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Chapter 66

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Lu Chu, Song Gui and Yuan Kejie waited quietly in the house.

After some time, there were some movements happening outside. Lu Chu looked through the gap in the window and realised that 7 had returned. He was carrying a huge package on his back, with another long and large bag fixed on his waist and held by his left hand. He had returned with good results.

Lu Chu quickly opened the solid door, went forward to welcome him, and reached out to take the package on 7’s back. Since both of 7’s hands were occupied, he gently touched Lu Chu with the back of his right hand that was holding the Japanese sword and said, “these are heavy, I’ll do it.”

Saying that, he threw the things on his back to the ground.

Yuan Kejie immediately stepped forward and opened the package to check.

The bag contained packets of bread, canned fruits, fish, hardtack biscuits, as well as several bottles of purified water. It obviously had been brought over from somewhere like a supermarket.

Song Gui raised his eyebrows and praised, please read this at thepotato room for more bl like this!“amazing, I haven’t seen any supermarkets near this place.”

7 gently removed the bag around his waist, and replied in a succinct manner, “you’ll see one if you go deeper inwards.”

Lu Chu frowned upon hearing this, and couldn’t help but worry, “did you encounter any danger?”

When 7 heard Lu Chu’s words of concern, he turned to look at him, and the corners of his lips involuntarily raised, “it’s nothing, there were only two sleeping monsters deep in the place, and I settled them soon.”

Saying that, he took out the contents of the bag that he had united from his waist, and handed it to Lu Chu with both hands.

Hearing that 7 had encountered a monster, Lu Chu immediately became nervous, and looked him up and down several times, and only let out a sigh of relief when he didn’t find any signs of injury. Only then did he look at the object in 7’s hands. Lu Chu suddenly realised, that it was a Japanese sword as sharp as the one in 7’s hands, and although it wasn’t as long as 7’s blade, it wasn’t short either. It was a uchigatana1. A type of Japanese sword, similar to a tachi. Click here for more information., which was suitable for fighting on foot, and it could be used to replace the temporary weapon that Lu Chu had assembled out of an iron stick and a boning knife.

This was what 7 had planned to find for Lu Chu when he saw the weapon in Lu Chu’s hand yesterday.

Weapons could have an enormous impact on one’s combat abilities, and 7 couldn’t allow Lu Chu to be exposed to such risk under any circumstances.

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Lu Chu took the sword and swung it a few times. This sword fit perfectly with his height and the usual movements he took. He was delighted.

What made him feel even more moved was that 7 kept thinking about him all this time.

Lu Chu gave a soft and sincere smile, “thank you.”

When Song Gui saw this sword, his eyes also lit up, and he immediately asked, “where did you get this?”

7’s gaze finally left Lu Chu, and he took out a few more swords from the bag as he said, “there’s a villa some distance away, with a number of Japanese swords on display. It should be the owner’s personal collection.”

7 hadn’t carefully screened and measured these swords, but simply took a few that looked better to let Song Gui and Yuan Kejie choose for themselves.

These swords obviously didn’t seem to have as long of a history as the ones in Lu Chu’s and 7’s hands, which looked as if they had experienced many years of history, but didn’t get covered in dust. There were traces of war and blood on those blades, which showed off its abilities, and they looked as if they could cut iron just like cutting mud. Even so, these were also good swords, and Song Gui quickly chose a ushigatana that suited him; while Yuan Kejie chose a naginata. These type of naginata2 A Japanese blade that’s recognised as one of the common weapons for female warriors belonging to Japanese Nobility. Click here to read more about it. weapons were slender and light, harder to master, and were weapons commonly used by female solders since ancient times.
This was why everybody could only enter into the same game once, but other people could choose the same task.
Yuan Kejie didn’t want to put it down, and kept cleaning the When he had heard the world ‘infinite, Lu Chu looked towards Yuan Kejie. This was a question that he had thought about the moment he heard it – if there were ‘infinite amounts of games, and there were also countless of people from each ‘game’, then did that mean that ‘Lu Chu’s existence was also infinite?back of the sword, “I feel as if I belong to a generation of women warriors.”

Song Gui smiled and shook his head, He knew about 7’s identity, but didn’t know what 7 had planned to tell the rest, so he just kept silent and looked at 7. With his mind at peace, he threw away the messy thoughts about the infinite number of ‘him’. then turned to thank 7, “Qi Li, thank you.”

7 nodded slightly, “there’s no need.”

Since Lu Chu and these people were in a team, then improving the overall combat power of the team was also a method 7 didn’t beat around the bush and clearly identified himself, “indeed, I’m from a different ‘rule’ compared to all of you guys. There’s only me left in my current ‘rules’, so I’m trying to find people to do group missions with.” of protecting Lu Chu.

