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Chapter 64

The two extremely ugly monsters roared in an attempt to intimidate them, then bent their legs backwards as they jumped and rushed towards them. One of the monsters rushed towards Lu Chu, while the other rushed towards Luo Qi, who looked the weakest amongst them.

Luo Qi bent over, her eyes were blazing, and she changed her posture to one that was ready to attack. Instantly, she jumped forward with her shovel raised. Quickly and accurately, the shovel went straight into the monster’s neck, and it immediately roared in pain, letting out a harsh and unpleasant sound. Luo Qi flipped over and behind it, and said impatiently, “damn, so noisy,” before thrusting the shovel into the shovel into the monster’s neck again.  Yuan Kejie also took the opportunity and inserted her weapon into the place where Luo Qi had attacked. By this time, the monster’s head was almost cut in half. Luo Qi casually lifted the shovel up, and the monster’s black head rolled to Song Gui’s feet along with some black viscous liquid.

Song Gui jumped a step back,apologies to those who use readers or mtl translations, but this is copy protection. for mtl, simply erase the parts that don’t match the original on the site and said towards Luo Qi, “little brat, don’t use this serious matter to take revenge.”

On Lu Chu’s side, the intensive physical training that he had started from the last “game” seemed to have worked.

He skillfully avoided the monster’s attack, and with one end of the iron rod held in his hand, he boning knife into the monster’s eye. He took the chance while the monster raised its head and roared to pull the knife out, turn, and stab its other eye. The monster that couldn’t see out of both of its eyes flung its pitch-black claws around without any purpose, but after discovering that it couldn’t touch anyone, it became more and more impatient. The weapon Lu Chu temporarily found was a bit short when used against monsters that were taller than humans, so he didn’t continue fighting, but swiftly avoided the monster’s thick and long claws, and left the battlefield to Qian Zhen. Qian Zhen held his iron rod attached to the fire axe, jumped in front of the monster, and with a strong downward swing, the monster’s body was also separated from its head. Its head rolled a couple of times, and once again, it stopped in front of Song Gui.

Song Gui looked at the two heads in front of him, and gave a helpless shrug, “don’t play around like this.”

At the side, Luo Qi took the curtains and gently wiped her shovel, then squinted at Song Gui, “who told you to be so idle.”

Song Gui smiled and spread his hands, “isn’t it because they didn’t come after me? I didn’t help, because I trust in your performance, my comrades.”

Seeing that the others didn’t pay attention to him, he turned his head to look at Lu Chu again, blinking as he said, “right, Little Chuchu.”

Lu Chu didn’t answer him, or correct please read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this!the name he called. Instead, he took a serious look at the two monsters with separated heads on the ground and said, “these guys are very corrosive.”

The spot on the floor that had been stained with the monster’s saliva and thick black blood was now making a “sizzling” sound.

Yuan Kejie fanned the front of her nose with her hand, and said, “this scent, it sure does stink. But Lu Chu, your sense of smell is really sharp, since you could smell it from so far away.”

Lu Chu said, “it’s still okay, it’s only because their smell is too strong.”

Usually, even though Lu Chu’s sense of smell was much more sensitive than other people, he wouldn’t be able to smell that monster’s stench from so far away. One could only blame it on these monsters whose stench were really gag inducing; the rotten smell was like waste had been decaying in the sewers for many years, which really assaulted their senses.

Since he had been blind since he was a child, other than vision, Lu Chu’s senses other were more sensitive compared to other people. Ever since he came out from the Senseless City, and became a player under the ‘rules’, his sense of hearing and smell have become even more sensitive, until the point he could even smell the scent of beings like ghosts. These monsters looked hideous and terrifying, and were dark and dirty, but their limbs were muscular and firm. The soles of their feet were unique, and they landed very lightly on the ground, so, compared to the sound that they made, what Lu Chu noticed first was the rotten stench that they emitted.

Saying that, he even used his hand to wiped away non-existent tears from the corner of his eyes.

The others looked at the bodies of two monsters, thoughtful.

Song Gui smiled when he heard what Lu Chu said, “I’ve actually found them a long time ago. Truthfully, we’ve long been wanting to form a team, only we’ve been missing a person. I didn’t want to just make do, since that would only repeat the mistakes of the last group mission. Now, with you, it’s just right.”

Yuan Kejie said, “if this so-called situation without any additional danger is already this difficult,  then if the dice that we roll lands us in those boxes with a black frame, I’m  afraid that we’re going to have a hard time.”

