyes, and asked, “your ‘started’, what did you mean?”

In these seven days, he was confined in his bedroom by the man, unable to move about freely, and everything else was done by the man. The ingredients in the house should have been used up a few days ago, and the man must have gone out to search for food, more than once.

Even though he couldn’t see the man’s expression, Lu Chu could feel that the man was exceptionally calm, as if he was an outsider who knew and controlled everything. The man stared at Lu Chu and didn’t answer his question. He seemed to be thinking, and after a while, he suddenly asked, “why aren’t you, smiling?”

Lu Chu touched around for some vegetables and made a rich breakfast, and brought it to the bedroom. Originally, he was planning to feed the man, but the man insisted on eating by himself, so Lu Chu did not force him, but went to prepare food for Carrot. In a while, they would have to leave, and they didn’t know what would happen. First, they had to fill their stomach, then they would have the strength to deal with all sorts of unexpected situations.

Lu Chu didn’t say anything and frowned. He knew that Lu Chu would go where the girl was, and find out the truth.

Lu Chu ate quickly, and after he had finished eating, he got up to clean up. Currently, it was 9:26 in the morning, and around this time of the year, the sky would get dark around 6:30pm. The tower in the centre of the city was some distance away from the residential area that Lu Chu lived in, and in the past, it took Lu Chu more than an hour to walk there if he took a fast pace. Now, he didn’t know how long it would take.

Lu Chu knew where the girl’s home was, but he wasn’t clear which floor and which household it was. There was a walking stick in his hand as he stood at the gate to the girl’s community, with each tap on the ground letting out clacking sounds.

It wasn’t advisable to pack too many things; two bottles of water, two packets of hardtack biscuits, and they could use them to replenish their energy when they were out. A simple medical kit for emergencies, a fruit knife tied to a baseball bat. Since he couldn’t see, it would be better to minimise the amount of hand to hand combat. The other things that needed to be brought are things like his walking stick.

Although he didn’t intent to bring along a lot, as he packed and packed, he still packed up a huge bag. Lu Chu picked and chose, then simplified it a bit, and in the end, removed some gauze and a bottle of water, then pulled up the backpack and carried it on his back.

The man couldn’t hear, couldn’t see, and could only judge things by his sense of touch. Lu Chu himself couldn’t see, so he was worried that the two of them would get separated and be unable to find each other. As for Carrot, he should actually be the safest of them all, as he didn’t lose any of his senses, and had the clearest vantage point of this twisted world that was beginning to become broken and warped, even if he was just a dog.

Lu Chu rummaged through his house and finally found a rope, then tied one end of the rope onto the man’s wrist, and the other end to his own, then wrote on the man’s palm.

— After going out, we’ll be holding hands all the way, and if we accidentally let go, we’ll be tied together by the rope.

The man was silent for a moment, before finally nodding, “okay.”

He handed the man the baseball bat with a fruit knife tied onto it, and tied another knife to his walking stick.

During this process, Carrot was jumping up and down excitedly.

After packing everything, Lu Chu wrote on the man’s palm again.

— Are you ready?


— Then let’s go.

“How can it be reversed?”

“There’s no way to reverse it,” the man said, “this is this town’s fate.”

Lu Chu closed his eyes. He seemed to be able to imagine the chaos outside, with the sound of grief spreading out in all directions.

“I’m want to go out,” he repeated.

“Even if you go out, what can you do?” The man said, “nobody would be able to hear you.”

Couldn’t hear, too late to hear.


Lu Chu didn’t say anything and Carrot kept running around him in circles. The man pursed his lips, and with a hand, knocked Lu Chu out. Seeing this, Carrot lowered his body and growled fiercely at the man, but became rooted to the spot because of the man’s glare.

The man neatly grabbed Lu Chu and lifted him up, stepped into the bedroom and placed him on the bed. He got up, closed the door, blocking out Carrot’s barking as he sat by the bed, staring at Lu Chu’s sleeping face without saying a word. “Fate? What?”

The man walked behind him, looked down, and said softly, “chaos, ruin, panic — until annihilation.”

An hour ago, Lu Chu had just fought with a ‘senseless person’, and until now, the strange and rotten smell of blood that the ‘senseless person’ gave off still lingered in the living room. Carrot was very sensitive to scent, and became anxious once he neared the security door.

