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Chapter 60

Only an instant had passed since Lu Chu had fell into Zheng Ran’s memories and woke up again, but 7, who was beside him, had already placed his hands onto Zheng Ran’s neck and started to strangle her.

Zheng Ran’s pale bluish face was full of surprise as she looked towards 7, “you can touch me?!”

Lu Chu, who was in contact with Zheng Ran was also puzzled, but then he heard the Zheng Ran struggling in 7’s hands said after a while, “without my permission, nobody should be able to touch me……”

It was then that Lu Chu understood what Zheng Ran meant. A ghost had no physical body, so there would be way for a human being to touch them if they didn’t want to manifest. From what Zheng Ran had said, she didn’t give 7 the opportunity nor the ability to touch her, but 7 could still hold her by the neck. It seemed like she couldn’t break free from him, even in the form of an untouchable soul.

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After having seen Zheng Ran’s memories, Lu Chu didn’t think that she would hurt them. He touched 7’s arm, and 7 turned back to look at him, then loosened the hand that he had around Zheng Ran’s neck after reading the meaning in Lu Chu’s eyes.

Zheng Ran immediately drifted away in fear, and landed on Zhang Cheng’s back, who was standing by the window.

Lu Chu didn’t walk over, but stood on the spot as he looked towards Zheng Ran and asked softly, “what did you do with Zhang Cheng and Xu Yuan?”

She blinked her strange eyes that looked like black gems, then tilted her head and asked, “who?”

Lu Chu pointed to the motionless Xu Yuan on the ground looking at Zheng Ran with a dull expression, then pointed at Zhang Cheng, who had a pair of eyes growing on his face, and hadn’t react even if Zheng Ran climbed on his back, then said, “the two of them.”

Zheng Ran got it, and said, “they were scared of me, and trembling.”

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She had an innocent expression on her face, “this way, they won’t be afraid of me.”

Saying that, Zheng Ran’s mouth started to deform in a hideous manner, and split all the way to her ears. The eye on Zhang Cheng’s seemed to be following the smile on her face, and bent, like it was smiling vey happily.

All five eyes stared at Lu Chu.

Although Lu Chu had seen Zheng Ran’s memory, the faces of those people in her memories weren’t that clear and hazy, as if there was a translucent cloth draped over it, hazy. When Zhang Cheng was aware, he said that Zheng Ran had said a sentence, and that sentence was – Older Brother, there’s two, over here.

This ‘two’ probably referred to the people who had insulted or beat Zheng Ran before.

Lu Chu automatically didn’t think that these two people were Zhang Cheng or Xu Yuan who had lived with him before.

When Lu Chu heard this, he looked to the door – other than the dark corridor outside, there wasn’t anything else.

This also seemed to be the case. Zheng Ran had looked at the two of them without any disgust or hatred, and the reason she bewitched these two people was simply because she found it funny to see them scared of her, and wanted to have some fun.

Then, Xu Yuan, who had returned to his senses, carefully turned his head and looked in the direction of the door. Upon seeing that there was nothing, he let out a sigh of relief, then turned and started to pull at the blanket over Zhang Cheng’s head. As he tugged, he smiled and joked, “brat, you did it on purpose, right! Try to scare us intentionally! Say it, did the head belong to the teacher in charge?”

Which meant that the ‘two’ that Zheng Ran referred to were the two students who had stayed in 318.

Just now, they had been scared by the eyes on Zhang Cheng’s face, and ran out of the dorm room in a panic. After that, 318’s door slammed shut, and couldn’t be opened no matter what. Now, it appeared that the closed door wasn’t meant to prevent the people inside from running out, but to prevent the two who ran out from coming back in.

“Zhang Cheng, Zhang Cheng—” Lu Chu walked over to Zhang Cheng, and tried to get him out of the blanket.

Easier to kill.

The others hadn’t recovered from the horror of there “being a head”, before being shocked by Zhang Cheng’s shout again. Xu Yuan, who had been pushed away, was even more stunned, and sat by the side of the bed with dull eyes.

Lu Chu looked at Zheng Ran, “your brother is outside, right?”

Zheng Ran placed her head on Zhang Cheng’s shoulders, “you saw it just now, I could feel it.”

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Lu Chu nodded, “en, I saw it.” He knew what Zheng Ran was referring to, and he did see Zheng Ran being bullied and beaten, until the point where she was killed.

Those memories were oppressive and humiliating. Pain, hatred, and an uncontrollable desire to destroy had occupied her brain, and because of this deep resentment, Zheng Ran’s ghost remained in the school.