Lu Chu had long guessed that Song Gui held many secrets in his heart, and wasn’t surprised by this. He asked, “what about the others? Have you decided who you want to work with?”

Luo Qi placed the clean shovel over her shoulder, and said in a lazy manner, “this thing is very easy to kill.”

When Song Gui heard this, he said in a serious tone, “actually, there are other reasons as to why I’m so obsessed with the time on the bracelet. This time, this group mission is actually in order to see if the teammates that I chose could get along with each other. If this ‘game’ is successfully completed, then we’ll become teammates, and I will also tell you, as well as the rest, as to why I am obsessed with the time on the bracelet.”

Yuan Kejie disagreed, “right now it’s five against two, of course it’s easy to kill. What if it’s a whole group?”

“I’ve seen them before?” After hearing the words, Lu Chu searched his mind for a moment, “there’s Luo Qi?”

Lu Chu nodded, “such monsters seem like the type that would act in a group, with only the weapons in our hands, two or three are fine, but if there’s any more, it’ll be a little difficult to deal with.”

Song Gui said, “yes, Luo Qi, and the short haired girl Yuan Kejie was standing beside her before, and that fierce looking Qian Zhen.”

After discussing for a moment, they decided to search around for more tools that could be used as weapons, and at the same time, check to see if there were any houses with stronger doors and windows.

After gathering a few more things that they could use, they wrapped thick clothes around the exposed parts of their body, and left the house where they were staying for the moment. Taking advantage of the time before it was completely dark, they cautiously went in the direction of the houses near them.

On the way, Song Gui and Yuan Kejie were responsible for finding the right place to stay. Luo Qi was in front, and Qian Zhen was at the back. As Lu Chu had a more sensitive sense of hearing and smell compared to the rest, he was in charge with alerting the entire team if anything happened.

Lu Chu had to admit that it was much easier to go on a mission with Song Gui and the rest, both physically and mentally. They were ‘players’, and knew who they were and what they were here to do. They had all experience the hardships behind life and death, and struggled to get pass countless of close calls. They weren’t like ‘insiders’ within a game that didn’t know anything, who could scream, panic, or even go insane at any moment, and they were also all well equipped to deal with all sorts of monsters and ghosts.

Under these circumstances, as they moved forward, there wouldn’t be any other uncontrollable factors that Lu Chu had faced in the previous ‘games’, with the ‘insiders’.

After passing a few houses, Song Gui and Yuan Kejie found a place that suited them.

This“The second building on the southeast side,” Song Gui pointed in one direction, “although the walls of this house doesn’t look as Isstrong as concrete walls, but they’re higher.Scrambled From here, some windows on the Copysecond floor seem to have something akin to a security window. OnThe first floor is blocked by the wall, Aso there isn’t much that we can see, but sinceAggre- there’s security windows on the second floor, Gatorthen there should be some on the first floor too. We canSite go over there to take a look.”

Soon, they quickly reached a consensus, and walked carefully in the direction the Song Gui pointed to.

As they approached their destination, everybody soon noticed that the courtyard door and the door of the house were open, and in the same overgrown courtyard, came the faint noise of chewing.

The other four looked towards Lu Chu.

As Song Gui said that, the appearance of these three people slowly emerged in Lu Chu’s mind. He had met Luo Qi, the unique little girl, more than once, but he had only seen Yuan Kejie and Qian Zhen once. Especially since he’d only saw Yuan Kejie from afar once, and didn’t have a strong impression of her. However, he believed in Song Gui’s ability to choose people, and Lu Chu could tell that Song Gui was the type to cherish his life a lot, so he wouldn’t use his own life to take a chance.

Lu Chu nodded and confirmed, “the sound and the pungent stench is very obvious, there should probably be about three or four monsters inside.”

Saying that, she looked at Lu Chu who was standing by the side.

If it was just one, if would be easy for them to get rid of it, however, even though they would be able to deal with three or four, it wouldn’t be that easy.

When Yuan Kejie heard that, she smiled, “I remember. Why, you found someone?”

The few of them took a closer look, and realised that the windows on the first floor of this house were indeed equipped with anti-theft facilities, but it looked stronger than most ordinary anti-theft windows, and it seemed more like a thick iron rolling door. There was still a long time before twenty-four hours would be up, and they had no reason to give up a house that looked so solid, and wasn’t that far from where the tower had disappeared because of the three or four monsters inside.

