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Chapter 62

Outside the ‘Game’.

Lu Chu’s mind only wandered for a moment.

Soon, he felt relieved, and there was some sort of feeling emerging in his heart.


He looked down at his wrists, and the time on the bracelet was – 79’59″.

Surrounding him were a few scattered objects and floating ‘rules’. Lu Chu knew that what he had to do next was to wait for the door to the illusion to open, then meet up with Song Gui and accept the group mission.

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While he waited, Lu Chu wasn’t idle, and instead, he kept exercising according to the training method that 7 taught him, and rested for a bit when he reached his limit, before continuing on with another round of self-training.

After entering the ‘game’, their physical qualities would be adjusted, but their fitness and responsiveness would be the same as their original body. Currently, Lu Chu’s biggest disadvantage was that he wasn’t as fit as the others, thus, he couldn’t afford to relax on this for the slightest moment.

Time passed by quickly as he trained, and before Lu Chu knew it, the familiar door appeared in front of him again, and inside it was still the same unfathomable black mass.

He looked down at the time on his bracelet – 74’59”.

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Taking twenty-four hours as a cycle, every time the door to the illusion was opened, the time on the bracelet would be reduced by five minutes. However, only ten minutes would be given when completing a single person task. Adding and subtracting everything, in the end, only five minutes would be added to the bracelet’s time. In that case, the benefits of doing a single-person task was too small, so no wonder Song Gui would rather take a risk and invite him to carry out a group mission.

While he thought about this matter, Lu Chu stepped into the door.

The moment he stepped out, the warm sunshine mixed with a slightly salty breeze rushed towards him, and Lu Chu was blinded by the dazzling sunlight and closed his eyes, taking a while to get used to the glare before he opened them again.

The illusion this time, was the seaside.

Huge white waves slapped and washed against the side of the beach, bringing with them the sweet smell of the sea. What entered his eyes were colourful shells and lively shrimps and crabs. In the back, there were houses lined up side by side, and there was also a place selling swimsuits, snacks, and other souvenirs. The bright sunlight casted shadows through the tall coconut trees, and there were umbrellas and chairs nearby. In front of them was an endless blue ocean, as if extending to the other end of the earth, where it would finally meet the beautiful and magnificent blue sky, blending together harmoniously.

When Zheng Ran heard this, her split mouth returned to its original shape, and she said, “my brother said they had to be punished.”

He didn’t know which part of the ocean that looked real in the distance would be replaced by an illusionary barrier.

Lu Chu looked to the west side of the corridor. Originally, the washroom, toilet, and several rooms on the west side of the corridor had been blocked by wooden boards, to prevent the students staying here from feeling afraid. However, right now, that huge wooden board was long gone, and what replaced it was a dark and eerie corridor that didn’t seem to have an end.

Lu Chu looked at the vast ocean, and laughed at himself, thinking that it wasn’t long since he had regained his sight, but he had seen a lot of things. Perhaps, he had to thank these so-called ‘rules’.

Before Lu Chu could even answer, 318’s door suddenly opened by itself. Shocked, Lu Chu turned his head to look, and Zheng Ran, who had just been in front of his was already in the corridor outside the door in a blink of an eye. She waved excitedly to Lu Chu, “big brother, let’s see it together.”

Lu Chu stood and waited at the same spot, and soon, he saw Song Gui coming out from the same door.

After speaking, she got up from Zhang Cheng’s shoulders, and as she floated in front of Lu Chu she said excitedly, “do you want to go to see?”

When Song Gui saw Lu Chu, he immediately smiled, and excitedly shouted a ‘Lu Xiaochu’ before rushing towards him.

After speaking, she got up from Zhang Cheng’s shoulders, and as she floated in front of Lu Chu she said excitedly, “do you want to go to see?”

Lu Chu nimbly dodged to the side to avoid his warm embrace, and Song Gui exclaimed, “wow, Lu Xiaochu, how did you suddenly become so agile? Did you encounter some difficult situation in the last game? Although it’s good to grow while facing hardship, but when I think of you suffering in a place that I don’t know, in my heart, there’s mixed feelings, so many things I want to say yet I cannot, such a speechlessness and choking feeling……”

Saying that, he even used his hand to wiped away non-existent tears from the corner of his eyes.

After speaking, she got up from Zhang Cheng’s shoulders, and as she floated in front of Lu Chu she said excitedly, “do you want to go to see?”