Lu Chu explored the road beyond him with one hand using his walking stick that had a knife tied onto it, and firmly held onto the man’s hand with the other. On his back was an average sized mountaineering bag.

Lu Chu leaned over to listen to the movements outside the door, and after confirming that there wasn’t anyone, he opened the door, pulled the man along with their fingers intertwined, and Carrot followed along behind them, a whole team.

The journey from the second floor to the first floor was smooth, and there weren’t any ‘senseless people’ who suddenly attacked, occasionally, there were several human-shaped obstacles before them, and Lu Chu’s index finger lightly scratched the man’s palm, and the man raised his feet to step over it.

“Xiao Ran, that child, of course I know her, but you are……”

When she mentioned Carrot, Lu Chu’s smile finally widened, “Carrot’s quite smart, and has been with me since I was a kid.”

Lu Chu was on alert the whole way through, and didn’t dare to relax for the slightest moment. Because he couldn’t see, he placed all his attention onto his hearing. Being born blind had led Lu Chu to being used to darkness and terror, and in this respect, he had a greater advantage compared to those who had lost their reason because of their panic.

Occasionally, there would be passers-by from the community, and a middle-aged woman saw Lu Chu standing there, unmoving, so she kindly came over and asked him, “what’s the matter, young man?”

“I’m so scared……”

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“I’m so hungry……”

Lu Chu heard her words, quickly turned towards her direction, and politely asked, “hello, do you know Zhou Xiran?”

Before they exited the small community, Lu Chu heard a very strange sound, at first, he couldn’t really identify the gender, but after listening carefully, he felt that it sounded like a young girl.

Very familiar.

Lu Chu suddenly remembered, that this little girl was a resident of the building in front of his house. Smart and cute, and she was also quiet and well-behaved. Currently, she was still in kindergarten, and her parents loved her very much.

Lu Chu couldn’t help but stop.

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“So hungry …”

“Mama, I’m so hungry …”

Except for the few of them, he couldn’t hear anybody else’s footsteps. Lu Chu temporarily calmed down, and asked tentatively, “Nuonuo?”

“Who…… who is it?” The little girl heard someone call her name, and stumbled over in Lu Chu’s direction, but tripped and fell onto the ground because she couldn’t see, causing a dull ‘thud’ to sound.

Lu Chu didn’t move, and instead tilted his head, lowered his eyelids and asked softly, “where are your parents?”


“Mama and Papa.”

The little girl’s voice was a little hoarse, unlike her original clear voice. She didn’t get up, but crawled on the ground, nudging slowly towards Lu Chu’s direction in twisted motion.

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“Rustle, rustle–”

The sound of cloth rubbing against the ground made people feel uncomfortable upon hearing it.

The colours that you once loved would turn into a chaotic black curtain, the jumbled sounds that you’ve once listened too will become scarily quiet, and the arm that you’ll fear to feel pain on would become full of wounds without you noticing anything.

“Papa…… can hear, and touch, went out, to find food. Because Nuonuo’s very hungry…… After, Papa never came back……”

No vision, no hearing…… and even, no sense of touch.

There was the sound of helplessness in her tear-filled hoarse voice.

It would be as if your whole person was isolated in another universe, quiet, ignorant, empty, dark and deep, unable to even perceive even the slightest bit from the outside world.

“Mama…… can hear, but can’t feel pain.”

The connection between the soul and the body would be lost. If that’s the case, would a person still be considered alive?

“Mama said, Papa won’t come back.”

The little girl was getting closer and closer to Lu Chu, and Carrot suddenly began to growl in a protesting manner.

“Mama said, she doesn’t feel pain, doesn’t feel pain at all. Because Nuonuo’s hungry, so she would find something good for Nuonuo to eat.”

The little girl’s voice sounded a little wronged.

“But it wasn’t delicious at all, and wasn’t nice to drink either. It was a very raw smelling meat and water, even more than milk, and it’s hard to drink…… Afterwards, Mama never talked again, and there’s a sticky liquid all over her body, and it taste the same as what I drank. Mama mustn’t have liked it too.”

“I’m so hungry…… they don’t want Nuonuo anymore.”

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As the little girl slowly approached, Lu Chu finally smelled that disgusting scent of flesh and blood; rotten, raw and sweet. It was the same smell as the ‘senseless person’ Lu Chu had knocked down.

In that moment, a chill climbed up his back.

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