Lu Chu nodded calmly and said, “okay, where are they? I’ll go and get to know them first.”

Nobody said anything, but all of them understood, and together, they lightened their footsteps and walked towards the house.

As soon as they stepped inside the door, everybody immediately smelt the stench of the monster itself, mixed with the smell of decaying human corpses.

Entering the first floor, and turning past the entrance, they saw four monsters squatting on the ground surrounding a body. As the monsters dug up meat and organs from the corpse with their sharp claws and haphazardly threw it into their mouth filled with saliva that smelt of blood, the un-swallowed bits of meat ran down the corner of their mouths.

The monsters were very alert, and as soon as they stepped into the house, all of the monsters raised their ugly head the minute they heard them, fastest and new updates at The P o t a t o Roomand looked in the direction of the entrance. When the monsters noticed that it was five pieces of fresh food, the four monsters immediately became more excited, and immediately waved around their claws and rushed towards them.

Although the five of them haven’t discussed anything beforehand, they worked very well together. Luo Qi was petite and agile. With her shovel that was almost as tall as her,  she was the first one to rush forward and land a hit on the monster’s head, starting a fight with it. Qian Zhen waved around his fire axe, and soon, stopped the second monster. Lu Chu stopped the third monster who wanted to launch a sneak attack on Luo Qi, and used the boning knife to scratch it’s left leg. Infuriated, the injured monster immediately targeted Lu Chu. Yuan Kejie was disadvantaged when it came to fighting, so Song Gui joined her, and together, they fought the last monster.

They didn’t dare to waste too much time on this, for fear that there would be other monsters around, thus attracting even more trouble. The battle didn’t last for long, and as Lu Chu and the others killed the three monsters, Song Gui also used his knife and settled the last one.

After the battle, everybody adjusted their breathing.

The scene of battle looked terrible. Four monsters’ bodies and an eaten and scattered human corpse laid on the ground in a jumbled mess. The blood and liquid from the monster’s body had splashed all over the ground, letting out a lot of ‘hissing’ sounds. Luckily, everybody was prepared, and had wrapped their exposed arms and legs up, thus they weren’t damaged by the decaying liquid.

Lu Chu scanned the chaotic scene of battle, and said, “if we’re going to sleep here tonight, lets drag these bodies out and bury them.”

Qian Zhen also turned to look at Lu Chu, and there were questions in his eyes.

The four of them agreed, and soon they quickly got to work and divided the job, dragging the five bodies out of the house to bury them in the courtyard.

To Lu Chu’s surprise, although both of them gave him an inquisitive look, neither questioned Song Gui’s decision. Instead, they asked, “are you sure that we’ll choose a group mission for the next ‘game’?”

They were quite satisfied with the door to this house.  It consisted of two layers; one was an ordinary door, while the other had a layer of steel wrapped around it.

“Yes,” Song Gui placed his arm around Lu Chu’s shoulder, “let me introduce to you all, our last teammate, Lu Chu.”

The locked the doors and windows on the first floor, then pulled the steel shutters on the window down, and went upstairs after confirming that it was safe.

Luo Qi looked at Lu Chu, then a moment later, placed down the huge wood on her shoulder, and rubbed her shoulder with her hand then said, “sure, then let’s try that mission first.”

The first thing they saw on the second floor was a small living room, with four rooms surrounding it, and currently, the windows in the living room were wide open.

“En.” Yuan Kejie said, “Song Gui found the last teammate.”

When Yuan Kejie saw it, she immediately walked over and said, “lets close it quickly. We have to get into the good habit of closing such doors and windows as we move along, if not, later, we might not even have a life to cry with……”

a copyJust as she said that isthat, she went to the scrambled?window, but justwhy not as she was about go toto close Theit, they saw a Potatoshadow quickly Roomrush in.for no scrambles?

Everybody went on the alert, and immediately took up their weapons and got ready.

The sky had already gotten dark after their fight and the cleaning that they did. When the dark shadow jumped into the house and half squatted on the ground, they could only tell that it had a vague humanoid shape due to the lack of lights.

Just as they were about to gather around and fight, the shadow looked up, then stood.

Song Gui placed his weapon down, and didn’t dare to believe his eyes as he said, “Qi…… Li?”

Lu Chu also froze in place. He never expected that 7 would just stand so openly in front of Song Gui who had seen him before.

The author has this to say:

7: the wife is in front, strike a pose first.

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