When the two temporarily assigned students heard what Xu Yuan said, they also felt that Zhang Cheng was deliberately trying to scare them, and one of them said to Zhang Cheng in a fierce manner, “are you stupid? Dammed trick.”

When Zheng Ran heard this, her split mouth returned to its original shape, and she said, “my brother said they had to be punished.”

Stopping Xu Yuan’s continuous attempts to pull Zhang Cheng out of his blanket, Lu Chu went to stand beside Zhang Cheng, and said, “Zhang Cheng, I’m Lu Chu. Li Bo and Xu Yuan are also next to you. There’s nothing in the dorm now, and it’s very safe. You can come out and open your eyes.”

After speaking, she got up from Zhang Cheng’s shoulders, and as she floated in front of Lu Chu she said excitedly, “do you want to go to see?”

When Xu Yuan heard what they said, he frowned, “pay attention to your words.”

Before Lu Chu could even answer, 318’s door suddenly opened by itself. Shocked, Lu Chu turned his head to look, and Zheng Ran, who had just been in front of his was already in the corridor outside the door in a blink of an eye. She waved excitedly to Lu Chu, “big brother, let’s see it together.”

Xu Yuan accidentally touched Zhang Cheng’s uncovered bare arm, and could feel the cold sweat all over Zhang Cheng the moment he got in contact. This time, he realised that Zhang Cheng wasn’t joking with them.

Then she looked at 7, who was standing beside Lu Chu, snorted, and floated off to the west.

The other two people sat on the side, forming a clear boundary with Lu Chu and the rest. The one who had scolded Zhang Cheng had crossed his arms, making clear that this matter had nothing to do with him.

Lu Chu and 7 looked at each other, and went out.

The hallway was quiet to a terrifying point. The lights in the rest of the dorms were brightly lit, but nobody noticed Zheng Ran floating pass them, just like nobody noticed Lu Chu and 7 who walked out of their dorm room after her. Lu Chu suspected, that when the two students who travelled from home ran out, nobody noticed them either.

Lu Chu looked to the west side of the corridor. Originally, the washroom, toilet, and several rooms on the west side of the corridor had been blocked by wooden boards, to prevent the students staying here from feeling afraid. However, right now, that huge wooden board was long gone, and what replaced it was a dark and eerie corridor that didn’t seem to have an end.

Lu Chu coughed twice, the dim voice-activated lights in the corridor lit up.

He went forward side by side with 7.

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The two of them walked very slowly. All the dorm rooms that they passed by had their lights on, and the people inside could have been huddled together in fear because of what had happened today, or were laughing and chatting in a bold manner, or had lied down and snuggled into their blankets as they looked at the bright lights of the dormitory’s ceiling.

Even though it was only a door away, it was as if they were in a separate space from Lu Chu, and even if someone occasionally looked out the window, they didn’t notice him either.

When he walked past the place where the boards originally were, Lu Chu felt a strange feeling all over his body, like he was going to walk into another world with a different magnetic field the next moment.

Lu Chu stepped in without hesitation.

Instantly, a thick, disgusting smell of rust rushed towards him.

Lu Chu’s reliable and soft voice sounded again. He said, “Zhang Cheng.”

The usually quiet Zheng Wei who always had his head down was standing by the window at the end of the west corridor. One of the two students laid at his feet, with his abdomen was cut open and his organs are exposed to the air. There was fresh blood all over the floor, but his chest was still moving up and down, and he was obviously still alive. Zheng Wei was strangling the other one’s neck, and one could see that he was in pain, but he couldn’t move, nor control his own body, which made that bone piercing pain even more obvious.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yuan ran to the dorm door, but soon, to his horror, he found out that he was unable to pull open the dormitory door no matter how hard he tried. No matter how much strength he exerted, the door didn’t move, he instantly became so anxious he started sweating as he started to hit the door with his hand, letting out a series of bangs.

Zheng Ran stood by the side, clapping her hands excitedly.

The other two students on the side widened their eyes in shock. They were so scared that they couldn’t even make a sound, and could only open their mouth, and sweat beaded up on their forehead. In a panic, the two of them hurriedly turned around, opened the dorm door and ran out. After they ran out of the dormitory room, the dormitory door automatically closed with a bang.

When Zheng Wei saw Lu Chu and 7, he wasn’t surprised at all, but instead, calmly picked up the burning cigarette in his hand and pointed to the boy he had in his hand as the smoke curled from his fingertips. He said, “Li Wenlong, he had insulted Ranran before, and burnt Ranran with a cigarette.”

