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Chapter 67

In this world, there would always be a person, who thought that you were the only one.

7’s eyes were too focused on him, which made Lu Chu feel as if they had been apart for many years — that kind of emotion was indescribable and pure, and he and there was no way he could describe it.

There was something soft in Lu Chu’s eyes.  He looked at 7 and smiled, “you too.”

This unique person, who appeared in Lu Chu’s small and ordinary life.


Soon, Song Gui and Yuan Kejie returned to the house.

Qian Zhen returned after they did.

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Luo Qi was the last one to return. The reason was because she couldn’t help herself, and had gotten rid of a couple of monsters’ hideouts before she returned, still somewhat unsatisfied.

They had quite a bit of manpower, and even the one with the lowest combat ability, Yuan Kejie, had returned with two full bag of things. She poured out all her collected supplies on the floor, which made a mess, but there was everything there, as if she was about to open a departmental store.

“Alright,” Song Gui smiled and said, “that’s about it. We still have to select which ones to take, since we can’t carry all of them.  If there’s too many supplies, it’s going to be hard for us to bring everything, and at that time, it might become a problem when we’re running for our lives.”

Luo Qi patted her shovel, and squinted at him, “you’re the one that needs to run for his life.”

Song Gui shrugged his shoulders in surrender, “yes, you celestial maidens don’t need to run for your lives.”


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Lu Chu and 7 had already sorted through some of the supplies, and at this moment, He picked up some of the medicine and bandages, which were still usable and within their shelf life, that he found and asked, “how useful do you think these things are?”

Song Gui’s eyes lit up, and he gave a thumbs up, “as expected of Lu Xiaochu, these things are very useful.”

Yuan Kejie also leaned over and took a look. She grinned and said, “it really is useful for emergency treatments of wounds and such, since as long as we’re still breathing by the time a ‘game’ successfully ends, even if our heart is dug out, or the lower half of our bodies have been cut off, we’ll return to our original states once we go back to the ‘rules’.”

Lu Chu heard her words, and distributed the medication and the bandages to everyone.

In the subsequent battles, After some time, there were some movements happening outside. Lu Chu looked through the gap in the window and realised that 7 had returned. He was carrying a huge package on his back, with another long and large bag fixed on his waist and held by his left hand. He had returned with good results.in the event that somebody became seriously injured and was about to die, being able to temporarily bandage the wound or not be dragged down by their pain, would increase their possibility for survival as long as they held onto their last breath.

They cannot miss, even the slightest chance.When 7 heard Lu Chu’s words of concern, he turned to look at him, and the corners of his lips involuntarily raised, “it’s nothing, there were only two sleeping monsters deep in the place, and I settled them soon.”


After everyone shared what they had gathered, they sorted through them, and threw away some of the more cumbersome and useless items.Lu Chu frowned upon hearing this, and couldn’t help but worry, “did you encounter any danger?”

By the time they packed their personal backpacks, 7 gently removed the bag around his waist, and replied in a succinct manner, “you’ll see one if you go deeper inwards.”Yuan Kejie leaned out the window and looked at the sun outside, then looked back at the rest and said, “it’s almost time.”

Everybody understood.Song Gui raised his eyebrows and praised, “amazing, I haven’t seen any supermarkets near this place.”

Lu Chu said, “let’s go.”Lu Chu quickly opened the solid door, went forward to welcome him, and reached out to take the package on 7’s back. Since both of 7’s hands were occupied, he gently touched Lu Chu with the back of his right hand that was holding the Japanese sword and said, “these are heavy, I’ll do it.”

They carried their own backpacks, picked up their weapons, and went to the place where the tower disappeared.

It was still safe at this point of time; the sky was orange and the sun hadn’t set – it was hanging in the sky towards the southwest, shining over every place.

Looking around outside, except for all of them who were already on the move, there was no longer a trace of life in this desolate town — from beings as large as humans and animals, to small insects and ants, no trace of anything could be found in this place.

Barren, desolate.