Lu Chu felt helpless, and right now, it wasn’t the time for him to chat and have fun with Song Gui, so he smiled and interrupted, “okay, I can’t stay in the illusion for long, so we better prepare for the multi-person mission as soon as possible.”

When Song Gui heard him, he immediately became serious. He looked quite handsome in the first place, and with a serious appearance, he really looked quite proper.

Song Gui said, “do you want to form a team with me to undertake a group mission in the next round?”

ThisLu Chu nodded, is“I’ve already scrambledcompleted two roundscopy of single-person onmissions, and both of thema could be considered a aggre-success. I think it’s timegator to try out a group mission sitefor more than five people.”

When Song Gui heard this, he said in a serious tone, “actually, there are other reasons as to why I’m so obsessed with the time on the bracelet. This time, this group mission is actually in order to see if the teammates that I chose could get along with each other. If this ‘game’ is successfully completed, then we’ll become teammates, and I will also tell you, as well as the rest, as to why I am obsessed with the time on the bracelet.”

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Lu Chu had long guessed that Song Gui held many secrets in his heart, and wasn’t surprised by this. He asked, “what about the others? Have you decided who you want to work with?”

Song Gui smiled when he heard what Lu Chu said, “I’ve actually found them a long time ago. Truthfully, we’ve long been wanting to form a team, only we’ve been missing a person. I didn’t want to just make do, since that would only repeat the mistakes of the last group mission. Now, with you, it’s just right.”

This was the confirmation he gave Lu Chu.

Lu Chu asked again, “do you know how many people are left in the ‘rules’ that we belong to?”

Song Gui shook his head, “I don’t know the specific value, and some people don’t come out as soon as the door to the illusion is open. From what I’ve seen, there’s about twenty-something people.”

“I see,” Lu Chu said, “who are the other teammates? I think I need to get to know them first, and avoid entering the ‘game’ without knowing anything.”

“Of course,” Song Gui smiled and said, “group missions for five people are different from single-person and two-people missions, although it’s said to be for five people, the maximum amount of people allowed is actually seven, and the minimum is a copy five. However, that isthere aren’t as manyscrambled? as seven people thatwhy not can make me feel at least.go to Adding me and the teammates thatThe I was looking for, there’s exactly five people. As forPotato the other three, Roomyou’ve actually seen them a for no scrambles?long time ago.”

“I’ve seen them before?” After hearing the words, Lu Chu searched his mind for a moment, “there’s Luo Qi?”

Song Gui said, “yes, Luo Qi, and the short haired girl Yuan Kejie was standing beside her before, and that fierce looking Qian Zhen.”

As Song Gui said that, the appearance of these three people slowly emerged in Lu Chu’s mind. He had met Luo Qi, the unique little girl, more than once, but he had only seen Yuan Kejie and Qian Zhen once. Especially since he’d only saw Yuan Kejie from afar once, and didn’t have a strong impression of her. However, he believed in Song Gui’s ability to choose people, and Lu Chu could tell that Song Gui was the type to cherish his life a lot, so he wouldn’t use his own life to take a chance.

Lu Chu nodded calmly and said, “okay, where are they? I’ll go and get to know them first.”

When Song Gui saw that Lu Chu trusted him so much, his mood couldn’t help but become better, “Luo Qi, that brat, always bursts out as soon as the door opens. For Yuan Kejie, it depends on the situation, and Qian Zhen is the least anxious one. They still don’t know that you’ve agreed to my invitation, so there’s no agreed upon rendezvous site. We can wait here for a while first.”

The two of them walked very slowly. All the dorm rooms that they passed by had their lights on, and the people inside could have been huddled together in fear because of what had happened today, or were laughing and chatting in a bold manner, or had lied down and snuggled into their blankets as they looked at the bright lights of the dormitory’s ceiling.

Just as he said that, Qian Zhen walked out of the door, then immediately after, Yuan Kejie also stepped out of that door.

When he walked past the place where the boards originally were, Lu Chu felt a strange feeling all over his body, like he was going to walk into another world with a different magnetic field the next moment.

Song Gui smiled, “what a coincidence, speak of the devil.”

Even though it was only a door away, it was as if they were in a separate space from Lu Chu, and even if someone occasionally looked out the window, they didn’t notice him either.