Soon, Luo Qi and Qian Zhen returned. Although their harvest wasn’t as bountiful as 7’s, it was also quite plentiful – food, water, and also empty bags; there was everything.

Both of them were very lucky along the way, and didn’t encounter any monster.

After considering for a moment, they said that they still preferred the larger and heavier shovel and fire axe.

Song Gui shrugged, “a shovel and fire axe are more suitable for you guys.”


After they sat around and had a good breakfast, everybody put together a bag with food, water, as well as any items that they might use – from candles and matches to ropes. Lu Chu reminded everybody of each item they might need one by one.

By separating the items that they needed, it was safer compared to getting everybody to carry only one item. In case something happened and they were scattered and separated from the team, everybody would still have many ways to help themselves.

After everybody had sorted out their bags, Song Gui said, “okay, now that everything is packed, what are we going to do next? Leave this place?”

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Yuan Kejie shook her head, “it’s hard to say. Now, it’s still morning, and Qiqi and the rest didn’t encounter anything dangerous, so maybe these monsters are only active at night?”

“If so, then we’ll be a lot safer.” Song Gui casually leaned back against the chair, and rubbed his eyebrows.

7’s hand went down to the sword at his waist. With his head slightly lowered, his gaze swept across everybody, “whether it’s the case or not, we’ll know if we try.”

Luo Qi made a sweet little smile that seemed to be laced with poison, and carried her shovel, “nothing wrong with that, we won’t know until we try.”

Song Gui sighed, “how old are you? Trying this and trying that all the time.”

Luo Qi swung her shovel over, “I’m your great aunt.”

When Song Gui heard this, he linked it to the ‘game’ that they were in together before, and automatically filled in the details himself. He guessed, “did you go to the same ‘game’ that Lu Xiaochu and I were in to choose teammates from other ‘rules’?”
Simply hiding away Song Gui’s guess wasn’t 7’s original intention, but it was what he had decided to do after hearing the question Lu Chu had asked him in the previous game – that was, standing in front of other people, being honest with his identity, seeking the cooperation of others, and openly protecting Lu Chu with the identity of a teammate. would end them.

Everybody in this place knew this.

Facing it, and breaking through — this Song Gui listen to what 7 said, and once again deduced a couple of things close to the truth. He said, “what I know is this; the ‘rules’ and the players actually have a symbiotic relationship. If all the players in a ‘rule’ dies, then this ‘rule’ will also die together with them.” was how they had survived over and over again.

So, they packed up and made their way out of the secure villa. This time, their motive was to test out these monsters.

They kept in mind the fact that these monsters appeared when they landed on a normal square, and based on the percentage that the normal squares stood on the board, they would have lots of other Luo Qi raised her eyebrow, “why don’t I know? What else are you keeping from us?” chances of running into these monster, so figuring out their habits and weaknesses was a vital thing to do.

Luo Qi and Qian Zhen luck was quite good when they went about searching for food, as they didn’t run into any monsters, while Qi Li only encountered two monsters that were sleeping in a corner.

Lu Chu guessed that these monsters might be nocturnal, or perhaps, they were simply afraid of light.

He shared his thoughts with the rest.

Yuan Kejie looked at the sun, then at the small and quiet town, and nodded, “we’ve been walking for a while, and so far, we haven’t seen any living people or monsters. Who knows, they might still be asleep.”

Luo Qi waved her shovel around and said, “if it’s sleeping, wake it up. As for whether it’s afraid of the light, we’ll know once we throw them under the sun.”

Song Gui said, “throw? Who’s throwing? You? Not afraid of rotting your hand off?”

Lu Chu said, “trying to draw one out of the house after angering it would be better.”

Qian Zhen kept silent. He was only responsible for killing, not thinking.

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After walking for a while longer, they finally found a relatively remote house. Lu Chu nodded to the others, and confirmed that there were two monsters inside.

As this house was more remote, there weren’t many buildings around it, and Lu Chu had already confirmed that there weren’t the smells of any other monsters in the surrounding houses. Like this, after they carried out their plan to draw out the monster in this house, there was no need to worry that a chain reaction might occur from the fierce battle, attracting out the other dormant monsters in the place, if the monsters weren’t afraid of the light and were simply asleep but used to a nocturnal life.

There was some skill needed to attract a monster’s attention. If Luo Qi went, she might accidentally strangle the monster to death; Qian Zhen wasn’t nimble enough, and wouldn’t be able to accurately position himself. Like this, this difficult task could only land on 7’s head.