Up till now, other than those monsters, the only living creature that they had seen was the half-eaten human corpse last night.

Everyone walked to the place where the tower disappeared, but didn’t encounter any danger.

However, they knew, just because monsters fear light didn’t mean that they only started to hunt at night. For example, when they had first met the monsters yesterday, it was in the evening. The sky was just a little dark, and they could still see their surroundings clearly. This meant that even if the sky was still bright when the tower appeared again, it would be approaching sunset, which basically meant that there was no direct sunlight, so those monsters might appear again.

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They needed to take some precautions in response to this.

The place where the tower disappeared was a relatively open area, and there was no place that could be used as a shelter.

Before they set out, they had a discussion, Lu Chu remembered that there was a Gothic building not far away from that location. It had three floors, and its defense wasn’t that solid, but a good half of that three story building had open-air balconies. Below and around it were overgrown weeds, making it a good lookout spot. After some discussion, they decided to hide in that building first, and stand at the balcony on the top floor to keep a lookout, treating it was a temporary fortress.

After reaching the building, Lu Chu first confirmed that there were no monsters in it. They quickly entered and locked the doors and windows on the first and second floor, then used the cupboard and sofa to block it. Finally, they also made a few small and simple traps on the first and second floors, and if the monster rushed in, it would be able to block them for a moment, buying them some time.

After finishing up with everything, and confirming that there weren’t any mistakes, they all went upstairs together and stood on the third floor’s balcony.

Yuan Kejie walked around the building, then brought over a couple of ropes and said excitedly, “look! I found it in this building. This way, we can save a some of our ropes.”

Lu Chu expressed his praise with a smile, then, together, they tied the rope to the third floor’s handrail.
Saying that, he took out the contents of the bag that he had united from his waist, and handed it to Lu Chu with both hands.
No matter how amazing the jumping power of those monsters were, they still couldn’t jump as high as the third floor, all they had when they saw the tower appear was to immediately slid down the rope, 7 hadn’t carefully screened and measured these swords, but simply took a few that looked better to let Song Gui and Yuan Kejie choose for themselves. jump onto the grass to avoid any injuries caused by falling, then rush to the tower — this was the fastest and safest way they could think of.

Of course, this assumed that when the tower appeared, the monsters would also come out of their dark corners and start to hunt. If the monsters hadn’t emerged by that time, they would just be 7’s gaze finally left Lu Chu, and he took out a few more swords from the bag as he said, “there’s a villa some distance away, with a number of Japanese swords on display. It should be the owner’s personal collection.”able to leisurely swagger out through the main entrance.

Everything was ready. They stood in their planned location, and looked towards the place where the tower disappeared.When Song Gui saw this sword, his eyes also lit up, and he immediately asked, “where did you get this?”

Time passed by minute by minute.

As they didn’t have a watch, they didn’t know the exact time, so all they could do was quietly wait.Lu Chu took the sword and swung it a few times. This sword fit perfectly with his height and the usual movements he took. He was delighted.

This wait was a long time. The sun gradually set westwards, and the sky on the west side was dyed a beautiful orange-red colour. It was looking as if the sun was about to set completely,Weapons could have an enormous impact on one’s combat abilities, and 7 couldn’t allow Lu Chu to be exposed to such risk under any circumstances. yet the tower hadn’t appeared.

Luo Qi asked around, “where is the tower?”

When Song Gui heard this, he looked towards Lu Chu, “the tower?”

Lu Chu wanted to stay in formation and ask the next person, but he suddenly froze, as if he had realised something,This was what 7 had planned to find for Lu Chu when he saw the weapon in Lu Chu’s hand yesterday. and looked up towards the south.

Song Gui followed his line of sight, and also stopped.

“What are you looking at……” Yuan Kejie turned her head, then widened her eyes, and couldn’t help but swear, “fuck……”

The rest also looked over.

Luo Qi muttered, “this grand aunt’s been cheated.”

Seeing the dark tower that reached towards the clouds in the distant south, Lu Chu realised that they were misled.