Yuan Kejie was puzzled, “what’s the matter?”

The usually quiet Zheng Wei who always had his head down was standing by the window at the end of the west corridor. One of the two students laid at his feet, with his abdomen was cut open and his organs are exposed to the air.

Qian Zhen saw that Song Gui was looking for them, and also stopped and looked to Song Gui, motioning for him to speak.

Song Gui said, “do you still remember our agreement?”

There was fresh blood all over the floor, but his chest was still moving up and down, and he was obviously still alive. Zheng Wei was strangling the other one’s neck, and one could see that he was in pain, but he couldn’t move, nor control his own body, which made that bone piercing pain even more obvious.

When Yuan Kejie heard that, she smiled, “I remember.  Why, you found someone?”

Saying that, she looked at Lu Chu who was standing by the side.

Qian Zhen also turned to look at Lu Chu, and there were questions in his eyes.

“Yes,” Song Gui placed his arm around Lu Chu’s shoulder, “let me introduce to you all, our last teammate, Lu Chu.”

To Lu Chu’s surprise, although both of them gave him an inquisitive look, neither questioned Song Gui’s decision. Instead, they asked, “are you sure that we’ll choose a group mission for the next ‘game’?”

One could see, regardless of the relationship between these people, they were certain about each other’s ability.

“En,” Song Gui said, “it’ll start from the next ‘game’, you guys probably also want to know the information I have soon.”

Qian Zhen nodded, “let’s go.”

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Yuan Kejie added, “let’s find Qiqi first.”

Lu Chu guessed, that ‘Qiqi’ was Luo Qi. It seemed that Yuan Kejie and Luo Qi were quite close.

They set off to find their last teammate, Luo Qi. Song Gui said that the little brat Luo Qi would definitely run to a place with food the minute the ilussion opened, so the four of them walked to the rear, where there was food being sold.

As they walked, Lu Chu, Yuan Kejie and Qian Zhen were judging each other.

Yuan Kejie had short and neat hair, with straight bangs. She looked clean and slightly small, and looked like a very well-behaved college student. Qian Zhen was big, about 1.9meters in height, and one could see his strong muscles bulging through his clothes. With a crew cut, he looked fierce.

Soon, they reach the place where coconut juice and snacks were sold. As expected, Luo Qi was carrying a giant broken piece of wood on her shoulders as she sat there drinking coconut juice with a straw. She was small and thin, and looked to be about only 1.3meters tall. She was wrapped in loose clothes, and with her lovely face, if one didn’t look at the thing on her shoulder and old man-like movements, one would only think that she was a cute and innocent little loli.

But this was a strangely strong loli who was violent and sadistic.

ThisLuo Qi and Song Gui always found something to isdisagree about each other, and although they’ve scrambleddone a copy group mission together, and were the only two survivors, it onstill failed ina helping aggre-their revolutionarygator friendship.site

When Luo Qi saw Song Gui, she immediately swung the wood down. Song Gui easily evaded it, and immediately said, “calm down, I’m here to discuss actual business with you this time.”

After hearing this, Zheng Wei walked into the washroom and pulled out a boy. The boy was someone Lu Chu recognised – he was someone from their class. He had been questioned and investigated by the police, and was on the list of people who could go home, but now, he had been caught and brought here. Luo Qi took back the giant wood, and carried it back onto her shoulders. SheZheng Wei sneered, no matter how sharp his senses were, he never noticed the hurt and humiliation that his loved one had suffered. looked at the four Zheng Wei stepped on Li Wenlong’s left eye, and then end of the cigarette butt was completely pressed into it. The left side of his face was dented, and blood oozed out from below Zheng Wei’s shoes. people who came to find her, and with the straw in her mouth, said, “what, you’ve decided?”

“En.” Yuan Kejie said, “Song Gui found the last teammate.”

Luo Qi looked at Lu Chu, then a moment later, placed down the huge wood on her shoulder, and rubbed her shoulder with her hand then said, “sure, then let’s try that mission first.”

“It’s not try,” Lu Chu smiled, “for every ‘game’ after this, we have to succeed.”

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When Luo Qi heard this, she blinked, and took an opened coconut and handed it to Lu Chu, “you’re very interesting, I like it.”

Lu Chu, Song Gui, Luo Qi, Qian Zhen, and Yuan Kejie, made a temporary alliance, and became teammates.

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