7 stood beside Lu Chu and never took a step back, fainting showing a protective stance

Saying that, he casually pressed the end of cigarette butt into Li Wenlong’s left eye, as the horrifying smell and noise of sizzling flesh sounded. Li Wenlong was so scared that he had wet his pants, but his body went against his will just like a marionette, and his other eye could only watch as Zheng Wei pressed the burning cigarette butt into his left eye. The clear sizzling noise sounded in his ear, and his nose was filled with the nasty smell of scorched meat.

Once there was only a small section left, Zheng Wei threw Li Wenlong on the ground and said to Lu Chu in a resentful manner, “it was only later did I find out that Ranran was beaten to death before she died. Her eardrums were punctured, and from her autopsy, the retina of her left eye has also fallen.”

Lu Chu looked at him, “are you taking revenge?”

Zheng Wei stepped on Li Wenlong’s left eye, and then end of the cigarette butt was completely pressed into it. The left side of his face was dented, and blood oozed out from below Zheng Wei’s shoes.

Zheng Wei calmly said, “they deserve it.”

Lu Chu praised, in a somewhat ill-timed manner, “your previous alibis were done very well.”

Zheng Wei looked at Zheng Ran floating beside him with a doting expression, “it’s just a camouflage. I had killed those two people long ago, and just placed them there. As long as Ranran was there, nobody would be able to see my footprints, or the messy bloodstains. Things should have originally been simpler—” he said, then looked at Lu Chu, “I just needed Ranran to make it seem as if I was in the room, and I didn’t need to arrange a timeline for myself, for when I should appear. However, before the plan started, I realised that you were a little different, and if the person lying there wasn’t me, maybe, you would be able to tell.”

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“You have a keen sense of perception.”

Zheng Wei sneered, no matter how sharp his senses were, he never noticed the hurt and humiliation that his loved one had suffered.

Zheng Wei walked into the washroom and pulled out a boy. The boy was someone Lu Chu recognised – he was someone from their class. He had been questioned and investigated by the police, and was on the list of people who could go home, but now, he had been caught and brought here.

Lu Chu asked, “why did you increase your pace?”

If Zheng Wei continued at the same pace, and killed those people one by one, whether it was the police or Lu Chu who had doubts about him, neither of them would be able to ensure that he was the one who had committed the crime. With Zheng Ran’s cover, they wouldn’t even be able to find the evidence. However, right now, Zheng Wei didn’t wait to kill the two people in Lu Chu’s dormitory, and also let Zheng Ran manifest in front of them – like this, he had left behind a number of weak spots.

“You guys, what happened?” Seeing how everybody reacted, Zhang Cheng asked, finding the matter strange, “weren’t you guys the ones who told me to get up?”

“Because Ranran couldn’t wait anymore,” Zheng Wei smiled, “she wanted to see these people die.”

Zhang Cheng instinctively went in the direction of Lu Chu and the rest, but was once again stopped by Xu Yuan. Xu Yuan said, terrified, “just stand there and don’t move! Just talk from that spot!”

Zheng Wei recalled, and muttered, “when Ranran told me that someone was bullying her, I shouldn’t have thought that it was just a joke. I never expected it. Ha, who could have believed of it? That just a couple of thirteen to fourteen-year-old students could do such things.” Zheng Wei said, and looked insane. He took out a sharp utility knife from his pocket, pressed it against the boy’s neck, and his bloodshot eyes were filled anger and resentment. He growled, “then?! What did those people say? They said that these people were still children, they said that they were just playing around, said that they were just ignorant, that we should give them a chance to change!”

Lu Chu was also surprised. He was certain that a pair of eyes had appeared on Zhang Cheng’s face just now.

Zheng Wei sneered, “ha, give them a chance. Then who would give me a chance? Who would give my Ranran a chance to survive? Those insults, beatings, bullying – how should they be counted? If they were just children, then what about my Ranran? A human life. Some of them were just detained by the police for a few months, before being released on the grounds of being a minor.”

The prejudice in Zheng Wei’s eyes shocked Lu Chu, he said solemnly, “I can’t take it. I can’t wait to turn them to ashes, and let them experience all the methods that they had used to scare Ranran before. Now, there’s only one left.”

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After hearing this, Lu Chu looked towards the direction of the washroom. There were six corpses lying there, each with differing methods of death. Without any exception, all of them had died in a bizarre and hideous manner.

The knife in Zheng Wei’s hand pierced into the neck of the last boy, and the blood flowed down the lines of the boy’s skin. He said, “Lu Chu, are you going to stop me?”

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