Before the tower and game table disappeared, it did leave behind, ‘Twenty-four hours later, the game table will appear again. Have a good game.’. However, nowhere did it say that the game table would appear ‘in the same place’ again twenty-four hours later.

So they calculated the time, calculated a safe place, and even calculated the graceful postures they would use to run over. But, till now, they did it all for nothing.

The tower didn’t appear at the same place at all.

“Say,” Yuan Kejie asked in a daze, “how long will it wait over there?”

Qian Zhen shook his head, which meant that he had never thought about this problem.

For a moment, their team fell into a strange silence.

“What should we do?” Song Gui suddenly became extra calm, and was the first to break the silence.

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When Lu Chu heard this, he placed his index finger against his lips, went ‘shhh’ softly, and the others immediately quieted down. Lu Chu didn’t put his index finger down, but pressed it against his soft lips, and listened carefully to something.

Song Gui and the other three looked at Lu Chu nervously, while 7 was looking at the finger Lu Chu held against his lips.

But after a while, Lu Chu said, “let’s head down first.”

Although there was a wide view on the third floor, it was a little too wide. Sometimes, the wind would blow, circulating fresh air, and it was a little far from the ground, which caused the scent of the monsters to be blown away. It also wasn’t easy to heard their sound.

They quickly followed the instructions and reacted quickly. They didn’t take the stairs, but slid down the rope one by one, and it didn’t take them more than a couple of seconds each.

After landing, Lu Chu perked up his ears again, this time, his sense of smell and hearing became more sensitive.


The sound of their heartbeats were mixing together.

Lu Chu had already started to sense the scent and sounds of the monsters surrounding them. They were excited and waiting for an opportunity to reach out their claws from the depths of the dark recesses; hungry, thirsty, roaring.
Yuan Kejie didn’t want to put it down, and kept cleaning the back of the sword, “I feel as if I belong to a generation of women warriors.”
Luo Qi tightly tied the backpack that was bigger than herself onto her body, and held the shovel in front of her. “If so, then we’ll be a lot safer.” Song Gui casually leaned back against the chair, and rubbed his eyebrows. When the others saw her movements, they also did the same thing.

Lu Chu shook his head helplessly, felt the movement of the monsters around him, then pointed his finger in one direction,Yuan Kejie shook her head, “it’s hard to say. Now, it’s still morning, and Qiqi and the rest didn’t encounter anything dangerous, so maybe these monsters are only active at night?” and said clearly, “one, two, three – run!”

In an instant, the six of them ran out towards the direction that Lu Chu pointed to. That was the weakest point of the monster’s attacks, Soon, Luo Qi and Qian Zhen returned. Although their harvest wasn’t as bountiful as 7’s, it was also quite plentiful – food, water, and also empty bags; there was everything. and the easiest place to reach the tower.

The moment they acted, a countless number of shadows sprang up behind them, which followed them closely.

With a clear mind, Lu Chu pointed out the way.Since Lu Chu and these people were in a team, then improving the overall combat power of the team was also a method of protecting Lu Chu.

With Lu Chu as the center of the team, Luo Qi was the fastest, and ran at the front with light movements, occasionally using her shovel to push away a few of the monsters in front of them. She didn’t get caught up with them, but simply continued running after hitting them. Qian Zhen was at the back, non-stop kicking away the ones behind that kept coming closer. Song Gui protected Yuan Kejie, who was the weakest when it came to combat, and they fought side by side.Song Gui smiled and shook his head, then turned to thank 7, “Qi Li, thank you.”

7 was always following Lu Chu beside him, and kept shielding him from the monsters’ attacks in order to ensure that he had more space so that he could rest assure and guide their route safely.

As they run and fought all the way, till the point they became a little excited, Song Gui suddenly laughed and said, “hey, hey, I’m not saying it is but, this feels kind of exciting.”

In between giving commands, Lu Chu turned to look at him, and gave an objective evaluation, “it really is a beautiful landscape.”

From all aspects.


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