7 held the sword in his right hand, and entered the house with light steps. The others quickly got out of the way and stood on their assigned spots.

Soon, the roars of two monsters sounded one after another, along with the sound of furniture being knocked down.

Lu Chu became nervous.

After another heart-breaking roar of despair that sounded as if the speaker was on the verge of death, there was only the sound of one monster left. Everybody picked up their weapons and held their breath.

The next second, a human shadow flashed by, and in the blink of an eye, 7 was already standing outside the house under the blazing sun.
Song Gui gave a helpless shrug, “didn’t I say this before? Once this mission is successful, and when we’re sure that we can continue doing a group mission like this, I’ll tell you what you want to know. Besides, there’s more than twenty survivors in the ‘rules’ that we’re in, so it’s not time to talk about death yet.”
7 was followed by a two-meter-tall dark figure, which was emitting a foul stench. It sprinted out extremely fast as it roared, and could barely stop as it directly rushed out of the house to stand alone in the courtyard. The instant the monster came in contact with sunlight, its Actually, Song Gui did trust Qi Li. He could feel the gap between Qi Li and his fighting ability, and even if all of them went up together, none of them would be Qi Li’s opponent. Thus, if Qi Li wanted to do something against them, he could have done it with pure strength long ago, so why would he need to wait until now, after he had come clean with his identity, thus wasting his breath? This would be an unnecessary move. dark skin began to emit a burning smell, and its strange leathery skin turned out as it scorched, letting out white smoke. It finally reacted, and an anxious roar sounded from its throat as it turned and wanted to run back into the house. 7 immediately stopped it from going back. He moved Yuan Kejie heard and added a couple of questions, “so, in the ‘rule’ that you’re in, it chose to preserve you for its own sake, and give you the ability to carry out missions with people from other ‘rules’.” really quickly, and with a swing of his hand, the monster was already gone.

After ending this battle, 7 held his sword, and walked towards Lu Chu.

It was only then that Lu Chu relaxed, After their brief discussion, Lu Chu, as the temporary captain, held his hand out to shake 7’s, “welcome aboard.” “they really are afraid of light.”

Once everybody knew of this monster’s characteristic, they instantly relaxed.

However, they didn’t stay idle, but instead, immediately separated the work needed to be done, and took advantage of the fact that the sun was still up and went all over to find useful items. The 7 chose to use the temporary name ‘Qi Li’. One reason was because it had the same ‘qi’ in it, and the other was because Song Gui knew this name. longer they played, the more and more dangerous this game of real life monopoly became, so they needed to be well prepared.

They didn’t split into teams, as they didn’t need to worry about the sunlight-fearing monster doing a sneak attack, but instead, they went out one by one. After they collected enough items, they would return to the house they started out from, in order to maximize their effectiveness.


After Lu Chu collected another backpack full of items, and just was about to return, he ran into 7.

Both had them had already gathered their supplies, so they headed back together.

After arriving at the house, Lu Chu realised that only the two of them had returned.

Lu Chu discussed with 7, and started to sort through the things that they had collected. Then, they started to think about the possible difficulties and problems that they might encounter in the future.

A CopyLike this, Lu Chu once That Isagain thought Scrambled?about the ‘infinite’ Why Notissue that Yuan Go ToKejie had mentionedThe yesterday, andPotato his thoughtsRoom started to drift.For No Scrambles?

Noticing that something was amiss with Lu Chu, 7 frowned, and asked softly, “are you feeling okay?”

Lu Chu was a little stunned when he heard him, then he paused, looked away, and laughed softly, “I was only thinking, since every game is infinite, then, what about ‘Lu Chu’?”

7 looked at him, and knew what he was struggling with.

Looking directly at him, 7 said, word by word, “you are different.”

Lu Chu turn to look at him in slight surprise, then looked up towards him. It looked like stars were twinkling in his eyes.

7’s actions were gentle, and he lightly touched the hair in front of Lu Chu’s forehead. His deep eyes were surging with an infinite amount of feelings.

“Lu Chu, I wouldn’t save every single one of you.”

People with the same background, the same appearance, and the same starting point could go down different forks in the road at any point. The slightest error or deviation could result in a completely different future, and form a completely different life.

There was only one Lu Chu that would enter his eyes. This Lu Chu was gentle, determined, had been through a lot of different hardships, but always gave a nice smile. A smile that could enter his heart.

This Lu Chu, who he fell deeply in love with, who he would gladly sacrifice his life to protect.

Would only be the one in front of him.

“Lu Chu, there is no second you.”


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